P is for Pot: Stories For the Soul (support for WAMM)

Paul Krassner, long time WAMM supporter
Has kindly offered to donate 1/2
of all proceeds
from the sale of his wonderful new book 'Pot Stories For the Soul'
to WAMM.

Pot Stories For the Soul
HIGH TIMES columnist Paul Krassner is the editor of Pot Stories For the Soul – stories by and about Hunter Thompson, Ken Kesey, Stephen Gaskin, Jack Herer, Allen Ginsberg, Michele Phillips, Wavy Gravy, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mountain Girl, Harry Shearer, John Sinclair, Robert Anton Wilson, Mark Mothersbaugh and many others. Introduction by Harlan Ellison. Winner of the Firecracker Alternative Book Award and a Quality Paperback Book Club selection.
or if you have trouble with this link you'll find this book and others
on: http://paulkrassner.com