The birth claws and death of santa by Steve Fly


snowdon falls

king kong is out hunting

mynah birds

blizzard strikes

kong shelters in a barn

where merry mary

is giving birth next to

a mare also giving

birth to two colts

the next morning

kong awakens

at new-grange

the barn has gone

child and colts remain

child is called santa

arguments begin

in the village about

who will be foster


a decision is made

on several dwarfs


santa aged 9

overhears dwarf nick

speaking to his pals

about the future police


santa decides to

design some survival


kong's weapon of

brute strength is the only

one capable of withstanding

the santa spasm

age11 santa returns

from America where

he raged for 90 days

still in his battle fury and

everyone afraid

women reveal breasts

perform bum shaking

and twerk

to ease the frothing frenzy

santa catches

glance of a large pair

he stumbles

and quickly townsfolk

wrestle him into a

trash can full of cold

deer piss

which explodes


at 14 santa

begs to join the boy-scouts

but is refused and runs off

hiding in chimneys

and barns

santa arrives at a

football field

he joins the game

takes the ball to his feet

and nobody can get it

back from him

eventually the other boys

gang up and attack santa

he goes into a red

hulk spasm and

beats them all upside

the head

shortly after

king kong spots santa

from the hill

and invites him to his

solstice barbecue

but kong forgets

after going fuzzy over

a girl called fay

and when santa arrives

at the kong palace

a guard dog is loose and

attacks santa

thinking him a red

faced intruder

santa kills the hound

in self-defence

throwing the dog down

a well

santa makes a vow to take

the dogs place as

guardian of the palace

a druid poet called penny

announces santa

will have a new name

santa claws


his hair was 

blue at the base

blood-red crimson

in the middle and

a crown of emerald


a triple helix

flaying out

shining strands rappelling

the shoulder

78 neat red-blue curls

around his neck and head

covered with one

hundred crimson

threads encrusted with

gems and weird fungus

four dimples in each cheek

yellow green crimson

and blue

seven bright pupils

eye-jewels in each

his feet have seven

toes and each hand

seven fingers

his nails shaped

like a hawks claw


santa was fed reindeer meat

stolen from reduced food

isle at Tesco by an old crone

tired and on the road

santa dropped his guard and lost

his magical red

spasm power

his reindeer and

his sleigh-driver were killed

outright by police horse

meat poison

santa was badly wounded

and entered the death trip

he tied himself to a rock

covered in lichen

he starts the perilous journey

through the bardo

questioning death

and the beyond

immortality and presents

flash-backs descend on his brow

the well

the dead dog

suddenly a crow lands

on his shoulder and whispers

the word rudolph

in his ear

which kills him with grief

and dispair

li sao

for sorrow

after one brief

reincarnation in a

bottle of sugar

santa came back again

in a cauldron

when a group of

kids started spitting

and singing to the

bubble-full elixir

new santa climbs out

the cauldron

only to be attacked

by more angry dwarves and

brutally cannibalised

his blood was drained

into two separate socks

frozen and put into storage

in the old kitchen next to

a dark wooden barn

as the snowdon falls

--Steve fly agaric 23


CHU 3D Graffiti Cube 2010


Uploaded on 25 Oct 2010:           
OPENS 6pm, THURSDAY 28TH OCTOBER at CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS. Then every Saturday & Sunday 2pm - 6pm until Sunday 14th Novemeber.

This is a walk in one person experience. Shoes off, glasses on, step inside the 3rd dimension! (Glasses provided).

Artwork by Chu. Cordy House by Mutate Britain.

Lo saturnalia

Lo saturnalia
drink new flesh 
news flash
equiknocking em

back with kwantum

through Mukhomor
flowing on about many

drunken bard pist
somber past

felt like tao-mouche
Amen EAT!
born from

woids into la
dark mother Earth:
early autumn

Δtummy full
mummiflied earth
nourishing dark belly of

receptive southwestern
mother mother

Weak yielding
and democratic mother
Dharmadollar ghosts
Holy dung

holy graal leg
Ξnds grow

To brew Tea
sacred ceremony
rise you fruiting

Great Eastern Sun
saves and radiates
all perception as gamb
owl mixed
and matched inside
our skull

inside and outside
our wombowl
and under the

lands of Cyberia
Siberia and Peteurasia
raise ya.

Persian Haoma plus
➄ indole Eztheotextz
Chinese written
characters plus pranayama

may equal "stoned"
concrete mixture

Steve Fly - World Piss Chapter 21.
(line edit 21/12/13)

360 Panorama Flight of the navigator

In London, on my last visit next to Victoria station sits a square glass metal and mirror area with a few shops and some offices The mirrored object presented a great chance for a pano' love, steve fly
Flight Of The Navigator in London


Steve The Fly is following up on the amiri Baraka treatise comparing the work of Charles Olson & Sun Ra with this episode featuring recordings by the principals plus selections by Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Archie Shepp, Langston Hughes, Jack Kerouac, and William Butler Yeats.--John Sinclair.

