Thats the single i would of picked off IN RAINBOWS for release.

Picked up the '7 vinyl. Yesterday.

Very deep and sweetand soulfull. And a sure radiohead sound identity, unmistakable production.

"Don't get any big ideas"--Radiohead.

WP for World Piss: The Spore of the Words 08 (now Shannanigums Wave)

Merryvirgin forbed! But of
they never eat soullfriede they're ating it now. With easter
greeding. Angus! Angus! Angus! The keykeeper of the keys of
the seven doors of the dreamadoory in the house of the
household of Hecech saysaith. Whitmore, whatmore? Give it over,
give it up! --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake Page 377

Juxtaposition without copula. Who wants to be a chinese written character in the end? i Work at the zoo on the planet tralfalmadore where various iconic specimens live inside glass cages waiting for readers to mix the unmixed spectacle with ticked imagination, engage in dreams of being a Chinese written character. Shaped as martial artists mimic natural forms exhibited in Nature. Spilled forth again, frothing rabid inside a circle of fifths, around about the brick Bridge, through nine looks and around the chainmakers ring road, a neverending story baggins in the middle muggle Westmiddleends amid the Golden Apple Bluetooth fairy ring of fire breathing green salamander gas, raised in dung over aeons. neighbor to Herrafrodo and Worcester. Orgone became resurrected, bound within the pages of supernatures magazine. 1958. God this turban. Agacider drunkenpuss purrin' down the sour piss chute. Knee deep in memories. Wading for where the government blows. Deep in stamfordwoods with the diddy squad deep down in the woods at the rope-swing, smokin' fags, drinkin cider acroxx the River we swung, River rats, satanists, boggeymon. Out from behind the tree. Air rushing up my nostrils. Up cavernous pipes and drains we played, right where the housing estate croxxed into motherbramblebrook. Down the cut where i wd Mooney the girls and they'd Moon ey back. Boyhood droops down from my mouth to my ankles. Red carpet unravels from my gob, have ya come up yet? dow in the sweaty grey underground basement beat scene. beats scene. Puzzled walls of hammerite grey mix sound of Archie Shepp and Mingus, minggling in the coffeegrinds. Stippled moosick crimpled broken ambient mornings after Ecstacy, Iz this doin yr head in? Waterfall road to the vine exchange, looks as bluack paint dripping The Birch tree where i used to hang out with a coke and a packet of walkers. Suck Coke! The harvester bell and the swan and the pinns, all pubs clubs toffee soft in my memory.

The Toad voodoo juice, smoke and drink and shoot pool under me guinness eyes. How can today be compared to yesterday? Dark chocolate evenings in a brownstone autumn wonderland. Again i slip back through time, Rolling thunder from heaven Echos Loud through the Bluack mountains, echoed roun Clent hills like a whole county chanting, Wind fanning fire, singing flames chase wood around the forest lungscoops, catcha fire in the head, unwinding a S✴ns love for his mother and Thother and sister and self. Unwound spring loaded pitch forks ploughing the stuffed clouds then streaking electric purple legs stretch forth, rain water ronnin down her side. My mountain eyes trickle down into lake pl:acid, drowned underneath the shadow of the silent majorities. Sun fire pleasure mountain bluack razzle dazzle flashing forks, one legged thunder enlighening, more fire from her lake. Congealled misty clouds atop misty mountain hats, moisture conducting heavens symphony; electro shock thunder enlighening. Allegro winds wood give sway to spaceship earth, catching the clouds in hemp sails, spring has come to lyf, moving her across a googgly sea; through rain and more thunder, lake placid. Still waters as photograph. Blue green eyes in the water, saltless tears still taste bitter trying to remember. Mountains shadow cast Re:Sun rays caught and reeled in from the wooden memory masts, fire in the heed. Line-ear with a nun-linnen-ear substincture, Fly's wing glistens and does not glisten. Worshiper of chllorophyll, catkins and rolling skins with forests inside.

The Rivers and industry meet, Shopping trollies litter River banks, Banks litter the shopping street. Where do you bank the River bank? Order? Cash FLOW. €conomic$ LINES THROUGH IT ALL. And lies. And nature forever bound to lies and untruth. As long as the word-symbol lies. Rivers of industry run orange, blocked by trollies traffic cones and "believe" bars. Trickle down theory turned to treacle brown theory. Planet earth waterwildworld. Many die without clean drinking water. Many die, many are killed. Cherish your Rivers, be thankful for your clean water. To Wash away flaky skin and Usury. For renewal and updating flow of Mindustry. Love your bodies of water, as you love your body. Mind the wake, cleanse Nowhares Yacht. River Arun, Orwell, Avon and Seven. Thames, Mississippi, Tigris, Nile. Rocks old as great great great clocks. Before time She was running nutrition and foodstuffs to us Apes For god sakes. She transported, fructified and washed our tiny machines. Now she's the machine in the steel eye of industry. Her future is bright, toxic and Orange. She runs through your brain, a hydrophobic-ally caged single Electron q-bit. The smallest indivisible unit in language or physics. Clean drinking water appears only bottled. In these times of raging Global fires our Rivers weep, she tells meimposition of order = Escalation of Chaos. Up through the earth, right through the earth from an underground spring she rises unbounded by gravity, clear elixir of life soaking headwater cloaking the rocks sparkling curves of a siren sister, fresh water wyf running back home on a River of laughtears saltless but brought on by seasonal epiphany i join your groove, carving plans over earth years how can this freshness be bought by our money flowing global networks from undervalue to currentsea understand the embankment and investing in renewal rejuvenation of the sacred springs life expectancy preservation of the goddess and of her drewel she's mainly concerned with herself

