EFP is for Eternal Flower Power.

Edited from an essay i started in 2006 about my voyage to the States.
With added links and accentz.
.....Please excuse my lousy granmar and spilling.

Eternal Flower Power.

Following Korzybski, I put things in probabilities, not absolutes... My only originality lies in applying this zetetic attitude outside the hardest of the hard sciences, physics, to softer sciences and then to non-sciences like politics, ideology, jury verdicts and, of course, conspiracy theory. --RAW.

          On April 10th, 2000 A.D I-fly set keel to breakers and started a journey from Stourbridge bus station in the Black Country, England, to America. On a trip to confirm for myself that Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was a human being and not a .gov robot by checking BOB in performance for myself at the Prophets Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico. This trip, as you'll discover, was the beginning of an epic adventure for me, a classic journey in fact that must be turned into a Novel some time soon, maybe in 2008!

My trip brought me into orbit with RAW (Uncle "BOB") on several occasions, but also synchronistically many of the illuminated icons from the vast multi-colored cornucopia of critters all referenced and incorporated into his books; such as (Dr. John Cunningham Lilly, Saul Paul Sirag, Paul Krassner, R.U Sirius, Jack Sarfatti, and other's that I am still discovering, or they are discovering me? ). These remarkable meetings were satisfactory evidence for me at that time, and still today in retrospect i suppose, of what Bob describes very generally in the book "Coincidance": a term taken from James Joyce's masterpiece Finnegans Wake, roughly translating into the more widely referenced JUNGIAN' term "Synchronicity". They only became satisfactory evidence though since i decided to write this bit of feedback, taking my trip seriously, meaningfully, rather than looking at my trip as a tourist holiday with planned events and meetings with these remarkable beings from planet  America.


          For instance, meeting R.U Sirius at the no.80 bus stop in Marin County one hot day only one week after he conducted his interview with the producers of what became the DVD movie "Maybelogic". Which i was also involved with at the time due to hearing of the project from the horses mouth earlier the previous year, September 2002. Maybe synchronicites increased in 2003 due to the irresistible force of the "23" enigma?  But, when Bob told me of his up coming buzzing movie project called "Maybelogic" i swiftly contacted the producers and asked if i could help and get involved in any way. My goodness i thought, wow somebody is making a movie about RAW! Something i aspire to complete one day, and always wondered why the hell weren't there more movies about RAW and his books?  Therefore i was floored with surprise when i was graciously given "Associate Producer" credits on the award winning movie and also included within the soundtrack under my production alias: fly agaric 23.

Fly agaric meeting R.U Sirius at a bus stop in Marin 2003 has the trademarks of a Joycean Epiphany to me now sitting in the sleepy town of Stourbridge, stirring my builders tea, slightly stoned, thinking of synchronicity and RAW.


          Only one week after an auspicious meeting with two shamans from New Orleans at the Prophets Con.who synchronistically share their birthdays with my own (April 15th!, the famous day in history when the RMS Titanic sank) and also had a fondness for John Lilly, showing me "Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Bio-computer", (Currently OUT-OF-PRINT?), over a refreshing Marijuana cigarette. I was beginning to dream awake. Less than 14 days later I was greeting participants at the John Lilly symposium held at 3220 Sacramento street near the Presidio in San Francisco a city i did not originally plan to visit when i left on my tripto the States. A straight 10 on my own 'Koincidancometer'!  John Lilly's famous quote that starts "In the province of the mind" features in RAW's classic book, and my original turn on "Cosmic Trigger" as does Saul Paul Sirag and Jack Sarfatti who also synchronistically were a part of the "LILLY" symposium!Both presenting brilliant tributes to John that I'm sure uncle Bob would have found fascinating if he would have been present. Neurology, Cosmology, Interspecies Communication, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Humor. 


          Another fragment from "Cosmic Trigger" featuring Dr. John Lilly is copied from the chapter entitled: "Some Egyptian gods intrude on the narrative and Our Lady of Space speaks again. Page 111.


"Dr. John Lilly, who has duplicated much of Timothy Leary's research and supplemented it with hypnotic methods and Sufi yoga, describes many encounters with what seem to be extraterrestrial intelligences in his Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Bio-computer. Dr. Lilly agnostically examines also the possibilities that these transmitters are time-travelers from the future, very advanced Illuminati Adepts alive now on earth, "angels" in the traditional sense, or projected aspects go his own mind. In the Center of the Cyclone he says clearly:


     Such a network [of Adepts] exists and functions... throughout this planet. I suspect it extends/farther than our earth, but this is yet to be publicly demonstrated unequivocally beyond the private experience of myself and others.


