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Friday, October 03, 2008

Maybe print edition

Maybe Print has reached the shelves. I just received a package of 100 minted copies.

Contributions by Bogus, Bobby, Minja, Fly Agaric, Frater K:. (bless his soul), Zenpunkist, Propaganda, The Purple Gooroo, Quackenbush, yours truly and many others.

Want some? Just ask.

B&B is for BLOOM and BURST: Psychoactive Mushroom Economics.

Originally titled "WORD PIECE" i wrote this JULY 17’th, 2008 in Amsterdam, Netherlands after my friend Bogus Magus turned me onto the video "6 ways mushrooms can save the planet" by Paul Stamets. Like many other things i write, this "mushroom banking" article lay dormant in my laptop. So now due to the increased interest in BANKING, ECONOMICS and CREDIT i now present the article, with some re-writing and editing as BLOOM and BURST. (BOOM & BUST of mycelium entities)

This, lay readers and gentilemen, is perhaps the commonest
of all cases arising out of umbrella history in connection with the wood industries in our courts of litigation. D'Oyly Owens
holds (though Finn Magnusson of himself holds also) that so
long as there is a joint deposit account in the two names a
mutual obligation is posited. --FW, Page 575

Your words our words and their words of air-sound-sutra. Binding air-sound-power patterns. Why is money? and how did it get that way? who issues it and how? A coin for a cow? Paper for Gold. Silver? Our money > their money overnight. Who has the magic wands, and is fond of the funds? Who has the rite words and the rote blank cheque? Disorder of things and stuff, multi-ordinal terms fed like helpless worms to herds of hungry birds of pray, each day feeding after the rain storm.

Where is the source, the root and the well spring of your knowledge, our Nohledge and their Scholledge? Who issues it and how? What is a cash cow? Money exchanged for words. Language and economics cow-MING-LING. Money does not grow on trees, psychoactive mushrooms do grow on trees. The bees bring honey to each branch though. the Branch hanging over the bank, the river bank and its dependency on the moon goddess via her rising and falling water levels, bursting and then blooming river banks. In 2008 a river BANK maybe the only Bank you can trust.

Owens cites Brerfuchs and Warren,
a foreign firm, since disseized, registered as Tangos, Limited,
for the sale of certain proprietary articles. The action which was
at the instance of the trustee of the heathen church emergency
fund, suing by its trustee, a resigned civil servant, for the
payment of tithes due was heard by Judge Doyle and also by a
common jury. No question arose as to the debt for which vouchers
spoke volumes. --James Joyce, FW, Page 575.

And the underground fungi decomposes rotten money theory anyway, a natural fungi force consumes carbon dioxide and releases carbon monoxide. More valuable than cash? A KNU natural economic order will start with mycelium a as the ceiling limit of the fizzcool roots, and financial fibers that, maybe, in the buginning fed all the MONEY TREES. Feeding trees with funky nutrients using the process of decomposition, using calcium and lots of other magic biology.

The truly regenerative and maximum GREEN interests inherent in the fungal feeding of the planetary and inter-planetary bio-sphere make most but not all forms of banking and international financial doo-doings on this planet seem deceptive at best and damned sadistic and apocalyptic at their worst. Now we have the means to communicate more scientifically how and why mycelium networks have spread themselves throughout planet earths biosphere so we can tackle the problems related to fungal-economics (which for me fits in well with the Animal and Plant kingdoms propensity for doing more with less and maximizing their biological connectivity, collective output to the benefit of all. No dropping, carcass, seed or shell goes to waste. The whole biological world recycles itself as in a regenerative Universe, its energy freely flows between species and kingdoms).

The fund trustee, one Jucundus Fecundus Xero
Pecundus Coppercheap, counterclaimed that payment was invalid
having been tendered to creditor under cover of a crossed cheque,
signed in the ordinary course, in the name of Wieldhelm, Hurls
Cross, voucher copy provided, and drawn by the senior partner
only by whom the lodgment of the species had been effected but
in their joint names. --James Joyce, FW, Page 575.

Human Banking beings however seem to have a new propensity for hoarding life support to their own gene pool. Life support resources in all their forms are stolen and kept for a few special chosen people or a few International syndicates who claim divine banker child status. Hoarding at the expense of the many--the Majority of humanity on planet earth. And hoarding in contrast to the natural abundance of nature, omnidirectional distribution, maximal connectivity, cooperative banking on change and transformation of states. (Taoist economics?)