Swimmers are all surely concerned with the environment, shine not winning 28th jan 06. poverty of imaginashvilleham. Went seeking more family in America and found the luminaught-tearooms at burningham now I'm back i think, back in the woidlye looking for a job. Looking no furthur than Netherlands. And a party after. Soup flie, blackcuntry. Shower i cook up some bacon butties Cup of tea and then i write, read and make music. Thats it for me. I Talk to the dead pig in the sandwhich: Pigasus for Prez of Swineland 68-69 & 08-09? Pigs in Space, pigs in time; in the Chinese year of the pig in 2007' i'll put my pen to the Tusk of taking all pigs to heaven. Napoleon & Old major pigs, Ministry of Pig: 1984! Porky Pigs limbs litter the swine factory floor, Pig as profanity! Pigs as the Police authority, Pig Brother. Animals used as insulting metaphors for humans but Machines, Poisons and sleeping robots rule us? Ass drunk and/or stubborn as a mule like Pigasus parroting the whole dirty Bay of Swine thing, War pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins - sang Sabbath, But the four legged HOG that the word PIG refers to is INNOCENT of all crimes leagilly piggily crimes! Just a bristly pink critter! There seems an intricate Telepathic Conspiracy afoot against the animal kingdom. And against the Plant Kingdom and supernature, from a human-plants point of view. Orchestrated by humans or machine/Robot/poisoned humans. V' for Vegetable Vendetta. Other than rolling in mud, eating shit and sometimes their own litter (Which makes an illuminating metaphor for modern Arms factory economic practice, invented by Humans), Pigs seem peaceful and intelligent to me, they don't make Nukes, deploy troops or go to Church. The Hippopota-muses lament for their HOG kind Treated like Swine, the pig has become the Animal word used in Western Civilization that reflects the characteristics Of Authority, Uncleanliness, consumerism and greed. Greedy PIG! A poet in solidarity with the lush Miss Piggy, Hogzilla Napoleon, Old Major and pigsy, Wilbur, Professor Strangepork, Picasso, Pigasus and Porky - i hereby swear to clear these Swine of their stereotypical image quickly and their Stereotypical place in human history and knotted Language as Stupid dumb and dirty cheap fodder; useful at Christmas time with a little gravy tea to dip my TOE into. Dirty grunting Ugly pigs until Served up With a little Sauce. The pigs will have the last grunt as the year of the pig makes its course. --WORLD PISS: THE SPORE OF THE WORDS BY FLY AGARIC 23


"Tesco drops bid for store

Supermarket giant Tesco has ditched its decade-long battle to build a store in Stourbridge.

Bosses have withdrawn from a lengthy fight against Dudley Council’s decision to block plans for a huge 65,000 sq ft store outside the ring road on the Angel Triangle site.--EXPRESSZZSS and ZZSSSTAR, Newspaper.

You see here, if Express and Star Journalists would have said MAYBE Tesco are dropping their bid
They might not look like such SNAKES,
If indeed TESCO does come through with Modus into Stourbridge.

I rest my case.
United Shopping Center Snakes UK!

Deadly Burrough Council.

(Silent but Dudley)

CT is for Clone Town: Strip Mall Stourbridge.

Before my response.
Here's some writing, prepared for this matter of Stourbridge, Shopping Malls, Poetry and me:

MONOPOLY Everyware like ©hristmas board-room games. Monopoly on water, air, land and thought. Wee drink Peace for sport. Ghosts of Slaggy Thatcher's Britain. Great became grit. Industry sold to Palmer Eldritch. GO GET HOOKED on Kapitalisimus. Here comes E-Bay, Amazon, flare trade and google, everybody together again. Faceback to the singularity. Digital highs and lows. Get hooked on electronic DRUGS! Mental-pathic wrestling matches Inn-the-net! Up against the wall Monopolying Motherfuckers. Direct deception delivery services.

Who issues it, how? Get a loan, get hooked on consumerism. Get a Good stale corporate Job for a multi-national and help expand the third world war. I pray to the rusting iron-ore Sun set through a cracked looking glass, sand Led and a bitter pint on my heavy maybe mind. Not rioting just wrioting. Making herbal Fli-Tunes for Bob. At peace with Mary Janne. Gordon Brown in Bollywood, B☠sh in Disney world, Bl☠ir playing Tennis With Cliff Richard. Me, I'm down the pub getting pissed and stoned. U.K Lottery economy. X-factory life. U.S Citizenship lottery. The War lottery. All balls up in the air, have yours Dropped? Get hooked On Urban Shamanism.

Big Brother maybe watching YOU His Sister Him the last time I looked. Crime against humanity, crimes Against supernature Tzar's "Faith based" government wishes humanity be Dumb, hooked on sugar meat Fernsehfunk And Koks-Kapitalismus. Drop the "IS" of identity and discover a semantic clarity. Old Angleterre of mud n' bog I love thee so. I love BOG Spirit. Damn, the longer I amaway the more i pinefor Great Britain. S/he hooks me. Get hooked on supermarket nature brands, seed, fruit, bloem under one roof waterfall the rivière and the hills, psychokinetic spores on the air.

Mycoremediation of a nation, a Riverruning renewal. And so a lone duck pushes on down rivière. Sovereignty = supermarket-nature, Eglise d'Etat spires interrupt Malvern and Clent hills and the Distant Chinese landsCapes, a Salamander spitting fire on a Dudley coat of arms, forging a head.

