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PC 2012 is for Prophets Conference: 2012 Tipping Point.

Taleweave TwaintyTweleave

Thanks Borsky, you got me cooking on this too. Most of my questions and remarks here are probably addressed at one of the great links above, but I'll wade through some thoughts anyhow... RAW Wavetime,

Where to start? I think that A.N Whitehead, a mathematical philosopher, remains one of Mckenna’s acknowledged sources for 'Novelty theory' 'timewave'  (if you will),  who gets generally overlooked by his critics, like Jung too, who Terence has lectured on, and not forgetting McLuhan and Joyce, coincidancely; or the fact that his theory was brilliantly approximated and first launched to a wider reading audience in Cosmic Trigger (1977).

Besides the rare and complex manual – The Invisible Landscape (which I have read, but find hard work to translate into meaningful, useful sentences, but hell, maybe I’ll give that a shot next week?) I would be interested to read anyone on Whitehead and/or Wilson, who has passed pre-judgement of Terence Mckenna as a cranky dippy hippy. Not that I believe in Novelty Theory and the principle of “Concressence” as described by Whitehead, but I feel that they fit nicely, poetically with the some of the more optimistic models and metaphors for our collective futures, and they just sound better to me than Apocalypse and Armageddon.

Concressence, ahhhhhh, yes, sounds like the noise a river might make or a tree canopy in the wind, and it sounds to me little bit like ‘Consilence’ a word coined by Edward O. Wilson to mean a jumping together of knowledge. I recall that the strange attractor, invoked by Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake and Terence Mckenna, was called by Terence, among other things, the transcendental Object at the end of time. (um, and here I always like to throw in the time-machine tale of the tribe, described by Terence here, in an interview I secured for the MQ from Paul Krassner.

“One idea i have for an end of history scenario: Time travel becomes more and more discussible, finally there are laboratories working on it, finally there is a prototype machine, finally it's possible to conceive of a test; and so on the morning of December 12, 2012, at the world Temporal Institute headquarters in the Amazon Basin, by a worldwide, high definition, three-dimensional hook up, the entire world tunes in to see the first flight into time. -

Wishful thinking on my behalf leads me to this kind of time-travel scenario, but I envision a more widely accessible – craft – for accessing the new and as yet, fully developed – time-travel device. Ha, think Mcfly, think! And of course, I wish that this technology-language transformation happens – out of the control of the worlds current - energy, food, drug and media mafia – at an invisible college, or something, I dunno’ Timetravel would be heretical, and branded as Time terrorism for sure, so I Imagine then that these experiments in 2012 would have to be carried out in relative secret, for a more probable success. Hold on....what am I saying here....OK, so, I’ll come clean, I am a compulsive 2012 phenomena obsessive, maybe due to my initial LSD driven flights into Mayan dreamspell Calendar consciousness, or the Millennium fever, or Terence dying on us like that, and me sort of pledging, in a naive fashion – to continue the work, and find the others who felt that Terence Mckenna was a Shaman of our times who was being sincere in his scientific based research into time, being, consciousness, and the Universe. Call me a sucker, but I was sold, and still am to some degree, due my compulsive imprints of 2012 meme’s in the mid 1990’s.

Last Friday I bought the new 2012: Science or Superstition, book by Alexandra Bruce published by Disinformation books, and as an adjunct to the DVD of the same name. The book has stimulated some new thoughts on the phenomena, and I have found the information more palatable in text form than on the DVD, realizing how visual aids and flashy production in video documentaries often detract from the information at hand, as much as they may help communicate information. With so many different theories, references and characters to wade through when evaluating the 2012 phenomena, I find that the steady pace of reading a physical book, and pausing to do a little web research along the way, helps the processing of the new information sink in, at least for me, and for the 2012 pehenomena. (Drum roll please)

Although this writing here is not in E-Prime, I can appreciate the positive effects given off when one uses certain semantic hygiene when describing certain phenomena, and I feel that the entire 2012 industry now emerging on the fringes of Hollywood and the New Age circuit and book clubs would benefit, and be a whole lot more useful to humanity, if they adopted E-Prime, or other scientifically, operationalist’ oriented language. After all, one model not mentioned in the book – yet – that I imagine for the 2012 Solstice is a complete revision of languages, maybe the English language will become useless in the face of the new technology awaiting us, just around the corner, you know, the translinguistic goo or T9000 Glossalalia?... (excuse me, I’m off into a short story scene once more.)

