This movie was shared over at the maybelogic blog, thanks to Bobby. It sparked a flurry of visions. I thought of BOB. He would have loved this movie, I think. I find the TV scenes and treatment of the multi-media mixture of signals, more generally, mind blowing.
--steve fly

""A half-forgotten, half-legendary pioneer in American abstract and animated filmmaking, Mary Ellen Bute, late in her career as an artist, created this adaptation of James Joyce, her only feature. In the transformation from Joyce's polyglot prose to the necessarily concrete imagery of actors and sets, Passages discovers a truly oneiric film style, a weirdly post-New Wave rediscovery of Surrealism, and in her panoply of allusion - 1950s dance crazes, atomic weaponry, ICBMs, and television all make appearances - she finds a cinematic approximation of the novel's nearly impenetrable vertically compressed structure.

With Passages from Finnegans Wake Bute was the first to adapt a work of James Joyce to film and was honored for this project at the Cannes Film Festival in 1965 as best debut."


So called "Rational scale to access the harm of (some) drugs"

Dr. John Lilly
worked on creating a rational-scale to help good scientific research into drug induced states of consciousness, and other means of attaining altered-states of consciousness. Dr. Timothy Leary also worked his entire life to try to establish a RATIONAL-SCALE to help research into the last frontier of inner-space, consciousness. His results include the 8 Dimensional Model of consciousness, co-created and refined with Dr. Robert Anton Wilson.

Although the following graph-scale (tool) for scientific study into the harm of drugs and the potential for misuse, its my feeling that maybe even David Nutt - the UK's disgraced independent drug researcher - seems stale, when compared with the likes of Lilly, Wilson and Leary who, I think, are the big three tenors of scientific research and experimental feedback upon altered states, and the impact on individuals and society of neurological relativism.

Three texts I would present as examples of superior research and communication concerning "consciousness research" and writing and thinking about "drugs", are:
Programming and Metaprogramming the Human-Bio Computer by John Lilly M.D
Sex, Drugs And Magik by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson

The Politics of Ecstasy by Dr. Timothy Leary.

Development of a rational scale to assess the harm of drugs of potential misuse

Prof. David Nutt FMedSci a Corresponding Author Email Address, Leslie A King PhD b, William Saulsbury MA c, Prof Colin Blakemore FRS d e
Drug misuse and abuse are major health problems. Harmful drugs are regulated according to classification systems that purport to relate to the harms and risks of each drug. However, the methodology and processes underlying classification systems are generally neither specified nor transparent, which reduces confidence in their accuracy and undermines health education messages. We developed and explored the feasibility of the use of a nine-category matrix of harm, with an expert delphic procedure, to assess the harms of a range of illicit drugs in an evidence-based fashion. We also included five legal drugs of misuse (alcohol, khat, solvents, alkyl nitrites, and tobacco) and one that has since been classified (ketamine) for reference. The process proved practicable, and yielded roughly similar scores and rankings of drug harm when used by two separate groups of experts. The ranking of drugs produced by our assessment of harm differed from those used by current regulatory systems. Our methodology offers a systematic framework and process that could be used by national and international regulatory bodies to assess the harm of current and future drugs of abuse. --

KNU Fungus Discovered!

Who knows what we might discover next week? or what we overlooked last week?

--Steve fly agaric 23

"Other similar species
Sarah added that the fungus' true identity had been shielded because there were other similar varieties but with different colour patterns. The secret, she said, finally came out when scientists at Cardiff University isolated the fungus' DNA and found it to be unique. --

"ScienceDaily (Oct. 5, 2009) — Seven new glow-in-the-dark mushroom species have been discovered, increasing the number of known luminescent fungi species from 64 to 71. Reported in the journal Mycologia, the new finds include two new species named after movements in Mozart's Requiem. The discoveries also shed light on the evolution of luminescence, adding to the number of known lineages in the fungi 'family tree' where luminescence has been reported. --

"ScienceDaily (Dec. 22, 2009) — Giant rainforest trees, rare and beautiful orchids, spectacular palms, minute fungi, wild coffees and an ancient aquatic plant are among more than 250 new plant and fungi species discovered and described by botanists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in this, the botanical organisation's 250th anniversary year. The new species come from a wide-range of fascinating locations including Brazil, Cameroon, East Africa, Madagascar, Borneo and New Guinea. Nearly a third are believed to be in danger of extinction. --

"A new species of rust fungus, Maravalia perae on Pera sp. (Euphorbiaceae), from Brazil is proposed. Spermogonia are type 5 and aeciospores and urediniospores are asymetrically obovoid to ellipsoid, with a concave side and 3(–4) equatorial germ pores. Teliospore walls are 2–5 µm thick at apex around the apical germ pore. This set of characters differentiates M. perae from other species of Maravalia. A revised key to all known Maravalia species, including the newly discribed species, is provided.
Key words: Euphorbiaceae, pathogen, rust fungi, Uredinales --

Wear this book, declare this verse.

Turn on this book. Share this joint. Glare this hook and wear this course. Ware this source, open. Deal this book . Aware this book. Snare this book on the reaping hook. Bare this, look. Swear this book, cross your heart. Blare this verse, sing. Spare this curse. PLoughshAre this course. Pair-this-force. What’s fare at the bourse? Declare endorse and share this coarse verse chorus. We're this book! Wear this corset.


RAW Sharing:

Robert Anton Wilson...
Top of my list of great heroes,
And he shared a wiccan-warrior vision of internet as a
Global revolution,

Characters and equations
A tale of the tribe, new conversation
Language vs. The Equation.
And he left us 36' books and 1000’s of articles
Maps and metaphor's for future circuits

Helping guide any thinking individual
Compelled to continue processing
The tale of the Tribe, maybelogic & RAW’s
Special language equations:


A RAW internetwork of his quality critters,
Epic and Recyclopedic field of influence,
All-at-once when
Processed with the rhythm,
LSD coated page-side bombs explode
Turning the flatted page into
Radiating the readers consciousness
The page and – off – the page
into pypa-space.

Sharing Pound’s ‘Ideogramic method
Sharing Joyce’s ‘Hologramic Prose & Epiphany & Finnegans Wake'
Sharing Bucky’s ‘Synergetics and Planetary design-science
Sharing Shannon’s ‘Information Entropy and BITS
Sharing Nietzsche’s ‘Eternal Return and influence upon Existentialism’
Sharing McLuhan’s ‘Global Village & The medium is the messsage'
Sharing Bruno’s ‘Pantheism and Decentralized Multiverse
Sharing Vico’s ‘New Science & Ricorso’
Sharing Orson’s ‘Cinematic Methods
Sharing Fenollosa’s ‘Chinese Written Character Poetry
Sharing Yeats’s ‘Gyres, Symbolism & humanitarianism’
Sharing Gesell’s ‘Natural Economic Order'
Sharing Popper’s ‘Open Society'
Sharing Remy De Gournmont’s ‘Dissosociation of Ideas’
Sharing von Neumann’s ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
Sharing Leary’s ‘Eight Dimensional model of consciousness'
Sharing Reich’s ‘Bioenergetic Force
Sharing Crowley’s ‘System of practical Magick
Sharing Korzybski’s ‘General Semantics & English-prime
Sharing Alfred Jarry’s ‘pataphysique’

RAW transfers a torrent of open ideas
Wrapped up in cutting satire, oozing Hilaritas
Sharing ideas that have shaped the 21st century,

The information radiates from his gestalt-texts
Although he is not here
to add further clarity & feedback
What he left still has the revolutionary potential -
A completed circuit of a perfected (life-work)
A Tale of the tribe, tied up with a Mobius
Spider-silk bow-tie.

