Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues - Steven Pratt

Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues Paperback – December 25, 2017

This book collects straight ahead prose with go-on-then poetry, directly inspired by Dudley, Stourbridge, Lye, Brierley Hill, and the West Midlands of England. Edited in Amsterdam, 2017 and Montevideo January 2018. The project started in 2005 shortly after I protested the closure of Brierley Hill swimming baths and soon after those at Closeley.

The dubious nature of these closures forced me to question other similar projects. In just over a decade, it seemed as if the privatization process was consuming an entire country, spawning an end-to-end shopping complex crammed full of needless shite.

Shopping malls, swimming baths, Brexit, fake news, friends who passed, international finance capitalism, immigration, rivers, a conspiracy of spies, racism, death, facebook, trolls, left/right politics, and sadly not Mark E Smith are some subjects expounded upon. All I am saying is give thought a dance.

Fly By Night 249: Sitarrtha

Fly: Selected Poetry (Available To Order)

"Steve fly Pratt provokes the reader into a notorious intellectual ghetto, conspiracy theory. His methodology is susceptible to number of pitfalls. It is a daring genre. It is based on risks, like poetry or Bebop."--Christian Greer. The language of poetry requires a careful balance between spontaneous thought and various charging techniques, to pull down thought into alphabet and not stray too far from the laws. These words are shored from contaminated streams of consciousness, and deployed as snapshots. Brief excursions. Good poetry aims to charge language to a higher degree of meaning and i have no lesser aim to, power-up. Selected from writings started in America, Britain and for the most part, the Netherlands. These poems criss-cross between light hearted rhyming slang and exaggerated hyperbolic rap. Glossing everything from brexit to terrorism, facebook to John Coltrane, economics, psychedelics, anarchism, music and death. Sometimes hilarious, often cryptic and always rolling with rhyme, these scrawls bridge a decade or from the unique perspective of DJ, drummer and writer.