Smoke and Mirrors and Cannabis. SMOKE THE LAW!

To the States or any one of them, or any city of the States:
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this Earth,
ever afterward resumes its liberty.
--Walt Whitman.


The un-expansion of environments and free-spaces for human beings to smoke (ANYTHING) has been rapidly expanding in its constrictive powers over the last 3 years. On a global scale, a new mushroom cloud or umbrella of zero-tollerance has formed--like the terrifying image of maybe 40 thermo-nuclear war-heads exploding over all over these territories and spaces, they are blanketed with the FOG of law in this sense if viewed from outer-space. The BUTT of the joke about any kind of smoking ban clings to the THC in the toke. You’d have to be stoned to put up with this insult to human intelligence and sensibility. Laughing Crying Screaming LCS!

Interestingly every smoking ban does NOT cover non-human entities such as motor vehicles, turbine engines, Nuclear power stations, factories, media-stations, smoking Bazookas et cetera. Which produce a HELL OF A LOT of smoke! Didn’t you know by now that where’s there’s SMOKE, there’s fire, and Mirrors.

What is a smoke these days, what does this NO Smoking sign really mean in your city? A Smoke could be:
  • b. A hit of TOAD SLIME from a pipe.
  • c. A sauna with 3000 rashes of smoky bacon
  • d. A Blow job (as in many places to smoke pole means to suck on a Blair-pipe)
  • e. A Tabasco laced Tobacco cigarette. (Reputedly smoked by James Joyce. c.f)

But i am causing confusion here where there should be more clarity, i suppose you must have a common faith and reasonable restraint, some common horse-sense and to have a common council and sensibility to read and believe what NO SMOKING means within the many different contexts a,b,c,d,e; et cetera; and then make such judgement and action as one would see proper and fit. But one glance at any Drug Prohibition programe shows them to be playing a similar game of confusion. But without any jokes or interesting footnotes.

DAMNBIGUATION seems an appropriate new word to describe the problem of the Smoking Ban getting taken seriously by any thinking individual capable of catching an elevator. How can Tobacco and marijuana be both legal and illegal at the same time, as seems to now be the case, the legal case at least at the present time here in the Netherlands? What of the rest of the world?


DAMNBIGUATION. a. Tobacco. b. Marijuana. (What is SKUNKweed?) The pop media and all the big pharma marketing and magik companies know all about DAMNBIGUATION it seems. They use ambiguity every moment of every single fresh day to keep the masses breathing exhaust fumes and paying for wars in their hall of mirrors, in the HAZE. The FOG OF The LAW. The word-corpsemanure camp. And the war on some people, and some animals, that use some pharmacological compounds, to accent the greek PHARMAKON seems the most absurd of all their absurd quasi-mystical law-spell-word magic law-spell-binding. Today for me the word PHARMAKON would be a far more informative and helpful word to use as a substitute for DRUG so as to kick that DAMNBIGUATION drug-word habit in the BUTT, right NOW! I am styling myself here a bit like the BBC Newsnight culture correspondent Stephen Smith who says, "We've been trying to penetrate the fog surrounding cannabis to sort a few facts from the myths.

But, lets not ramble too far from smell of scent of the shit here. Something is very very exciting to me about the prospect that establishments around the world can unite in allowing MARIJUANA to be consumed inside their establishments as an ILLEGAL substance is not covered in any Tobacco ban or other law that prohibits consumption in public places such as cafes, bars, and restaurants. Put up a sigh that says. MARIJUANA SMOKERS AND SMOKE TOLLERATED HERE. Thankyou for POT smoking.

The Dutch double bind here seems to me to be in the relationship between Coffee-shop Authorities and the seperate municipality Authorities. Some but not all of the Dutch Municipality authorities overlook with toleration a limited amount of establishments and a limited amount of people to bend the law a little bit to provide a little environment in which people can buy and smoke a little bit of quality MARIJUANA. In a safe environment.

But even this tentative relation-shop between different authorities seems under threat these days, in 2008 with some but not all coffeeshops folding due to less business and more regulations and crippling laws to abide by such as. NO ADVERTISING. NO ALCHOHOL. NO TOBACCO. NO DANCING. And the list of things you can’t do inside a building in most--but not all--of Europe and America reels out in comparative length with the receipts from all the international trade in arms, sugar, oil and more terrible steel; reeling for miles and miles. When was the last time a LAW was passed that increased the individuals freedoms, or i might say when was the last time a law was abolished that gave individuals greater freedoms to live and love as they please. (Gay Marriage?).


