MAYBELOGIC: THE MOVIE. (Deepleaf 2003)

RAW and I met while he was making this Documentary movie in Santa Cruz with deepleaf productions. I swiftly got involved in the project, presenting different ideas and some support and contacts. I have one copy left here in Europe! But now it has appeared on youtube so i suppose this is the unnanounced global launch. Enjoy. --Steve Fly Agaric 23.

Robert Anton Wilson - Maybe Logic: The Lives And Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson - Maybe Logic: The Lives And Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson

Interview, Political, Education, Speech


Tuning In

Childhood Mysteries

Discordian Infallibility

Quantum Gamble

PPS Pain

Existential Maps

PPS Medicine

Conspiratorial Responsibility

Magick Science

Sirius Pookha


Green Donkey


Santa Cruz Protest


Infinite B.S.

End Credits


Artwork By [Package Design] - Propane Studio
Directed By, Written-By - Lance Bauscher
Executive Producer - Timothy F.X. Finnegan
Featuring - Douglas Rushkoff , Ivan Stang , Paul Krassner , R.U. Sirius , Tom Robbins , Valerie Corral
Music By - Amon Tobin , Animals On Wheels , Boards Of Canada , Cinematic Orchestra, The , Funki Porcini , Ognen Spiroski , Pullman , Rick Walker , Supplicants, The , Tarentel
Music By [Dvd Menu] - Fly Agaric 23
Narrator - Robert Anton Wilson
Other [Associate Producers] - Amanda Dofflemyer , Fly Agaric 23 , Katherine Covell
Other [Best Boy] - Robert Anton Wilson
Other [Camera] - Amanda Dofflemyer , David Allen , Ivan Stang , Katherine Covell , Lance Bauscher , Robert Dofflemyer
Producer, Edited By, Artwork By [Designed By] - Cody McClintock , Lance Bauscher , Robert Dofflemyer


Contains over 3 hours of material including Maybe Logic feature, expanded interviews with all the featured RAW cohorts, maybe logic exercises, and original, non-simultaneously, DVD-randomized footage of the best of Pope Bob.

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HOT is for HUMANITAS ON TRIAL: The Crash of Finnegans Waves

HOT is for HUMANITAS ON TRIAL: The Crash of Finnegans Waves

When i read the court proceedings in Joyce's wake around page's 572-576, i instantly thought about the court hearing that will come concerning the banking turmoil and crash affecting all humanity, especially the poor and displaced peoples, due to the international global financial system in place in 2009.

More than 80 years ago Joyce's - wakean'- language seems to have already out-smarted the modern press gang, and any coverage of these Madoff, PONZI MONEY TRIALS, due to his highly modified and equasive language and portmanteau words. Balanced like a Frenchman between the Twin Towers.

Maybe, due to the current state of emphemeralization and perpetual "void" in the corporate mediasphere, it's precisely JOYCE's WAKE and it's 'waking language' that forms new senses for us, of the world banking gone out of its mind, the criminal justice system, lawyers, statesman and the question of HUMANITAS for all HUMANITY.
FLY Agaric 23.

“A former chairman of the Nasdaq stock market, Mr Madoff has been a Wall Street figure for more than 40 years."

A fraudulent investment scheme paying investors from money paid in by other investors rather than real profits
Named after Charles Ponzi who notoriously used the technique in the United States in the 1920s
Differs from pyramid selling in that individuals all tend to invest with the same person