The rather simplistic idea of imitating natural systems and natures means of distribution very generally, and then abstracting these general principles to human Economic systems remains a simply floored ideology. The classic Garbage IN/Garbage OUT law springs to mind. And the GREEN economic fungal metaphor of BLOOM and BURST maybe the most eloquent and beautiful metaphor to employ in 2008, pitched against Unrestricted Global Capitalism driven by private interest and crooked double crossed intelligence tsars. (Since writing this passage, Unrestricted Global Capitalism in its most virulent form of unrestricted American Capitalism has rapidly decayed worldwide started by the housing mortgage securities market over estimating how much virtual horse-shit they can shovel at one time).

Depreciating currency imitates the fungal process of breaking down biological matter, making more room at the bottom by recycling, transforming and keeping the processes moving along. If you stay in one place too long with your savings (chemical compound interest) you will rot at the bottom of the pile, without jumping into a new state of energy by the magical trans-formative process. See transmutation, Holy Communion and the U.S Federal Bank of England.

The bank particularised, the national misery
(now almost entirely in the hands of the four chief bondholders
for value in Tangos), declined to pay the draft, though there
were ample reserves to meet the liability, whereupon the trusty
Coppercheap negociated it for and on behalf of the fund of the
thing to a client of his, a notary, from whom, on consideration, he
received in exchange legal relief as between trusthee and bethrust,
with thanks. --James Joyce, FW, Page 575.

The deception and trickery of the global banking fraudster gamers is also mimicked, on a global scale within fungal communities. BOOM and then DECAY. BLOOM and decomposition In fact mushroom mycelium provide nutrients for germination of most vegetation matter and some very rare Orchids; like the ones that so many Banksters are infatuated with. Penicillin and most of its synthesized drug relatives is another FUNGAL entity, claimed patented and exploited as a Global Pharmo-corp’ dream-drug. In its well known Penicillin incarnation FUNGAL intelligence has already penetrated the MONEY MAZE. Not to mention all the other medical applications and drugs synthesized from mushrooms and/or Fungal bacterium found in nature, while our melting leaders tighten restrictions on the source MUSHROOMS of the healing psychoactive varieties around the world in 2008.

But the poet with honey his mouth does not stop at that. Mushrooms and fungus being used as metaphors for a more synergetic human financial intelligence is just the sprouting TIP! of the underground fruiting body of evidence, spilling billions of its viral meme spores into earths atmosphere every second of every day for a billion years. There mush more to come.

Once the poet has sharpened his gaze, and the haze of terrestrial primate politics and economics vanishes in the life-mazing puzzle views, we can begin to revision our future, past present and perfect days, all-at-once. A galactic Fungal Languaging Entity. (FLE) A self-replicating fungal blogjects through me. A new solid banking practice has come--nourishing the sheep with the farmers profits, so that they grow strong, intelligent and have happy lives. Bah naught.

Since then the cheque, a good washable pink,
embossed D you D No 11 hundred and thirty 2, good for the figure
and face, had been circulating in the country for over thirtynine
years among holders of Pango stock, a rival concern, though not
one demonetised farthing had ever spun or fluctuated across the
counter in the semblance of hard coin or liquid cash. The jury (a
sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named
after doyles) naturally disagreed jointly and severally, and the
belligerent judge, disagreeing with the allied jurors'
disagreement, went outside his jurisfiction altogether and ordered a
garnishee attachment to the neutral firm. --James Joyce, FW, Page 575.

Our collective cultural symbol systems, yours, theirs? Who issues languages and how? How did language get that way. This way to the museyroom. The trick to solid banking is to nourish the people on their children’s corpses, so they Wall street vampires say. Who would have thought that when you open a bank account they might take your son or daughter off to a foreign country to defend their elaborate symbolic betting shop?

discounted Mr Brakeforth's first of all in
exchange at nine months from date without issue and, to be strictly
literal, unbottled in corrubberation a current account of how
she had been made at sight for services rendered the
payeedrawee of unwashable blank assignations, sometimes pinkwilliams
(laughter)-- James Joyce, FW, Page 576.

