Heathcote Williams and hard poetic critical trews

After watching the much hyped latest episode of Question Time i quickly fixed up proper with Heathcote Williams, my new fav. UK poet-rebel. Williams can say in a 3 minute poem what would take a question time guest a decade to communicate (perhaps the comedian could keep up?) further evidence to me that poets hold the key to understanding politics, and Heathcote Williams speaks for Billions of people around the world with his critical prose. Lets hope that more people hear and read him, especially those in the UK.

I would highly recommend his work titled 'American Porn' featuring a prose poem about Alan Turing which i wager contains more information, as Claude Shannon would define it, than the entire new Hollywood movie about Turing. I doubt, for example the movie will include the link with Apple computers, and the current exploitation of foreign labour and the need for suicide nets at some Apple workcamps, which in the capable hands of Heathcote becomes a poetic fact, and in my head yesterday when i heard it for the first time, epiphany.



New Shenanigums page 10

...formented homey slow mead down the pagemelt
quilted quiver of quill shawl of wynwyrld bushfires
blairing lies burgundy rivers rushing aside the grassy
noel partly paisely swirl gull on wing swooping ease
grey socks in the ironing boardroom Mr Broomfield
guttering up the pithjackets and slogging the chops
to burrybrief cases and letter byguns buygums dums
return my flavours bellow amid tease pipes mydear
tearly praiseship sail face to schooner oarletter rode
rudderless toadstool fly foolish mosher mon rafter
hloppy neverafter baffleyawords worth shit to soil in
flagrent lies grown damp in dark of cabinet webbs
cackle of baboons in session with chickenhawks
wastemonster rising dumbp corpscracy limpited
bust of guns pills and drone eggs suspened in ice
laser light cutting cheese slices four chairs sprouts
gravy and here she sits Ms Zinkbossom cross table
willowink aroma fern mid name noel flowercupcake
pie to measure winks byday wet nights inside oven...

--Steve Fly, New Shenanigums, Pg. 10