“This, lay readers and gentilemen, is perhaps the commonest
of all cases arising out of umbrella history in connection with the wood industries in our courts of litigation. D'Oyly Owens
holds (though Finn Magnusson of himself holds also) that so
long as there is a joint deposit account in the two names a
mutual obligation is posited. Owens cites Brerfuchs and Warren,
a foreign firm, since disseized, registered as Tangos, Limited,
for the sale of certain proprietary articles. The action which was
at the instance of the trustee of the heathen church emergency
fund, suing by its trustee, a resigned civil servant, for the
payment of tithes due was heard by Judge Doyle and also by a
common jury. No question arose as to the debt for which vouchers
spoke volumes. The defence alleged that payment had been made
effective. The fund trustee, one Jucundus Fecundus Xero
Pecundus Coppercheap, counterclaimed that payment was invalid
having been tendered to creditor under cover of a crossed cheque,
signed in the ordinary course, in the name of Wieldhelm, Hurls
Cross, voucher copy provided, and drawn by the senior partner
only by whom the lodgment of the species had been effected but
in their joint names. The bank particularised, the national misery
(now almost entirely in the hands of the four chief bondholders
for value in Tangos), declined to pay the draft, though there
were ample reserves to meet the liability, whereupon the trusty
Coppercheap negociated it for and on behalf of the fund of the
thing to a client of his, a notary, from whom, on consideration, he
received in exchange legal relief as between trusthee and bethrust,
with thanks. Since then the cheque, a good washable pink,
embossed D you D No 11 hundred and thirty 2, good for the figure
and face, had been circulating in the country for over thirtynine
years among holders of Pango stock, a rival concern, though not
one demonetised farthing had ever spun or fluctuated across the
counter in the semblance of hard coin or liquid cash. The jury (a
sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named
after doyles) naturally disagreed jointly and severally, and the
belligerent judge, disagreeing with the allied jurors'
disagreement, went outside his jurisfiction altogether and ordered a
garnishee attachment to the neutral firm." -
Part:3 Episode:14 Page:575

"ancient moratorium, dating back to the times of the early barters,
and only the junior partner Barren could be found, who entered an
appearance and turned up, upon a notice of motion and after service
of the motion by interlocutory injunction, among the male jurors
to be an absolete turfwoman, originally from the proletarian class,
with still a good title to her sexname of Ann Doyle, 2 Coppinger's
Cottages, the Doyle's country. Doyle (Ann), add woman in,
having regretfully left the juryboxers, protested cheerfully on the
stand in a long jurymiad in re corset checks, delivered in
doylish, that she had often, in supply to brusk demands rising almost
to bollion point, discounted Mr Brakeforth's first of all in
exchange at nine months from date without issue and, to be strictly
literal, unbottled in corrubberation a current account of how
she had been made at sight for services rendered the
payeedrawee of unwashable blank assignations, sometimes pinkwilliams
(laughter) but more often of the cräme-de-citron, vair Çmail
paoncoque or marshmallow series, which she, as bearer, used to
endorse, adhesively, to her various payers-drawers who in most cases
were identified by the timber papers as wellknown tetigists of the
city and suburban. The witness, at her own request, asked if she
might and wrought something between the sheets of music paper
which she had accompanied herself with for the occasion and
this having been handed up for the bench to look at in camera,
Coppinger's doll, as she was called, (annias, Mack Erse's Dar,
the adopted child) then proposed to jerrykin and jureens and every
jim, jock and jarry in that little green courtinghousie for her
satisfaction and as a whole act of settlement to reamalgamate herself,
tomorrow perforce, in pardonership with the permanent suing fond
trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, under the new style of Will
Breakfast and Sparrem, as, when all his cognisances had been estreated,
he seemed to proffer the steadiest interest towards her, but this
prepoposal was ruled out on appeal by Judge Jeremy Doyler, who,
reserving judgment in a matter of courts and reversing the
findings of the lower correctional, found, beyond doubt of treuson,
fending the dissassents of the pickpackpanel, twelve as upright
judaces as ever let down their thoms, and, occupante extremum"
Part:3 Episode:14 Page:576.

"scabie, handed down to the jury of the Liffey that, as a matter of
tact, the woman they gave as free was born into contractual
incapacity (the Calif of Man v the Eaudelusk Company) when, how
and where mamy's mancipium act did not apply and therefore held
supremely that, as no property in law can exist in a corpse,
(Hal Kilbride v Una Bellina) Pepigi's pact was pure piffle (loud
laughter) and Wharrem would whistle for the rhino. Will you,
won't you, pango with Pepigi? Not for Nancy, how dare you do !
And whew whewwhew whew. "