REALITY? who issues it and how? J.P Perky Pat Morgan Skysoft? David Attenborough. The Pope? The Forrest's and fields and mountains and wild mushroom rich terrain of earth? The Oxford English Dictionary? Finnegans Wake? well, I banked with Dr. Robert Anton Wilson while he was incarnated here on planet Earth. Bob’s high interest rates, tragic/comic balance sheets and compassionate magic made his “Bank Of Maybe” (BOM) the model for a new, timeless, immortal banking practice. A Bank without savings. A bank with total investment in each moment, and a bank with the rare and brilliant promise to give away treasures and valuable stocks to strangers for free, in the interests of imitating natures banking practices and its maximal distribution of energy and information as defined by Buckminster Fuller and Claude Shannon respectively. The BOM even has some RAW PATATOES to show that we mean business.

jock and jarry in that little green courtinghousie for her
satisfaction and as a whole act of settlement to reamalgamate herself,
tomorrow perforce, in pardonership with the permanent suing fond
trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, under the new style of Will
Breakfast and Sparrem, as, when all his cognisances had been estreated,
he seemed to proffer the steadiest interest towards her, but this
prepoposal was ruled out on appeal by Judge Jeremy Doyler, who,
reserving judgment in a matter of courts and reversing the
findings of the lower correctional, found, beyond doubt of treuson,
fending the dissassents of the pickpackpanel, twelve as upright
judaces as ever let down their thoms, and, occupante extremum --James Joyce, FW, Page 576.

The Jury is still out on Finnegans Wake.
How about the worlds economic financial crash? WHO's ON TRIAL? Whats the CHARGE?

--Fly Agaric 23.
9th October 2008.



"The cyclops, however, "Is" also soma, the "Not-born One-eye" the source of unitary vision. Therefore, while the giant (or dragon) may not appear as wise, nevertheless he frequently guards a "treasure" associated with wisdom or even soma, such as a golden fleece, golden apples, or simply gold. --Peter Lamborn Wilson, Irish Soma.

FW BLOG 2005.
Horseplay & Finnegans Wake. BLOG 2006.
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ALP 111 and RAWs WAKE 2008.
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The Jinnies and the Museyroom. Page 8 cont... 2008.

Yes, O pity! At earliest moment! That prickly heat feeling!
Forthink not me spill it's at always so guey. Here we shall do a
far walk (O pity) anygo khaibits till the number one of sairey's
place. Is, is. I want you to admire her sceneries illustrationing
our national first rout, one ought ought one. We shall too
downlook on that ford whcre Sylvanus Sanctus washed but
hurdley those tips of his anointeds. Do not show ever retrorsehim,
crockodeyled, till that you become quite crimstone in the face!
Beware! guardafew! It is Stealer of the Heart! I am anxious in
regard you should everthrown your sillarsalt. I will dui sui,
tef --570

nute ! These brilling waveleaplights! Please say me how sing you
them. Seekhem seckhem! They arise from a clear springwell in
the near of our park which makes the daft to hear all blend. This
place of endearment! How it is clear! And how they cast their
spells upon, the fronds that thereup float, the bookstaff
branchings! The druggeted stems, the leaves incut on trees! Do you
can their tantrist spellings? I can lese, skillmistress aiding. Elm,
bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, tawny runes ilex sallow,
meet me at the pine. Yes, they shall have brought us to the water
trysting, by hedjes of maiden ferm. then here in another place is
their chapelofeases, sold for song, of which you have thought
my praise too much my price. O ma ma! Yes, sad one of Ziod?
Sell me, my soul dear! Ah, my sorrowful, his cloister dreeping
of his monkshood, how it is triste to death, all his dark ivytod!
Where cold in dearth. Yet see, my blanching kissabelle, in the
under close she is allso gay, her kirtles green, her curtsies white,
her peony pears, her nistlingsloes! I, pipette, I must also
quicklingly to tryst myself softly into this littleeasechapel. I would
rather than Ireland! But I pray, make! Do your easiness! O,
peace, this is heaven! O, Mr Prince of Pouringtoher, whatever
shall I pppease to do? Why do you so lifesighs, my precious, as
I hear from you, with limmenings lemantitions, after that swollen
one? I am not sighing, I assure, but only I am soso sorry about
all in my saarasplace. Listen, listen ! I am doing it. Hear more to
those voices! Always I am hearing them. Horsehem coughs
enough. Annshee lispes privily.
--James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Part:3 Episode:14 Page:571

From here you might like to check out WITCHES BREW by Eric Rosenbloom, that explores Joyce’s use of alchemy within Finnegans Wake. PDF Download..
Maybe you'll listen to Bitches Brew by Miles Davis while your reading?

