Felthead Animation Experiment

Feltheads (bumpkins) are felted heads by Threadonism - shuffled around under some lights and a camera, with audio by steve fly (warming up for a finnegans wake reading) and special thanks to janne. With luck, more to come very soon. Please let us know what you think, how to improve it?

Fly Kick Scratch - NinjaJamm vs. Turntables by Fly

Fly Kick Scratch

Custom 'Kick Out The Jamms' Ninjajamm pack, plus one turntable. The first experiments with ninjajam running on an ipad, and Vestax PDT 2000. Recorded straight into audacity. Uploaded here naked. For more info about ninjajamm visit www.ninjajamm.net

and here for video demos of the packs:

--Steve Fly

Notes on seeing Slavoj Zizek in Amsterdam last night

After the courage of hopelessness: Notes on seeing Slavoj Zizek in Amsterdam last night

I just got back from hearing Slovoj Zizek speak, passionately, in Amsterdam at the Westerkerk (Church) and feel happy to report that he kept up his reputation, as one of the most important public intellectuals of our time, etc...witty, challenging and comprehensive...etc. Now, forgive me as i mangle some of his thoughts together with my own. These are  loose notes, please do forgive my blunders.

My recollections are splintered as you might expect, and also further fragmented from the rather dull Q & A period, and distractions from the other panel members, respect due. Zizek himself seemed like an Alien from another planet at times, when he referenced 'V for Vendetta' he baffled others on the panel, as if they were not aware of the novel? maybe i miss-read their response? And so Zizek's comment about wanting to know what happened after the revolution, or what a 'V for vendetta 2' would portray, was lost on the rest of the panel. I would have said 'Jerusalem!' that is what happens after the revolution. The punchline echoed the sentiment of 'what happens the day after?' and how does the revolutionary event change the day to day perception of the people? how can the changes be sustained over time?

Zizek talked on Ecology, and on catastrophe of the ecological variety, and its relationship with global capitalism. And was critical of the carry-on-regardless attitude of those who make token gestures like recycling, buying organic food and bio diesel, without addressing the deeper causes face on, and at the root. The root being whatever Zizek's complex analysis of capitalism is. I like the phrase the rich have all the money and the poor have none.

He spoke of the symptom often being misread as the cause. And he constructively criticised the left for these symptomatic solutions to problems, that now have glaringly obvious foundations. Interesting 'Simtome' is a word used by Lacan, and Zizek borrowed from James Joyce, used to illustrate this 'sypmtom for cause error.'

For example, he described how, paradoxically, it is the far-right party in Poland that recently created Worker's Union rights, which traditionally you might associate with the left. And examples of how in fact, the so called unelected in Brussels, of the European Union, have so far averted far worse humanitarian disasters than we currently see around us, by intervening over fully legitimised elected parties, such as the aforementioned in Poland, so to avert openly racist, xenophobic and homophobic policy. Zizek points out, to his horror, that the voting people, for the most part across Europe are against immigration and integration, preferring insular and right leaning political parties and leaders. The decision by Angela Merkel to go ahead and open the gates to the immigrants, against the popular will of the German voting public, is another example of this kind of overpowering of the will of the people by executive order, but here in favour of progressive ideas, to help refugees, in this example, or to curb xenophobia in the other.

The message on Brexit is similar. The will of the voting public in Europe is right leaning, democracy has led to those with the most hatred and ignorance going to the polls and winning. (my words and emphasis) The left, left shocked, without a strategy or alternative to democracy (myself included). Okay, we have Bernie Sanders in the U.S, and Corbyn in the UK. What is to be done?
I think that the UKIP movement and the Leave campaign were always an old guard conservative Trojan horse, designed to bring back the old classicist, racist, rather greedy, capitalist Tories, back into the control room, with a new flavor of xenophobia, oh and some good old hatred of the poor, the vulnerable, mentally and/or physically disabled, those on welfare, artists, and more or less anybody that is not them.

This forces me to reconsider the idea i have clung to for a while, concerning open source democracy and representative democracy. And to think about a constitutional framework as a kind of safe guard, at a transnational, global scale, which prevents the violation of basic human rights. (um, sounds a bit like a global world order, whoops) To be defined, and with luck expanded upon. I agree that democracy is a mean bitch, and reminded of the quotes "never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups" and "monarchy is rule by one imbecile, democracy by 500 imbeciles"

At one point Zizek said that if most white people were to hear how he talks with his black friends, they would be appalled and understand his lack of political correctness. He touched on the subject of Zionism and right wing conspiracy theories, and used Anders Brevic as an example of an openly right wing Zionist. He went on to point out that some conspiracy theorists propose that there is a Judeo Muslim conspiracy behind the turmoil in Europe and the near east. Another Zionist conspiracy. I have heard Zizek on a previous occasion mention these wild conspiracy theories, but adding how in the past 12 months such wild conspiracies are surfacing within the mainstream political sphere. Full on crazed far right white supremacy at it's most toxic and devoutly blinded. Others have recently traced the rise of the American trumpism to 4chan message boards and the likes of Alex Jones, helping to perpetuate fantastical conspiracies about the 'global elites' the 'globalists' and their attempt to create prison planet earth.  

