Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking-atom

Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking at THEM.

Among the many trillions of petabytes of information that Robert Anton Wilson processed in his lifetime, may we dwell for a moment on his internationally recognized role as ‘the dean’ of conspiracy theory. The DEAN! (and self confessed model-agnostic)

Next, consider his repeated banging and thumping on the theme of ‘the fallibility of the human nervous system’. He seduced his readers with his art, to THINK, in a kind of ‘field’ approach of--plurality and multiplicity--opposed to a narrow, single-sighted, atom-beam view. (or the useful synthesis from exploring both of these different ways of seeing)

Im 99.8% sure that a huge part of Dr Wilson’s teachings detail how to transcend the Alex Jones style ‘territorial chest beating’ also found in the FOX news style ‘well suited lies’. His methods and his operating manual-style guide-maps, work like magical tools to help transform idiocy and ignorance throughout the world into humour and surrealist poetry, while secretly introducing his readers to the 20th' and 21st' centuries’ greatest hits (e.g. quantum mechanics, cybernetics, LSD and ‘hologrammic historical fiction', and, as i wrote earlier maintaining his position as the DEAN of conspiracy theory) 

I have always been a pretty out in the open RAW fan, again here I want to stress today, bluntly that if you have not picked up on RAW and his ideas yet, you had better start soon or’ll be run over on the information superhighway. IMHO you cannot get such a balanced and encyclopedic guide to culture ANYWHERE else (from the perspective of just one individual with an exceptional globalist view).

RAW writes with an urgency and passion that drives his special model agnosticism into a kind of activism. Within his entire lifeswork its rare to find Dr Wilson 'chest beating' or writing 'well dressed lies' unless he tells you before or after that he has tricked the reader with a put-on or self confessed bias. His awareness of awareness and healthy self-criticism increase his appeal in the days of 'cock sureness' and 'unwavering certainty' on the left, the right, and wherever there is chaos and injustice.


--Steve 'fly' Pratt
6-7.30 P.M, Wednesday 24th April. 2013.