From Spore of the Fly Agaric 23

Now HERE's the BBC news from last week,
Stourbridge Crown Centre: approved
The go-ahead has been given for a £50 million regeneration of Stourbridge's town centre that will change the skyline forever. See our pictures and have your say!
More photos of the Stourbridge redevelopment >
After years of negotiations, planning has finally been approved to transform Stourbridge's ailing Crown Centre with a £50 million redevelopment scheme.

How development may look

The go-ahead has been given and if all goes to plan construction will begin within the next 12 months.
The scheme - spearheaded by property developer Modus - will see a 70,000 square foot anchor store - tipped to be a Tesco's - and a brand new multi-storey car park built in place of the current centre.
Shop units, 75 apartments and a new market hall will also form part of the redevelopment, creating an estimated 750 new jobs.

Lower High Street - how it may look

Stourbridge councillor Les Jones, former Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, said:
"I'm delighted with the news. We stuck to our guns and and made sure that any development was kept in the town centre. I think it will really help breathe a new lease of life into Stourbridge."
Modus investment director Peter Macfarlane added:
"We are absolutely delighted with the news. It's fantastic for the people of Stourbridge and will help the town immensely."
These photos are computer generated images of what the scheme is expected to look like. Click the link at the top of the page to see more.

What do you think? Tell us below!
BBC Story about Stourbridge SALE to a company worth 2.5 BILLION POUNDS! !!!!

My comment, which is now under moderation...

"See our pictures and have your say!"

Well, it all come's a bit late i feel, I'm sad. i mean, to comment about the GO-AHEAD!

I'll state for the record that IMHO the methods by which Governments and HUGE Businesses do their dealings--like this one in Stourbridge now--seem crook'd to me. They "the goviness" have IGNORED many local Stourbridge voice's.

There was no "mass assembly": a town meeting, to have a proper and fair and open deabte like they used to have in any respectable OLD market town--(1786, like when the 2nd U.S President John Adam's was in Town)--but now in 2008 a meeting in which the individuals, the community groups, and the bizznessezz can all hold a microphone, operate an overhead projector and use the most advanced multi-media tools available to have their say and make their comments is possible. But, this means to better communication seems mostly ignored and even blocked by most HUGE power-brokers, like in this sad case.

"What do you think? Tell us below!"

Why didn't the BBC help us with their networking and social communications technology BEFORE the GO-AHEAD?
For Crying out LOUD.

Build a Ecological fun-house, an interactive learning center. Teach about permaculture, Local exchange and Trade systems, and the pro's and con's to international United Snakes style "Shopping Mall's" moving into your community/culture/home!


And so now, i started reading the other comments and found that Cllr. Les Jones made this comment:
""By the way, the Crown Centre is only about thirty years old, if anyone can show me its historic character I will be very happy to protect it!" Cllr. Les Jones.

So this inspired me to recall Stourbridge Crown Center.
Memories and thoughts, to answer the question "What is the Character of the Crown Center in Stourbridge"?
I have it.
ILLUMINATION! is the essence of the CROWN Center.

Its really interesting that you mention the historic character of the Crown Centre, and the fact that its only 30 years old. Well, I am 31 years young and i was born in Wordsley and i grew up, lived, worked in and around Stourbridge. I love the town, and have many experiences and tales from in and around the Crown Center. To begin with i'd like to talk about URI GELLER and the Crown Center.

I met URI GELLER in the Crown Center, back in the 90's as he was appearing at the Earth Mysteries talks, which were maybe the best events i can recall (well, excluding my sisters 21st Birthday party in the Amblecote room) at the Crown Center. Uri geller is a famous Pyschic, and i met him at the Crown Center. Also the Library is housed at the Historic Stourbridge Crown Center, a place i have spent many many hours of study, composition and execution.

I will not list the books i have read inside the Crown Center, but if you like you can go check the library records, as i'm sure Stourbridge Library, being so hip to security will have accurate documents of which books i'm reading, but, unfortunately not any accurate records of which books i am NOT reading. But the point is i have gone through the rituals of reading at the crown center for over 20 years. Therefore, i feel i have some sense of the historical character of Stourbridge's Crown Center Market.

The Sacred Stourbridge Crest lovingly and skillfully crafted into the floor. The Train that sits along the guttering of the inner square of the Crown Center. There's the small blue/red and yellowfull flower buckets that contrast nicely with the dark purple bricks.

The people i have met, kissed and fondled in the Crown Center. My sexual exploits at the Library, unforgettable trips around town, on foot, bicycle, skateboard and Roller-skate, snow-ball fights, can's of larger, a funny cigarette.

All in the Crown Center, and all probably tales that can be backed up by my beloved friends and loved one's from in and around the Stourbridge area.

So the there is a very strong character to Stourbridge Crown Center for me. Historic in every sense. And it is ILLUMINATION. And the awakening to the Religious over-tones to the words "Crown Center" and the holy art of shopping Mall Bizzinessizzss and the commodification of Culture.

Now a failed hunk of capitalist plastic and useless garbage, verbage, and just old age, old wit, (missing) and a paranoid, conservative sickly addiction to greenbacks, power, control, security, and monopoly on culture.

Golden chariots blaze acroxx the sky at Sun set. For sale. News arrives left to right black and white print. Castle Bridge of red hash-Brick-silver haze of steel, thc crystal Glass in Knuberry muffins.

Petrol Station next to an expensive German car showroom next to a ©hurch next to a Snooze Paper office next to a ©hurch next to the Polizeiwache, damn, must escape on my bicycle but the road just leads in Circles.

Retreat to le verte collines, Stroll the woods bare foot and starry eyed, Green medicine Criminalized by uptight mostly white honky chaps, huh? Green PETROL stations are really Black.