Some of the most stimulating parts of his talk were those where he quoted and improvised on Sloterdijk, who should have been on the panel but had an accident up a mountain. he talked of the new anthropocene period, where humanity can no longer ignore its footprints all over the face of the planet. And that these boots are powered by capitalist expansion, commodification and complete ignorance to the ecological threats upon us. Furthermore, Zizek pointed out some cruel Hegelian reversals, where for example, the fixed hole in the Ozone layer of Antarctica, in fact has helped increase rates of global warming due to the greenhouse effect.

And gives an all to familiar example of a company capitalizing on newly uncovered, dry land, revealed due to melting ice caps in Greenland. The company imply that this new green land, in green land is green land, to mean green - ecologically friendly.
I would add is that this land should be a graveyard commemorating the destruction of the natural environment over the last 500 years of industrialization and progress.

I was fascinated to hear him discuss his friends in America and their computer studies, or research into the predictive abilities of computers versus the abilities of humans, with regards to questions such as will this marriage or relationship last. The computer program is fed a whole array of data sets stretching back in time, and calculates the approximate scenario. The punchline here is that the computer program increasingly knows you, better than you know you. (related software has been disrupting the stock market too, according to Zizek, due to producing better stock predictions than highly payed wall street stock analysts.

I imagine this is due to the susceptible nature of humans, emotions, desires, complexes, delusions and amplifications, improvisations, which all lead to spur of the moment decisions, which in fact are rarely representative of the longer game perspective, habits, activities, changes. Zizek also joked that perhaps this is the way to get rid of Gert Wilders, with computers like this. I am reminded of an unanswered question i have, why are our politicians, world leaders and communicators not wired up to a simple lie detector? or some such device to monitor for bullshit, in real time? here is direct democracy connected to a hierarchy of values based on an verifiable. transparent field. Call it a Bushit detector in Honor of the master of Bullshit George W. Bush. Catalogue name: Nightmare Bushit' Whirl.

Zizek said words to the effect that if you don't address the likes of Gert Wilder's, and Le Pen, then what else are you standing for? This is the fight for Europe. To figure out our common ground, and shared weirdness, and basically agree to tolerate each other. Respect my atheism because of it, not in spite of it, in response to a religious argument, along the lines of respect my beliefs because...not in spite of.

The term spaceship earth jumped out at me, in the context of the work of Peter Sloterdijk, due to its use by Buckminster Fuller. Although i have yet to look into Sloterdijk's use of the term, i hope it related to Fuller's all-around-the-world synergy and shared resources. Zizek mentioned that in the future countries will need to figure out temporary land loans, in the wake of ecological crisis, and other unforeseen problematic relations between sovereign states in times of dire catastrophe.

I can simply image solving the refugee crisis by giving a certain people, defined by their homelessness, land, perhaps only temporarily, but under a sovereign agreement. Ending the status of immigrant and native. I mean, if people are not living on the land (i.e the billions of square meters on earth currently not occupied by humans, but capable of sustaining a life of relative comfort) why not let them?

I think that's enough memory exercise from me. I'll close by saying that above all Zizek seemed kind and forgiving, open for debate and for new date, open to change his mind on things. I found this very refreshing, i hope he continues on his current trajectory.

--Steve Fly
25/03/2017 - 02.35 a.m

Zizek Lacan Joyce Wilson

Wilson, Joyce, Lacan, Zizek.

By Steve Fly

"The term "sinthome" (French: [sɛ̃tom]) was introduced by Jacques Lacan in his seminar Le sinthome (1975–76). According to Lacan, sinthome is the Latin way (1495 Rabelais, IV,63) of spelling the Greek origin of the French word symptôme, meaning symptom. The seminar is a continuing elaboration of his topology, extending the previous seminar's focus (RSI) on the Borromean Knot and an exploration of the writings of James Joyce. Lacan redefines the psychoanalytic symptom in terms of his topology of the subject.-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinthome

[some first thought best thought notes]

Slavoj Zizek will lecture later this evening here in Amsterdam. Over the last 48 hours since learning this, and buying a ticket, I've been formulating questions, and blowing my own mind without loosing my head i hope. Joyce, Lacan, Zizek, Wilson, oh my!

Here i will simply connect some threads between Joyce, Lacan, Wilson and Zizek, and show how they are in resonance. And why this is important, at least to me.