I'm off to bed..


Shannanigums Wave Book 1 Chapter 1 d by flyagaric23


8th OCTOBER 2008.

For immidiate worldwide free copy and distribution.

My H$H GREEN bail-out has a real bail. And has real green pot.
To mean my H$H GREEN Bail is Cannabis! Yes. My HA$H plan.
To save the American Hempire, this Emergency HA$H/Cannabis
Bai-LOUT Plan.t.

To manufacture a new housing security market. HA$H/Cannabis
mortgages backed up by plants. Secure. Safe. Sure to flower.
Invest cash in HA$H by the Pound. My Green bail-out for the
Housing market involves growing 10 plants per U.S household.
A new Cannabis market will take off like a rocket. Check it.

“As long as the sun keeps shining or your hydro’ lights stay on, you can sleep sound with the security of cannabis investments.” --HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

In the wake of recent economic and financial catastrophe i'll wager not not one political mouthpiece or media whorehouse has entertained the prospect of a HA$H/MARIJUANA BAIL OUT PROGRAM: The Global decriminalization of Cannabis related crimes and the creation of roughly 160 new national HA$H/MARIJUANA trading nations.) Considering its historic hemp constitution, the United States might be the first to adopt my plan. Or something resembling it, drawn up by some clever clogs at the GREEN party. Yeah. Sure.

“Trust your crop not your government banking cop.”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

Imagine, not only will the new green market boost and blaze the currently crippled global economy with a grass-roots plan for rapid growth and HA$H cash injections, but, the medicinal and social benefits of a nation, or nations with un-punished access to high quality Cannabis maybe critical in times of deep depression, recession and mad greed wars. When all else is crumbling and decaying around you it just might be nice, at least, to smoke a splff if you wanted too, or else eat a pot brownie, and well now, hell, why not fuck in the streets too?

Along with the Netherlands; Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Britain, Germany, America, Japan, Kenya and Canada will all have their experimental 12 month trial period adopting Cannabis decriminalization; starting April 20th 2009. Licensed smoking houses, information centers and trading markets combined with the freedom for each individual to grow at least 2 plants and have up to 12 ounces of ready to smoke Cannabis in their possession will create a buzzing community of calm and creative people, living harmoniously with others who maybe driving their death monsters, drinking poison or eating death foods,

"We'll tolerate their hobbies if they'll tolerate ours" --Guns and Dope party slogan.

The massive insurgence of green-fingered gardening fanatics and peaceful growers will boost the market for growing equipment, soil, fertilizer, comic book and science fiction culture, and get troublsom kids off the street and into the garden. Also people will be encouraged to move around in their communities, sharing cuttings, tips and buds with oneanother, while getting back into some of natures most ancient cycles and gaining new awareness for seasons, for biological science, cleanliness.

"Hi yield guarantea.”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

The HA$H bail-out horticulture plan nurtures the careful, loving preparation rituals, the care and individual responsibility required to grow Cannabis for Secure mortgages of the highest quality, to help re-grow and to re-invigorate the US property market, and then also possibly the entire worlds property markets, unleashing the potential for the more meaningful GREEN energy revolution, GREEN medicine, GREEN fiber (and it does not certainly have to be colored green it can be dyed other colors), GREEN fuel, GREEN paper, GREEN currency. Think about it. Corn was once a kind of plant-currency. The Funky green corn called Cannabis could really, joking aside now, help the world economy get itself out of the current slump, where investments in Bombs, Germs, Steel, GOV DRUGS, OIL etc. have us spinning into a dirty non GREEN funky spell.