Steve The Fly is following up on the amiri Baraka treatise comparing the work of Charles Olson & Sun Ra with this episode featuring recordings by the principals plus selections by Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Archie Shepp, Langston Hughes, Jack Kerouac, and William Butler Yeats. - See more at:

The Garden Giant & Mycototes

Paul Stamets uncovers one of his developments in the mycoremediation field. "Mycototes" offer a mobile/expandable cultivation structure. The mycotes can be used for capturing E. coli, breaking down hydrocarbons, and that the mushrooms that form are "clean" with the caveat that if heavy metals are in the substrate, that would render them inedible.

Make a NEW mountain by Steve Fly

sweet mountain
sprawling giant
big enough to move
 hearts to
top to peak the top story

mountain top
from which views to the
four corners are processed
clear sight
for every

brave bulge
of sheer rock
spurting out from

the ground
towards the sun
upwards, higher
reaching outword
released spells

snow capped
mount' of marvelous

the world hq
of snowdon

open source
activity weekend
family research centre

mount Snowdon
is our vision
our headquarters
shamanic entities gather
about these rocks and trees

we rain psychic acid on
curse to cripple
our ecosystem

snow what
everything comes out

we make it NEW
you cling to the

we make it NEW.
you cling to the OLD

make it

--Steve Fly

Microbiome of the upper troposphere: Species composition and prevalence, effects of tropical storms, and atmospheric implications.


The composition and prevalence of microorganisms in the middle-to-upper troposphere (8–15 km altitude) and their role in aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions represent important, unresolved questions for biological and atmospheric science. In particular, airborne microorganisms above the oceans remain essentially uncharacterized, as most work to date is restricted to samples taken near the Earth’s surface. Here we report on the microbiome of low- and high-altitude air masses sampled onboard the National Aeronautics and Space Administration DC-8 platform during the 2010 Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes campaign in the Caribbean Sea. The samples were collected in cloudy and cloud-free air masses before, during, and after two major tropical hurricanes, Earl and Karl. Quantitative PCR and microscopy revealed that viable bacterial cells represented on average around 20% of the total particles in the 0.25- to 1-μm diameter range and were at least an order of magnitude more abundant than fungal cells, suggesting that bacteria represent an important and underestimated fraction of micrometer-sized atmospheric aerosols. The samples from the two hurricanes were characterized by significantly different bacterial communities, revealing that hurricanes aerosolize a large amount of new cells. Nonetheless, 17 bacterial taxa, including taxa that are known to use C1–C4 carbon compounds present in the atmosphere, were found in all samples, indicating that these organisms possess traits that allow survival in the troposphere. The findings presented here suggest that the microbiome is a dynamic and underappreciated aspect of the upper troposphere with potentially important impacts on the hydrological cycle, clouds, and climate.

RAWAGI: Robert Anton Wilson Artificial General Intelligence.

Since the development of raw360 in the summer of 2010, i have mused on and on about a RAW A.I. Or... i used the idea of such a thing to augment my research into the tale of the tribe, and tease out parts of RAW through his encyclopedic works that resonate, with some current theories in Artificial Intelligence, e.g, AGI: Artificial General Intelligence.

The recent news from IBM concerning the release of the WATSON A.I API for developers, brings much of my speculation much closer to the drawing board, and presents the possibility of 'testing my hypothesis' at some time in the future, if...i were to embark on this gigantic head exercise. For the time being i'll link you to an article about the new API, and a link to a post i made, roughly describing my approach to a RAW A.I or better yet, a RAWAGI: Robert Anton Wilson Artificial General Intelligence. 

More to come on this matter...

Love, steve fly.

I want to push the concept of the new raw360 environment forward a few imaginary steps, and predict new ways in which the user experience can be maximized to include real time activity (feedback) in various areas of RAW related studies.--fly, RAW A.I

"IBM announced today that it has opened up Watson to developers, including access to an API (or application programming interface) and tools for incorporating its cognitive computing into existing software. What Watson did on TV in 2011, crushing two quiz show champions with its encyclopedic knowledge and rapid response time, and what it’s doing for cancer researchers, scanning through whole archives of medical records and journaled papers, actually reading and understanding the text, as opposed to simply collecting excerpts based on keywords, it can now do for whoever’s willing to buy access."

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 - John Higgs

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 - John Higgs Published on 3 Nov 2013 Watch Part 2:


And Part 2:

Published on 6 Nov 2013
The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 2 - Daisy Eris Campbell

Acting: Oliver Senton with Kate Alderton, Nic Alderton, Josh Darcy, Mitch Davies, Nicholas Marcq.

Watch Part 1:

John Higgs (
Daisy Eris Campbell (
Hosted By Scott Wood of The London Fortean Society (

at The Horse Hospital 23/Oct/2013

Bruce Sterling: Design Fictions/Citizens and the Public Imagination

Bruce Sterling & Markus Schmidt -- Design Fiction/Citizens and the Public Imagination Bruce Sterling -- author, journalist, editor, and critic. Best known for his ten science fiction novels, he also writes short stories, book reviews, design criticism, opinion columns, and introductions for books ranging from Ernst Juenger to Jules Verne. He is a contributing editor of WIRED magazine and writes a weblog. 2005 & 2011 he was "Visionary in Residence" Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. 2008 at the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. And Guest Curator for the Share Festival of Digital Art & Culture, Torino, Italy.