A quick web search for Joyce, Lacan and Zizek, explicitly, kicks up the works of Sheldon Brivic, who seems to have already explored every nook and cranny of why James Joyce, and Finnegans Wake in particular resonance with Lacan, and so by osmosis, Zizek. As far as i know Brivic does not mention Wilson in his works. Why should he? Zizek already has an article published on Joyce, here: http://www.lacan.com/frameXI2.htm

Due to the sheer number of peer reviewed and published works about Joyce, there's not much left that cannot be linked to the great Irish poet. Every writer and work since Joyce, seems to have been influenced by him. He's like a literary equivalent of Einstein who permanently transformed his field. Be that as it may, in 2017 who is reading Joyce, and Einstein, for that matter? is it relevant to the new digital village of social networking, and the explosion of visual media, film, games, vr, ar, mr?

Wilson, due to his early adoption of the technique of using contemporary pop cultural examples to illustrate deeper philosophical principles about society, and that hover perpendicular to any left/right axis, provide a strong 'aesthetic' link between the American Joycean, social philosophers informed by Lacan, and the contemporary continental philosophers, rolled up in Zizek.

For me, the similarities between Wilson and Zizek, deserve closer examination. If you like Zizek, i think you'll enjoy Wilson. Maybe i am living in a cultural vacuum and everybody has read Robert Anton Wilson, indeed, the fans of Zizek i know are mostly from the tribes of Wilson. Perhaps i'd like to hear from the critics of Wilson, and his socio-psychology?

I think the term Guerrilla ontologist fits Zizek as it fit RAW. The term ontological anarchist may also be applicable in the sense of poetically charged intellectual discourse. All these characters have been labelled dangerous thinkers too.

I think Wilson and Zizek could agree on many principles, historic, philosophical, socio-psychological and political. And, perhaps most importantly, upon their share sharp witted, often satirical bent toward language. Althoug Zizek is not best described as a satirist at all.

Wilson often repeated the general relativity principle, also developed by Lacan and Joyce, together with a long list of philosophers before them (Hegel, Russel, Kant, etc.) that in a nutshell, i think is best described by the statements: 'the map is not the territory' 'the menu is not the meal' and the principle that the language (symbol systems) you use, and that construct your waking environment, help determine your apprehension of the universe, of all things. This is nothing new, i admit. But new understandings within physics, and quantum entanglement support many of the principles Wilson put forward in his books since 1959, and his essay 'Joyce Tao' Wilson explicitly recommended the symbol systems of James Joyce, Aleister Crowley and Albert Einstein in both his non-fiction, and fictional works.

The real fun stuff here seems to lie in the prospect, to me, of Zizek unravelling Wilson's literary styles and hologrammic prose to discover a familiar upbeat dialectical political language of resistance together with Lacanian, symbolic and meta symbolic satire. I imagine the perverts guide to Illuminatus Trilogy! as a Sundance Film Festival smash.

Wilson used international banking cartels, obscure religious sects within religious sects and the history of the warfare between secret societies to drive home these 'brain exercises' and philosophical exercises, in which, i believe he was forcing his readers to think. Wilson, in my opinion, underneath his brilliant fictional hologrammic style of writing, was pushing almost precisely what i think Zizek promotes, or a part of what he is doing. Encouraging you to question everything, especially authority.

Arm yourself with self-augmented tools of perception. Learn to understand 'negative thinking' 'quantum psychology/entanglement' and 'cognitive biases' plus how the arts, film, poetry, painting, can extend these armaments to reach the others, to extend outside of your own limited perceptions. And together with the study of symbol systems (semiotics), ideogrammic method, sigil magick, graffiti and computer code, informed by the history of psychoanalysis, pivoting around Lacan, touching Wilhelm Reich, Jung and Wolfgang Pauli.

Joyce and Wilson have a lot to say about Synchronicity, and more specifically in the context of quantum mechanics and perceptual studies (cognitive studies, neuro-science etc.) See Wilson book 'Coincidance' 1988.

How would Zizek interpret the illuminati conspiracy and the historical trajectory of symbolic language within secret societies? Opration mind fuck, and CIA mind control informed by post-modernist 'halls of mirrors' Are both Wilson, Zizek, and Lacan? generally in step with Karl Popper's principles from 'The Open Society and it's enemies? how about principles of minarchy (or smallest possible government)

How do their ideas about economics fair up together? does Wilson's interest in the economic work of Silvio Gessel, and C.H Douglas, and Lysander Spooner resonate with Zizek? where do they differ. Does Zizek rate Dr Timothy Leary, and his 8 circuit model of consciousness, or such socio-psychological models?

How does Zizek view the psychedelic psychoanalysts? those like Stan Groff and Alan Watts to a degree, Leary and Wilson and Kessey and Lilly? if they can agree that reality is self-augmented by the symbol systems you communicate and signify with, then how does the psychedelic experience fit into this equation? And how does symbolic Magick fit into such an equation, and here we come to Wilson's famous experiments in 1973 of mixing up the two. LSD plus crowleyan enochian magick, worked for him. Although with the fall out of high weirdness.

Now, Alan Moore implores all artists to realize they are better magicians than they think, and vice verso. Art and Magic are almost interchangeable terms, to Alan, and to Dr Wilson. Would Zizek agree that Magick, specifically enochian Magick is a functional performance by example of Lacanian principles, and of the the underlying principles of 'quantum entanglement' which in some sense describes the ancient concept of sympathetic magic. (spooky action at a distance?)