Email to the Multiverse of Tweets
& Hyperverse Blogs of Great Old Hags &
Books by Pyrateas with
Links shared...

--Steve Fly.


Share This Course.

Hi folks, I’m currently collaborating with a small but growing group of web critters led by Mark Pesce, but he's not the leader really, we are a unique decentralized community, which will lead, good willing to the manifestation of a book! scheduled for completion in 2010 and loosly based around the emerging hyperintelligence and 'hyperpeople' as defined by Mark Pesce and approximated as sharing.

As sharing is the core of – share this course & share this book – the group have recently alerted me by example to a slight change in direction to just posting at the blog, that has encouraged me here to start sharing some of our work so far, and spreading the new sharing meme, now, in early December 2009.

My position so far, inspired by the cooking and ingredients analogy with the group-course blog space, is like that of a particular individual ingredient scattered around the kitchen area, or up on a shelf somewhere waiting to be combined, or grated a little, boiled, skinned, fried, charbroiled, roasted, toasted and finally with a bit of luck, served-up with a huge healthy spread of exotic delicacies and shared wisdom, enough to feed all humanity.

I’ve been sharing my vision of a new investigation into the historical figures that I think have influenced sharing and the technology of sharing that produced great contributions to all-around-the-world-Humanity, and as a nod to the MLA and the smart tribe of critters that createdits own collective hyper-intelligence, if you like. I choose to focus on the twelve individuals introduced to us by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, as the characters who helped shape the - decentralized sharing age -, or simply the 21st century. We can learn from the past efforts to share, and from them create a new historical framework of sharing, one reaching 420 years back to Giordano Bruno and pulling us right up to Marshall McLuhan.

These characters present a great challenge to anybody who has read one or two books or articles by them, no doubt, BOB aspired to keep us busy for the next 50 years with the fields of research and study he wet our mind-lips with. These ideas are pretty complex ideas and come from complex individuals of explicit genius, difficult to approach and shrouded in mystery, this maybe especially true to somebody who has relatively little experience in academic circles, like myself, where much of the solid foundations of this new historical - hyperintelligent tribe – lie, please don't mistake my intellectual pursuits of 'The Tale of the Tribe' as representative of what I think - Share this book - should be about. Not at all. I view this angle of approach as more concerned with - share this course - or the creation of a hyperintelligence, unbounded and access-able and - sharable - by anyone who can access the WWW.

With the power of Internet and the rise of hypersharing culture (hyperdistribution, hyperconnectivity, hyperbolic Geometry) and with the aid of new tools, many minds can congregate together and work quickly, efficiently and humanely, and my ego-drive hope is that others may soon join us in this collective adventure of sharing - sharing - and maybe a few critters will find enough time to follow my historical investigation into the people and ideas that helped to shape intelligent internet and create another alternative guide to sharing - free as the air you breath, and for all-around-the-world-humanity, or as close to the model correlated by Dr. Wilson, a life-long intellectual pursuit but one which I hope will add some spice and sugar to some of the more practical data due to be shared on the course and eventually in the book.

At the blog you'll discover different sharing activity and feedback defining sharing, and you’ll probably find items more to your own fancy, whoever you are. And, if you don’t find anything interesting at the blog then maybe search youtube for Mark Pesce and listen to his hyperflow motion languaging.

The following text was prepared by an intelligence calling itself gregorym(tm), over at the blog, I think it helps define the course and a little about what's happening over there, and - how to get involved. Thanks Greg, and Mark, and all the other posters who are providing the high quality content over at the blog.

As a group, we believe that sharing is going to dominate our future as content creators (and as users of the Internet, we are ALL content creators) and that recent innovations like Google Wave and co-presence are going to create an unprecedented era of sharing. What does all this sharing mean for us, right now, individually and collectively?

...The way this works is this – go to the URL. There’s a number of blo posts (maybe thirty) dating back to the start of the project on November the 18th. Click around. Read a little. Post a bit. Share. And when you’re done sharing, click the box that says you want to be informed by email of new comments to what you’ve posted and let’s begin a dialogue about all this stuff.

If you like what you’re seeing – Share This Invite. Just pass it right along, or write your own invite about what Sharing means to you. Here are just a few of the articles that have posted so far:

What is a Book? by Mark Pesce.
Mark Pesce on SHARING in 2009

The Tale of the Tribe and the question of history

Simply put in a quote, I feel these questions help define text from - the book - and the voice of the narrator from that of the narrator him (or her) self'.

“Thus, all three extensive epics make extensive use of direct quotations from the actual records left by the past. As was noted earlier, this practice helps to establish the poet’s authority as a trustworthy historian, and serves to deflect our tendency to treat his discourse as a purely subjective creation. But Walter Benjamin saw another and more subtle purpose in this technique, one I think Ezra Pound, Williams Carlos Williams, Charles Olson and also instinctively utilized. In Benjamin’s eye’s, the judicious use of quotations offers one of the most effective means of overcoming the historiography of pure power and political dominance. As Irving Wohlfart notes, for Benjamin, “the function of quotation is to break up the unified, totalitarian blocks that comformist historiography passes out as history,” it “isolated the elective affinities between the present and specific moments of the past. To grasp such correspondences is to seize the chance of the moment” (on Benjamin’s last reflections, “Glyph 3, 1978. P. 181). – Micheal Bernstein, Conclusion, The Tale of the Tribe, p. 274.


One purpose of this web site is to build up a database of work from both CHU and FLY that approximates a guide to new audio technologies through the lens of our different artistic goggles.

SUN RA Interviews & Essays. Editor: John Sinclair

Interviews & Essays

Editor: John Sinclair
Not Yet Available

Format: Paperback
Size: 216mm x 139mm
Page Count: 256
ISBN-13: 9781900486729
Weight (g): 300
Genre: Music

Available exclusively from in December 2009. If you would like to be notified of its release, click here to send us an email. Write "Sun Ra" as the subject header and we will get back to you.

Composer, bandleader, pianist, poet and philosopher, Sun Ra is one of the most colourful and enduring of musical legacies, transcending time, place and cultural genres.

