S is for Superstring: 359 Superstrung Woids

Superstrung Queezy Theory or what happens when YU Eat Me
Like a clammy mold YU unfold local order parameter minyfold
Dancing atop Oak table unstable then stable wearing Blindfold
Topological defect in the Soul of my Flip-flop sent me spinning
Line dancing Vortex Seas kicking up ocean spray closed loopy
Circuit Arms Out and Spuntaneous Asymmetrick body Popping
Spontaneous symmetrybreak dancing ina pub to crooklyn dub
Locally incoherent residual drivers boot up in my mouth cavity
After 10 zeropint fluctuations at the barwords arrive nice early
Full of the Darkest Energy Vibrations, Phlies phenomenological
Inflation field is such a Gigantic Generic 'Hoggazilla' Filled phat
Field, taken way out to the because-i-am-logical limits to wield
My local inflated Ego-Field. Ready for frying, walls washed and
Peeled like a steamed NuPotato we show with Piss in the Snow
(Icysnowpee) that Your ownstones theory of gravity curvature
Is Naturally a golden arc, a twist spiral curve Goldstone's soup
Curryspund to Snorticity Flux Quantelevijn inside Golden stone
Stomach the vortex hang onto magknittic flux supa conductors
Hang on to Helicopters weave Inversely proportional X-factors
Onto propellers. What's Higgzilla' Mass Of the Titanium Phlyton
Blueberry phases? Strawberry phases, Quick n' blurry Fayzzes
Wynd around each other like wisteria - effective love attraction
Between bare branches of fizzsix Geo-Me-To-Dyed-Name-Licks
A Knu qwuantummy statistik Interpolating between Phlytonions
Myself seems trapped in tiny Laser Filaments Microscopic Films
Full of electrons, static like flies upon Bugknittick audiodor tape
Spunning A-Rotaround Cost Effective fractional charge build up
Deux Goldstone phase give Quantization to a head state/nation
Recast as Spina' Theory tune into the volume without a Volume
Turn on the hologram projectur put on yr/ glitter-bug perfumes
In Summer, Gold 'Berry' stone phase's of single-valued ground
State superconductors, Times distorted by Dictaphone Docktors
I awoke into theatre, but a theatre of surgery, a hostel of pains
Find your Mantra in this GreenGloss Torsion-Field Looking Glass
Search the pubs Kwantelevision areas and Emerald Pool Tables
Arms Windmilling on a table in a helicopter fashion Quanteased
Quantelevision and The "Spin Connection" of CNN NBC CIA LSD
Suggesting high aperture super-conductive conspiracy Seamen
Because-me-logical theory this sixty extra timespice dimension
Of Cabala-YU Spicetyme is Sealed Signed and delivered to time
They're required in order to consistently derive the fourty-FOUR
Curved Cowturd Fields from the EightyEight independent Golden
Berry-stone phases of the Plonk-scale. Inflated ego field charge



Stourbridge 2.0 (A letter to the Stourbridge News)

I was very sad reading my local rag last week. So sad that i started to write a letter to the paper and the people of Stourbridge, a letter to reach out and communicate. Peace comes of Communication said Ezra Pound.

And here comes everybody


We will see if it gets published at all, i'll feedback as soon as i hear or see anything.

Stourbridge News Website feat. the inspirations for this letter.

[Title = "Stourbridge 2.0"

Dear Stourbridge and The Stourbridge News.

In these shattered times, i often turn to the Stourbridge News for information and knowledge about Stourbridge and its surrounding area, to get the swing of whats going on locally. It often makes me smile and sometimes sigh. Last week your printed pages made me literally cry.
I might have cry'd because i was feeling sensitive or maybe i cry'd because of the powerful combination of articles and letters published with such a compelling political aura? Politics or a kind of political commentary always appears in your paper, its literally full of it, but last week it was jam packed full with such powerful politics. I just welled up, "Jesus" i thought, i need to communicate more. So this is how i propose to help. With a new idea. Stourbridge 2.0

The Stourbridge News LTD. now has a web site that publishes selected stories and letters (And hopefully this letter), and for the first time in History has the wonderful added bonus of a feedingback function. (although very primitive as web feedback technology goes) None the less, its much like the printed letters section of the actual paper paper itself but on an "open" public computer network. This network is still under moderation by your editing board, so i assume your capable of keeping a scholarly, balanced and democratic environment. Equal to any News Services goal of objectivity, fairness and equality when representing information to the public.