My extension and idea for you to consider, is to construct an international magickally charged street art campaign - the totality of each location as perceived by the artist, informed by Lacan, psychotherapy, Jungian symbolism, Occult symbolism and current street art and graffiti (Banksy, Space Invader, Jimmy Cauty, MauMau). In the tradition of Hakim Bey's poetic terrorism. Exercising the dialectical phantoms and turning the tables, resolving opposites, breaking-inn, to leave a gift, filling in street potholes anonymously. Also the standard practise of distributing free food, books, music, texts, open servers, etc. Voluntary association and simply being an undeniable force for good.

To apply the sharpest most undeniably beautiful highly-charged symbolic messages in your environment can bring the charged symbol system off the page, and out of a book or computer, into the shared outside environment. This, a new linguistically charged design intervention, anonymous, beautiful, relative. Powered by the artistic and disciplined 'resolution of opposites', in resonance with the quantum world and the psycho-social environment. Now i digress.

Is Finnegans Wake probably the best performance by example, of Lacan's philosophy of language and perception? How is James Joyce, and his global epic relative to us today? who else, other than yourself (Zizek) Wilson and Joyce can find the fun in all of this fossilised poetry? what else qualifies as a tale of the tribe, in your opinion, a global epic including history, a complex of languages, yet once more informed by semiotics, psychoanalysis and modern pop cultural tropes? I would argue 'Jerusalem' by Alan Moore! Who demonstrates he is equally well versed in semiotics as any scholar from any institution or university faculty, plus historian, plus world class story teller, a mixture hard to beat in a universe augmented by the metasymbolic 'mythos' of human imagination. As with the works of Wilson. Here are a number of texts on Lacan and Joyce, and Zizek.

Please take a look and reconsider some of the above. And please excuse all my mistakes and flights of fancy.

--Steve Fly

"Reality is whatever you can get away with.--Robert Anton Wilson.

"What does Lacan's thesis on "Joyce-the-symptom" aim at? Joyce's famous statement that he wrote Finnegans Wake in order to keep literary historians busy for the next 400 years has to be read against the background of Lacan's assertion that, within a psychoanalytic cure, a symptom is always addressed at the analyst and as such points forward towards its interpretation. The "modernism" of Joyce resides in the fact that his works, at least Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, are not simply external to their interpretation but, as it were, in advance take into account their possible interpretations and enter into dialogue with them.--Zizek,

All thinking people oppose terrorism

one year after Brussels was bombed
London was struck by a thoughtless coward
one man with a knife
and a car and a familiar agenda
to cause a spree of terror in the minds of the people
across the mediasphere through
targeting random people
in whatever fundamentalist reality tunnel
this fucker inhabited

all thinking people oppose terrorism
the chaos of the indiscriminate
attacks so devilish in simplicity
a desperate act from a lonely suicidal
maniac driven by who knows what
kind of a broken mind?

all thinking people oppose terrorism
that species of violence and will
to kill based on inflicting a lasting fear
here, in the simplicity, lies the terror
any car and any knife could
take any human life!
both the terrorists and the state are
clear in agreement about that

all thinking people oppose terrorism
but differ on their way to stop it
and on why it started, and, what
else and who else are to blame,
violence united in violence
violence and terrorism know no
nation or religion or race or sex
be indiscriminate in equal condemnation
of terrorism and violence, and war
think different.

all thinking people oppose terrorism
stop the war stop the killing stop
the robbery stop the lies,
oppose the causes of hatred and
the demonization of entire cultures
oppose the use of theistic
terminology such as 'evil'
which plays into the hands of the devil
that master of distraction, obfuscation
and fear mongering

all thinking people oppose terrorism
some people finacially support it
keeping hands clean
selling arms to unstable lunatics to
inflict terror in another land
terror by another brand
the terrorismometer is broken

all thinking people oppose terrorism
some say that false flags are waving
terror as a set-up and a pretext for
cultural division, increase in
state powers and surveillance and
racial profiling and security investment
sheep dipped dupes and manchurian
candidates and strange coincidences
intelligence operations and....and....but

all thinking people oppose terrorism
and so explode with the opposite
everyday love bombing and attacking hate
with thermonuclear peace weapons
killing softly with his song
an unquestionable force for good
with the power of forgiveness blazing

all thinking people oppose terrorism
and should resist the rush to revenge
resist the urge to hate
let the violence become the exclusive
signiture of terrorism
all violence is degrading to the human
stop the wheels stop the killing and the
mockery and the fighting talk
and spare a thought for the victims
and their friends and families and join them
with opposing terrorism
everywhere everywhen.

"All thinking people oppose terrorism both domestic & international but one should not be used to cover the other.--Amiri Baraka

These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power.”--Ed Snowdon.

