Seaflow and me against the LFAS navy

During my time living in America I frequented a number of meetings with the 'marine mamal protection agency' called seaflow based in Marine county, California. I enjoyed listening to the presentations, in particular the bioacoustician 'Michael stocker' who touched on some areas of biology and science first bought to my attention by Dr. John Lilly M.D.

As both a swimmer and a musician I have always found a fascination with Dolphin and whale songs for many reasons, and have always felt in agreement with the well known cliche' 'save the whales' and furthermore often wondered why 'saving whales' came to be used as a term used in conjunction with new agers and hippies who simply cared for the natural environment and its inhabitants, as well as having compassipon for human beings. 'Tree huggers' is another case in point here.

My thoughts on 'saving the whales' that are in line with some of those echoed at 'seaflow' correspond with the worlds 'sea based' military industrial complex, or the weapons, sonor and other acoustic technologies interfearing with the biological ecosystem and individual physiological systems, I mean to say that the Navy and/or oil and gas explorers are often responsible for cases of beached whales and dolphins around the world.

I agree, in the spirit of good science and research that there are many other factors relating to  cases of beached whales and dolphins, from 'social' theories of a kind of 'suicide' among these creatures to electro-magnetic anomalies that confuse their sonor, and I am happy that research is going on into these areas, Great Britain has an entire organization following cases of stranded marine life around the UK coastline, but the threat from 'low frequency active sonor' seems to have been deemed a low priority for them, who knows? maybe they already have a campaign to inform the public about the dangers from ocean noise in general and the fact that the Navy are often the humans to blame for some of the beachings and cases of stranded marine life.

Another strange thing happened just now when I went looking for seaflow's web site, its gone, but  I discovered another company that uses the name seaflow, ironically its actually an underwater turbine system that claims to be a viable renewable energy source by its makers.  

I'll write up some more on this subject after reading a liitle more into it, in the meantime the message is 'write to representatives about 'low frequency active sonor' and other ocean pollution that directly harms whales, dolphins and lots of other sea life too. Thanks, steve-fly

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