From the mid 1950s until his death in 1993, Sun Ra led "The Arkestra", an ensemble with an ever-changing line-up and name which sometimes numbered as many as thirty musicians living and playing together under the despotic tutelage of Sun Ra himself. Their music touched upon the entire history of jazz, from ragtime to swing, bebop to free jazz,while the band also pioneered the use of new forms, including electronic music, space music and free improvisation. But Sun Ra’s legendary status was earned as much for his eccentricities as for his unique artistic vision. Claiming to be from Saturn, he developed and propagated a mystifying sci-fi mythology which he weaved into both the music and Dadaist performances of The Arkestra (performances which inspired artists as diverse as George Clinton and MC5). His ideas are still the cause of much debate and controversy, the poetry and prose Sun Ra left behind only deepening the ambiguities around his work and ideas.

This book collects together for the first time interviews with Sun Ra, the people that knew him, and his contemporaries, alongside illuminating essays and conversational pieces regarding his prolific musical output, mystique, philosophy, fans and much more.


1. By way of an Introduction by Peter Dennett
2. Sun Ra by Amiri Baraka
3. Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth by John Sinclair
4. It Knocks on Everybody’s Door by John Sinclair: Interview with Sun Ra, Detroit Sun, 1966
5. Cosmic Catalyst by David Henderson: Sun Ra in New York City, Oakland & Philadelphia
6. Word from Sun Ra by Amiri Baraka
7. Their Space Was My Place by Ben Edmonds: Sun Ra & the MC-5 at the Grande Ballroom, Detroit, 2009
8. Life Is Splendid by John Sinclair: Sun Ra at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, 1972
9. Interview with Amiri Baraka by Lazaro Vega, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1999
10. I Know Everything You Need to Know About Music by John Sinclair: A Conversation with Michael Ray
11. Arkestra in Residence by Rick Steiger: Sun Ra & His Arkestra at the Detroit Jazz Center, 1980
12. Sun Ra Memories by John Sinclair
13. Twenty-first Century Music by Pete Gershon: The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of alto saxophonist Marshall Allen
14. The Great and Wondrous Sun Ra by John Sinclair: In Conversation with Wayne Kramer, London, June 2008
15. My Night as a Tone Scientist by Wayne Kramer
16. Cosmic Engineering: Jerry Dammers & the Spatial aka Orchestra / Part 1: Interview with Jerry Dammers by John Sinclair & Dylan Harding, London, 2009 / Part 2: Concert reviews by Paul Bradshaw, John Mulvey, Ian Harrison & Jack Massarik
17. Schwartzegeist by Sadiq Bey: Live from Berlin: The Sun Ra Tribute Project
18. Sun Ra: Myth, Magic & Music by Steve Fly Agaric 23
19. The Mystical Estate / Part 1: Standing in the Shadow of Sun Ra by Dylan Harding / Part 2: Interview with Haf-fa Rool by David Kerekes & Caleb Selah, London, 2002
20. Sun Ra on Film by John Sinclair & David Kerekes: The Cry of Jazz & Space is the Place
21. Sun Ra Obituary by John Sinclair: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 1993
22. Photos & Comics / Part 1: Sonny’s Last Song by Mat Colegate & Dan White / Part 2: Scrapbook
23. Contributor notes
24. About this book

EDITOR BIO: In 1969, the poet-provocateur, MC5 manager and White Panther John Sinclair found himself the victim of that decade’s draconian American drug laws, and facing a twenty-year jail sentence for the possession of two joints. The counterculture Sinclair helped create came to his rescue, however, when John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Phil Ochs and others performed at a successful benefit gig to petition for his release. Since that epochal moment, Sinclair (whom Ben Edmonds calls the “hardest working poet in showbiz”) has travelled the globe with his beat verses and inimitable growl, performing with some of the world’s finest musicians. He interviewed Sun Ra in 1966.

F is For Fourier Transfers

I find it hard to describe what I've learnt this week, but I'll share something I started to learn about just today, after reading Mark's 'Hyperpeople' where he writes "MP3 recording uses a mathematical technique known as Fourier Transforms to break an audio signal into its constituent sound waves. It’s like a chord played on a guitar: you can think of a chord as a set of individual strings being played simultaneously."

This quote caused me, among other things, to think of Claude Shannon, and led me, via a quick wiki search to some of his fascinating contributions to the --digital age--to my mind today, I kind of learnt that good poetry has a resonance with the Fourier Transform, like music, by way of the sweet chord-analogy made by Mark Pesce. I'm not sure I have fully processed and learn't about Fourier transforms, but I have found a new field of interest I feel worthy of deeper investigation and sharing here as an example. I also learnt a little about Giordano Bruno, Nietzsche, Giambattista Vico, James Joyce, McLuhan and Claude Shannon and what they have in common with my own warped interpretation of some parts of 'Hyperpeople'.

Furthermore, I feel that, although Internet may have no historical precedent, certain individuals have a strong resonance with the world wide web. Today I learn't why Nietzsche and Shannon, in particular, are important historical figures, kick-started by thoughts inspired while reading 'hyperpeople' if... we were to fiddle with historical events, contrasted with the current refreshing focus on the present 2009 - scenario-universe.
I shd/ come clean here though, friends, and confess that I'm not an academic, a Phd, or a University student, but I'm probably best classed in the realm of the drop-out I guess.

Three quarks for Muster Mark!: Sharing Mayelogic and other thoughts on internet.

"we’ve arrived in Marshal McLuhan’s global village right on schedule. --Hyperpeople.

"Share the wealth and spoil the weal. Peg the pound to tom the devil. My time is on draught. --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Pg. 579.

The following is a dry-toast post, or warm-up for something a little dishy, I'm preparing for the - share this course - class; a new chapter in collaborative web-work and a kick in the balls for me by Mark Pesce, and his incredibly intelligent and brilliant writing, speaking and software engineering. A slowly growing group of master-craftspeople who are joined-together to work on a new-new book. I only recently finnished reading "hyperpeople" by Mark and realize that without an edit button, some of my previous posts may be a little naive now, and that this was put together in 2004 boggles the mind!

I'm certainly swimming upstream here a little, out of the range of my own areas of technological understanding and experience, I'm roughly cutting out some quotes from Mark's 2004 article titled 'hyperpeople' and arranging them into a blog-post where they can share a place among some other key principles I take from Dr. Wilson's 'Tale of the tribe' classes, and run with.

If my contribution to this class from an ideological standpoint so far could be summed up its that James Joyce and Ezra Pound both achieved a new - hyperconnected - language of poetry and poetry of language, that I feel, gives us a well connected historical axis, or model, from which to construct a new kind of text, a new book and a new language, that may or maynot be html code, social networks and the interneting - world wide web - itself.