A tough question and a poem

To celebrate 100’000 blog views, a blog tough question, and a poem

I started writing this as a response to the question below, taken from an article that whizzed by on social media. Since starting i watched some Slavoj Zizek on youtube, and marveled at his diligent dance around philosophical questions, and then recalled his comments on punching a nazi, a theme of this blog, that i conclude to mean, don’t punch a nazi, please, it lowers any progressive movement and authenticity of the undeniable force for good. By using the oppressors method of violence. Zizek holds his place as public intellectual and comedic philosopher of our times IMHO.

“By definition, the antifa arguments are both radical and controversial. The unanswered question is whether liberals, moderates and others who oppose the radical right can learn something from the antifa activists’ confrontational stance. Or will the violent tactics they advocate only worsen tensions in a divided society and beget more violence?http://www.salon.com/2017/03/10/anti-fascist-radicals-liberals-dont-realize-the-serious-danger-of-the-alt-right/

Yes, the liberals, moderates and others who oppose the radical right can learn something from the antifa activists' confrontational stance, and yes, violence worsens tensions, and begets violence. The unanswered question can be answered with art, i think. Yes, in my humble opinion. Let me try to explain...art to mean and deeper/broader sense of the interconnection between things.

Anarcho-pacifism, to mean a kind of make crazy peace not normal war, love bombs, etc. Disruption comes in many forms. To build, artfully, can can say whatever it is you want to draw attention too by destroying it. Temporarily apply huge artificial cracks, fake smashes, and the illusion of destruction to any target, without actually breaking or damaging anything, permanently. A temporary augmented dystopia.

The world is watching, so put on a jolly good show out there. Who’s watching who? An umbrella, a funny 3D printed steampunk mask, general clowning, moving music, intricate beatbox, singing, tone-science experiments, dancing, and lion shit’s are all fun and games. The heart of the battle, the muddle of the political language of change, the language of class warfare, and the general left leaning humanism associated with it, seem to me, in the balance. To be an undeniable force for good?

What we need right now are artists united in a willingness to step to the front lines and translate this raw humanism into a new language we can all read. And that may make us laugh, or interrupt the tragedy of two valued global divisions. My main critique of the violent far-left type of anarchism is that it does not make me laugh. Or, it makes me laugh and then, later, feel awkward and sticky.
Although, i laughed out loud when i first watched the video of Richard Spencer getting sucker punched, a widely perceived deserved punch, to a neo-nazi. The meme 'punch a nazi" went viral in and a lot was said about by thinkers and provers alike. But, if violence leads to more violence, it must be stopped to go forwards. To be seen as a force for good, without question.

Next in my way, on my way to defending anarcho-pacifism is the obstacle brought to my attention about an incident of sexual harassment at a school. A girl was repeatedly harassed by a boy, snapping her bra, and somewhat ignored by the teacher, so she punched the boy in the nose, twice. Again, my first instinct is justice, and to think - here is an example of necessary force used, nobody has any permanent damage. Right on sister! However, i can't help but think of alternative scenarios here. What if the boy had suddenly died, less justification? What if it was the teacher snapping her bra, and who then got punched, more justified? either way here i am forced to think of an artistic alternative. For example: draw a picture, write a song, make a video, or cast a spell/poem into the heart of the matter. Much of the responsibility in this case was deflected and propagated by the teachers, and the justified response of the parent who leads the story with her narrative.

Thought #1: Slogans on bra straps that read "when is it not okay to punch a pervert? and signs all over every city war memorial that read: "When is it not okay to punch a Nazi? temporary signs and sigils, but please, nothing to physically damage property.

One problem, i have with physical violent retaliation, from experience, is that it depends on a 100 percent certainty you know from where the violence originated. In the moment, split second your senses tell you, roughly from what direction the punch came,  and from who. But you might be mistaken, cause another cycle of violence. I ask you dear reader to think, please think before physically striking anybody. Yet, if it comes down to it, be prepared to feel psychically self-defeated sometime afterwards. The gut instinct in these cases, after long consideration, was wrong. The goal is to stop the wheels, or change them for a new set, and then stop them. Non-violent civil disobedience is a friend of Art and in need of magick. Know thyself, love one another.

To live by example, to express charity, compassion and shared openness to others, perhaps even strangers, and leave no doubt in anybody else's mind that you are a force for good. For peace.

