The Robert Anton Wilson Trust

Yes yes,
2016 will see new activity from the RAWtrust
and Hilaritas Press.

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Your socks will be blown off
and blown back on again

--Steve 'fly' Pratt

"Bob’s daughter Christina Pearson, Trustee of the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, has engaged Bob’s long-time friend and legacy-supporter Richard Rasa as Metaprogramming Director of the RAW Trust. The two are working with a small group of extraordinary and beloved advisors* in an effort to maintain the trajectory of pasta (KTLF). We are forever grateful to this dedicated group, and all the other wonderful people who have offered their help over the years.
*The RAW Trust Advisors (Friends of Bob and other Intelligence Agents):

Smart Cities, technologies against climate change and the Internet of Things.--Bruce Sterling

Published on Dec 2, 2015
The futurist and visionary Bruce Sterling closed the Sónar+D 2015 conference with an evocative journey featuring his most recent fascinations, Smart Cities, technologies against climate change and the Internet of Things.

Bruce Sterling is a writer, journalist, editor and critic. He is best known for his science fiction novels and his work as an editor, which defined the genre of cyberpunk. Sterling is also a critic and thinker whose work is essential for understanding the current state of the creative ecosystems around technology. His blog in Wired magazine is a benchmark for digital culture, as are his legendary closing speeches each year at SXSW Interactive, the conference that sets the pace in Silicon Valley.

This talk has organized together with WIRED Italy.