Fruitfly evolved pictures of ants on its wings

A recently discovered G tridens fruitfly that has evolved a to have images of detailed, ant-like insects on each wing, complete with six legs, a thorax, antennae and a tapered abdomen. The fly uses the images defensively, waving them back and forth when threatened to create the illusion of massing ants. Many G Tridens varieties bear elaborate wing markings, but this one, discovered in Oman, is very striking. I think more beasties should have van-art bestowed on them by the strange world of evolution.


Biologists Name Newly Discovered Threadworm After Physicist Max Planck

My favourite news item of today concerns Max Plank and a thread worm. It already has the sound of a Lovecraftian science fiction drama to me. x steve fly

Biologists Name Newly Discovered Threadworm After Physicist Max Planck

"When Japanese biologist Natsumi Kanzaki and his German colleague Matthias Herrmann collected a stag beetle from an oak forest in Fukushima province, they had no idea at the time about the surprise the impressive insect concealed: a microscopic threadworm, completely unknown to the zoologists until then, was hidden on the beetle's body.

The official name Pristionchus maxplancki was bestowed on the new discovery in honour of theoretical physicist Max Planck (1858 -- 1947). The worm, only a millimetre long, becomes the first organism to carry the name of the Nobel laureate from Göttingen. --

Extremophiles: Tardigrades

Out of this world

While adaptation to a single harsh habitat is impressive, there are species which can survive a variety: the rarer polyextremophiles.

Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are tiny, eight legged animals which can survive extremes of heat and cold, low pressure and even high levels of radiation.

They have even survived exposure to space and as such are the undisputed champions of extreme environments.

Ingemar Jonsson, Associate Professor at Kristianstad University, is a specialist in tardigrade biology.
When asked what he considered their most impressive ability, he said: "Their ability to dehydrate completely when the surrounding conditions dry out, and stay in that state without any metabolism for many years or even decades, is clearly remarkable."

The way that tardigrades perform this drying-out act, however, is still a mystery.

"We know that the animal must somehow protect its basic cell structures from collapsing when water is withdrawn, and repair the damage that arises, but how this is done is unclear," Prof Jonsson.
Just like red flat bark beetles, dehydration protects tardigrades from freezing when the temperature drops, as their desiccated cells are safe from ice crystal formation.

High resolution image of a tardigrade
Microscope images reveal the tardigrade's unusual appearance
In December 2012, researchers reported observations of tardigrades able to survive being cooled to just over absolute zero, less than -270C.

They also have amazing radiation resistance: they are able to survive a thousand times more radiation than would prove fatal to humans. Again, this is due to their remarkable healing talent.

"We believe that the ability to repair damaged DNA is one of the main components of this system," said Prof Jonsson, whose recent studies have been focused on these mechanisms.

"Finding out how this works would be a breakthrough for our knowledge on tardigrades, but it would also be of considerable interest for many other fields of biology and medicine where DNA repair play a central role."

So while understanding these creatures is of interest in itself, future human benefits may also come from studies of how the extremophiles survive in the supposedly inhospitable parts of our universe.

Metro 53 Amsterdam (360 Panorama)