I was upset and frustrated partly because of the tragically wasted opportunity for a real community service, a real democratic interactive political environment; an interactive democratic Stourbridge based forum to discuss the most important issues facing us today. Maybe featuring various models of politics (from the Greens, BNP, Liberal Dem's, Labor, Conservatives, Independents etc), Various economic models, various models of community activities in progress, all in various models of communication: (Multimedia - Video, Audio, Text), various models of Government, various models of anything you fancy? Anything the PEOPLE fancy or wish to discuss that they feel strongly enough about. To quote a popular phrase "We have the Technology". But do we have the collective will power?

A closed circuit attitude towards the electronic integration of "Stourbridge" into the World Wide Web of Globalization and Global Communication can only stifle our culture. If Dudley is introducing electronic voting systems for example, then where's the electronic public feedback forum? You can't have one without the other brother. Just 23 Megabytes of feedback space for each voter, at a conservative guess, would suffice. Imagine an electronic democratic forum for voters to have THEIR say about WHAT they are voting for, and to provide THEIR alternatives? You better imagine faster because the whole world is waiting, a whole "Other" world. Who knows, more people might come to visit Stourbridge who never heard of it, so helping the businesses which seem to be in need of more custom.

I ask of Stourbridge or the gentle readers of the Stourbridge News - why have they (The Council, Newspapers, Political Parties, Major Corporations) NOT joined together on the internet yet? with a PUBLIC FEEDBACK Forum for us, your subjects, your workers? and not just e-mail and private use of the Global internet communications available in 2007, why, not as yet have they created an interactive community forum, integrating both the local community, businesses, education centers and POLITICAL think tanks, and, the non-local "World Wide Web" all together? Why not a Public open feedback forum?

Not forgetting the Stourbridge News itself. In fact the Stourbridge News would have to be the hub, the nest if you like from which this inevitable communications revolution will remerge as if by magic to those people with insufficient technological awareness of Globalization, Internet 2.0 and the long lost and ancient bones of what a political democracy IS: An Open society with multiple models, open debate, free criticism, free speech and freedom of the press, right to assembly etc. Healthy fast FEEDBACK!

What i propose then, considering my own shock and terror after reading your articles last week that resulted in much emotional drama is a "Public forum" based around Stourbridge News .COM, but maybe opening up the editorial to different public groups like the local Churches and Learning Institutions for example, why not LINK us all up together or at least allow for those who would like to Link LINK, at least temporarily, at least.

I figure if enough people vote that this is a good idea and vote for it to be implemented, then its pretty easy to add such a "forum" section to your website, which incidentally already has NETWORK Links to all of the major Council, Media, Political Parties, Major Corporations active in and around Stourbridge. Who knows if we pray the .Gov might have some funding for you to set this all up? IMHO this "Forum" is exactly what they should provide THE PEOPLE with. When we have such political emergencies to deal with, and we have many political emergencies to deal with.

A slogan i like that outlines good internet etiquette is that if your can't achieve tolerance at least attempt a little courtesy. I often wish political councillors could understand this phrase, in the non-internet world.

Collaborate, Communicate, Coagulate

-fly (Chief Commissioner of the River Stour)
Names and Addresses Irrelevant.

Freestyle Raps Sun 6th May 2007. Eat me.

Welcome to my blog, a break in between the supermarket shopping news,
My views, my writs, raps and thunderclaps, unedited excursions
Through valleys and down various avenues
Like that I believe its healthy to have a hierarchy of values
A spectrum like a rainbow, a selection, an array
I think about values each moment each second, each day
What's important and what comes next
Have i put the maximum meaning in my text?

Although metal and organic material
Can be easily distinguished like the difference between a mushroom and an aerial
Politics oscillates like a food blender blade, leaving me head in bits
Left and right wings switch sides when that crazy bird flips
Without your grounded values laid out on a landscape:
A Mountain, a crop field and a cooking stove
Liberty, Justice and Freedom are like wild Starlings
Twisting, turning, falling and rising
Poles shift each day, and most political dogma lacks
A true varied hierarchy

Of values.
Ivan the terrible and the Dali Lama
Mahatma Gandhi and Stalin
You always need a contrast to make sense fast
Somethings to refer to, more than one
Like the 1968 Chicago fiasco or
The whole Bay of Pigs thing or The British miners thing.

How many died how many live with the scares
How can you calculate the amount of people who died in cars
Going to work? Think i'm bezerk wanting to abolish work?
Work kills, and work is genocide and factory fascism
I agree with Bob Black and i too want my Freedom back
If my body is the earth then i speak for humanity
I want my freedom back, hey dude where's MY country

Who owns the rivers who owns the soil?
I sit smoking blunts contemplating this huge capitalismicrophone boil
On the landscape, i escape temporarily into an Autonomous Zone
Dial up global internet with my phone
And search through a wide variety of metaphors for
Mankind and Nature entertwined, a rose in the iron dust?