Cycling through the L.S.D market I glimpsed the geist of Frank's Trolley. I Cycled in hairy Steven's park and picked Cherie Rosebaud, popped it onto my tongue and awakend to some lost senses. Full Moon around Mary's lake.

Ducks perform water rites perfect rote order, I observe Green awe under oak canopy. Feather and tree Foliage both pocketing similar breeze.

❍ak tree silent, Day in day out, quietly Budding a young Girl picking yellow daisies sighs in a winter graveyard.

Clone towns: a new American strip mall. Councillors like Carnivores hunting in packs. Hannibal Rising in parliament, Church and state croxxed like roads Like entangled tree Branches, young sapling Wrestles a Tesco shopping bag blown Along road.

Strong winds are the Message, Multi-story skateboard park and Layers of konkrete, liars in property And liars in Law. Liars. Somebody's going into business, competition Commission inquiry so tell me, Trade Union busting, Worldwide Slave wage? Tes©o℗oly Commission impossible?

How can you fully gauge their global IMPACT? Winter blackout electric droughts and climate change, country all skint'd by the illegal War. Got any lamp oil, Jobs? BLEW-BERYYS MY ASS. I saw mushr❍❍ms growing on mars. De vine D'evil D'corked, Double "J" Dee. Axis monday, around 23 degrees ℉oreign height to bludopeSKY rope-a-dupe, umbilicalendar light pipe.

Some sanskrit-ching. What you callem' I was busking in my local subway i headlined every night got paid in cash and the whole show was recorded each night free of charge as a demo on CC✟V. To be self indulgent, pathetic, no more idea how to write. Block. Wall. Paint. I busk till dawn.

Lazy stoner. Drop out. Slacker. Wish i wuz a painter. Deflated long haired white middle classed exile. Sweating in case i get sprung, in case they find out i can't do the math. Suffering from Cannabis Psychosis.

Gov Liars. About to go nuts
and bolts and berries all over
again again.

--fly agaric 23.

S is For Stourbridge: what is for sale?

I have been aware of the long and on-going campaign by re-developers to do a deal in STOURBRIDGE.

A Deal that will make Millions of Pounds of Profits continue circulating amongst the BIGGEST. The RICHEST and the most powerful corporations. If not Tesco then some equally SUPER-RICH Capitalist BULL; to BUY OUT the means to production and retail space-time in Stourbridge Town, Black Country, England.

The majority of the people who live or have lived in Stourbridge are being IGNORED! with regards to this SELL OUT deal, thats "Going Ahead" according to the crooked reporting that always accompanies crooked business DEALS.

Crooked or "CROOK'd" as i prefer, implies that the decision made by our so called democratic government IGNORED most of the views and feedback from the local natives from in and around the STourbridge area. I for one have been IGNORED. Repeatedly on not just the TESCO, SUPER-HYPER MARKET Bloodsucking issues. But the destruction of Brierley HILL Swimming Baths, and the neglect of the RIVER STOUR, considering the Town is NAMED after the River. (which may or may-not get modifyed by the New Hypermarket Cabal.)

I am, however open to debate and discussion, even lunch or a game of SNOOKER on the issue of URBAN RENEWEL. And will wager my ideas, projects, community group values and cultural experience against any International Corporation with an annual turnover above $23'000. (Modus has an estimated 2.5 Bn turnover) And here is some etymological information to help us evaluate the bull-shit, deception quotent within:

Modus means mode, way. Vivendi means living. Together, way of living, implies an accommodation between disputing parties to allow life to go on. It usually describes informal and temporary arrangements in political affairs. For example, when two sides reach a modus vivendi regarding the territories disputed, even though they may not agree with each other's values or attitude, they have worked out a way of living with their differences.--Modus Vivendi @ Wikipedia

Peter Macfarlane, Modus director of investments, said: ‘It’s fantastic for the people of Stourbridge and will help the town immensely. We aim to provide ever better goods and services in a way that is profitable, ethical and respects the environment, individuals and communities in which we operate.’

Modus bought the centre in January 2006. The permission follows the plans referral to the Secretary of State by the Government of the Northwest.--Stourbridge property Sale in Property Weekly

I do not know this Peter Macfarlane. But if he wants to meet be in Stourbridge for a chat about ethics, respecting the environment, individuals and communities then i extend my welcome.

In the meantime, while people like Peter Macfarlane, and our local M.P and most of the other M.P's from in and around the Black Country area were not born and bread in the Black Country, they TALK as if THEY KNOW OUR/MY Black Country Culture.
All they know, it seems to me, is how to talk to Bankers, Lawyers, Police and Thieves. The audacity of these suits and cops to SELL OFF OUR MARKET TOWN, as if it were just WATER, OIL, or ROVER cars. And the cheek of them to talk about their willingness to interact with the community, individuals, just makes them look more slimy, more slithery and snake like. And thats what they is. Snakes. With a UNITED SNAKES SHOPPING COMPLEX! And a religiously inspired fundamentalism towards SHOPPING. Now, i am mixing my own personal feelings with the more factual data. Mixing emotion and subjective bias with the more objective reality i.e the agreement of Stourbridge Burrough Council (Whom i am unfamiliar with, strangely enough--as Stourbridge comes under DUDLEY Burrough Council--control) to GIVE-THE-GO-AHEAD for a total transformation of the Old Market Town, into a new SUPER-HYPER COMPLEX. With shopping, car-parking, even houses for Shopaholics to breed in, or their religiously inspired shopping managment hierrachy.