No matter how you look at it the passing of more laws creates more potential criminals, and in a shady would where everybody is a potential criminal for one reason or another, the passing of more laws just increases the possible amount of criminal psychological impressions often associated with paranoia, illness and depression. And the popular phrase’s used worldwide like “we are passing these laws to protect YOU the public, YOU the employee and YOU the human being” echo throughout the lands. LIES! The more laws they pass the more criminals they create. THEY in this context referring to TSOG (TSARIST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT). CCTV. DNA database Church of deception.

We the people are simply asking the question to all authority, why, why do you think you know so much and so rightly that you can mediate and moderate what we do, how we choose to live life, how we remain healthy and happy? If life, happy-ness and love are what we choose for our lives then WHY do you think that YOU know so much about MY life, OUR lives, the people. I often think that they should just leave US alone and let us get on with living. And living is what I choose, and living is what we the people choose. Let the death monsters and hate filled war mongers have their death matches, and let them have their laws all for themselves. But please, have the common human sense and dignity to let those who choose life choose for themselves how they live their life. Sharing, caring and remaining open for communication.


In contrast to snooping, greedy and closed-minded government, private profit based economic and business practices in 2008 it seems easy to expand on my point here that the reverse of these mental health problems afflicting most of the worlds powerful institutions and governments are our greatest weapons. To walk tall and be seen. With a flower in your mouth a every human being in your heart. WE THE PEOPLE. Of a general heart march into our life. Our free choice. We march into ourselves and our life and continue questioning everything, especially authority. Yet living our lives as if a UTOPIA is right here right now, in our sensory, sensual world. AND NOTHING CAN EVER STOP THE REVOLUTIONARY HUMAN MIND AND NERVOUS SYSTEM FOR REVOLUTIONIZING. All Empires have fallen in the mind indestructable. So mote it be.

--Fly Agaric 23.

Legalize Herb ECONOMY! BY FLY AGARIC 23:

Legalize. Make new markets.
Marijuana Markets. End the recession,.
Make more jobs. Legalize the weed, man!
The only economic option for any country 2008

A Stimulant package, for the economy.
Upswing, and gains for the brains canabinoid receptors
Swings and curves, relaxing nerves.

New marijuana markets.
Rebuild the US economy with weeds
Thats all you needs
Seeds no need to be bleeding for oil.
Plant the herb in the soil

Green economics without Grass seems like
A Copyright infringement.

Marijuana markets to boost the economy
Of all nations, more jobs, cropping,
Sewing seeds, fiber, paper fuel,
Foods, culture of Cannabis.--Fly Agaric 23

The Fuming Ban.
July 1st 2008.

Tobacco. Firearms. And the War on some people who mediate some Pharmakos’

I arrived back into Amsterdam today at 11:45 am. By 11:45 pm i was contemplating the proposed “smouldering ban” which according to some media outlets--took effect--today, here in the Netherlands. CNN, Channel four and other popular media gas stations had apparently, according to what people were telling me at work, included my workplace (Coffeeshop 420) in the some of the news items. CNN is a familiar gas-station to your present author and so is the BBC in an equal and opposite way. I have observed much spin and semantical distortions from these gas stations overe the past 15 years, and the “fumming ban” here in the Netherlands seems to have attracted the big media DOGS! But still, i’ll wage my bacon that most but not all major media “telecommunications GAS Stations” have a vested interest in semantical distortions, especially and most OBVIOUSLY to thinking individuals, in the puffed up category of newsmedia speak “DRUGS” the ultimate haze. A media created HYPER SKUNK. ILNNES MADNESS and Hyper-CRIMINAL. No purple. Without any Green. A grey noun in the paper print world of unimaginable darkness and squalid suffering. The NEWSPEAK word DRUG, Drugging itself and its faithful readers.

“Every citizen will choose the type of health care he or she wants,” --Guns and Dope Party.

I have found the word “DRUGS” to be maybe the most misused, abused and mistyfying catch-phrase that the major media corportaions--some, by the way who are in business link projects and stock-ties and bonds with giant pharmacological corporations--are in my opinion exhausting our human sensibility and our sanity with these meaningless, structurally inconsistent NEWSPEAKINGS. (To use one of the most common catch phrases for a deceptive and inherently snaky language).