Tolerance, Brevity.
Poem by Steve Fly

tough minded and spirited saft
tender minded pacifists united
up the creek on a raft craft
everyone united artists
intuition counterparty to unique

the removal of
violence from all human relations
refuse to cooperate by it, resist
repeat general strike
'on your bike, take a hike'
psychically self-defeating.

to coerce by beating to reverse

the meaning of solidarity cooperation

mutual aid open thought

taoist targeting total state
either capitalist or socialist
the centralised control block
square solid unmoving

blubber state

wailing to oppose violence
tool of oppression, non-verbal
hatred in action
fascism racism and war-mind
factions other say a little provocation can
go a long way to social upheaval

knee jerk reactions

Music as a weapon
is a weapon in a pig pen
music weapon when a weapon
made of music
weapons weapons weapons

an artists stockpile of fantastic
weapons built to last and built to fight
against the forces of ignorance
of racism, greed, corruption, murder
and genocide

music is a weapon to fight fascism
music is a weapon
stolen from the musicians
sound weapons are used by government
sonic cannons are a thing
but can they sing and do they swing?

punching nazis weeping poeweapen.
punching nazis is not punching judo
it’s punch and judy

and getting all moody
whoever the crew be violence

crude 'G'

don't punch a fascist and don't

punch a nazi
try them trial them shame them

file them rehabilitate don’t hate

who can turn a nazi
better than the English paparazzi?
American Russian
see how the poem took a jab there
a punch in the nuts and guts
a slight lump on the figurehead
i see you reading me
what is this?

punching a Nazi
bop, right on the nose.
oh i do hope the blood doesn't stain

his nice clothes.

Hugo Boss at a toss?

look, here's the brain floss,
an eye for eye for an eye for a ear is wrong.
like a nose for a foot for a hand for a

toe for a tongue

my enemies enemy is your enema.
go suck yourself off in a
16 screen cinema
sinnerman sick of ya' yappin'
and clappin' sappin' and strappin'
floppin' and flappin' 'flippin' and
'strippin' the patience

out of friends
leaving the innocent with

a case of the bends

anger can be handy

but not on the brandy

and not on the candy

early on a sunday

better to run than risk breaking

that spine you so rigidly hold

on your back all the time

relax and don't punch
stretch out now don't hunch, get a healthy lunch
if you breath and

have water all's fine

if you visit the waterfalls finer
take a break don't worry
shut up look up fuck up
let the mindspray mindspray
book up
ideas into chapters
raptures vultures pecking
memory bleeding

seeding painful inner cactus
and barbed wire pasta
string of fishing-hook on toast
the sour shit sandwich
served up
and still i have a smile and a message of
good luck duck

don't do it
like a Gremlin after midnight
it makes them multiply and
justify such a violent psychology

both physical and mental

be gentle be a man, beer man!
awake from ideology

--Steven Pratt.

Cosmic Trigger NinjaJamm - Demo's

These 3 Cosmic Trigger themed, Ninjajamm packs are an example of what NinjaJamm can do, or what you can do with NinjaJamm. After carefully cutting up the samples, anybody with enough time on their hands, and will, can use the NinjaJamm framework to produce a unique tune pack. You can download the app free for both IOS and Android devices, here: www.ninjajamm.net

Special thanks to Tom Grashion for help programming the packs, and to Matt B, Alex, and Aneek at Ninjajamm.

--Steve Fly

Kick Out The Jamms - NinjaJamm Demo #1

 Fly Raw - Ninjajamm Demo #1

Fly Walk -

NinjaJamm Demo #01

Kick Out The Jamms - Ninjajamm Demo #2


Robert Anton Wilson and the DJVJ Revolution.

"enter the mix"--Ninjajamm.

Friday, March 19, 2010. (edited 01/03/2017)

I dedicate this writing to Ken Campbell and the Science Fiction Theater of Liverpool, and to creative artists who use music, theater, and multimedia to inspire others and spread the wisdom across all corners of the metaphorical toast.

Approx. three years ago (now 10!) Matt Black, Ken Campbell, Alan Moore and Mixmaster Morris spearheaded a multimedia tribute to Robert Anton Wilson, held at the Royal Queen Elizabeth Festival Hall in London. This mindwarping event was at the vanguard of (2007) technology, directed toward expanding consciousness and connecting the emergent networks of raw-heads with wicked edutainment.

I helped connect Matt B with Deepleaf productions and the Maybelogic Movie/Academy, to record some of the exquisite video material used in the 2.5 hour extravaganza. With some help, I also managed to find an independent host for the entire show (sadly no longer) and have been ruthlessly promoting the event since March 2007, together with other works of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson

On the 31st of August 2008 the great British writer, comedian, actor Ken Campbell passed. He was the comic-glue who pulled the whole QEII tribute event together, as the raging ring master. Ken preserved the biting wit and information rich satire that I find budding within RAW. and that seems to me desperately missing from the the popular pop conspiracy movement. There have been a number of fitting tributes to the life of Ken Campbell and I hope that someday, somebody will produce an equally stunning multimedia tribute to Ken, like that which was made for Bob. (this has now been done)
I can also trace most of my reasoning for being here to Jung’s dream (Page 223 of Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections) situated in Liverpool, a dream that inspired the creation of the science fiction theatre Liverpool. The theater that the science fiction drama group inhabited, first opened on the day that C.G Jung died (6th June, 1961) and is just down the road from where John Lennon and the Beatles first sang Yellow submarine, you can read about this on page 223 of Cosmic Trigger.

