Make it new: Panorawma and the tale of the tribe

MAKE IT NEW (Originally Panorawma & The tale of the tribe (July 2011)
Over the last ten years together with a sleepless band of independent researchers, the author has been tuned into “The Tale Of The Tribe” (TTOTT), developed exclusively by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)
At RAW360 we embark on a whole new way of communicating some parts of TTOTT, introducing new ways of seeing and navigating information. New spaces that reflect primary innovations of key historical figures who deeply inspired RAW and his works.
The multi-sensory experience of interacting with the new ‘info-process tools’ and embedded media, ploughs the language for the appropriate new message. I walk in the footsteps of those writers whom wish to show delight in the limitations and boundaries of the textual art form. Visit any major writers website and be confronted with audio, video, texts and hyperlinks, the sum total of which, I feel, often overshadows the individual textual medium by which we show up here.
A new synthesis has emerged amidst the convergence of information technology, social networking and the will to share, and what we aspire to with RAW360 includes making a new synthesis explicit and demonstrable by example. Look and see, click and watch, read, listen process. What better place to build a comprehensive foundation than something rooted in RAW?
Together the ‘programming’ (that maybe defined as the principles and methodologies distilled from the works of RAW) and the ‘programmers’ (in this special case scenario the dozen or so characters from RAWs TTOTT) produce a remarkable comprehensive super-computer: an operating system. A mixture of innovations plucked from best minds of our age, a new global epic including history with innovative poetics. Singing matter, shouting matter, dancing matter.
RAWs TTOTT condenses a lifetime study into what I, and many other scholar activists consider the most important and critical ‘information skills’ to help world-around humanity ‘make it together’ and stop fighting each other and go explore mind, earth, space (inner/outer) and each other in harmony, and with laughter and smiles.
Dr. Wilson read and processed each of the characters in his tale of the tribe over a period of approx’ sixty years. Over half a century developing a taoist modernist method of processing these characters and their works, and hundreds more, with a balanced suspended judgement, multi-valued logic, poetic surprise and mathematical terrorism.
RAW exhibited a sizzling 21st century ‘programme’ of humanitarian mind-aid, with a witty creative edge that helped define ‘comprehensive thinking’ with Bucky Fuller, and ‘the eight circuit model of consciousness’ with Dr. Timothy Leary. Tooling up the reader for swimming in 21st century chaos.
I think that the least we can do might consist of correlating some of his favorite innovators and humanitarian artists into a RAW universe, (PANORAWMA: a place that reflects RAW through the people he expressly named running together in a sleepless krewe consisting of magicians, historians, writers, poets, film makers, linguists, media theorists, design scientists, comedians, heretics, all engineered into cyberspace by the great visionary artists actively building the PANORAMA: RAW360.
The new 360 spaces bring in a new opportunity for synthesis between the characters from RAWs TToTT, the innovations and principles they contributed to the collective human knowledge base (2011).
The precise and equalibrius writing of RAW naturally provides such a synthesis, and his books and articles remain testament to this comprehensive holism deployed through the medium of literature. reflects the process of making a movie in comparrison with writing a book. We are building an interactive Universe where activities and events take place through multi-media synthesis: video, image, text, audio, game play.
In my opinion the key to building a harmonious Universe lies in the inter-connectivity between all of its parts, and the tale of the tribe by RAW seems to have been developed to exploit this inter-connectivity, where any of the charcters can be processed and permutated with any other to produce meaningful and complimentary mixtures. The art of mixing and of juxtaposition, however, often requires a very special touch, a rhythm and timing and sense for improvisation, to then travel the posible pathways, the choices, and analyse the path of least resistance, or that which resolves the immediate sense of opposing forces. Enter the poet, enter the painter, enter the photographer, enter the programmer, creating together to balance the equation: language vs. The equation.