2014 highs

The Artist Taxi Driver relentless
daily feedback on behalf of
the silent majorities

Heathcote Williams and UK
historical poetry activism
in fine fucking form

Russel Brand trews and
social activism in the face
of painscream

James Corbett and the
Corbett report consistent
open source research

Bruce Sterling lectures
and on going socio-cybernetic

Cory Doctorow every note
Plus all great work by
the EFF

Chaos Computer Club
lectures and shared
feedback all mutants
come home in glory

i will not vote until...

some free form streaming thoughts shared,
happy new year...

-steve fly

I will not vote until
open source democracy
operates open source

i will not vote until
i find an M.P worth voting for
somebody to love respect and
look up too like Alan Moore

i will not vote until
The trident missile
program is cancelled

i will not vote until
Russel Brand and
Mark "The artist taxi
driver" McGowan
and Galloway join
forces to create
movements for peeps

i will not vote until
legalisation of Marijuana
and all substances currently
banned by corporate run

i will not vote until
the banking sector
offshore and all tax havens

i will not vote until
the Royal family are held
to account for massive waste of
public money

i will not vote until
Tony Blair appears
at the Hague international
court of criminal justice

i will not vote until
Britain stops selling
arms to Saudi Arabia
and the rest of the world

i will not vote until
an M.P can show to
me they have read
at least one book by
Robert Anton Wilson
and tried the exorcises

i will not vote until
Julian Assange is
allowed safe passage
out of the UK

i will not vote until
can define their
differences and
show compassion
for ALL humanity

i will not vote until
nurses receive pay
rise and the firemen
in line with bankers

i will not vote until
the police become
personally accountable
for actions they take
on behalf of corporate
state of her majesty

i will not vote until
we see a full
investigation into UK
and US torture (both
physical and mental
abuse) since 1947

get involved with your
local human universe
be the change 2015
have fun