The Iraq war has cost roughly $700 Billion so far in America alone. Britain just spent 33 Billion on a new Trident Nuclear Missile program. This is RED investment. RED for the blood of KILLINGRY. The business of death and decay. From Nukes right down to computer chips that guide them, Killingry is not an option for any harmonious future between humanity and planet earth. I am for Livingry, for cooperation and for good sound thinking, these are the order for these tricky days ahead and the task of solving some of the dire problums we are wrapped up in.

"Do the H$H BOP and trim your profit from the tip-top"

My green HA$H bail-out proposal (H$H B.O.P) maybe a little more of a serious proposal than at first strikes you. Only the LAWS of prohibition, so vehemently enforced by the TSOG USA, the TSOG UK and the European TSOG Union stand in the way, realistically to a new worldwide HA$H BAIL out mortgages securities market. They could drop that law ina flash, let all the Cannabis crime related prisoners walk free and invest the surplus CA$H and maybe begin gra$$ roots sparkt-up companies that specialize in GREEN! hemp and GREEN Cannabis related products, products of LIVINGRY, soap, bread, cakes, clothing, footwear, building materials, fuel, fuel, cookies etc. Good food, clothing, fuel and shelter stuff. Opposed to Nukes and Fossil fuels and Virtual “joke” credit.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Continuing the recent trend, marijuana arrests set another all-time record in 2007, totaling 872,720. --

The H$H BOP would also be turning around the horrible and inhumane punishment against mostly harmless citizens who enjoy the relaxing effects of Cannabis. Those who are incarcerated for dealing bigger quantities will be unable to re offend due to the legalization of the Cannabis drug they may, or may not have been illegally dealing. These individuals can be trained and primed further for good work in the marketing and administration departments of this, or another GREEN Spark up company, utilizing their networking skills and love of people and culture. To give one example of turning a good human being from a criminal into a useful member of society. If Cannabis criminals became Cannabiks criminals overnight when the first LAWS were enacted then Cannabis Criminals can become Cannabis citizens overnight just a quickly.

--Some figures, quotes and references to help flesh out the landscape of HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS.

If more and more people lose jobs and/or health insurance we may see a shift from pharmacy drugs to illicit drugs. Alcohol or marijuana may be a cheaper sleeping aid or anti-anxiety drugs than their prescribed competitors. --

"With government at all levels awash in debt, this is an insane waste of resources. If we regulated and taxed marijuana as we do beer, wine, and cigarettes, we could save tens of billions of dollars, better control marijuana's production and distribution, and cut off a huge source of funding to criminal gangs."--Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C.

Use permits are commonly used for a wide variety of individuals and businesses. (Is there an equivalent that would work better?) The maxim is what you use, you pay for. Only prohibition has prevented medi-cannabis contributions to the county in the past. Patients, caregivers, collectives and cooperatives in the medical marijuana community use the roads, parks, schools, law enforcement, health and other county services.

So we ask the voters to make it county policy to allow us to contribute our fair share economically to the whole, based on cultivating and/or transporting marijuana for medical purposes. (Logistics to be worked out before going to the voters for signatures.) --Pebbles Trippet
Organized by MMMAB/Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board.

Marijuana possession is increasingly the bulk of the "War on Drugs"
More arrests for marijuana are for simple possession than for any other drug. While only 11% of marijuana arrests involve buying, selling, trafficking, or manufacture, that rate for heroin and cocaine is 27% and that rate for synthetic drugs is 31%. --

Steven James Pratt
a.k.a Fly Agaric 23.
8th October 2008.

Q is for Quotes: from Canto LXXXVII by Ezra Pound redirected to the World Banking Cabals of 2008.

Was De Molay making loans without interest?
Church councils bumbling, Fanatics do not understand interest.
infantilism increasing till our time,
attention to outlet, no attension to source,
That is: the problum of issue.
Who issues it? How?
"Pity to stamp save weight."
Always the undertow,
gold-bugs against ANY order,
Seeking the common (as Ari says)
Practice for squeeze.
"Nowt better than a share (Mencius)
nor worse than a fixed charge."
That is the great chapter, Mencius III, I, III, 6.
"but", said Antonius, "Law rules the sea".
"And that the state shd/ have benefit
from private misfortune,
...between the usurer and any man who
wants to do a good job (perenne) without regard to production -- a charge for the use of money or credit.
not in my time, not under me."

Quoted from Ezra Pound Canto LXXXVII.