Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

It just struck me that maybe the recent solar flare activity might be partially responsible for the freak weather conditions, and tornados in particular.

What are the connections, if any, between solar flares and weather on earth. Is there any evidence to suggest that in the future, rather than putting all the efforts into worrying about radio and communications interfearence on earth after a large solar flare, having the foresight to warm or prepare for freak weather, tornados and wind storms in particular?

Maybe it was Solar Flare M3.2 of May 17th 2013?

Art and money, how?

Art and Money?

How is it, who issues it
creative and yet counterfeit
for nothing

a second look
double take
the time space
inversion with

empty things in time space
filled with space time
what do you call it
money or art?

which technical abilities
aesthetic reflections
information content and

in economics
the painted euro
fabricated pound
sculptured dollar
projected bit

coin from paper to
data and back to the newest
paper cash

mini illustrated notes
of limited beauty
money as counterfeit art
art as counterfeit

draw you notes now
to Elmyr and twenty Bob
what’s unique and rare art

what value system is held
in s/place my numbers
5, 10, 20, 50, 100
limited proportions
artistic value

Art & money raise
what is money,
who issues it

Steve ‘Fly’ Pratt