Tram 53 Amsterdam in Amsterdam

Steve Fly Biography from Iron Man records

Steven James Pratt a.k.a Fly Agaric 23 (Steve Fly) Biography

March 7, 2013 by

Born April 15th 1976 in Wordsley, England, and grew up as a competitive swimmer into his teens when he came across Jazz music, speed Metal, hip-hop, drum and bass, and playing drums in a school band. This led to Steven developing his drumming and DJ skills over the next 20 years.
Steve Fly’s first ‘live’ gig was drumming with ‘Surgery’ at Thorns School in 1991, and went on to play with local Stourbridge garage punk band ‘Indigo Jane’ at such venues as J.B’s Dudley, The ‘Source’, ‘The Mitre’ in Stourbridge, and support for Babylon Zoo and Fret Blanket in Kidderminster.
In 1993 Steven briefly played with Kinver based band ‘Taxi’ and recorded and album together and supported vocalist ‘Sam Brown’ at the Robin Hood R n’B club. In 1994 Steve played drums for a short time with the Birmingham based ‘live’ drum & bass band ‘Plutonik’, featuring vocalist Chrissy Van Dyke.
In 1994 fly bought his first pair of turntables, and was instantly attracted to scratching and spinning vinyl, and began buying and playing a mixture of old Jazz, new electronica, drum & bass, break-beats and other soul/funk/jazz oddities. This led to him playing records with local DJ crew’s ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Lifted’ (94-2001) and by 1998 starting a successful ‘soul/jazz/funk/breaks’ night in and around Stourbridge called ‘Pass the peas’.  Other gigs included dj slots with Craig Fields and the ‘Nazareth’ DJ crew,  and gigs at the Q-club Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Wales, and the Glastonbury festival 2000.
In 1998 Fly Agaric was billed with Fuzz Townsend on the bill for Graffiti Bastards 2, an art and music exhibition featuring and produced by CHU. This collaboration led to fly travelling up to York, and Finsbury Park studio’s to record a ‘live’ drum track for the first full album from UK left-field hip-hop crew New Flesh. (Part2, Toastie Taylor, Juice Aleem, DJ Weston) The resulting track ‘Quantum Mechanix’ turned out to be fly’s first release, launched in 1999 on Big Dada Records 0013, and stands as a testament to alternative UK hip hop at the turn of the millennium.
In 1999, together with Indian composer Surrinder Sandhu, Steve played drums and turntables on three tracks recorded at Birmingham’s D.E.P international studios and that were subsequently pressed onto 200 10” vinyl discs, all of which were stamped with a rubber ink stamp depicting the ‘Mayan Tzolkin’. Out of 200 records I probably sold 2, but it has made 2000 people smile since.
On April 10th 2000 Fly travelled to America to hear Dr Robert Anton Wilson lecture, while on his visit he had a synchronistic meeting at ‘The Planetwork’ conference with virtuoso bassist and composer Kai Eckhardt. This led to a steady flow of collaborations and gigs across the US during the next  5 years,  most notably with Jazz Funk Jam band ‘Garaj Mahal’ featuring Kai, Fareed Haque, Eric Levy and Alan Hertz, since replaced by drummer Sean Rickman. Steve Fly can be heard playing turntables on 3 cuts from their album ‘Mondo Garaj (2001) and 3 cuts from ‘Blueberry Cave’ (2005). He performed over 30 live shows in more than 10 different states including the cities New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Oakland, L.A, Saint Louis and Santa Cruz. The band have received worldwide acclaim, reviews, and praise from fellow musicians and fans alike. (see
Fly also performed as DJ with the Gregory James Band, and can be heard on the albums ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Come to me’ the latter with Bassist Benny Rietveld (Miles Davis, Carlos Santana) and a large cast of heavyweight players: Deszon Claiborne, Celia Malheiros, Tom Coster, Rasaki Aladokun, Karl Perazzo, Rita Theis and poet Craig Easley. Steven performed with Gregory at Yoshi’s Jazz club in Oakland, and other venues in San Francisco (2000-2005).
Fly played in many other jams and musical configurations during his 5 years in America, notably with Alan Hertz and Friends, No Parking (Alan Hertz and Liam Hanrahan) A Modern Fairy Tale (with Kai Eckhardt) Geo Trio  (Eric Levy, Hertz and Bobby Vega) The Fareed Haque Band. And DJ fly shared the stage at festivals and shows with artists such as Ray White, Bernie Worrell, Leo Nocentelli, Brian Jordan, Reggie Watts, Robert Walters, Tal Morris, Carlos Washington, Al Howard, Rasaki Aladokun, Skerik, Benny Reitveld, Peter Horvak, and many others.
(see:  (Search DJ Fly Agaric 23)
In October 2005, Fly flew back to the UK and temporarily put down his drum sticks and records in favour of picking up his pen, partly due to the fact he had no drums or turntables in the UK and no shows were on the horizon. By early 2006 fly had been busy over the last year mixing, remixing and creating music using Reason and sample based music on his Mac-book, his first computer since an Atari 900, some samples of which can be heard at his soundcloud account here:
In March 2007 Steve Fly moved to Amsterdam where he settled into a new life there, writing and  working at the coffeeshop 420, that happens, by chance, to be the preferred coffeeshop, and poets residence of Poet/activist John Sinclair. Over the last six years John Sinclair has had a massive influence on Steve’s musical directions and output, plus on his writing and avid reading habits. Steve lived together ‘on and off’ for 3 years with John, and has toured England, Holland, and Germany as John’s drummer and co-pilot, featuring on several recordings and dozens of live shows with fellow Amsterdam blues scholars such as: Mark Ritsema, Leslie Lopez, Vicente Pino, and Tom Worrell from New Orleans.
Late August 2010, Steve Fly hosted some of the band in who were travelling from the recent 101 runners tour of Europe, including Tom Worrell, artist Frenchy, and John. Steve quickly seized the chance to record a session while Tom and John were in town, and with the help of some friends: Leslie Lopez, Larry Hayden, and Mau we managed to get two days of recordings that turned into the album ‘Let’s Go Get Em’ on No Cover Records (2011) with artwork by CHU and Frenchy.
On 1st March 2011 Fly visited John in London to record drums along with Youth, George Butler, Brian James, Angie Brown, Alan Clayton, for 3 cuts on the new Beatnik Youth album, out on Track Records.
Since 2009 Steve fly has also been jamming with guitarist Vicente Pino, and together they have performed over 50 shows mostly in and around Amsterdam, but as far afield as Ghent, Belgium, under the name Dr Marshmallow Cubicle. The duo now have three unreleased albums, (Marshy, Sod The Rich, John Sinclair and the Amsterdam Blues Scholars) they have over 50 ‘live’ videos available on youtube (flyagaric23 – playliists). Their unique improvised guitar and drum music has captured the imagination of many people, and they’ll return to the stage in spring 2013.
Steven recently signed an album deal with Iron Man Records to produce the latest John Sinclair album due for release this summer. It features fly on drums, brushes, turntables, Cello, and production along with his star engineer Tim Egmond (Senior Modulator). The album titled ‘Mohawk’ is fly’s interpretation of John’s poems that are all taken from a suite dedicated to Thelonious Monk, and that feature tales of Be-Bop, Bird, Dizzy and Monk. The album will be crafted and designed in collaboration with Graffiti legend CHU, and together with Iron Man Records we are poised to release a total new audio/visual experience, nicely tying together the John Sinclair/Steve Fly synergy produced over the previous few years.

