PKD is for Philip. K. Dick: The Crazy Wisdom of Phillip K. Dick

The Crazy Wisdom of Phillip K. Dick @ Maybelogic Academy

How was the Crazy Wisdom Of Philip K. Dick MLA class?

By Fly

I had a joyful few weeks reading Philip K. Dick and also reading and writing with other people about Philip K. Dick, his books and inspired movies.

You can get much of the specific info about the course at the maybe logic academy, and if you're interested can follow your nose on the web as there are many brilliant blogs, web sites and essays about everythingPKD.

To conserve a bit of time and space, I'll just throw down my own condensed notes from the early part of the course when we were reading "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" (TTSOPE)

It's their futures, not ours. NOT Mine.
Sguysoft and Rupert Gates and Perky Pat Layouts. Gangsters.
Bank Vaults of perception locked in the interests of National security.
SguysoftwareAmazoogleMonsantesco Mart

How often are the worlds of our lives like a Perky Pat Layout?"

PKD keeps us all sane, by writing the irrational with love.
The Nag Hammadi text seem to act as a kind of ancient tech-support system for V.A.L.I.S and so then, his other works too it seems?
Panspermia, inter-species communication, synthetic indicties, intelligent lichen. Corporate Gangsterism. Greed and excess.

PKD "Inspiring big enough Dreams to swallow back GOD hole."
At the same time transubstantiation introduced by Can-D.
P K. Dick, Norbet Wiener and King Kong?
Feedback loops and cybernetics.
Man and machine languages.

Mathmatical theory of communication and Claude Shannon.

4.62 Grables,

1.46 Wagners

16 selkirks

8 Freuds of stress.

4 Truffle Skins

PKD Truffle skins; depreciating currency.
With advanced genetic security.
Cybernetic agents, chemical agents.
At the same time
Cybernetic subjectivity "paradox".

"Aboard his ship Eldritch had-still has-a carefully maintained culture of a lichen very much resembling the Titanian lichen from which Can-D is derived. - PKD, TTSOPE, Pg. 17

Panspermia and other sosmo-spore-bio-matter theories seem to be getting more legitimate, more better researched and communicated in 2008. Plus we have new information about conditions for the growth of lichen on Titan in 2008.

Two faced feature-objects. Blogjects.
At the same time...

"Palmer Eldritch was too wild and dazzling a solo pro; he had accomplished miracles in getting autofac production started on the colony planets, but - as always he had gone too far, schemed too much. Consumer goods had piled up in unlikely places where no colonists existed to make use of them. Mountains of debris, they had become, - PKD, TTSOPE, Pg 13.

--Reflects on our current 2007 machine-human consumer interface. The FREE market or "Genghis Khan" economy. Who eats who? The empire never ended.

That Can-D," he said to miss Jurgens, "Is great stuff, and no wonder its banned, Its like religion; Can-D is the religion of the colonists." He chuckled. - PKD, TTSOPE Pg 24.

--Can-D in this context seems to reflect the drug problem on planet earth.

Products, autofaq'd. If a faq'd up Disney-fied" or "Dell-fied" "Mc Coked" and "Addi-Niked" resulting in a Dickian feeling that the environment surrounding you is engineered and broadcast by a kind of PKD Pre-fash consultancy agency, on most sophisticated "High Streets" a pharmaceutical cartel and maybe a Telecommunications giant robot too.

He recalled the day his L-P record collection had fused together in a lump, back around 04', due to momentary failure in the building's cooling network. - PKD, pg 8. TTSOPE

This "fusion" has happened to me too once
I was in a car when my LP's were left exposed to sunlight and they Became shaped like flower pots, wavy vinyl flowers pots, and when i
Tried to play them the sound was warped too.

Consciousness. Continuity of process.
Technological artefacts - and parameters of subjectivity.
Evereywhere without a hero?
Its their futures, not our's. At the same time.

PKD and his phalanx of charcters seem determined to drag us all with them into their future. I get the feeling they flow backwards too though.

PKD everyware.

"You precogs." remarkable. maybe there were alternate futures. "So you want me to order her in the future always to back you up?" Leo' - PKD, PKD, TTSOPE pg. 19.

Constructing a better future by ordering the robot gods,
blogjects, self-fabricating objects, universal nano-constructors to construct it, Or keep the ubiquitous tech-support system running the kind of reality reality you desire, or can imagine at the same time. What show do you want to tune into, what pharma corp, news media or hell?

PKD, Pound, Burroughs, Dali, Joyce and Bob, are all very precise and careful writers, masters, iconoclasts, super-geniuses! of the word sign symbol worlds. Reaching Beyond language.

A unique unique talent by which they can relay their messages from
Occulted places and rebound them back to us the reader, through utilizing: Multiple Points Of View, Epiphany, Ideogramic Method, Critical paranoia, Holographic prose.
Consciousness- continuity of process.

All these various languaging tools help us readers and co-creators to see and perceive better, more synergistically, If we can have a little patience and compassion for their messages lingering all around us. Let em' come down. At the same time.

I say: Read the work of Philip K. Dick in groups. Talk and tell tales, watch the movies and make comparisons. Smoke a joint.

Erik Davis proved the perfect leader for this class, his high energy input and vast experience as a PKD scholar and technologist made a fun-packed experience for all the good folks on the course. The new Podcasting tools enhance the experience greatly as its always nice to hear a human voice.