I don not propose that we create a new Finnegans Wake or a new Cantos but instead think about Joyce's next project, his book of the day, what would that book read like? possibly a balance and response to his wild-book of the night? What would that be like? And from Pound I would draw attention to his methodological introduction of Historical matter, his treatment of cultural fragments in an Epic poem or Tale of the Tribe, a tale of all Humanity, we can learn structure and hyperconnectivity from these two great books of shared knowledge. The rest of the tale of the tribe, as defined by RAW seems to be primarily concerned with the work of Pound and Joyce. I want to share, more specifically my interpretations of some of these ideas about alphabet and ideogram, as it becomes a natural extension from current research.

"Shares in guineases! There's lovely the sight! Surey me, man
weepful! Big Seat, you did hear? And teach him twisters in
tongue irish. --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 361"

"Nowt better than share (Mencius)
nor worse than a fixed charge." --EZRA POUND, Canto LXXXIX.

"Nietzsche's view on eternal return is similar to that of Hume: "the idea that an eternal recurrence of blind, meaningless variation—chaotic, pointless shuffling of matter and law—would inevitably spew up worlds whose evolution through time would yield the apparently meaningful stories of our lives. This idea of eternal recurrence became a cornerstone of his nihilism, and thus part of the foundation of what became existentialism."

"(the night we will remember) for to share our hard suite of affections with
thee. –-James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 432

"Nietzsche said that history repeats itself: first as tragedy, then as folly. George Santayana said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And Einstein believed the definition of insanity to be “repeating the same act, expecting different results.” To these I must add one more: Hollywood loves a sequel. --Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"She would make the great sacrifice. Her every effort would be to share his thoughts. --James Joyce, Ulysses, Nausicaa.

"When the tens of thousands of “amateur” productions do battle, on the level playing field of global digital superdistribution, with the few “professional” productions, the “amateurs” will win. Every time. Allways. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"Skunk. And fare with me to share with me. –-James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 365.

"monopolists, obstructors
of knowledge/obstructors of distribution."
Cf Bucky Fuller, who sez much the same
and blames continuing squalor and war on
"ignorance, greed, fear and zoning laws. --Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, Recorsi 2005."

"Gnutella is less efficient than Napster, but, because there’s no centralized server (every computer on a Gnutella file-sharing network acts as both a server and a client) there’s no single point that can be shut down. Or sued out of existence. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"Bruno's cosmology is marked by infinitude, homogeneity, and isotropy, with planetary systems distributed evenly throughout. Matter follows an active animistic principle: it is intelligent and discontinuous in structure, made up of discrete atoms. This animism (and a corresponding disdain for mathematics as a means to understanding) is the most dramatic respect in which Bruno's cosmology differs from what today passes for a common-sense picture of the universe.-

"...the “decentralized indexing”, meant that someone, somewhere had already figured out how to combine the best feature of Gnutella (its decentralized search mechanism) with the best of BitTorrent (it’s ability to turn the Internet into a very efficient system for sharing files). - Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"As Weiner wrote, 'great poems contain high information, Political speeches contain little. -- Dr. Robert Anton Wilson.

"MP3 recording uses a mathematical technique known as Fourier Transforms to break an audio signal into its constituent sound waves. It’s like a chord played on a guitar: you can think of a chord as a set of individual strings being played simultaneously. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"I'll put in a shirt time if you'll get through your shift and between us in our shared slaves, brace to brassiere and shouter to shunter, we'll pull off our working programme. Come into the garden guild and be free of the gape athome! --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Pg. 476.

"On the left are values of f(t) at the sampling points. The integral on the right will be recognized as essentially the nth coefficient in a Fourier-series expansion of the function F(ω), taking the interval –W to W as a fundamental period. This means that the values of the samples f(n / 2W) determine the Fourier coefficients in the series expansion of F(ω). Thus they determine F(ω), since F(ω) is zero for frequencies greater than W, and for lower frequencies F(ω) is determined if its Fourier coefficients are determined. But F(ω) determines the original function f(t) completely, since a function is determined if its spectrum is known. Therefore the original samples determine the function f(t) completely. -

More than their good share of their five senses ensorcelled you would say themselves were, fuming censor, the way they could not rightly tell their heels from their stools as they cooched down a mamalujo by his cubical crib, as question time drew nighing and the map of the souls' groupography rose in relief within their quarterings --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 476.

"BitTorrent is an elegant answer for the “superdistribution” of data; it harnesses the millions of Internet-connected computers to create something greater than the sum
its parts – a giant, distributed system for the distribution of any type of digital
information. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"And to know the share from the charge
(scala altrui)
God's eye art'ou, do not surrender perception. --EZRA POUND. From CANTOS CXII

"In information theory, entropy is a measure of the uncertainty associated with a random variable. The term by itself in this context usually refers to the Shannon entropy, which quantifies, in the sense of an expected value, the information contained in a message, usually in units such as bits. Equivalently, the Shannon entropy is a measure of the average information content one is missing when one does not know the value of the random variable. The concept was introduced by Claude E. Shannon in his 1948 paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication". -

"Instead, all computers which want to get access to some data are considered “peers,” meaning all are equal participants in any exchange of data. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"The source coding theorem for symbol codes places an upper and a lower bound on the minimal possible expected length of codewords as a function of the entropy of the input word (which is viewed as a random variable) and of the size of the target alphabet. -

“The medium is the message” means the actions of a community will differ in kind if that community is connected via telephone rather than radio, or email rather than television. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

...the alphabet vs. the equation....?

...language as Class Warfare...? --Dr. Robert Anton Wilson (The Tale of the Tribe).

"And saved up his pay money,
and kept on savin' his pay money,
And bought a share in the ship,
and finally had half shares,
Then a ship --EZRA POUND, Canto XII.

McLuhan used James Joyce's Finnegans Wake as a major inspiration for this study of war throughout history as an indicator as to how war may be conducted in the future.
Joyce's Wake is claimed to be a gigantic cryptogram which reveals a cyclic pattern for the whole history of man through its Ten Thunders. Each "thunder" below is a 100-character portmanteau of other words to create a statement he likens to an effect that each technology has on the society into which it is introduced. In order to glean the most understanding out of each, the reader must break the portmanteau into separate words (and many of these are themselves portmanteaus of words taken from multiple languages other than English) and speak them aloud for the spoken effect of each word. There is much dispute over what each portmanteau truly denotes.
McLuhan claims that the ten thunders in Wake represent different stages in the history of man:[50]

* Thunder 1: Paleolithic to Neolithic. Speech. Split of East/West. From herding to harnessing animals.
* Thunder 2: Clothing as weaponry. Enclosure of private parts. First social aggression.
* Thunder 3: Specialism. Centralism via wheel, transport, cities: civil life.
* Thunder 4: Markets and truck gardens. Patterns of nature submitted to greed and power.
* Thunder 5: Printing. Distortion and translation of human patterns and postures and pastors.
* Thunder 6: Industrial Revolution. Extreme development of print process and individualism.
* Thunder 7: Tribal man again. All choractors end up separate, private man. Return of choric.
* Thunder 8: Movies. Pop art, pop Kulch via tribal radio. Wedding of sight and sound.
* Thunder 9: Car and Plane. Both centralizing and decentralizing at once create cities in crisis. Speed and death.
* Thunder 10: Television. Back to tribal involvement in tribal mood-mud. The last thunder is a turbulent, muddy wake, and murk of non-visual, tactile man.