Liffissippi River to Joyce's Poundland

...and when the mode of the
music changes
                           the walls of the
                                    city shake

     a perspective from relative place
                  humbled individual to their part
in universe and other

single individuated mind
                                      in time
gathering tales and knick knacks
               of history into a trick bag

do you feel melody and riddim’
in verse
       word sound image sandwiches
attention to source
                   to _____ and just story

word jazz s c r a b l e m and
recontext' of everything
                   in John Coltrane and
James Joyce

              Pound’s eccentricity flows
to American in Europe, Joyce’s concentricity
                                       circulates the planet

two sides of a new shiny coin
                                    ideograms on side a
                         hologrammic prose on the flip

two torrential rivers of ink
                         bleeding shared currents

Joyce’s Be-Bop and
                             Pound’s symphonic compositions
cut and mixed together

Homeric history and Ulysses
                       in a conch shell sunset
                                  and a Dublin street fight

the inner
Joyce and the
                     Pound dynastic index
                         Irish American tell all tales

The Cantos awake
                         a wake Cantos:
                 a dream/nightmare from
which I am trying to awake

                sleepwalking giants leave
                       footprints in the mud
trackers reverse the prints
                                      into beasts

explicit Cantos give us facts
              weights and measures, the dates
places, names and flames to wit

                     implicit Finnegan offers us
truer ficts, rubber inches,
           neurological realism and the funnies J.C's Ballads versus
                                                   Stellar Regions
              it’s a whole different thing
                                       consistent in its genius

                  'FW is psycho-archaeology
        Dr Wilson said.
             'no mystery about the Cantos,
Pound said.
                                             they are the tale of
                        the tribe

--Steve Fly
Amsterdam, 9th June, 2013

Steve Fly's review of The Score by Howard Marks

THE SCORE by Howard Marks

Review by Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23)

Howard Marks writes fiction with a natural melody and swish turn of phrase, digging deep into his myriad of encounters with all walks he teases out subtle observations and explores the inner workings of the UK crime game and double-cross system.

The Score follows DC Price, a Welsh female cop who’s coming off prescription tranquilizers after her last case, Howards previous book 'Sympathy for the Devil' DC Price carries drum rolling tobacco and on occasion relaxes with a light sprinkle of canna' on top, like old Sherlock Holmes used to, and smoking seems to help her psychic powers expand into the wide reaching scenarios and puzzles under investigation by her inner prose.

I personally enjoy the subtle telepathic and enhanced sensory articulation of Cat, how she often feels peoples gaze on her, intuits tiny anomalies others would not register, her delicate sense of reasoning is not unlike that of agent Starling from the Thomas Harris novels. This kind of hologrammic detective consciousness allows for many threads to run simultaneous, and the fact that Howard is writing from the perspective of a female character makes his feat of psychological insight border on the majestic.

I felt the dire importance and horror of the subjects explored, the despair of teenage rebellion, the psychology of runaways, excessive drug use and dependence, suicide and/or crimes made to appear like suicide, organized and un-organized crime, torture tactics, rape and physical abuse, collusion between police and crime gangs. This is serious stuff here and I think we should listen up and follow Howard’s narrative voice that brings insightful wisdom and reasoning to these too common daily horrors, and can help his readers begin to process the ‘real’ criminal activities going on around us  which only receive a shallow dull description, hardly ever considering the mosaic like constellation of causes at play. Howard drills into such complex cluster fucks to investigate and exercise good philosophy, leaving the reader with a better conception of many Horror stories from the news. To me, this outlines the broader benefits of good fiction and literature in general, in that it helps one to pre-prepare for life scenarios, and often without the sugar coating of hyper-present mainstream TV, radio and loose-papers. I feel that the Novel in the write hand can emit a unique bond with the human psyche, favouring a slower and somewhat richer flow of ideas, allowed to amplify and resonate in the free mind of the reader. Howard seems to understand this strange pickle and serves up all the right flavours at the right moments to create a full bodied taste. 
A friend of mine once recommended writing a passage stoned, re-writing it straight, reading it stoned and then reading it straight so as to percolate a fair balance between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, bubbling and oscillating into a nice harmonious literary brew. I do not know anything of Howard’s writing habits, but I can feel his deep sense of focus and attention to detail, often dazzling the reader with a poetic and descriptive sense of location, wide emotional geographies and of an uncanny ability to scaffold suspense and deploy surprise in just the right dose. Howards prose pills are made with precise proportions.

While reading The Score, I began to think of Howard and his own life story that is well known and respected by millions across Wales, England and the world due to the success of Mr Nice, the book and the movie. While reading the book I naturally found myself imagining some of the scenarios and characters within it and the possible parallels to characters and events in ‘real’ life and history, a rather foolish endeavour but great fun for the life of the mind.