The fact that i have called for a simple open group on internet, and a saving, documentation of the people of STOURBRIDGE their comments and feelings expressed through words, about TESCO, SHOPPING MALLS, Local Government and other realted topics. OK, (i think to myself) so i'll go get em' myself then shall i? I could use some help.

Big Business is stealing our culture with stolen teeth. Our Swimming pools, our Skateparks, our Night-Clubs our Pubs and community spaces, even our rivers, and our language (They steal the word Community when they "The property dealers" are not even on Facebook, myspace or any open web forum for a chat) they hide in their mansions on young peoples blood. Vampires day and night. Do anything for them GREEN frogskins, and their masters.

And so, i dedicate my spore of the words to smuthering this highly deceptive crooked Hyper-Market business model that seems to be killing my country, my culture and my poem. All i have wanted is to communicate, and i have been IGNORED! for more than 4 years by the Dudley MBC Government, and their fine plucked Journalists at the local Newspapers who reinforce these Crooked lies. Our collective voice's as an alternate and COUNTER-CULTURE, in the Black Country are IGNORED. The heart of Industrial revolutions is under arrest. And great loving people of the general heart are bleeding for Justice, Freedom, Liberty and the local means to production. Let us PLAY! WATCH US PLAYING. And remix your praying into a new saying. 50 Million! You better Pay and Display.

Steven James Pratt
DJ Fly Agaric.

Modus means mode, way. Vivendi means living. Together, way of living, implies an accommodation between disputing parties to allow life to go on. It usually describes informal and temporary arrangements in political affairs. For example, when two sides reach a modus vivendi regarding the territories disputed, even though they may not agree with each other's values or attitude, they have worked out a way of living with their differences.--Modus Vivendi @ Wikipedia

Modus gets green light in Stourbridge

09:27 | 20.03.08

Stourbridge Borough Council has approved Modus' plans for the redevelopment of The Crown Centre in Stourbridge.

By Deirdre Hipwell

The retail developer plans to reconfigure and extend the retail scheme to provide an 80,000 sq ft Tesco food store, a 15,000 sq ft Market Hall and a 458-space car park. There will also be an additional six shops and 75 flats with car parking while there will be an improved pedestrian linkage between Bell Street and the Town Centre.

modus said it hoped The Crown Centre would ‘once again become a central focus for the town’.
Stourbridge property Sale in Property Weekly

Modus Property

Spore of the words....

The Rivers are our Thothers, they quench our thirst. & we're thirsty mothers. The whole world word wide is named after her. Her, SHE, Anya Liffeystour. All women, all blue pearl rivers, all goddesses. Yes. wow. Still suffering in the name of progress, polluted by wars. Even today in 2006 i spot shopping trolley remains littering her veins. No crack commando team to remove grandmothers ailments. Does "GoodGod" clean his own Rivers with his almighty weather cycle life cycle. Only natural we shoot our shit into your local waterways. Oh my sweet brandywine lover. And hoily w☠rs pollute the Tigriss. Only logical progress to colonialism that we use "The natural abundance of soaper-nature" for our own, Imperial de∜ices. And continue with our divine will to power, and To double product prices. Double product taxes. Water rates, OIY. Stop that tax. Tariff on imagination. Stop the tax. Contributions to clean water solutions come with poisons. Do our Rivers have pensions? I follow your stench along the watchtower, between the banks. Watching from my Apolination state. Conservativelϒ the mixed sewage reaches Lions largest River, ‘The River Seven,‘ like a slimyspace sausage of golden syrup. Im horrified at the deadly sinns committed by m☢dern industrial industry. Industry up☢n our naturally abundant channels of beauty, speechless, but not all of them. Most eye seer each day are dirty, p☢is☣nou$ to humans and ₤ull of shit. My own skewered gobservation mind you. I rest my case at the stourmouth delta, she speaks for herselves.: Gold en-eye appeared coughing up Jamaican flem. The tiny weenie-wee object said: “Wetleg, urinnavision: my Sunnydelight, urinnavision bong context where urinvention of Liquid lungwaj turns into runnaway success ripples in a pond, eye Understond; your bodily fluid dynamics have sprung a leak.” The Golden one €yed snake continued – “yourine sample flooded our Urinverse, stop Pissin about and go sear a therapisst. Look after yourine self OK.” Dripping on seeds during conversation with Golden flow, i said: "I'm a Goldonny chile of torrential water slides, upward fountain of youth; brainwashed by Urine Godziller X-streaming symphonies of Piss Orchestras, Loud special firewire brews of moist Media, through vine.✆ 1984 Wet wear, microchipped passports, trickle treats whizz, wee, Wazz, wet, WaVe, water, wash, wake, wripples. W = World word Psst.

River banks steer the currents through waterways. In River banks we trust. ℗Rats live in River banks. Willows droop their stuff, stingers aren't really a plant. Revo... precession powered by passion fruit, stranger in a strange land wants to start a marching band and march like black ants through winter windowland, waking critters and walking weed garden dig your pardon plant forgiveness foretelling professional cycles seasons greetings bring light and rain to seeds and saplings strange beings with leaves and nectar amber Rumi gardens love and care with predictive prerogatives of the date timespace place pace of Gaia, seasons change flames into water, baths full of rain water nurture life, pond lyf stock and bond water running ripple dribble snow. Cells divide, finns gills and navigation through inebriation bring connexion with environment. Melk Galaxy. Homo sapplyng floating like single electron q-beats: floaters riding a medicinal River down snakeskin streams of healthy clear blood. A vessel to contain memory, a test tube baby. A revolutionary solution baby.I love you all. Good Luck gates, Stour ports. Nine portals "driving storm" to Butter-table-minster. 1776: Starport "licks". I tell no lye, Its often gauged in a Lye group. Godisturberstourbridge forged keys for Alternativitea. Unlicked lockgates. acrillacked restraint. Daisy-chain makers arms scaffolded. Luckeygate. Rivers banks have her vested interest, opposite, mimicking every bow, crescent, chicane and curve. Who banks with river banks anymore anymoor. Oh shit Diaper backward spells repaid. Pantherina cokeri Cubensis chillin in the "cubehouse" with esculenta hemibapha frostiana excelsa aestivalis phalloides (these are Amanita species) rubescens velosa vaginata. Nu wyne, urine luck, silk Pyjama people of Kritik-tacky Genus. Harmonic Optical Transformation elves. Lung woids