The fact that Jung called Liverpool the ‘pool’ of life is due to this dream he had. I find particular interest in the fact that the dream concerns the discovery of a swimming pool. More than half of the dreams i remember are in pools. I first came across the works of Robert Anton Wilson in the mid 1990’s while living in the UK, and the sources of my discovery lead me to deduct that Bill Drummond and the KLF, who were carrying the money burning flame of discord in the UK at that time, probably led to my coming across Cosmic Trigger. Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty were there, back in 1976 when Bill was working briefly alongside Ken Campbell, and Jimmy came to see the show. In the RAW tribute video Bill describes how he first came across the book Illuminatus Trilogy!

Bill spoke of his new seventeen project and ‘no music day’ that also came up on radio show (2009) on the 'late late breakfast show' that also featured my friend John Sinclair, who admires 'Wild' Bill Drummond, which brings us by a commodious vicus of recirculation back to the JAMS!

RAW attracted me to the United States in 2000 A.D and led me on a five year journey acriss-cross the United States and back to Europe (2005). The day after the Royal Tribute to RAW I flew out from London to Amsterdam and have lived here since then. I once caught up with Matt Black and Mike Ladd at a Coldcut gig when they played the 'Paradiso' club in 2008. (Breaking: Coldcut just released a new album together with On-U sound: https://coldcut.bandcamp.com/

Since the London performance Coldcut and the constellation of artists that appear under that umbrella have produced countless ‘live’ shows, recorded and released ‘tracks’ ‘albums’ and even a conscious social green movement called of energyunion, continuing they're trajectory into the uncharted territory of multimedia manipulation and networked sound artivism.

As some of the first visual jockeys (VJ's) and inventors of the first VJ software that I am aware of: VJAMMColdcut and by extension Ninjatune have been the mainstay of tech innovation. I was first attracted to Ninjatune by way of the Jazz Breaks series around 1994 and some of the early releases from Journey's by DJ’s, Luke Vibert, DJ Food, Amon Tobin and Funki Porcini. This new sound, to me, together with the emerging Bristol bass music scene, some Drum and Bass brewing in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, and the sounds of James Lavelle's Mo-Wax, oozed with dubbed out blunted beats. These sounds more or less shaped my musical cultural leanings for a while, and inspired me to acquire turntables, a mixer, and learn the arts of the DJ.

One sure fire sign that Ninjatune, or somebody at Ninjatune had a respect for RAW came when they released NINJASKINS: Ninjatune signature rolling papers. They came with a wonderfully intelligent fold out package describing various terms and phrases of Ninjatune philosophy, with RAW undertones. In collaboration with UK graffiti artist and music producer PART2 we made a tune that was released on Ninjatune’s sister label ‘Big Dada records’ in 1999. The track was called Quantum Mechanix’ from the album Equalibrium by New Flesh For Old Featuring DJ Weston. I carried the album to the US wishing to turn Bob onto Big Dada and Ninjatune.

After spending some time with RAW at the Prophets Conference Palm Springs and in San Francisco, I was invited to his home to conduct an interview on September 10th 2002. It was here he told me about a movie project he was working on with some locals tentatively called Maybelogic, and so i got in contact with 'Deepleaf productions' and quickly turned them onto Ninjatune, and some other musical entities I thought had an affinity with RAW, like cosmic-jazz cats 'Kosmic Renaissance' (The Supplicants). For this linking I was generously given associate producer credits on the finished movie, plus my mash-up from the DVD menu music, featuring Garaj Mahal bassist Kai Eckhardt. A movie all about RAW with a soundtrack including The Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin, Boards Of Canada, Funki Porcini, and others, what?
I had done nothing more than send an email, but for me, after this spree of fortune i would tireless promote this movie and of the Maybelogic Academy (which sprung up in 2004 to provide online classes led by RAW) and of Ninjatune, playing many releases for over sixteen years (now 23) I credit Ninja with inspiring me to experiment with DJ sets and mixing techniques. Since moving to Amsterdam my musical diet changed once again, in favor of live music and writing projects influenced by my encounter with the giant of music, poetry, and activism, John Sinclair

"Although the circumstances for this event were somewhat rare and the resources to reproduce such an event based on donations for the most part, I still feel it stands as an testimony to Multimedia edutainment at its most terse and best, almost fully formed in its experimental launch that night the video teaches by example how educational lectures may look and sound like over the new decade.--Matt Black."

Although the show is 3 (10) years old, it has not picked up dust only moonlight, and it seems more relevant each day that passes, it stands as a great experimental interface between cinema, music, theater, comedy that I feel culturally binds America, Britain and the rest of Europe, and the entire world. All schools, colleges and University programs would benefit from such an interactive DJ VJ interfacing class.