A weed growing through a leak in the pavement.
A ant colony that functions like New World government?
War, i will be your abolishment.
What can we learn from Natures ecology management?
By 4 A.M my minds spent, the roses on my table are loosing their petals
But still, they provide a contrast against the various metals
On my desktop tables, a pen, a knife, a gun and a bullet
Inspiration for blended fables,
Like flesh and plastic talking through interactive turntables
Like a sound-wave transforming into neuro-electric impressions
Like the sun that still can cast the darkest of visions
Like the signals that consume us coming from outside our televisons
Kill them! With TELL YR/ VISIONS.

here then, from my beer pen is my hierarchy of values
The black and the blues
Here's what i think is most relevant today, my views, my news:
-Transposeons in Biology that link species
-Quantum insperability principles that link all things
-Renewal of the natural environment to its healthy balance
-The end of the means to create war, monopoly.
-Prove that no one has the right to kill anyone, killing is wrong.

But a hierarchy of values implies that you choose
What values go above, below or besides B'side Education
B' Side Defense and B' Side Economic senses
All ebb and flow
What comes first, what go? what gives?
The starving majority or me and my blogs to the Universe?

I'm playing swingball on the lawn, drink in hand
There's a barrage coming from the garage thats the sound of a band
Prophets hunched around microphones, spitting as the rains come
Themes of Justice, nature and revolution drift into the garden

Khemical agents here to dissolve terror and error
Its simple, just lick me and look in the mirror
Not the paper, the polished glass crystal spaceship
Me and you, out on a whim, breaking down the mess we're in

On the verge of obscenity with an alternative reality
Sex drugs and revolution, whatever it takes to pull on the breaks
And change vehicle, we need a miracle, a magical rising
To dissolve the fakes and feed the fat and greedy bastards their cakes
Speak out, breathe in, relax to some tracks and crack some four packs
That's what it takes, make grape juice of your enemies
Squirt lemon in the eye of the Bavarian Illuminati,
Don't try, do.
Source out your truth and then spit out your poo

Worlds ablaze with war machines and metal giants on the march
Time to straighten out this dirty laundry with exotic salts and starch
Old guard dinosaurs taking their last breath,
New flesh cyborgs just becoming inspired
Fire in the head and the flames spread like FLU to the Kings bed
Put the lights on red, get out your truck and look up
Times up, were all HERE already
And we don't need your laws no more
No more laws distributed by santitized tele
I no longer sleep with my teddy, i don't need no government to own me
I diss-own you back, i am expat; and i post and roast your hungry ghost
Salute - a toast.

Raise another toast to the end of the word
The end of imperial rule, a swollen inch with a pinch of pepper
I'm with the criminal classes, with the heretics, the outcasts
I'm a loner, anarchist, poet and leaper
Come step and keep your reppup'
Hope you get my letter, but the less you read the better
Maybe the ghosts will gettcha' like they got me,
Forever tuned into flies psychic T.V,
My wireless MP3 tech support cloud that follows me,
I call it "SHE"
Because she loves me
At least Temporarily!

Swam the sea and now i'm beached up with just a log from a birch tree
With salted eyes i spies the city through the jungle lozenge
Steel and glass and concrete, totally alien, totally viral
Lights, a low hum and pre cooked pre packaged foods, um yum.
From the ocean to the car park to power stations
That power nations

Species integrations limited by the harsh metallic environments
Even Bees now die off like democracy
In an upside down Bush/Blair world of disspair
Not for those pair, say you don't care, show some flare
Make your face bare and stand your place, then move on
Run your things, ride your truth and raise the roof, write your
Spoof, be tuff, call out the killers and crooks, don't buy Nike
And abstain from Mcfries, Tesco and Starbucks.

So, i secrete the secret secret into your nickel bucket,
Give your SUV a soapy wash with a chemical called POSH
Post Ontological Silicone Heroin,
The surface contains liquid crystals within
So the car can play the image on its hood of a dead boy in Iraq
Next to his toy, OY! what about that boy, what about that girl?
Wake up and smell the OIL

Here's how you get out of a war, breath deeply
Pull down the all the wall and any boundary
And pull down
Trade embargoes
Pull down thy vanity and gain sanity
Size up your liberty and compare with celebrity
Pull all the troops out out of their jobs, turn them into
Squads of circus performers

Decommission all your weapons of mass and - less than mass - destruction
Turn them into rapid food delivery systems
Catapulting wealth to the poor and those in need of aid
To end war you must make your enemies friends
And make communication a priority above all other ends
Dissolve all the worlds sovereign nations into lessons
In cooperative global villages, all independently
Interrelated like an M.C Escher painting

I can sense authority fainting in the face of a painting
And the gov is panting, the gov is necromancing
History of corpses and ghosts dancing
Whirling through Oxbridge and Yaleard encircling
Disembodied events pitch themselves in History like tents
Blowing in the WIND -
Wars end with the end of history. So let it be.
So said she.