Condensed occillating octagon node-points.
We're impaled upon out points of view. One douzen notes, all of natures vibrating matter, vegetable digital kindness and do-gooding make, the charge. Feedback, from one another. Interacting woid processingsong. Scratching my face, contemplating filling tooth twenty two, next year its gonna be further up River, River rapids dissolve slowly and the rocks repeat like washing machines. Stoned i was smoking Swimming underTOE, looking up holding my nose, trees blurry squinted glosseye frayed glass stream of lights, ouch kicking a bit too wide, frog kick, deep toad breaths, breath flash of blueskytree grain layers of hyperlights, blue rushing waves of light. Ruddy hell Im miles downstram. ↓ Bubble in sand and silt grains mimic my hand, pebbles dashing a rolling my arms sculling figures eight, breath, breath blue greenhouse sky, with a touch of forest, lungs full of River dust. Medicine, up my nose in my ear she everyweir. River Oils for peace. Goodyear was 04. Steal this face? Give me my book back, give me my face Back, Maskbook, Task book, ∄-book, Acid...Macebook, pepper spray and spit from the Ace of face. Modus Vivendi'. Where are your poets. Line em' up. Oh, and don't worry, your just the other end of the wick. Its the Deadly Burrough Council dogs that pushed this DEAL through that have to carry the full burden of selling off "Fly Agaric's" culture of Birthplace. Back through to the Merry Hill COMPLEX, and all the big UNITED SNAKES like DEALS made on behalf of Big Business and international capitalism--at the expense of CULTUTRE, COMMUNITY OWNED "CO-OP Local Exchange and Trade Systems. And with crime, violence, maximum security and fundamentalist MATERIALISM as the social fall-out from this Fake-Plastic Church (The Private Shopping Mall.)

Hammock to Hammock: World Piss Drizzle

Swingin' comfoot. Come 4th. Cradle to cradle design. Hammock to Hammock. Ham Hocks and Blues. Swing. Swing.

How to represent the invisible hands. How to learn the changes? Ted tells his wife about his vision of Sixty-four hexagrams along with descriptions of ancient paintings. The Book of tribetable EYE Discs is nowfore presented ear. You must imagine engine it. Grand Uniflyer wired with D'vines code. In/out with a formatted gloss to engage hemispheres.

The years as a greedy temporal Mandollar. Don't joke with a hungry man. A Geometric circular chord chart on a slip mat. Time as hierarch-keys. (Sacral, Sacrificial and Juicy fresh). Timespice in your GUCT.

Narrative time cooking itself into poetic timetom (the meter's), spun on my platter axis. Ted was in a hypnotic trance for several hours and continued long disjointed dialogues with his wife. Surf a wave-harmonic of his-story in land to shoreline. Two copies entertwinned with a mixer. Mixed drinks and drugs and media. Mixing phase Arcana LOUD over the banners Phase, delay, echo-compression, using echolocation and amplitude and attitude to turn Procession Cycles into images of clocks on bicycles. Etch a tree calendar into a picnic table this summer. Back to Life Back to back to life, back to reality.

Opoponax on wax, cuts sharp as an axe. Take off your cloths be naked as worms, jump in. NO DIVING. No running, no petting, no bombing, no pushing and NO PARKING outside the pool. Health and safety signs in Ted's mind read: No embezzling, no in$ider-trading, no cheating, No smoking. No Double standards and double speak. no touching me.

Swimming my troubles away, drowning each day. Deadley Leisure Services pulled the plug on me at Brierley Hill Baths. Tryed to drain me away. Washed away my words with each stroke and the sniff of the mustard smell of chlorine.

Iron lung fly. Pushing from the past, pulling into the future with each stroke i am now re-spewed as some kinda' Chinese written character. In ink dot-com bubbles. Cage me now. Freestylz ill be the breath of me, all open and stream of consciousness. Λwake. Dreaming Λwake of the woidllness, the muddle way around the midday puddle puzzle.

In Northern California two days previously, Ted Edwords looked out from the observation point of his wife's blue and red car, moving through the moist nowness--daydreaming and i'm thinking of you--daydreaming and i'm thinking of you--playing on the stereo. Moving with green mountints.

Whizzing by Ted's thoughts calmly, calmly tracked his time on the road, two days and four hours, licorice tarmac and yellow stripes stretch along the pathway, melting in the distance, eye-sight breaks down. Its in something, something in GUCT Fli-sight. Meanwhile, meanwhile in the forground the birds switch, swatch and hopoop between Mcluhan's wires, moving notation, birds on a wire; switching modes. A dance and a melody. Light enters Ted's eyeball and is dispersed onto his retina, all thats left are symbols and corresponding footnotes. Musical Birds. Sound + Image. Sonogram ideogram hologram. Whatever.

