Love's in need of love today.

Love's in need of love today.

Over the last 24 days, great Britain has experienced a series of tragedies that have ripped through the heart of communities. The loss of life and the loss of trust are devastating, and i for one need to talk a little about my feelings on these events, and so move forwards with some clear answers to the lingering question of why?

The UK general 'snap' election, called by the PM also devastated and divided communities, families and friends. Although nobody died directly due to the election, it does not seem unreasonable to suggest that the two organized 'terror' attacks were somehow influenced by the timings of the atrocities, and, that it would seem to me to be the conservatives and right-wing who would benefit from such public insecurity following the attacks. Corbyn and Labour were openly attacked by opponents for being soft on security, and for wanting to negotiate rather than 'push the button'. Fortunately it seems that not all voters were tricked by fear into voting for the right. Corbyn and Labour made great gains in both votes, seats, and new membership, following the election.

The Grenfell tower fire will not be officially recognized as a 'terror' attack. However, based on the evidence building up, a combination of housing projects managers, landlords, MPs, and the PM herself, indirectly caused extreme terror and loss of life. The measure of how consciously they inflicted this terror remains to be quantified. In contrast with the certified 'terrorist attacks' only weeks before, we can begin to see how some people view government and state sponsored 'domestic' terrorism, by way of passing laws, removing free services and putting citizens at unnecessary risk (if they don't have enough money to pay for extra protection themselves).

For example, consider the drone strike, who is 'solely' responsible? those who designed built it, those who fly it, those who order the strike, those who do not speak out against it? They all played a role, but to try to figure out one individual, a scapegoat, for the larger layered complex of causation, becomes increasingly difficult in a world of technological automation. "it wasn't me, skynet did it!"

With the case of Grenfell Towers, i found a personal connection to the plight of the residents, and the local action groups calling for better safety measures, and getting consistently ignored by those who are supposed to listen and mediate the public will: MPs. I have experienced this with local government, and know many people who feel the same way. MPs have trouble listening or acting upon the will of the people, when it has regard to public infrastructure, and comes from the poorer classes.

We share the feeling that without a lobby group and a couple of million pounds it's very hard, nearly impossible to be heard, never mind actually change official policy or get what it is that you want e.g universal basic income, cap on tax loopholes for the super rich, a new swimming pool, clearer signage, legal medical and recreational cannabis)

Yes, the new digital 'clicktavism' works, and the internet can provide a way to bring up important questions, and ensure some points get a fair hearing in parliament. Plus, digital petitions can effect companies and individuals directly, when constructed well enough. Compared with trolling, however, digital petitions are but a drop in the ocean, out there in the big waves digital shit stirrers can now impact the minds of the people in ways both 'clicktavists' and politicians can only dream of.

Enter (the media) or better yet, the UK tabloid press, spearheaded by the wig three; The Sun, The Daily Mail and the Daily Express, and followed by a 'shatalogue' of publications and broadshits that get their kicks from churning up of the emotions, like a good poet, but in order to sell more shit, and/or influence your vote on behalf of the biggest donor, usually the 'Conservative and Unionist Party', based on all previous spending figures.

There is a hatred going around--and an undefinable counter-force made of love, understanding, knowledge and imagination--which disturbs me. A language of violence and retribution which i've only ever witnessed first hand in some movies and violent TV shows. A surge of people who once never even contemplated writing, now make pale threats and loud mouthed accusations, often racist, sexist, bigoted and always overly subjective, on social media platforms.

I am personally worried about this phenomena, and hope to draw attention to it, and open up a conversation. We need to talk about the far right. We need to talk about white privilege. We need to talk about race, identity, place and certitude. It's too easy to have fun together, a little chit chat, a shared picture here, and a nice tune there. Meanwhile underneath, hatred and venom brew. Perhaps Facebook is not the arena for this conversation. I envision something along the lines of a far-right rehabilitation zone. With the finest collection of comedians, neuroscientists, logicians, poets and public speakers that can roll with any punch thrown, and yet still never take oneself too seriously. To bring up the comic side, to balance with the trending tragic, and to sprinkle all with love light and laughter.

"It's up to you, cause, love's in need of love today, don't delay, send yours in right away, hate going around, breaking many hearts, stop me please, before it's gone to far."--Stevie Wonder, Love's In Need Of Love Today.

--Steve Fly



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