The end of the word! Might fit with the idea of the end of history, in that without words the imperial history of empire and all that resembles it, crumbles into dust, and then gas, big farts escaping out into the cosmos. Yeah, and Finnegans Wake has done most of the hard work for us, yeah, you knew FW would come into this didn’t you, eh. Haha. Well, I got this from Bobby really, but I do think that FW and the 2012 phenomena are complimentary to each other in that they both represent the end of the word, but also, interestingly to me, link to the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.

Oh, and one other thing about Terence and the 2012 phenomena, one thing that distinguishes Terence from the rest of the crowd seems to be not only his adoption of positive psychoactive drug related theories connecting ancient cultures and the use of various intoxicating sacraments, such as DMT by various time-space obsessed shamans around the world, to gain insight into the sub-microscopic and macro-cosmological realms, but Mckenna’s modern day - active resistance - and campaigning against prohibition and the criminal war on some people who use some drugs, he was in the brave warrior tradition of Leary, Wilson and a few others.

So I ask the question, can we have our world block-party 2012, and time-travel wherever we like, without our drugs? Umm, now, that kind of question raises the question of a chemically mediated 2012 phenomena, a super happy knowledge virus? Edible internet Solstice sales? But seriously, as I just read somewhere in the book – many of the 2012 experts have not had a psychedelic experience, but claim to know all about Mayan culture, their symbolism and calendar and what they mean.

I must, as a bit of a psychonaut myself, that the insight gained from positive tripping on psychedelic compounds of one form or another might be THE most important experience and question for any scientist, in any field, anywhere, as it brings into question the nature of the experiment, the experimenter and hidden variables with a striking clarity and neutrality, at least in my limited experiences. Terence often seemed to me echoing this sentiment, and again, other than Leary and Wilson, and maybe Bill Hicks, I was not hearing such, balls out, positive and exciting messages from anywhere else, not in music, or literature or in the movies, and certainly not on TV. I throw my arms up and praise Bob for the directions in culture and literature he gave us, to help find other Terence Mckenna’s and Timothy Leary’s in history and the modern day, and lead the laymen into the backdoor to their library and study rooms.

Due to finishing off my Novel that includes the members of RAW’s tale of the tribe scenario Universe, I can’t help but notice that many ideas surrounding the 2012 phenomena – geological phenomena, meteorite strikes, time and calendars, Prophecy, precognition and paranormal phenomena, historicism, cosmology, anthropology and strange alternative ideas to rock the mainstream opinion and poke at the standard model – are treated in a most scientific and rational but far from – dry – manner by RAW. And that’s not news, but I wanted to mention Giambattista Vico in particular – and by default Joyce – due to their correspondence with the principles of world ages – shifting ages – cyclical ages.

Here, I guess, might be a good place to start a cross-cultural interdisciplinary study into the 2012 phenomena using Vico, Joyce, McLuhan and Dr. Wilson as quality critters, or guides to processing Maya world ages, the five ages of ancient Greece, Biblical ages, Hindu world age doctrine (Feat. Michael Cremo!), Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine – World Ages. Bobby has already covered some of this ground too, with his work on McLuhan, Vico, Joyce and RAW. I’ll go back and have another look.

I’ll try and keep this thread moving with some different models for the 2012 phenomena that I hope stimulate as much fun thoughts in you as they have in me. So, here’s my first quote from the book, enjoy.

“Hemlines are rising and falling, in a rhythm based on the rise and fall of empires millennia ago and these things are as causally linked as the orbit of the earth is linked to the sun, you see, because we are being drawn towards the attractor through shorter and shorter epochs...there’s a final 6 day period when all of these things are compressed again.

So, you see what’s happening? The spiral is tightening, as it goes faster and faster. The resonances are impinging. The thing is getting nuttier, and nuttier and nuttier, as computers link all cultures together, all informational barriers dissolve. Everything is becoming connected to everything else, not only everything in the present moment but all past moments, as well are being drawn, compressed, squeezed into the transcendental object at the end of time.” – Terence McKenna, 2012: Science or Superstition, page 152.”

I Swear, I didn’t know that quote ended with transcendental Object at the end of time, which I referred to earlier.

The Timewave Wave and the mayan calendar have a simultaneous focus on the Winter Solstice 2012, why? And How that? To forget the possible galactic alignment, plasma storms, magnetic pole-shift and global catastrophe scenarios, I ask the seemingly naive question: was it an innocent surprise to find that the timewave goes vertical, just as the great Mayan cycle ends/begins again in 2012, or did they build the timewave to fit the Mayan cosmology, based on their trip to South America in 71? and what of the I-CHING, umm?