"F(ω) is determined if its Fourier coefficients are determined. - Shannon_sampling_theorem

"Now let the centuple celves of my egourge as Micholas de Cusack calls them, of all of whose I in my hereinafter of course by recourse demission me by the coincidance of their contraries reamalgamerge in that indentity" JJ FW, Part:1 Episode:3 Page:49,

"Media change the way we perceive the world, transforming the way we think, feel, and behave. Mark Pesce, Hyperpeople.

"Joyce himself parodies this preoccupation with the artefactual value of the book at length in Finnegans Wake in regards to a certain letter, discovered by a hen in a dunghill in an advanced state of decomposition. This letter, which is said to belong to A.L.P., is subjected to extensive genetic analysis. --

"the k'ao ch'eng is according to harvest,
the tax as a share of something produced --Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXV.

TV/Internet. --RAW

"Tell us in franca langua. And call a spate a spate. Did they never sharee you ebro
at skol, you antiabecedarian? –-James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 198

Faith in Science: Scientists Search for Truth.
By W. Mark Richardson, Gordy Slack

Cognitive Wireless Networks: Concepts, Methodologies and Visions...
By Frank H. P. Fitzek, Marcos D. Katz

The Spirit of the Internet: Speculations on the Evolution of Global ...
By Lawrence Hagerty

The Gutenberg galaxy: the making of typographic man
By Marshall McLuhan


Over the last few years, almost everyone I know has spoken out about George W. Bush, Tony Blair and the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, noody wanted a WAR other than a few lonely old Gentleman,, it seemed.

By 2003 we could all see the horrible greed and hate driven - genocidal - tendencies of the UK/US axis. The newsmedia ignored most claims of conspiracy, or claims that THIS WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN! In the interests of BIG crude and rude OIL, big PHARMA and possible religious ties and dealings with the devils. Either way, many have been shouting and balling about Blair and Bush, demanding a criminal trial. The following news article about a new commission set up by Gordon Brown comes about 8 years too late! But for the BBC that's perty swift!

Tony Blair and George W. Bush, and the intelligencers that they romance should... be terminally committed to a home for the mentally disturbed. And the History and the world shall know that these miliraty invasions helped cause the 2008 financial crash, and help degrade the environment by way of WAR-FUEL, and helps organized crime and international terrorism, with moral support, financial help and fulfil the hero's and villains - play - that must play-out in the corporate media to keep most people sleeping.

Tony Blair "sealed his reputation" in America by his support for the US after 9/11, the UK's former ambassador to the US has told the Iraq war inquiry.
Sir Christopher Meyer said Mr Blair and President George Bush "got on" from the moment they met in 2001 and that their relationship "warmed" after that.
But talk of military action against Iraq "never entered the mainstream" in the US before 9/11, he said. The inquiry is focusing on UK-US relations before the war.

US-UK policy

In his evidence, Sir Christopher is focusing on US policy towards Iraq in the run-up to the 2003 US-led invasion and its interaction with UK policy.
The former ambassador said the personal chemistry between the prime minister and the US president was important and Mr Blair's "eloquent" support for the US after 9/11 won him huge admiration in the US.
Before 9/11, he said the US viewed Iraq as "a grumbling appendix" but was focused on supporting dissident groups and toughening sanctions and talk of military action was "going nowhere".
After 9/11, Sir Christopher said some minor members of the Bush administration urged retaliation against Iraq, claiming there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda.
But he said the US government decided to focus instead on al-Qaeda and Afghanistan, "setting aside" other issues including Iraq.
The inquiry is looking into UK involvement in Iraq between 2001 and 2009, with the first few weeks focusing on policy in the build-up to the 2003 US-led invasion.

Intelligence claims

Critics of the war claim that the US had already decided to topple Saddam Hussein in 2002 and that the UK had agreed to go along with this - claims both countries have denied.
The reasons for going to war in Iraq - including the now discredited claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which could be used within 45 minutes of an order being given - remain a long-standing source of controversy.

November-December: Former top civil servants, spy chiefs, diplomats and military commanders to give evidence
January-February 2010: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and other politicians expected to appear before the panel
March 2010: Inquiry expected to adjourn ahead of the general election campaign
July-August 2010: Inquiry expected to resume
Report set to be published in late 2010 or early 2011

Iraq inquiry: Day-by-day timeline

On Wednesday, senior Foreign Office official Sir William Ehrman told the inquiry that a report shortly before the invasion suggested Iraq's chemical weapons may have been "disassembled".
"We did... get a report that chemical weapons might have remained disassembled and Saddam hadn't yet ordered their assembly."
A separate report suggested Iraq might also "lack" warheads capable of spreading chemical agents, he added.
However, Sir William - the Foreign Office's Director general of defence and Intelligence between 2002 and 2004 - said there was "contradictory intelligence" and these reports did not "invalidate" the fact that Iraq had chemical weapons.
"It was more about their use. Even if they were disassembled the (chemical or biological) agents still existed."

'WMD surprise'

Sir William insisted that the role of intelligence in the decision to go to war was "limited".
He also said it was a "surprise" no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq, saying "it was not what we had expected".
The Lib Dems said Sir William's comments seemed to contradict Tony Blair's statement in Parliament that Iraq posed a "clear and present danger" to international security.
Asked to explain the absence of WMD and why the UK government had got this wrong, Sir William noted a "great deal" of the intelligence about Iraq's chemical and biological weapons production provided before the war had been withdrawn afterwards as false.
Addressing the overall threat posed by Iraq in 2001, officials said it was "not top of its list" of countries causing concern because of their stated desire to develop weapons of mass destruction.
With sanctions in place against Iraq, the Foreign Office believed Saddam Hussein could not build a nuclear weapon and, even if sanctions were removed, it was estimated it would take him five years to do so.
Officials said most evidence suggested Iraq's chemical and biological programme had largely been "destroyed" in 1991.
Although reports in late 2002 suggested Iraq was rebuilding its capability, they said intelligence about its actual position had been "patchy" since weapons inspectors were withdrawn in 1998.
But they maintain the threat posed by Iraq was viewed as "unique" because it had shown itself willing to use weapons of mass destruction on its own people and its neighbours.