Dr. Robert Anton Wilson suggests the semantical update of transforming the phrase “war on drugs” used in the worlds popular mainstream news media gasphere into “The war on SOME people who use SOME drugs”. I agree with Bob that this kind of semantical approach to “drugs” at the very least might make us find a theasaurus and look up the word drugs and discover the array of meanings possibly associated with drugs. Not to mention the mostly negative impression of drugs and crime as a sprawling monster that stalks our streets like a giant squid in the fog of night! I need not go on here about more examples of semantical distortions and ill-defined gossip column style reports revolving around “The war on some people who use some drugs” its everywhere, like a black Death resurrected by Burroughs. A Word Virus int he matrix. ‘DRUGS’.

It has to be legally defined in human language to make a law of it. DMT is an example of this kind of unknown legal status, until quite recently. How do you make something unknown illegal? make new categories?
POT IS DEFINED AS BEING ILLEGAL BY THE LAW AND SO CANNOT BE ILLEGALIZED BY A SMOKING BAN ON TOBACCO, in the Netherlands. as long as cannabis remains illegal it will be possible to smoke it inside a coffeeshop according to dutch law in 2008.


Global legalization and full scientific help, medical support.
Fly Agaric 23 addresses the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The whole world has been portrayed and re-represented in a new dream language, wake up. It seems to me that language is our closest and most powerful ally in the war on some people who use some drugs. The only political, poetic and consciousness research based GAME in town these days, where fair, scientific, logical and responsible and balanced methods seems to fail and pale at the EXPERIENCE itself, and so medieval dogma and religious superstition move forward, trying to take over, monopolize and police language, meaning and THOUGHT> This appears to me as the cutting edge, a place for me to take a stand against the Tsarist/Nazi Occupied Governments around the world and their illegal "Drug Fnord" wars, and disinformation campaigns against the citizens of planet earth so as to continue with THEIR business selling germs and steel to Gangsters. Crime against GOD. Crime against Nature! Have some decency common man!

Until the global police, who reinforce the single-sighted, irrational and meaningless "War on drugs" bust into Monsanto, GalaxoSmithKiline and the other worldwide "Phamacological Dope Dealing Syndicates" and/or violently shutting down every supermarket and "Drug" store, only then can we have a sensible meaning to any “War on Drtugs” and also only then can we equal intelligent conversation and rational discussion about "The War on Some People who use Some drugs." Communication is only possible between equals. I am your humble servant, fly agaric.

Before The United Nation's and/or any other political authority wishes to fight a war on something i suggest that their experts and strategic agents first define what DRUG means, to them. Their "The War on drugs" appears to me as an example of the very very bad language used and perpetuated by Officials, Agents, Police, Politicians and then fanned and propagated outwards by convenient News Media. What they are trying hard to avoid is defining this smart business strategy as the "War on some people who use Some drugs." Accentuating the HUMAN doer and the ACTION user in the sentence.

A better way to fight the 51st "War on drugs" maybe to replace Police with Poets, or people with a better understanding of neuro-semantics. Linguists and Novelists, magicians, independent journalists, warrior-poets etc.

When you can internalize and realize that the war on drugs is more precisely the "War on some people who use some drugs". Questions start to arise from the increased semantical data provided by the additional words: "some people" and "use some drugs". Who and what might be the next question. These questions are a key to breaking through the veil of disinformation surrounding the fake and fantastically expensive "War on drugs" and also the more recent Tobacco laws.

Drug still means what Hippocrates and Galen understood it to mean: a substance that instead of being overcome by the body and assimilated in nutrition is instead capable of "Overcoming" it.

A war on the above statement shows the neglect and abuse of language and sensibility towards possibly the greatest revolutionary force known to mankind: the human brain-body nervous system, an interaction between an array of other forces--neural semantic forces--and your interacting nervous forces and a third interacting "Interaction" force of the two. Mixed in space/time to produce the moment. A moment. Moments of YOGA you might say. The Coming together of two things, and all this experience being dependent upon all the varying conditions and sensory data available. When, where, how and why you made your reading. That some drugs involved in this interactive biological process, evolving over hundreds of thousands of years by interacting with other biological neural networks. To suggest humans are somehow involved in a "War" with this seems to me like saying you have Billions of villains running through your body-brain interface. Insurgent chemical criminals.

Yet, "The War on Drugs" continues, and to the fundamentalist materialist maybe the crazy poet and his dream language are a deranged monstrosity, resulting from loosing one's mind to those very drugs. Yet, be that as it may, crazy poetry continues to be the most powerful weapon in the "War on Some peole who use some Drugs." Have you read the Mainstream corporate headlines today and compared them with Blake or Li Po?

--Fly Agaric 23
JULY 4th 2008.