          A network of adepts that extends far beyond our earth... that was what your narrator was gradually coming to believe, and here it was being said, with only slight reservation, by Dr. John Lilly - the man once defined by the New York Times as "a walking one-man syllabus of Western civilization." --Robert Anton wilson, Cosmic Trigger Page 111-114.

*(Pages 112 and 113 contain Egyptian and Dogon' Indian images or pictograms, both framed with images of the Goddess Nuit - the Egyptian divinity of the stars.


          In retrospect I feel like i temporarily contracted a kind of psychedelic Forrest Gump' syndrome,  i mean to say i can understand better now several years later, after learning a little more about RAW's worlds at the MLA and that many other people have an strange increase in synchronistic experiences when they read "BOB's" special writing. Strange but true for me. You either accept it or not, and I chose to accept it.  Occult characters from the books i loved so much and found attractive and awakening were manifesting themselves in the flesh in my life, in honor of Dr.John Lilly and in some sense including the physics of synchronicity, ECCO. Telepathy and space-time travel.... "Damn", i often thought to myself, i have a hell of a lot to learn. If you have seen some of the papers by Jack Sarfatti for example you will see what i mean. A thorough understanding of Newtonian physics and some of Einstein's special relativity seems necessary, or at least a familiarity with the special LANGUAGING equations used to describe the multi-dimensional stuff and things. The great Saul Paul Sirag, who wrote the epilogue to RAW's "Cosmic Trigger" delivered a talk mostly concerning G. Spencer Brown's "The Laws of Form" which Dr. John Lilly seemed to find particularly interesting.


          I have not found any indications whatsoever from my outword-bound research that violence, depression or serious worrying can achieve anything but more suffering and dis-ease and confusion. Conversely - optimism compassion and love have been my own experiences with most of the characters and some of their doctrines from Cosmic Trigger, so i want to say yeah Bob was so right on time, many of the characters in Cosmic Trigger are alive and doing the things RAW is writing about them doing, in some sense.  Evolving  the worlds poly-culture.

"The great beasts that inhabited Europe, Asia and North America die off as a result of mutations and diseases caused by the solar flare. All relics of the Atlantean civilization are destroyed. The people who were Gruad's erstwhile countrymen are either killed or driven forth to wander the earth. Besides Gruad's Himalayan colony there is one other remnant of the High Atlantean era: the Pyramid of the Eye, whose ceramic substance resisted solar flare, earthquake, tidal wave and submersion in the depth of the ocean. Gruad explains that it is right that the eye should remain. It is the eye of God, the One, the scientific-technical eye of ordered knowledge that looks down on the universe and by perceiving it causes it to be. If an event is not witnessed, it does not happen; therefore, for the universe to happen there must be a Witness."

--Robert Shea/Robert Anton Wilson, Illuminatus

          To become the narrator, the protagonist, the author and the creative force, to become the MEDIA and the MESSAGE seems to me  the most powerful and compelling messages worth SHOUTING OUT to others. Do it! Do it NOW!  Write, sing, dance, sculpt, read, do poetry! Awake, get up and go any rediscover your shaman ally, your Holy Angels and Tricksters, go and write that spy story, that novel you were putting off'. Get the band back together. Tour, play, communicate. These kinds of messages poured into my life while reading BOB for the first time, the optimism began to ooze out of me too. I began to think like a mystic and a poet, and call myself one as thats what i was doing.

          Thank goodness BOB introduced James Joyce and Finnegans Wake into my studies, as this book helps me to learn and to process this infinite regress of life, and ease the shock a little bit, of discovering the meaning of What? Who? When? Why? and its transient quality. I have decided that Hugh Kenner's "Uncle Charles Principle" which is really a James Joyce principle, pinpoints the subtle method of writing-out your multiple personalities, voices, demons, spirits, thoughts in a new fun way consistent with modern physics, cutting edge psychology and cognitive therapy and the spirit of global internet. See: "UNKLE BOB Principle".


          For a better understanding of my own remarkable meetings and synchronistic timespace travels i will dive into RAW's book 'Coincidance' for pearls and let uncle BOB describe, in his own words, his own models and metaphors that revolve around James Joyce, Taoism and Physics:

"If we ask why this quantum ontology agrees so conveniently with the teachings of Buddhism and Taosim, and why both physics and Eastern mysticism agree with Finnegans Wake, the only answer seems to be that the deep structure of matter, experimentally investigated, contains the same paradoxes as the deep study of mind, when experimentally investigated by the techniques of meditation and Altered States of Consciousness. In the depths we do not find One Mind and One Reality, as Theists and materialists both imagine, but something so different from day-time concepts that it can only be categorized in contradictions." - Robert Anton wilson, Coincidance, Page 100.

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