Terrorist links
The inquiry also learnt that the UK investigated and rejected suggestions of links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda.
Following the 9/11 attacks, the Foreign Office looked at the matter "very carefully" but concluded the two were not "natural allies".
The inquiry, looking at the whole period from 2001 to 2009, was set up by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who also chose the panel.
Mr Brown and predecessor Tony Blair are expected to be among future witnesses, with the final report due early in 2011.
Previously, the Butler inquiry looked at intelligence failures before the war, while the Hutton inquiry examined the circumstances leading to the death of former government adviser David Kelly. -

Blair planned Iraq war from start

INSIDE Downing Street Tony Blair had gathered some of his senior ministers and advisers for a pivotal meeting in the build-up to the Iraq war. It was 9am on July 23, 2002, eight months before the invasion began and long before the public was told war was inevitable.

The discussion that morning was highly confidential. As minutes of the proceedings, headed “Secret and strictly personal — UK eyes only”, state: “This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made. It should be shown only to those with a genuine need to know its contents.”


"We could say that this process of "breaking" codes gives rise to an-other text, a text comprised of ruined sign structures and quasi-fragmentations (a decentred text which is also de-cord-ed). -

CUT UP experiment:

Repeats, and triplet multiplex repeats.
151. Out-of-sequence.
Out of...Redundancy of information.

Pollinator seeds
No more  secrets.
Enzyme mutation, fluro-chemicals.
Lucifer and Luciferene.  Devil detail.

The Paradigm shift Pole: will it?
Shotgun spray. Recombinant DNA

Next gen. sequencing.
Repeating problems 151
Do you believe in exponential curve?
Repeating problems.

Digital micro-mirror. Repeat.
Tiny light positions. 60
Spacially patterned light.
Microscopy. Repeator. Bio-fab facility.
Synthetic life copy. 151.

Replace sequence with cells. Repeat.
151 Beads. Unzipping the genetic strand.
Adam and Eve. The cables – umbilical link Tao
of Joyce. Dynamo Hum of resolution of

So called Junk DNA
in schroedinger flux.
Undefined until observed. Hermaphrodite.
Maximum potential. Protein and Semantic goo,
separate results?

combinations of transcripts. Repeat
Cut ups. Repeat Human gene pool.
Repeat. Meme pool.
copy spray run from and into life.

Cell Division? Phoneme vs. Bit.
Atom vs. Meme. Gene vs. Non-simultaneous
Apprehension. 151

The next generation of genetic sequencing maybe be done with greatest dexterity by those who have studied poetry. Finnegans Wake - gene, genealogy, genre, gender, genus, genius, genesis and Guinnesses, seems to me a book of life, or as close to such a book of 'wisdom language' as we have ever seen produced, without the aid of programmable computers.

We have many parallels between the structure of Genetics systems and the structure of language systems, and while some have produced solid arguments that the language of I-Ching can be described as Isomorphic with the structure of DNA, western science still seems to operate as if non-local phenomena and paranormal phenomena are in the realm of mysticism and pseudo-science. And it's in and around this area of cognitive psychology, pattern recognition, phenomenology, gene expression and gene sequencing, that I propose Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake', and the genetic strands of HCE and ALP that finally shine brightest and brighter than any single - new science of cognition, genetics, neuroscience etc.

Claude Shannon draws attanetion to the redundancy of information expressed in the special language of Finnegans Wake. This redundancy, repeating, difference engine is central, I feel, to helping geneticists figure out how to fill the missing holes in the DNA strands, that are preventing the first synthetic biological cells from being created. As the work to solve a cross-word puzzle can help break the code of a riddle, the textual analysis of litarary scholars and semiotic interpretation of scripture can help geneticists piece together the genetic code, or the special sequence. (See Terence Mckenna describing why the King Wen - Sequence - was important for understanding the time-wave).

A sequence brings to mind a musical sequence, and also the noticable boundaries between stiff scientists such as 'most-but-not-all' geneticists, and Artists, poets, musicians and painters. Once again, in the Wake we find the expression of the Junk DNA, the voids of minds vacuum, the dark matter that hums in the background, the gas in the room that leaves faint traces, or the faint arcs of light created by spectroscopy. Finnegans Wake has already synthesized the Human Genome, in some sense, and, but, gone the next step further and expressed them - the genomes - in a precise matrix "a polyhedron of all scripture". And furthermore, with some encouragement from Dr. Robert Anton Wilson reading, interacting-processing with FW can produce paranormal experiences.

I would like to add to this FW genetics thought some 'fly' genetics, as I have studies closely the history of genetics in it's close relationship with Insects, in a particular the fly. Furthermore I discovered that Muscarine, found in nature within the Fly Agaric mushroom - is known widely as a cholinergic and familiar to every doctor, medical student to make it a ubiquitous substance. Fly's and Fly Agaric share a tale with a toad, and a toadstool, whereby the toad's would learn through evolutionary programming to hang-around fly agaric mushrooms, because intoxicated flies, and other insects would be easy meat, while in that drunken possible muscarinic high, and so throughout folklore and history a linguistic structure has been bult up, throughout different cultures, reflecting these biological and evolutionary processes. I see this HYPERconnectivity found in nature, as a biological process, or symbiotic intersection of processes that define my philo-epistemological model of Wakean bioinformatics.

More soon...

The “genetics” of the Wakean triads H.C.E. and A.L.P. would thus entail what Deleuze and Guattari have described as “propagation by epidemic, by contagion” which no longer “has anything to do with filiation by heredity [...] even if the two themes intermingle and require each other.

A copy number variation (CNV) is a segment of DNA in which copy-number differences have been found by comparison of two or more genomes. The segment may range from one kilobase to several megabases in size.[1] Humans (being diploid) ordinarily have two copies of each autosomal region, one per chromosome. This may vary for particular genetic regions due to deletion or duplication. -

1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16, 21, 28, 37, 49, 65, 86, 114, 151, 200, 265, --

"A spiral can be formed based on connecting the corners of a set of 3 dimensional cuboids. This is the Padovan cuboid spiral. Successive sides of this spiral have lengths that are the Padovan sequence numbers multiplied by the square root of 2. --

'as my ownhouse and microbemost cosm when I am reassured by
ratio that the cube of my volumes is to the surfaces of their
subjects as the sphericity of these globes – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake. Page 151.

'To tell how your mead of, mard, is made of. All old
Dadgerson's dodges one conning one's copying and that's what
wonderland's wanderlad'll flaunt to the fair. – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Page 210.

Garaj Mahal 2002: Great American Music Hall. set 2. w/ dj Fly Agaric.

set two W/ Dj. Fly Agaric.

Collection: : GarajMahal
Band/Artist: Garaj Mahal
Date: April 5, 2002 (check for other copies)
Venue: Great American Music Hall
Location: San Francisco, CA


Never Give Up
Mondo Garaj
Be Dope*
Material Girl
Gulam Sabri
Poodle Factory
e: Kiss

Here's a google books generated tag cloud for RAW.

Reads like poetry, crammed together.

--Steve Fly

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PC 2012 is for Prophets Conference: 2012 Tipping Point.

