MD is for MCLUHAN'S DREAM: A short story

In the process of my study into the tale of the tribe I have began creating fictional episodes that link I fly agaric with some of the corresponding themes and characters.

The following is a short dream sequence:

Having fun creating some fictional episodes (short tales)
That link I fly agaric icons and themes together.


Mclear’s father drinks some tea from a chalice, and then climbs a ladder set against a house to fetch down a bright green-toad that's stuck up high on the roof, its the pet toad of his cousin, and, while on his way down he slips on a snake masquerading as a step of a ladder, falls, and crushes his head and crushes the toad in the process. Brains, toad slime, jewels merge together at the foot of the ladder and flies appear.

Mclear’s cousin turns into Alice through the looking glass, and shrinks down to the size of a small rodent, she begins munching on Lotus petals that have suddenly sprung up around Mclear's father/mothers corpse. A fly swoons across the body looking for an entry point, the corpse is wearing a white gown and has formed female breasts.

A bomb comes whistling out of the sky, changing into a figure resembling Cuchulain, a giant with twelve arms, each holding an object: A boomerang, a Robert Johnson 78’ disk, a golden jewel encrusted chalice, a smoking pipe styled into the shape of a toad, a totem pole, a telephone receiver/speaker, a small printing press, calendar, Umbrella, TV set and a Video-Camera. The smoking pipe was in the giants mouth and clouds of smoke drifted up and up forming bigger clouds, nebulous, ten miles high or more.

One cloud takes the form of a giant mushroom and descends back to the scene of the accident pitching itself next to the androgynous corpse. The mushroom then morphs again into a small Santa Claus doll that proceeds to administer coca-cola to the corpse, pouring it up the nostrils and letting it fizz all over the face, the body begins to shake.

[A sudden disturbance in the dream sequence, the dreamer has set his alarm-clock one hour too early this morning, but falls back into the tale.]

Mclear’s father/mother corpse, his cousin and himself were now up and bouncing away from the house, jumping on pogo sticks away from where the toad-corpse ooze had released a green fog of flies into the air that set everybody in the village laughing uncontrollably.

Arriving in a wooded area they eventually stop and slump down onto the ground leaning against a birch tree. Suddenly a wheel rolls out into the clearing in front of them, the wheel has a golden apple lodged inside its hollow. Then, as Mclear recalls his dream, ‘we all eat a small piece of the bright green apple and sit back down under the tree again.

In a flash the dreamer has morphed into a Mushroom, stood right in the spot where Mclear once sat. His Father/mother corpse had transformed into a fruit fly and his cousin Mary changed from the image of his grandmother to a toad, who also sits right where she once sat in the wooded clearing.

At this point Mclear describes the sense of an eternity passing, then a jumping muddle of perceptions between the three shape-shifters, triangulated in their sitting positions. The mushroom had only single sight via a tiny periscope inside a white wart, but it released a constant humming sound like a tribal drum in his head when it looked at the fly and the toad looking at back at him.

Suddenly Mclear experienced total ESP with the others, plus he felt a presence coming from the trees and the foliage and the leaves; a low chatter beneath the canopy, they sat motionless, in awe of the infinite stars above them, together in a resonant-field of connection.

In a flash, the fly lands on the mushroom, licks it, and flies off in the direct of the toad, who swiftly snatches the drunken fly out of the air, and swallows it in one gulp. This sequence is seen in slow motion with the silhouette of the action projected by the moonlight.

Cuchulain returns and lands in front of the Toad with a drawn sword and brutally slices it in two. Emeralds and Lapis Lazuli fall-out from the toads head. The fly emerges again from the toads head, shakes, buzzes, flinches a little, staggers up to gather itself and then flies off only a few feet, landing this time on a lotus flower floating upon the pond. The fly is swallowed again by a huge salmon fish, which then in turn is quickly fished out by Cuchulain's fishing rod and set free once more. Cuchulain discovers a golden ring inside the salmon that fits him perfectly.

Ants march into the clearing and gather up the toad-parts mixed with jewels, transporting them back to their nest where together with a mouldy old beetle and a giant snake they rebuild the toad with spittle, venom and fungus.

The toad leaps out of the nest back to the clearing where he spits on the mushroom’s periscopic wart, which transforms the whole mushroom into a massive geodesic object, bejewelled with emerald glow, crystallized and sparkling like Kryptonite.

Cuchulain returned from a gap in a nearby tree trunk, plucked the mushroom from the soil and placed it in his red sack and sprang into the air again with a salmon leap all the way back to the village, where he divided the crystalized green between all the towns people. Everyone got a piece and said a funny prayer, hours later the whole village danced in celebration dressed to look like toads, fly's, snakes and mushrooms.

--steve fly agaric 23.
January 20th 2010.