For me Alan Moore produces consistent work that secures his place as the greatest living Englishman. A well rounded genius, and widely celebrated as such, he exhibits a creative interpretation of 'art and reality engineering', buttered up with RAW recipes. To see and hear Alan reading from ‘Masks of the Illuminati’ together with his wonderfully bright ‘eulogy’ for RAW (Featured in my Ninjajamm Pack above) was a heart thumping highlight of the evening in London, his accent made me feel personally at home. His first words from Masks included “A watchmaker in Amsterdam...” The following morning i flew to Amsterdam to attend the 'Jam in the Dam' festival and meet with the band Galactic, from New Orleans.

I have a long list of thanks and wish to add some extra names to those on the E-flyer’ Matt Black, Lance Boucher, Nigel Blunt, Nick Larson, Part2, Ninjatune office staff, Juice Aleem, John Sinclair, Galactic, Mixmaster Morris, Mike Ladd, Propanon, Toby Philpott.

"Ken Campbell: We did it in Liverpool because Peter O'Hallaghan had come across a dream in Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections. The dream changed Jung's life, persuaded him to buckle down to the unconscious for the rest of his life. Anyway, on page 223 he says something like: I was in a dark and grimy city. It was clearly Liverpool. It goes on . . . And this began to obsess Peter who was a proud Liverpoolophile. http://www.frogboy.freeuk.com/ken.html

“At O'Halligan's venue, known as the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun, artists became immersed in readings, performances and bizarre experiments. "It was the inspirational talking shop, where dole-queue dreamers developed their big ideas," Bill Drummond says. - http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2007/feb/21/europeancapitalofculture2008.liverpool

NinjaJamm - The final chapter (2017)

In 2012 a team of coders and developers came together to build a new audio remixing app called Ninjajamm. Spearheaded by Matt Black of Coldcut, the project became an instant success, winning the support of many NinjaTune artists, app reviewers and users.

Due to the unique share and remix attitude of Matt, NinjaJamm stands out as yet another example of innovative decentralized technology that encourages play, discovery and community, ninja jamming. Culture jamming and hacking are similar activities, re-purposed technology, crafty new tools. With literally hundreds of remixes of any given NJ release, everybody who has a device can download the app free! and begin remixing. Each downloadable ‘Tune Pack’ is like any other digital mp3 release, but with the major difference of being handed over as individual stems, to rearrange. This design intervention intervenes in the major record company world, by giving you and everybody else the means to make your own remix, share it, jam with others.

With a little effort and concentration it's now possible to create and upload your own Tune Packs, made with your own samples, and so tool-up creative audio outlaws, for little or no cost, and begin jamming. I recently made 3 Robert Anton Wilson inspired Tune Packs: ‘Kick Out The Jamms’  ‘Fly Raw’ (See Above), and ‘Fly Walk’ (watch this space)

Special thanks to Tom Grashion, who actually programmed the pack, and to  Alex, Aneek, Matt B and all Ninja's at www.ninjajamm.net

MaybeLogic Dome.

Find The Others festival was a three day confestival of discordia and high weirdness in Liverpool, November 2014. I organized the 'Maybe Logic dome' exhibition, which was a series of films made for projecting inside an 8 ft. inflatable dome (provided by Mario of immersive theaters). Although i didn't end up getting all the video together and rendered correctly for the show, the list of contributors helps to define my on-going vision for a touring Maybe Logic dome, or mobile pop-up Academy. I see the Dome projections as a new intermediary between virtual reality and augmented reality. You are sharing a 360 experience together, rather than in your own goggle world. Treats from David McConvile (BFI) Bobby Campbell, Youth, Coldcut, Alan Moore, Maybe Logic Academy Faculty, and Morley Markson. Plus DJ Food.

In the summer of 2014 it was announced that Daisy Campbell would produce a stage adaptation of 'Cosmic Trigger I" by Robert Anton Wilson. The Cosmic Trigger Play was like an ultrasonic magnet to me, and i made the trip to meet the producers and landed the role of musical director. Over the next 5 months i worked my balls off on recording, arranging, writing, and producing music for the play (with much help from the legendary Tim Egmond in Amsterdam) most of which was not used due to a late decision to have me playing 'live' drums. Some of the recordings went into a Ninjajamm pack called Fly Raw.

My original idea was to cut a vinyl record full of sounds and samples to be played during the performance, but a combination of factors, lack of funds and lack of time led to this idea being shelved. However, for the purposes of this article i think that there are certainly openings for turntables and theater to combine forces, Kid Koala Q-Bert, DJ Food, and DJ Spooky are already experimenting in this area. (See my published novel 'Sixty' and 'Open Source History' due for release later this year)

DJ Greg Wilson and Super Weird Substance are about to perform together with Alan Moore and full gang of RAW heads in Liverpool, April 1st. Celebrating the Mandrillifesto of Alan Moore, and the music dance entertainments of Super Weird Substance.

The KLF have announced a new album in 2017 and the release of a science fiction trilogy. The justified ancients of mumu seem very much alive and kicking. The DJ/VJ revolution continues to move minds and bodies across the planet, thanks to all those keeping it epic and encyclopedic, global and local. Peace.

--Steve Fly, Amsterdam 01/03/2017