In my estimation, Howard understands the psychology of crime and international crime on many levels, and from many multiple points of view (MPOV) essential pluralistic thinking for a good novelist/ story teller/communicator.  Therefore, in his fiction Howard can explore many minds at once and many crimes at once, his portal evokes the general feeling of what it is like ‘out there’ where the criminal underworld and the authorities meet and mingle and conduct secret wars on the streets. Howard’s seen, heard, watched, tasted and read first hand his share of the last 50 years of criminal history, and he holds a master’s degree in ‘the philosophy of science’ a healthy mix I suspect, and now he’s delivered us a literary testament to what he’s learnt, in some sense, a demonstration of good communication, good bold writing and independent researcher.

Howard Marks turns the crime fiction genre around, pointing the Novel back at the authorities, out smarting and out thinking them, like the best of crime writers, dancing smoke rings around the goons and dullards, most of the criminals and the detectives, telling good stories and forwarding a feeling of what it’s like on the ground dealing with some of the darkest of violent crimes and weird fuckers.

Howard Marks has published by example and proved to me that marijuana consumers often work extremely hard and commit to highly focused work, sometimes resulting in exquisite art. Nice one Howard.

--Steve ‘fly agaric 23’ Pratt

Hoggers of the harvest

Hoggers of the harvest
by Steven James Pratt

“and they have broken my house” Ez, Canto LXXVI

House of supreme court and
whitechapel packed since 1776?

1970’s U.S. Gov. policy trending
deregulation to bait business
less oversight
less disclosure of                       information
about banks and other                financial

thus, policymakers blind to
                 gangster role played by
financial inst. investment banks
                                        hedge funds and some gov.
funded enterprises
         a.k.a the SHADOW
                 banking system

October 82’ U.S. President Ronald
                                  'star wars' Reagan signed into law
 the Garn–St. Germain Depository
                               Institutions Act

sleazy adjustable-rate
                (mort)gage loans death pacts
the slithering process of banking
deregu' proceeeds
92’ Euro-members sign
                                        mass-tricked treaty

97' Alan Greenspan fought to keep the
                    derivatives market unregulated
Nov. 99’ U.S. President 'Wild' Bill Clinton
signed into law the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
                                     more loop holes for dereg'

01’Off-balance sheet entities
invoked by Enron as part of the
                                       rabid scandal

03’ Warren Buffett on derivatives:
                                 "financial weapons of mass
Augustus Gloop is stuffing his

And if a few bankers and financiers
were jailed we would all be
                                 better off now?

04’ U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission relaxed
the net capital rule and the shit
                                flowed into the mortgage nappy

06’ housing froth and bubble burst
                               in dung-bloom burst cycle peak
values of securities hand-cuffed to
                                                 US real estate
                                                    like pennies

Fannie Mae and co. stroll on…
                                       predatory lending and/or
mortgage fraud,

Gov and central banks
                    react with fiscal stimulus, an iron fist
further funny-money policy buffering
           and institutional bailouts or
                                                   jail outs.

07’ August 7
                   BNP Paribas Netherlands
liquidates in financial bone marrow cancer

08’ U.S Total over-the-counter
(OTC) derivative
notional value rose to $683 trillion
                                          hell, a bit O.T.T mate?

2008’ U.S financial crime wave
                                       Bang! 08-13 global financial crisis
                 Boom! European sovereign debt crisis
                                              crisis crisis  for the love of Isis
what of barley, rice, cotton, tax free?

can we have balance and neutrality
in all courts, in ANY courts?
is their a truly honest judge
                          anywhere on this planet earth?

and dullards CasaPound hijack a turtle
                                     and a good poets worst
ever mistakes

08’ The U.S. Senate's
Levin–Coburn Report sez
crisis was the result of:
                             "high risk, complex
financial products
                       undisclosed conflicts of interest
                               the failure of regulators
the credit rating agencies
                            and the market itself to rein
in the excesses of
Wall Street"

Greedy sneaky double crossing
                                 fraud and conspiracy to commit robbery
     were not considered seriously
in 08’?

                                                    Hanging from a cemetery door:
                          TO BIG TO FAIL
                                                   TO BIG TO JAIL.

Several major financial institutions
                           collapsed in Sept’08
                                         global recession, we taste
                             the great credit

                                 number of U.S unemployed
rose from approx. 7 million in 08
to 15 million by 09’

                             and if a few bankers and financiers and ministers
were jailed we would all have been
                                              better off by now?

yet the richest
                               criminals run wild and free
buy footballs teams, industry and
                                   daytime TV
all to raise the price of

09’ Another G20 summit
                                      the great new long lesser global recession
kicks in
              ministers only appear at night

In Ireland unemployment rose from 4%
06 to 14% 10'
the national
budget went from surplus in 07’
to a deficit of 32% GDP in 10’
                                        the highest in the history of Eurozone
                                                 control of the outlets?

