...follow my flip-flopping thoughts on

the left leaning individualist

and the right leaning globalist


do they meet in the best poems

epic, and including history

doesn't the tragic comedy

wear sandals?

how to unite the individualist anarchist

and the globalist points of view

the ambiguity and the stew

sometimes i want to repeat

what Robert Anton Wilson sez,

but i can't play that tune again

same beat

left/right freedom ambiguity

individual freedom left

global capitalist freedom right

state freedom left/right left/right

anarchist freedom - perpendicular to left/right

you dig?

a binary (divisive) question:

do you consider yourself an individualist

or a globalist?

and how would you reconcile the other?

glocal lobal? what is that?

well, the frontal lobes and the planetary globe

as one.

one what?

how to unify the individual and the state

is the hard question for poets

and should be one for all humans

to think about

the tale of the tribe:

the globalist and the individualist balanced

yes, i am for globalism

in the sense of shared planetary

resources (Buckminster Fuller Models)

opposed to the global

unrestricted finance capitalism (Morgan Stanley models)

globalism without a top dog and

bottom dog scenario

without screwing the pooch

a better planet of fairness and so

shared resources and tools

oh, the ambiguity stirs, i can feel it

and the individual:

the unity of self-owning ones

each human being a sovereign entity

an individual whole be-ing

a mind brain body nervous system

this is the individual i mean

you and your shadow, the id'

as one consciousness

not really one, but the perception of

one, that is you, dear reader,

i think, your own bitter soul

the globalist and the individual

or the individual vs. the state

are co-dependent features of

the realities we endure together

i still wrestle with right/left

stereotypes, up/down

in/out around again all without

gain of agency,

the ambiguity in a rose

i am for both the empowerment of

the individual and the potential

functions of an open society

or state, on a global scale, yes

interplanetary cannabis seed plans

are underway

first get it into your head

we must learn to allow for distance between

people too, not just reinstate

everybody together in a multi-cultural

melting pot

sticking apart has benefits and uses

and to tolerate the

differences in your neighbour

even at a distance,

knowing they are having more fun

we must Honor the different

game rules

and remain ever

vigilant of foul play and those who make

the rules and regulate the regulators

and so on...

the aim of the tale of the tribe

in a peanut shell is

unity of understanding,

shared meaning and the

preservation of

humanities greatest works

both globally and

locally, and here lie the beginnings

of epiphany and synchronicity

I'll leave that for another day

so we can learn new ways to

love and respect and Honor

cultural differences through

music painting and theatre

plus academic and scientific

discoveries are all multi-cultural

global effort

still, people have a right to live

apart and a further responsibility

to tolerate each others 

manias on our sphere

when shared these arts and tales

create a special unity

between people

unity understanding and with luck

a little compassion for the other

mono culture, on the other hand

enforced by censors and trolls

narrows the senses and

ignores the rest of collective

intelligence from around the entire


European, Indian, African, Asian

not just a love exclusively for

your own

genetic and blood relatives

and those around you

this is the great conceit of nations

the other great conceit is the conceit

of scholars

nationalism and patriotism

i agree, can have a positive force

when administered in equal

dose with globalism and


as described write here

persistence of place:

you and your environment


you and your friends


i am you and you are me

and we are one together

one lobal glocal yokal gang

experiencing itself

what do you tune in when you turn on?

we are all in this together

entangled for eternity

tune into the others, dive in

--Steve Fly, Wijttenbachstraat, Amsterdam

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