At threadonism.com you can find examples of HYPERBOLIC CROTCHET OBJECTS, each a unique model of mathematically defined HYPERBOLIC STRUCTURES. Bridging the gap between art and science, crochet is an ancient craft, both practical and functional in communities around the world and relatively ubiquitous in it's application, croctet manifests structures, in this case HYPERBOLIC STRUCTURES, from simple threads (STRINGS) by way of a knotting or folding pattern, each twist is a rather complex operation, on the one hand, and a simple to pick up - handycraft - on the other.

Hyperbolic Crotchet seems to be a great tool for bringing craftspeople and academic scientists together in a new and creative way, bridging the gaps between specialization and comprehensive knowledge systems and most importantly engaging human beings in ancient craft activities - physically and mentally - providing an alternatve reality engineering activity outside of the growing virtual - mental - social electronic frontere.

Youtube and internet were the winds that blew the seeds of hyperbolic crotchet into my own life, and my partner has become a Hyperbolic Crotchet master in a matter of just a few months. I am excited to see such an idea manifest as a reality in front of my eyes - a mathematical proof and more - in fact, and beautiful like the fractal artwork explosions, soft, colorful, and malluable. I will share some of the relative links and extensions of the Hyperbolic field, that I feel help describe the importance of this growing craft, and also to pay tribute to the beautiful objects created by Janne at THREADONISM.COM