                                  According to the CIA World Factbook
from 2010 to 2011 the unemployment rates
in Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal,
and the UK increased
                                   and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

11’ financial crisis inquiry
                          committee found that…
over the past 30-plus years
we permitted growth of
shadow banking system – opaque
and laden with short term
                                      debt – that rivaled the size
            of the trad. banking system.

         “criminals have no intellectual interests?” Ez, LXXVI

who knew the multitrillion-dollar
                                  repo lending market?
off-balance-sheet entities? and
                           abuses of over-the-counter
                derivatives were hidden from view
                                                        who Who WHO?

The crisis was avoidable
                                  disinformation ops on behalf of
international finance capitalism

like giving bunk directions to an
                                  elderly blind tourist

mass protest movements
responding to crime wave
with peaceful alternatives, some
                               riots and open revolts bloom

12’ By the end of 11’
            Germany was estimated to have
made more than €9 billion
out of the crisis
                           investors flocked like vultures to safer
but near zero interest rate German
                                     federal gov. bonds, binds, bundles, bunds, punds

12’ July, the
Netherlands Austria
Finland benefit from
                                                zero or negative interest rates
may the reader pause for reflection

                                          the debt crisis crime wave forced
5 out of 17 Eurozone countries
                to seek help from other nations
by Dec. 12’
                                        and no such thing as public opinion

16 Dec. 2010
the Euro Council agreed
a two line cocaine fuelled amendment to the
                                                  EU Lisbon Treaty to allow a
permanent bail-out
                              mechanism to be established
                                  by political chicanery

the Euro Stability Mechanism (ESM)
is a permanent rescue funding
                                  programme to suck seed
the temporary Euro’ Financial
         Stability Facility
              and the Euro’ Financial Stabilisation Mechanism
July 12’

but postponed… until
after the Federal Constitutional Court
of Germany had confirmed
                                          legality of the
measures 12 Sept’ 2012
                               dragons snort rolling in pools of gold coin

London excluded from
future financial regulations
including proposed EU financial
transaction tax
                            and crime minster Cameron juggles
his nukes
           who tried to buy peace with money?

26 countries had agreed to the plan
leaving U.K as only
                         country not willing
to join.

in case of economic shocks
policy makers try to improve
by depreciating the currency
                       as currently in Iceland
which beat-off the biggest financial
crisis in economic history

                                           13’ China, India, and Iran
with sluggish growth
some drone attacks and
                 terrorism have NOT entered

however eurozone countries
cannot devalue their
                                        as Silvio Gessel and C. H. Douglas
and Ez might suggest

this may nip usury in the bud
         and present a new solution to
                                                      boom bust cycles
                              derivatives and crimes against nature
                                                          crimes against humanity

“A system which becomes in practice merely another hidden and irresponsible tyranny is no better than any other gang of instigators to theft and oppression—Ez, the proof of the pudding. 1937.

--Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23) 25-28 May 2013.

Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

It just struck me that maybe the recent solar flare activity might be partially responsible for the freak weather conditions, and tornados in particular.

What are the connections, if any, between solar flares and weather on earth. Is there any evidence to suggest that in the future, rather than putting all the efforts into worrying about radio and communications interfearence on earth after a large solar flare, having the foresight to warm or prepare for freak weather, tornados and wind storms in particular?

Maybe it was Solar Flare M3.2 of May 17th 2013?

Art and money, how?

Art and Money?

How is it, who issues it
creative and yet counterfeit
for nothing

a second look
double take
the time space
inversion with

empty things in time space
filled with space time
what do you call it
money or art?

which technical abilities
aesthetic reflections
information content and

in economics
the painted euro
fabricated pound
sculptured dollar
projected bit

coin from paper to
data and back to the newest
paper cash

mini illustrated notes
of limited beauty
money as counterfeit art
art as counterfeit

draw you notes now
to Elmyr and twenty Bob
what’s unique and rare art

what value system is held
in s/place my numbers
5, 10, 20, 50, 100
limited proportions
artistic value

Art & money raise
what is money,
who issues it

Steve ‘Fly’ Pratt

Police Horse Blues

Police Horse Blues by Steve Fly

I woke up one morning

with a horse in my bed

after a hard nights work

this is what she said:


I don't wanna work for those police no more

Oh no, i just don't wanna do it

I wanna roam in the lush fileds and grass

not bust up unions for Norman Tebbit


So i brushed up my horse

and took her round' the course

she ran like the wind

and then she said at the end


I don't wanna work for the Police no more

they just treat me like a pig

i don't belong in the city at all anymore baby

like a bear don't belong in a wig


Then the cops came and got her

carted her off with their trotter

now she's back on the beat

stompin' heads with shoes on her feet


Oh lord, that horse don't wanna work for the police no more

that horse just wants to run free

if it was up to me honey

I'd free dogs from the clutches too,

let em' all be.

--Steve fly
Amsterdam. Wednesday 15th May.

Inspired by seeing two police horses foaming at mouth while on my way home from work today. Poor bastards, i thought. 

