Crowley and Foley, Foley and Crowley.

I have been writing a novel, screenplay, over the last 9 months and i just discovered why it appears i have had problems with two of the characters i wished to include. The following information concerning stourbridge is like a part of me re-writing history for the purposes of fitting my story!

"He succeeded to his father's business as an ironmonger and naval contractor for ironware. His contract with the Navy Board has been printed, and lists 30 different kinds of nails and nearly 60 other species of iron goods.[1] However, he lost his contract to the rising Ambrose Crowley. --



Takes the HIGH out of pot for profit

Cannabis should be freely available in PLANT form, as intended by whatever processes led to Cannabis receptors being hard-wired into the human brain, and, Cannabis Plant's evolving on planet earth feel good to me. Robert Anton Wilson told me he was afraid that a - squib - would be manufactured by big pharma, claiming to keep the benefits of Cannabis medicine, but, producing it without the HIGH! The HIGH! The HIGH that boosts wellness, happiness releases helpful endorphines.

See GW Pharama at work here:

Cannabis may Hold a Key to Fight Obesity