Unjust My Opinion

Unjust My Opinion (UMO)
(a freestyle driven by rhyme pressure)

...unjust my opinion, makes me cry like a onion
i feel my opinion, hurts my foot like a bunion
opinion, i got a million, billion
a trillion zillion 23 piece pinion

I just can't stand any more your opinions
unless they be new ones, or clever funny uns'
shoulda' coulda' woulda' brudda' what you sayin?
why put me in a straight jacket of your wordplayin' 
pain, who's paying

you need an op to remove it
that opinion, you can't prove it
logic in the way, just move it
add to hard facts to soothe it
like a bed of nails, you can't smooth it
like a sun in a ditch light groove it

have you got more opinions than Trump
cuz we got the funk to shake yo' rump
lance that opinion, remove the lump
tomorrow your opinion lies dead in the trunk
i think your opinion is your opinion
so keep your eye on the group and beware the minion

unjust my opinion falling on deaf ears
day to day in a way what i'm sayin' since years
unjust an opinion built on selfish fears
unjust opinion to launch political careers
off the track onto wax for my opinion attacks
opinions on opinions

unjust my opinion, many layers like an onion
goes well with a salad and a self centered ballad
just hit a J.G Ballard, it hurt, fuckin' well hard
shards of meaning taking root in your back yard

--Steve Fly

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