Are there any comparative studies of Timewave 2012 by native Chinese scholars? I think Terence used an older Neolithic lunar calendar in which 64 six-line hexagrams –384 lines in all—had represented the 384 days in a thirteen month lunar year, which reminds me a little of Ezra Pound’s interest in the old Chinese cultures, time-keeping and the Naxi rites, King Wen appears in the Cantos, but I have been unable to decipher much of the context, but maybe Timewave is inherent in the Cantos, due to the concressence of historical events spinning in the vortex of Pound’s language, maybe there’s a similar parallel with the Wake, in that the Timewave attractor lives within the special compressed language, and history has lost its linear monopoly on time, somewhat, and a new hierarchy of values can take hold, with their own internal order and cosmology, wheels, gyres and cogs to interpret space-time and causality. Perhaps...

And linking to how I first started this post.

I have attended 2 Prophets Conferences (now called The Great Re-thinking), both in 2000 e.v. And both to check for myself who - Robert Anton Wilson - was. I got sacked by the Prophets for not getting Dr. Wilson to his presentation - "The Universe Contains A Maybe" - early enough, although still ON time.

A few months later Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was also sacked by the Prophets - banished from any more conferences - due to (bad language). He writes about this ordeal in his book "TSOG: The Thing that ate the constitution", with support from Maybelogic Academy Faculty teacher: David J. Brown.

So, with this small bit of personal insight I wish to develope some kind of bridge here, especially due to the fact that Dr. Wilson past over to the multiverse and is no longer with us. If not a full pardon, then at least a recognition of the contributions Dr. Robert Anton Wilson has made to the sane, multiple, probabalistic interpretations of the 2012 phenomena.

A huge constellation of great thinking and thinkers live in the works of RAW. I feel that the 2012 Tipping Point can be clarified and rationalized by introducing the evidence from both the book 'Cosmic Trigger' and 'Quantum Psychology' by RAW. Will the scholarship and comprehensive "representation" of all the complex data - historical, linguistic, calendrical, psychological, political, - with such added levity? I certainly hope so.

Maybe by 2012, 15% of the worlds population will be reading a little of the works of Robert Anton Wilson. Then, maybe we can have the technological singularity, the Galactic alignment, the re-doubling of information each nano-second, etc. And more, the Christian Apocalypse, the age of the magicians, the introduction of a new Universal ideogramic type of language structure? All these models can be accomadated with the encyclopedic wisdom inside the books, if it can be extracted and applied practically, in one's own life of the mind.

I wish the conference and all who are fortunate enough to attend it good luck in deciphering and re-thinking the 2012 phenomena.

Might I also recommend the new book from disinfo company: 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION? See their new website,

�For millennia, mankind had wandered in the darkness�but now, as had been prophesied, there was a change coming. After hurtling blindly through history, mankind has reached a crossroads. This moment had been predicted long ago, prophesied by the ancient texts, by the primeval calendars, and even by the stars themselves. The date was specific, its arrival imminent. It would be preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge�a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness and give mankind a final chance to veer away from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.�

—Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
2012 Tipping Point - The Philosophy

The purpose of the Maya coming to this planet was very specific: to leave behind a definite set of clues and information about the nature and purpose of our planet at this particular time in the solar system and in the galactic field.
—Jose Arguelles

We believe it is now possible to achieve a society where people would be able to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful productive lives. In such a society, the measure of success would be based upon the fulfillment of one�s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property, and power. Although many of the concepts presented here may appear as unattainable goals, all of the ideas are based upon known scientific principles.
—Jacque Fresco

The purpose of this conference is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan prophecy � as referring to the end of the world as we have known it: a world dominated by unbridled violence and insatiable greed, egotistic hierarchy of values, corrupted institutions and corporations, and irreconcilable conflicts between organized religions. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity.
—Stanislav Grof

I do see a new birth of human consciousness underway. And when these things happen they can sometimes happen very fast. So I cannot rule out at all the possibility that all of us are going to be looking at the mystery and meaning of life in a very different way very soon and that date 21st. of December 2012 sticks in my mind as one that is really worth consideration.
—Graham Hancock

There is a revolution underway in how we understand ancient Maya metaphysics, astronomy, and other traditions related to 2012. 2012 is about transformation and renewal on a global scale.
—John Major Jenkins

Congratulations�you are among a select Group of souls who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time! The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
—Christine Page

As we complete this apocalyptic passage, we will conceive ourselves, increasingly, as fractal expressions of a unified field of consciousness and sentient aspects of a planetary ecology�the Gaian mind�that is continually changed by our actions, and even our thoughts.
—Daniel Pinchbeck

The Hour Is Coming, And Now Is — Daniel Pinchbeck
Future By Design: Beyond Money Politics & War — by Jacque Fresco
2012: Advent of the Supermental Earth — by Jose Arguelles
2012 � A Pole Shift in Our Collective Psyche — by John Major Jenkins

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