Photo Pano Picture Mixture

Photo-pano picture mixture

audio sonic soundtrack


listen with eyes and seer the future

non-local and 360 rotational

adventure furniture

A new movie and unique


as the scene spins and

the film moves along


Hand made arts in new dimension

panorama spaces - the now


lend some attention

look listen touch travel


Bridge to a new synthesis

of media

Chews your experience

fly through the novel painting

leap frog from

the edge

cutting all corners  off everything

churn on

--Steve Fly.
Vondel Park, Amsterdam. May 4th, 2013. 2-3 PM.

Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking-atom

Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy: 3 ways of looking at THEM.

Among the many trillions of petabytes of information that Robert Anton Wilson processed in his lifetime, may we dwell for a moment on his internationally recognized role as ‘the dean’ of conspiracy theory. The DEAN! (and self confessed model-agnostic)

Next, consider his repeated banging and thumping on the theme of ‘the fallibility of the human nervous system’. He seduced his readers with his art, to THINK, in a kind of ‘field’ approach of--plurality and multiplicity--opposed to a narrow, single-sighted, atom-beam view. (or the useful synthesis from exploring both of these different ways of seeing)

Im 99.8% sure that a huge part of Dr Wilson’s teachings detail how to transcend the Alex Jones style ‘territorial chest beating’ also found in the FOX news style ‘well suited lies’. His methods and his operating manual-style guide-maps, work like magical tools to help transform idiocy and ignorance throughout the world into humour and surrealist poetry, while secretly introducing his readers to the 20th' and 21st' centuries’ greatest hits (e.g. quantum mechanics, cybernetics, LSD and ‘hologrammic historical fiction', and, as i wrote earlier maintaining his position as the DEAN of conspiracy theory) 

I have always been a pretty out in the open RAW fan, again here I want to stress today, bluntly that if you have not picked up on RAW and his ideas yet, you had better start soon or’ll be run over on the information superhighway. IMHO you cannot get such a balanced and encyclopedic guide to culture ANYWHERE else (from the perspective of just one individual with an exceptional globalist view).

RAW writes with an urgency and passion that drives his special model agnosticism into a kind of activism. Within his entire lifeswork its rare to find Dr Wilson 'chest beating' or writing 'well dressed lies' unless he tells you before or after that he has tricked the reader with a put-on or self confessed bias. His awareness of awareness and healthy self-criticism increase his appeal in the days of 'cock sureness' and 'unwavering certainty' on the left, the right, and wherever there is chaos and injustice.


--Steve 'fly' Pratt
6-7.30 P.M, Wednesday 24th April. 2013.

Ninja Jamm is here!

Ninja Jamm is here: Enter the mix
 “In marketing terminology, a killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) is any computer program that is so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology, such as computer hardware, gaming console, software, a programming language, software platform, or an operating system.—Wikipedia, killer app.
Let Us Play—Coldcut
“Ninja Jamm is a free music app that lets anyone instantly remix Ninja tunes using touch control, state of the art effects and killer music from Ninja artists.”—Ninjatune.

Summer 2012 sees a new ear-ra in sound mixing, DJ performance and mashability’. IMHO the art and crafts of the disc jockey started with the hand-to-eye-to-ear skill set when the first vinyl manipulators started their experiments in the mid 1970’s, through to the new touch sensitive ‘tablets’ that respond to touching, tickles and scratch motions in a notable return to physical hand movements that trigger audio and visual media.

Yet for a moment there I thought that the CD-DJ phenomena flourished, and reduced the touch of a vinyl record platter to buttons and sliders with awkward looking LCD displays. I had a personal love of vinyl, and traditional vinyl turntablism and up until (May 18th 2012) i held firm to my beliefs by only spinning vinyl records for nearly 20 years.

The new interactive touch surfaces combined with real time, latency free, control bring some excitement in hands on DJ’ing back into a new sense of what DJ artistry consists of, technically. I feel its important to remember that  the equipment remains only a part of the art. The content, the music, the samples and the tasteful synthesis (mixing) help define comprehensive and information rich DJ’s from predictable ones.

Enter Ninjatune as a case in point. The rare example of sampling and software innovation running simultaneously, and keeping a consistently underground and forward thinking philosophy, today probably best summed up as an Open Source and Mash-up sensibility. Personally, when I discovered Ninjatune and their music back in 1993, I gushed at the mixture of sample based instrumental Hip Hop and experimental electronica.

The new Ninja Jamm APP makes sense in the age of mash up culture, remix-mania and digital culture gone feral. Ninja have a 22 year history that stands testament to their visionary and somewhat prophetic outlook on music culture, DJ’s, VJ’s and electronic music.  Now in the summer of 2012 I believe their shareable, mashable philosophy fits perfectly with  the new global APP village orgy.
“Instant remixing functions in push-button form let any music lover dive right in, yet Ninja Jamm is deep enough to engage DJs, musicians and producers. This one is fun.”—Ninjatune.

shape spacestation mission schedules by shunning election machine pressures

Do not despair,
there are words to put your hair on end
tip top tailored trips to smooth out
and curl the end of the world into a Bob.

Recorsi, the eternal returnsche
bring a bitter light

stretch the imagination to its limit.
to make the tale true enough
comeback, the field of

emerging again, amplified once more
make it new

shape spacestation
mission schedules by
shunning election machine