Taleweave TwaintyTweleave

Thanks Borsky, you got me cooking on this too. Most of my questions and remarks here are probably addressed at one of the great links above, but I'll wade through some thoughts anyhow... RAW Wavetime,

Where to start? I think that A.N Whitehead, a mathematical philosopher, remains one of Mckenna’s acknowledged sources for 'Novelty theory' 'timewave'  (if you will),  who gets generally overlooked by his critics, like Jung too, who Terence has lectured on, and not forgetting McLuhan and Joyce, coincidancely; or the fact that his theory was brilliantly approximated and first launched to a wider reading audience in Cosmic Trigger (1977).

Besides the rare and complex manual – The Invisible Landscape (which I have read, but find hard work to translate into meaningful, useful sentences, but hell, maybe I’ll give that a shot next week?) I would be interested to read anyone on Whitehead and/or Wilson, who has passed pre-judgement of Terence Mckenna as a cranky dippy hippy. Not that I believe in Novelty Theory and the principle of “Concressence” as described by Whitehead, but I feel that they fit nicely, poetically with the some of the more optimistic models and metaphors for our collective futures, and they just sound better to me than Apocalypse and Armageddon.

Concressence, ahhhhhh, yes, sounds like the noise a river might make or a tree canopy in the wind, and it sounds to me little bit like ‘Consilence’ a word coined by Edward O. Wilson to mean a jumping together of knowledge. I recall that the strange attractor, invoked by Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake and Terence Mckenna, was called by Terence, among other things, the transcendental Object at the end of time. (um, and here I always like to throw in the time-machine tale of the tribe, described by Terence here, in an interview I secured for the MQ from Paul Krassner.

“One idea i have for an end of history scenario: Time travel becomes more and more discussible, finally there are laboratories working on it, finally there is a prototype machine, finally it's possible to conceive of a test; and so on the morning of December 12, 2012, at the world Temporal Institute headquarters in the Amazon Basin, by a worldwide, high definition, three-dimensional hook up, the entire world tunes in to see the first flight into time. -

Wishful thinking on my behalf leads me to this kind of time-travel scenario, but I envision a more widely accessible – craft – for accessing the new and as yet, fully developed – time-travel device. Ha, think Mcfly, think! And of course, I wish that this technology-language transformation happens – out of the control of the worlds current - energy, food, drug and media mafia – at an invisible college, or something, I dunno’ Timetravel would be heretical, and branded as Time terrorism for sure, so I Imagine then that these experiments in 2012 would have to be carried out in relative secret, for a more probable success. Hold on....what am I saying here....OK, so, I’ll come clean, I am a compulsive 2012 phenomena obsessive, maybe due to my initial LSD driven flights into Mayan dreamspell Calendar consciousness, or the Millennium fever, or Terence dying on us like that, and me sort of pledging, in a naive fashion – to continue the work, and find the others who felt that Terence Mckenna was a Shaman of our times who was being sincere in his scientific based research into time, being, consciousness, and the Universe. Call me a sucker, but I was sold, and still am to some degree, due my compulsive imprints of 2012 meme’s in the mid 1990’s.

Last Friday I bought the new 2012: Science or Superstition, book by Alexandra Bruce published by Disinformation books, and as an adjunct to the DVD of the same name. The book has stimulated some new thoughts on the phenomena, and I have found the information more palatable in text form than on the DVD, realizing how visual aids and flashy production in video documentaries often detract from the information at hand, as much as they may help communicate information. With so many different theories, references and characters to wade through when evaluating the 2012 phenomena, I find that the steady pace of reading a physical book, and pausing to do a little web research along the way, helps the processing of the new information sink in, at least for me, and for the 2012 pehenomena. (Drum roll please)

Although this writing here is not in E-Prime, I can appreciate the positive effects given off when one uses certain semantic hygiene when describing certain phenomena, and I feel that the entire 2012 industry now emerging on the fringes of Hollywood and the New Age circuit and book clubs would benefit, and be a whole lot more useful to humanity, if they adopted E-Prime, or other scientifically, operationalist’ oriented language. After all, one model not mentioned in the book – yet – that I imagine for the 2012 Solstice is a complete revision of languages, maybe the English language will become useless in the face of the new technology awaiting us, just around the corner, you know, the translinguistic goo or T9000 Glossalalia?... (excuse me, I’m off into a short story scene once more.)

The end of the word! Might fit with the idea of the end of history, in that without words the imperial history of empire and all that resembles it, crumbles into dust, and then gas, big farts escaping out into the cosmos. Yeah, and Finnegans Wake has done most of the hard work for us, yeah, you knew FW would come into this didn’t you, eh. Haha. Well, I got this from Bobby really, but I do think that FW and the 2012 phenomena are complimentary to each other in that they both represent the end of the word, but also, interestingly to me, link to the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.

Oh, and one other thing about Terence and the 2012 phenomena, one thing that distinguishes Terence from the rest of the crowd seems to be not only his adoption of positive psychoactive drug related theories connecting ancient cultures and the use of various intoxicating sacraments, such as DMT by various time-space obsessed shamans around the world, to gain insight into the sub-microscopic and macro-cosmological realms, but Mckenna’s modern day - active resistance - and campaigning against prohibition and the criminal war on some people who use some drugs, he was in the brave warrior tradition of Leary, Wilson and a few others.

So I ask the question, can we have our world block-party 2012, and time-travel wherever we like, without our drugs? Umm, now, that kind of question raises the question of a chemically mediated 2012 phenomena, a super happy knowledge virus? Edible internet Solstice sales? But seriously, as I just read somewhere in the book – many of the 2012 experts have not had a psychedelic experience, but claim to know all about Mayan culture, their symbolism and calendar and what they mean.

I must, as a bit of a psychonaut myself, that the insight gained from positive tripping on psychedelic compounds of one form or another might be THE most important experience and question for any scientist, in any field, anywhere, as it brings into question the nature of the experiment, the experimenter and hidden variables with a striking clarity and neutrality, at least in my limited experiences. Terence often seemed to me echoing this sentiment, and again, other than Leary and Wilson, and maybe Bill Hicks, I was not hearing such, balls out, positive and exciting messages from anywhere else, not in music, or literature or in the movies, and certainly not on TV. I throw my arms up and praise Bob for the directions in culture and literature he gave us, to help find other Terence Mckenna’s and Timothy Leary’s in history and the modern day, and lead the laymen into the backdoor to their library and study rooms.

Due to finishing off my Novel that includes the members of RAW’s tale of the tribe scenario Universe, I can’t help but notice that many ideas surrounding the 2012 phenomena – geological phenomena, meteorite strikes, time and calendars, Prophecy, precognition and paranormal phenomena, historicism, cosmology, anthropology and strange alternative ideas to rock the mainstream opinion and poke at the standard model – are treated in a most scientific and rational but far from – dry – manner by RAW. And that’s not news, but I wanted to mention Giambattista Vico in particular – and by default Joyce – due to their correspondence with the principles of world ages – shifting ages – cyclical ages.

