T is for TRYDONT 2013

Please, Mr Blair
(now...Mr Cameron)

Again I ask myself (in 2006 and 2013)
Trident of Victoria on a
Two penny peace?

Tridents are manufactured
in Britains BOMB factory!
(Somebody call the POLICE!
Quick, a BOMB factory!
BBC News from 2000

on your coat of arms,
those dolphins, please remove them.
Royal Navy Seals
you do NOTHING but ill to
marine life.

And as far as i know,
give a fuck about
real Lions, or seals!

why not spend the money on
clean drinking water,
adequate food and
some shelters?

livingry for the
BILLIONS of people
around the world and
millions in the UK!

who would want to
terrorize them rather than
what sadistic sons of

may Poseidon and all the Gods and Goddesses
of the ocean curse
the nuke dealers, lobbyists and M.P's
responsible for Trident