I wanna money-gram Sam. Half a gram of white wintao. Woosh. Veryfiable in souper-nature. Betcha. Eyedeers communicated to the mind in an intuitive, symbolic, imagistic fashion. Weekly.

--Fly Agaric/acrillic

Turntables and the implicate/explicate order

Past/present/not sure.
Vinylcyclic records totally recalled,
reversed turning of the tongues ➚ Termtablists↑ and
innovative I-Disk jockey on one hand,
Sample monkey on the other....

Read This first.
These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the "explicate" or "unfolded" order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders (Bohm, 1980, p. xv)."

Unfold your record...
Place the record on the turntable mat. ○
Press the power switch button provided at rear panel to "ON" position.
Remove the stylus protector, if cartridge is detachable one. ○
Push the start/stop button, the platter will start to turn. (Turntable)
Move the tone-arm position over the record.
Put it down to the record and playback/forword will begin.
Set the turning speed to 33 1/3rpm or 45rpm with speed select switch.

Singers, drummers and Seal Calendar jugglers under the Sun. Bound to happen. To Bond like crime families. To spin and roll tymespice glyphs into spliffs: to turn word into gas. Our men alchemical our men. No less. Where have your thoughts gone to? where has the Roman pontiff of slimespace disappeared to? Measure the Sun and the Moon and what do you get? Tide-waves. Gema smiles as the tide waves deliver lucifer. Calendar reform. Reformation. When out of information recharge. Retreat yourself. Remixology ingredients ↓ Some S❁ma sits in Li's refrigerator next to the Ξaster eggs, resting her legs, Syrian rue, and Golden Apples. Myceilium running. Pound of fungus, creamy woolen fungus grown in sheep shit. Bah to coordinates.✐ Coordinates ↵ Berlin 1945. Birmingham 1600. Hong Kong June 16th 2009. The article that started poly calendrical studies by Mr. Wilson shd/ be consulted, for more accurate data. GΩDiturΒΞR the coordinates ➚ to equal Testing testing. Bodies well Tattooed with pimples pointing ↕ to veins joining historical bones together to make a man, to make a body of work whole. Ol'e history pressed together on a 78 in 76' Slowed down and spun backwords. 384 words. Swords carefully concealed on a tortoise shell. Calendar eclipse every hour. Birth life death every hour. Minute, second-line. Taste sweet to taste sour, now and then. Start and Stop. Start/Stop button. But on, always on. Needle drop finds honey August 11th 1999 upon St. Michael's Mount. Ken Kessey in Great Britain on his bus. 1999 culture blossoms on the tree of technology. Rise of electronic media, culture, festivals, psychedelia. Millennium on the horizon. A Calendar shift. A paradigm shift. A knight shift into the theme from hairshaft Grummet. Bush and Dope, the birthing of the anti-christ in a new jerusalem. The Spandau mystory and the stargate.

Move the tone-arm to the armrest, when play is finished. ○
Push the start/stop button, and platter will stop. ○
Turn off the power.

Next time, maybe
Experiment with different speeds.
Past/present/not sure.
Vinylcyclic records totally recalled, reversed turning of the tongues ➚ Termtablists↑ and innovative I-Disk jockey on one hand,

"The new form of insight can perhaps best be called Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. This view implies that flow is, in some sense, prior to that of the ‘things’ that can be seen to form and dissolve in this flow". --David Bohm

Hold the balance weight...
with one hand and rotate only the counter ring
to bring the numeral "0" of the ring into alignment with
the center line on the tone-arm rear shaft.

Waiting for the blootooth storm. Cycling and wurring of Art's Sunbelts, turning like the clappers hands above rubbing and manipulating. Fingers are burning. DJ/VJ lookingfor a wet BJ. Some hottie to rub out dubs and set Sub keel to breaker breaker. A burnt out Tesla coil covered in mold on the hillside. Creeping fungus up Eve's 300 ft. axistree. Junglistening and not listening. The Birds. The Bees. ∄nd of history. Young table runts and Little Lab nutters invent new worlds, new time as the Emerald tablets turn like candy mints around your pink gums. Many yarns away. Unravelling the lost lungwaj of tyme traveling shemanism. Vine looking threadlocks require keys to the doors to eternity, The sacred mushroom, please dont get croxx. De-chording results from an aural reading: icaro-graff John Deechorded, unmasking the con-sealed national pleasure of Deception, detraction, contracts and contricks. Laser D'chirp Scribble. A decentral plot to prevent singing or telling the tribe with fresh gusto as the good ale And the good vibe. The brews and their absence from the news. Other than in the context of psychotropicture, death and negativity. Amplified Absynth is sized as the test sense of presence. Da vine de:chorded. Mycelium decorded. Guantummy toms entangle in our G U C T. A fuzzy chord rapped around and woven into whole cloth. Youknitted Superstrings to make the truth. Knitting tales together of characters made from ole cloth. Stitch in time brings vine Flight-sigh Indras net; spider Web deW hosting morning dew drops of star stuff, Fruit of the loomatick, spinning VRmL from her womb. To tackle the big problems i scrape the barrel. Ummm i smell what you mean steve. Identical sacread twinnings...