Here, I guess, might be a good place to start a cross-cultural interdisciplinary study into the 2012 phenomena using Vico, Joyce, McLuhan and Dr. Wilson as quality critters, or guides to processing Maya world ages, the five ages of ancient Greece, Biblical ages, Hindu world age doctrine (Feat. Michael Cremo!), Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine – World Ages. Bobby has already covered some of this ground too, with his work on McLuhan, Vico, Joyce and RAW. I’ll go back and have another look.

I’ll try and keep this thread moving with some different models for the 2012 phenomena that I hope stimulate as much fun thoughts in you as they have in me. So, here’s my first quote from the book, enjoy.

“Hemlines are rising and falling, in a rhythm based on the rise and fall of empires millennia ago and these things are as causally linked as the orbit of the earth is linked to the sun, you see, because we are being drawn towards the attractor through shorter and shorter epochs...there’s a final 6 day period when all of these things are compressed again.

So, you see what’s happening? The spiral is tightening, as it goes faster and faster. The resonances are impinging. The thing is getting nuttier, and nuttier and nuttier, as computers link all cultures together, all informational barriers dissolve. Everything is becoming connected to everything else, not only everything in the present moment but all past moments, as well are being drawn, compressed, squeezed into the transcendental object at the end of time.” – Terence McKenna, 2012: Science or Superstition, page 152.”

I Swear, I didn’t know that quote ended with transcendental Object at the end of time, which I referred to earlier.

The Timewave Wave and the mayan calendar have a simultaneous focus on the Winter Solstice 2012, why? And How that? To forget the possible galactic alignment, plasma storms, magnetic pole-shift and global catastrophe scenarios, I ask the seemingly naive question: was it an innocent surprise to find that the timewave goes vertical, just as the great Mayan cycle ends/begins again in 2012, or did they build the timewave to fit the Mayan cosmology, based on their trip to South America in 71? and what of the I-CHING, umm?

Are there any comparative studies of Timewave 2012 by native Chinese scholars? I think Terence used an older Neolithic lunar calendar in which 64 six-line hexagrams –384 lines in all—had represented the 384 days in a thirteen month lunar year, which reminds me a little of Ezra Pound’s interest in the old Chinese cultures, time-keeping and the Naxi rites, King Wen appears in the Cantos, but I have been unable to decipher much of the context, but maybe Timewave is inherent in the Cantos, due to the concressence of historical events spinning in the vortex of Pound’s language, maybe there’s a similar parallel with the Wake, in that the Timewave attractor lives within the special compressed language, and history has lost its linear monopoly on time, somewhat, and a new hierarchy of values can take hold, with their own internal order and cosmology, wheels, gyres and cogs to interpret space-time and causality. Perhaps...

And linking to how I first started this post.

I have attended 2 Prophets Conferences (now called The Great Re-thinking), both in 2000 e.v. And both to check for myself who - Robert Anton Wilson - was. I got sacked by the Prophets for not getting Dr. Wilson to his presentation - "The Universe Contains A Maybe" - early enough, although still ON time.

A few months later Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was also sacked by the Prophets - banished from any more conferences - due to (bad language). He writes about this ordeal in his book "TSOG: The Thing that ate the constitution", with support from Maybelogic Academy Faculty teacher: David J. Brown.

So, with this small bit of personal insight I wish to develope some kind of bridge here, especially due to the fact that Dr. Wilson past over to the multiverse and is no longer with us. If not a full pardon, then at least a recognition of the contributions Dr. Robert Anton Wilson has made to the sane, multiple, probabalistic interpretations of the 2012 phenomena.

A huge constellation of great thinking and thinkers live in the works of RAW. I feel that the 2012 Tipping Point can be clarified and rationalized by introducing the evidence from both the book 'Cosmic Trigger' and 'Quantum Psychology' by RAW. Will the scholarship and comprehensive "representation" of all the complex data - historical, linguistic, calendrical, psychological, political, - with such added levity? I certainly hope so.

Maybe by 2012, 15% of the worlds population will be reading a little of the works of Robert Anton Wilson. Then, maybe we can have the technological singularity, the Galactic alignment, the re-doubling of information each nano-second, etc. And more, the Christian Apocalypse, the age of the magicians, the introduction of a new Universal ideogramic type of language structure? All these models can be accomadated with the encyclopedic wisdom inside the books, if it can be extracted and applied practically, in one's own life of the mind.

I wish the conference and all who are fortunate enough to attend it good luck in deciphering and re-thinking the 2012 phenomena.

Might I also recommend the new book from disinfo company: 2012: SCIENCE OR SUPERSTITION? See their new website,

�For millennia, mankind had wandered in the darkness�but now, as had been prophesied, there was a change coming. After hurtling blindly through history, mankind has reached a crossroads. This moment had been predicted long ago, prophesied by the ancient texts, by the primeval calendars, and even by the stars themselves. The date was specific, its arrival imminent. It would be preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge�a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness and give mankind a final chance to veer away from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.�

—Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
2012 Tipping Point - The Philosophy

The purpose of the Maya coming to this planet was very specific: to leave behind a definite set of clues and information about the nature and purpose of our planet at this particular time in the solar system and in the galactic field.
—Jose Arguelles

We believe it is now possible to achieve a society where people would be able to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful productive lives. In such a society, the measure of success would be based upon the fulfillment of one�s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property, and power. Although many of the concepts presented here may appear as unattainable goals, all of the ideas are based upon known scientific principles.
—Jacque Fresco

The purpose of this conference is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan prophecy � as referring to the end of the world as we have known it: a world dominated by unbridled violence and insatiable greed, egotistic hierarchy of values, corrupted institutions and corporations, and irreconcilable conflicts between organized religions. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity.
—Stanislav Grof

I do see a new birth of human consciousness underway. And when these things happen they can sometimes happen very fast. So I cannot rule out at all the possibility that all of us are going to be looking at the mystery and meaning of life in a very different way very soon and that date 21st. of December 2012 sticks in my mind as one that is really worth consideration.
—Graham Hancock

There is a revolution underway in how we understand ancient Maya metaphysics, astronomy, and other traditions related to 2012. 2012 is about transformation and renewal on a global scale.
—John Major Jenkins

Congratulations�you are among a select Group of souls who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time! The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
—Christine Page

As we complete this apocalyptic passage, we will conceive ourselves, increasingly, as fractal expressions of a unified field of consciousness and sentient aspects of a planetary ecology�the Gaian mind�that is continually changed by our actions, and even our thoughts.
—Daniel Pinchbeck

The Hour Is Coming, And Now Is — Daniel Pinchbeck
Future By Design: Beyond Money Politics & War — by Jacque Fresco
2012: Advent of the Supermental Earth — by Jose Arguelles
2012 � A Pole Shift in Our Collective Psyche — by John Major Jenkins

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