"We could say that this process of "breaking" codes gives rise to an-other text, a text comprised of ruined sign structures and quasi-fragmentations (a decentred text which is also de-cord-ed). - http://web.ff.cuni.cz/~lazarus/jjht_notes.html

CUT UP experiment:

Repeats, and triplet multiplex repeats.
151. Out-of-sequence.
Out of...Redundancy of information.

Pollinator seeds
No more  secrets.
Enzyme mutation, fluro-chemicals.
Lucifer and Luciferene.  Devil detail.

The Paradigm shift Pole: will it?
Shotgun spray. Recombinant DNA

Next gen. sequencing.
Repeating problems 151
Do you believe in exponential curve?
Repeating problems.

Digital micro-mirror. Repeat.
Tiny light positions. 60
Spacially patterned light.
Microscopy. Repeator. Bio-fab facility.
Synthetic life copy. 151.

Replace sequence with cells. Repeat.
151 Beads. Unzipping the genetic strand.
Adam and Eve. The cables – umbilical link Tao
of Joyce. Dynamo Hum of resolution of

So called Junk DNA
in schroedinger flux.
Undefined until observed. Hermaphrodite.
Maximum potential. Protein and Semantic goo,
separate results?

combinations of transcripts. Repeat
Cut ups. Repeat Human gene pool.
Repeat. Meme pool.
copy spray run from and into life.

Cell Division? Phoneme vs. Bit.
Atom vs. Meme. Gene vs. Non-simultaneous
Apprehension. 151

The next generation of genetic sequencing maybe be done with greatest dexterity by those who have studied poetry. Finnegans Wake - gene, genealogy, genre, gender, genus, genius, genesis and Guinnesses, seems to me a book of life, or as close to such a book of 'wisdom language' as we have ever seen produced, without the aid of programmable computers.

We have many parallels between the structure of Genetics systems and the structure of language systems, and while some have produced solid arguments that the language of I-Ching can be described as Isomorphic with the structure of DNA, western science still seems to operate as if non-local phenomena and paranormal phenomena are in the realm of mysticism and pseudo-science. And it's in and around this area of cognitive psychology, pattern recognition, phenomenology, gene expression and gene sequencing, that I propose Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake', and the genetic strands of HCE and ALP that finally shine brightest and brighter than any single - new science of cognition, genetics, neuroscience etc.

Claude Shannon draws attanetion to the redundancy of information expressed in the special language of Finnegans Wake. This redundancy, repeating, difference engine is central, I feel, to helping geneticists figure out how to fill the missing holes in the DNA strands, that are preventing the first synthetic biological cells from being created. As the work to solve a cross-word puzzle can help break the code of a riddle, the textual analysis of litarary scholars and semiotic interpretation of scripture can help geneticists piece together the genetic code, or the special sequence. (See Terence Mckenna describing why the King Wen - Sequence - was important for understanding the time-wave).

A sequence brings to mind a musical sequence, and also the noticable boundaries between stiff scientists such as 'most-but-not-all' geneticists, and Artists, poets, musicians and painters. Once again, in the Wake we find the expression of the Junk DNA, the voids of minds vacuum, the dark matter that hums in the background, the gas in the room that leaves faint traces, or the faint arcs of light created by spectroscopy. Finnegans Wake has already synthesized the Human Genome, in some sense, and, but, gone the next step further and expressed them - the genomes - in a precise matrix "a polyhedron of all scripture". And furthermore, with some encouragement from Dr. Robert Anton Wilson reading, interacting-processing with FW can produce paranormal experiences.

I would like to add to this FW genetics thought some 'fly' genetics, as I have studies closely the history of genetics in it's close relationship with Insects, in a particular the fly. Furthermore I discovered that Muscarine, found in nature within the Fly Agaric mushroom - is known widely as a cholinergic and familiar to every doctor, medical student to make it a ubiquitous substance. Fly's and Fly Agaric share a tale with a toad, and a toadstool, whereby the toad's would learn through evolutionary programming to hang-around fly agaric mushrooms, because intoxicated flies, and other insects would be easy meat, while in that drunken possible muscarinic high, and so throughout folklore and history a linguistic structure has been bult up, throughout different cultures, reflecting these biological and evolutionary processes. I see this HYPERconnectivity found in nature, as a biological process, or symbiotic intersection of processes that define my philo-epistemological model of Wakean bioinformatics.

More soon...

The “genetics” of the Wakean triads H.C.E. and A.L.P. would thus entail what Deleuze and Guattari have described as “propagation by epidemic, by contagion” which no longer “has anything to do with filiation by heredity [...] even if the two themes intermingle and require each other. http://web.ff.cuni.cz/~lazarus/jjht_technogenesis.html

A copy number variation (CNV) is a segment of DNA in which copy-number differences have been found by comparison of two or more genomes. The segment may range from one kilobase to several megabases in size.[1] Humans (being diploid) ordinarily have two copies of each autosomal region, one per chromosome. This may vary for particular genetic regions due to deletion or duplication. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copy_number_variation

1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16, 21, 28, 37, 49, 65, 86, 114, 151, 200, 265, --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padovan_sequence

"A spiral can be formed based on connecting the corners of a set of 3 dimensional cuboids. This is the Padovan cuboid spiral. Successive sides of this spiral have lengths that are the Padovan sequence numbers multiplied by the square root of 2. --http://wapedia.mobi/en/Padovan_sequence

'as my ownhouse and microbemost cosm when I am reassured by
ratio that the cube of my volumes is to the surfaces of their
subjects as the sphericity of these globes – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake. Page 151.

'To tell how your mead of, mard, is made of. All old
Dadgerson's dodges one conning one's copying and that's what
wonderland's wanderlad'll flaunt to the fair. – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Page 210.