Matching, scratching, juggling
Talking and sound writing machine.
radio-phonograph combo? nearly got it...
missing the 2006 bluesphere...
And the disc/seal/calendoor's of 08.
Adjustment of Horizontal Zero Balance

"Bohm also used the term unfoldment to characterise processes in which the explicate order becomes relevant (or "relevated"). Bohm likens unfoldment also to the decoding of a television signal to produce a sensible image on a screen. The signal, screen, and television electronics in this analogy represent the implicate order whilst the image produced represents the explicate order. He also uses an interesting example in which an ink droplet can be introduced into a highly viscous substance (such as glycerine), and the substance rotated very slowly such that there is negligible diffusion of the substance. In this example, the droplet becomes a thread which, in turn, eventually becomes invisible. However, by rotating the substance in the reverse direction, the droplet can essentially reform. When it is invisible, according to Bohm, the order of the ink droplet as a pattern can be said to be implicate within the substance. --Implicate_and_Explicate_Order_according_to_David_Bohm

Great Turning, Baktun, Calendar, door, language, etic/emic?
Word. Turning. Talking and sound writing machine. Etic/emic?
Bluetooth enabled, ubiquitous broadcasting
Spyme etic/emic?
Turntables without cables, with wheels to roll...

Turn eons over. Nine seal/calendars glisten, KNU dawn. Neinsten. Elvintwelve. 7/7/7 marks the bugining of a KNU woid Weasty beast. I ain't got no metal or plastic guns i serve my piece in seasoned sensimi buns, plenty advacado for the greening. In the begreening was the herb and the herb was grown fresh. Little Ms. Higgs and her Mayo-theory and she's good to go, loosen' up her gob so she can hold down her cutting job. Yo sis what "IS" the prognosis? Isness is an Illness.Cannabis Metempsychosis a Knu cure for the clap? The doc. said to me Thursday it might be Psychoneurosis So i went home and read Pythagorus and smoked super-grass. Maybe psychobiology? eh? or neuro-psycho history? Cannabis Psychosis, Me or the plant that is the mystory? Thinking and feeling are not divided so simply Mankind and nature, mind and matter all bleed into each other n' ceed one another. Gun-metal tone-armies fire a diamond tipped Stylus, arcing. Sunlight refracting off its tip into a thousand fragments. Snatching the Moon with the hands hand. Scratching the Sun with a finger. Kites! Massager. Pass the Pea soup wash your hands hide your eyes. Surfers upon saturnalia surf bareback. Spun backwords and 4words. Dive in ocean blue baby, ride calendar crafts to naxos. Rafts float paths under the S☀n

1. Release the tone-arm from the armrest to free.
2.Turn the balance weight clockwise or counter clockwise until the tone arm is balanced horizontally.

In another analogy, Bohm asks us to consider a pattern produced by making small cuts in a folded piece of paper and then, literally, unfolding it. Widely separated elements of the pattern are, in actuality, produced by the same original cut in the folded piece of paper. Here the cuts in the folded paper represent the implicate order and the unfolded pattern represents the explicate order."--Implicate_and_Explicate_Order_according_to_David_Bohm

And records of the Tale of the tribe,
2008 Tribe. Remixed. Spew Flesh.
turntablists compete to see who can develop the fastest,
most innovative and most creative approaches to their instrument...
manipulation of the record in time
manipulation of the cross fader on the mixer
Newham rhythms and sonic artefax..

Breakfast spun on a Golden moldϒ threaded platter. Saturnalia with a bite of luck. Kung Fu toast and tea and Blueberry muffins. Huλgens probe separates from ©assini Orbiter. 21 day taste trip to Titan. Christmas TSunami eclipsed by probe. Place the needle stylus into the F-ring groove, Wash your hands, Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the Cap off. Place gills down on a sterile card/glass platter. Cover the card with clean container, Leave overnight! Fold the ©hristmass card next morn and keep airtight. Ziplock it, airlocket and good luck. Happy saturnalia. Sporeprints remain good for a year, blueprints are maps. Tales Tales Tales. ✜ Apple Logic 2.3 tastes strange to me Looks like strange fruit served with Correspun/dance. Alight PUN-danc©e. Didji drivel weather forecasting. Bored network? Forrest television. hello hello. Pomegranate planets with each byte of luck. Artemis scaffolded via multitrack audio interface dialects. Why it noise? White noise. Open chowder sauce trickled beyond the boundAries of bowl. The phλsical boundAries of the Donut. The mental boundAries of an octet truffle. The personal boundAries of a blow-job from your hot young secretary. Conned shaped concepts to pointed precepts ➘ of subjects and, pre-dated predicates ➚ and Kate's old grammar ↕ Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools. Listen to me. Forget what you learnt, till your tongues burnt You ain't learnt. Remove the ceiling! escape the house. Tone arm troopers for Revolution routines. The Prose tools spew is just fragments. It's all fragments, Bits, chunks, parts, pieces, as yet unconnected and pre-GUCT. And so Hair Combs Everybody. Amrita and all. All peoples from ALL times ✜ ALL places re:unite. Tonight. In a blue tidal concressence, like a paisley, tie-dyed wave. Vibrational physics maps are still maps. Virtual maps. INK as hardwar device deployed spilt and deltupun Sammy-circular shemy-attatched shami-holy playing pages. A Seed looping with hands throwing seeds praying for a root for reality totality to come to me. The I-disco joke plays on random. She cutting and scratching samples on Mp3, CD, connected by her broadtoothed magic fairλ god mother. Janet the sister of Ms. Higgs. Feasty boys on this Apple logik pie, sprinkled with amerinita cinnamon girls. Zappa girls. Hot. Hotter. So hot it rebirths again with a Bigger badder BANG. GU©T: to merge gravity situations with the Trinification of (lang)gauge symmetrees into a Grit Unifie(l)d ©oins℗i®acy Theory of Neverytongue. Higher Crane Everywire. Unified. Undefined interknot of tings and bleeps. Popping candy on the tongue. Habitat, seasonal changes, growth, flowering and fruiting. Who cracked the internut?