Brew the new tea to replace T.V
Helps you see the bomb and the tree equally
In our hierarchy of anarchy and sarky sparky rhymes to drop in the park
Tune into dark with a spark a light a flash a new, flesh.

End of history, the word and all that resembles it.
Never forget who started the end of the end of it.
You want to end wars then you must master Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Forgive the mistakes i make, but i'm deep in the lake
Giving to take back the sack with imperial letters of attraction
And manufacture a crystal structure to remove the hex of tax on a ration
I keep my mind in traction when i make a financial transaction

Who distributes it how, who's moos define the cash cow
Impeach Bush and Blair for their crimes, today, NOW
Impeach God and replace the void with new woid,
Stay cool and calm now, don't get annoyed
End wars by being overjoyed in the face of shattered times
Forgive all the terror and brutality and government crimes
To End wars start a new, turn your gun barrels into daisy spouts
And your mortar back to poo.

Turn your wars to the canvass the page the air if you still must fight
End wars by converting them into white phosphorus poems
Blow up your art, kill your characters and take over your gallery
But End wars which blind and burn and mutilate and really hurt everybody.
End wars start parties, kiss cuteas and shake booties,
Build your peace zone and claim the earth temporarily
Therefore in harmony with change, process and temporality
Don't fight gravity, love levity.
Turn tanks into turntables, secret plans into fictional fables

To end wars declare peace, its over its over again, its over
End the pain and spend a thought for those poor slain
In memory of the lame and sick involved in the thick of it
End wars by showing that to Kill is to loose,
You carry that bruise with you, murder is known for eating your brain
Murder is psychically self defeating, thats why its eating the killer
Like Hannibal lector.

End wars by becoming a benefactor of change,
Be the one to experiment and re arrange the pieces
Follow the creases and fight the mental diseases that tease us
Turn banks back into bakeries and put icing on the similarities
Between bread and bread.

End war by using your head, end war by staying in bed
End war by stopping work on the factory floor and together chanting
No more. Settle the score but not with violence. With L'amour.
More debate and more alternative models - the cell, the spore.
Say what are we fighting for, ask this question and STOP war.

A new hierarchy to combat oligarchy
To excorcise the demons and end the malarchy
End the paranoia and the Scanning Darkly, quickly
Make haste we have so much time to catch, just ahead
A non-war torn home and a non war torn bed,
End war and rest your head, raise your hand and voice
Embrace the not language of Joyce's and histories dead.
Gone forever, overruled by a new vision, capable of lifting the veil
I've been following for 10'000 years hot on the veiled trail
Methodically and carefully like steven the slug or Smith the snail
End wars and admit the apocalypse, get over it
Move on.

Stop wars with your shoes by standing your ground
Stay around don't be square, wear flowers in your hair
Wave your hands in the air like you just stopped an F 16 fighter
Yeah, switch off the war at the controls,

In your mind find the blind of ignorance and then open it
In your heart find the part that is art and just peddle it
In your friends find the lens to see yourself look at it
In the dark kind the key to the door and then skip through it
In your life make the meaning in words that refer to it
In love find the dove and the peace and commune with it
In death cherish breath cuz your now here without it
If your sure look again because there's reason to doubt it
If you got a song like this don't be afraid to spout it
In this spacial place i guess the ways to face it

What's it? Why's it? Are you it? if its Bullshit?
Who disperse it, how, are you milking her cash cow?

Outerspace to find a new place to re create it
Outside there's a slide i'll think i'll climb and descend it
Out of time, out of lime, if there's lemon i'll squeeze it
Out on the town with my spiked crown to tease it
Nowt that you write can ever contain it
How do you explain it, maintain it, how do you chain it?

I am it you are it, each and every bit, we fit the same slit
You are it, that pefect fit, my words your eyes, flies on it
Talk seems cheap when hiding behind it
That, them, the thing, the big swindle - a broken spindle, a parasitic nit.

Black white red yella we gotta get together
Be a rainbow arching over any bad weather, what infinite ever?
Sleep on each others wing, as birds of a feather
The infinite within "IT" also haunts never and whatever.

Eat me! Lick me.