UB is for UNKLE BOB: The Principle.


The U.N.K.L.E BOB'! principle.

Fly Agaric 23

'Reality it is not I who am writing this crazy book," said Joyce of Finnegans Wake. "It is you, and you, and you, and that man over there, and that girl at the next table." Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era, Page 126

    The late great Hugh kenner (1932-2003) in his book "Joyce's Voice's" creates something he calls The Uncle Charles Principle, so called in honor of the "naming" pipe smoking, uncle who sat on his arbor or "shitter'", in James Joyce's early master work "A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man":

'Every morning, therefore, Uncle Charles repaired  to his outhouse, but not before he had greased and brushed scrupulously his back hair and brushed and put on his tall hat." --James Joyce, Portrait  of the Artist.

          In Robert Anton Wilson's book Coincidance, described by some as a kind of readers guide to James Joyce, Bob describes and exhibits the "Uncle Charles Principle" in many ways although the three words: "Uncle Charles Principle" are suspiciously absent from Bobs writing. Wilson's gives off an aura of the "UCP" with his  vivid reflections and methods for teaching along theories synthesized from such great minds as David Bohm, Alfred Korzybski, Giordano Bruno, Timothy Leary and many other of the goodvibe Illuminati, 'those who incorporated some version on the hologramic principle in their individual and particular system, scaffolded into RAW's fantastically condensed essays. The Title of the book "Coincidance" is taken from Finnegans Wake itself,

Part:1 Episode:3 Page:49, "Now let the centuple celves of my egourge as Micholas de Cusack calls them, -- of all of whose I in my hereinafter of course by recourse demission me -- by the coincidance of their contraries reamalgamerge in that indentity"

           In Coincidance roughly a quarter way through the book in a chapter titled "Death and Absence in James Joyce" RAW writes: "As Richard Ellman has noted Joyce was no man to back down from a paradox, and two of the stories in his first book of fiction, Dubliners, seem indeed to drive home the points that Death and absence can be higher and more beautiful than life and presence."

          if the Narrative idiom need not be the narrator's then the question who is writing begins to crumble into many other fragments, layers of voices, some very faint but familiar, some Loud and unpredictable dynamic and haunting, brilliant and highly entertaining.  Illuminatus! Trilogy by RAW and Robert Shea includes many characters who also seem to often display spooky quantum-jumping consciousness.They have narrative affinities with the other scripted actors in motion, but not necessarily all the scripted characters in a particular scene. Illuminatus has many thousands of ghosts in its machine. Sombunal  scripted narrative affinities.

Hugh Kenner says that "To wonder what "literally" may mean is the fear of the Word and the beginning of reading. -  RAW

      "Reality, Joyce learned early, does not answer to the point of view, the monocular vision, the single ascertainable tone. A tone, a voice, is somebody's, a person's, and people are confined to being themselves, are Evelines, are Croftons, are Stephens. "Some of my methods," Joyce later said, "are trivial; and some are quadrivial." At the very least, on the model of two-eyed men, reality exacted a doubling: in the earlier fictions, a double attitude, which Ulysses divides into a double narrator of whom one member has a repertory of impersonations. - Hugh Kenner, Beyond Objectivity, Joyce's Voices.

Robert Anton Wilson synthesized Pound and Joyce together in his class"The Tale of The Tribe", and shown us that the poets become united in their goals of revolutionizing the word with their RAW genius, but they seemed to create entirely different systems for accomplishing this. As the theories of Waves and particles can both be used to describe light. Stoned, I have often read page after page from the Wake starting from roughly the center of the page and then, reading off in all directions, and reading back again, looking from all quarters. Kenner simplifies the Uncle Charles Principle to: "The Narrative idiom need not be the narrator's." and so i figured that reading in different directions would produce different narrative points of view, in Ulysses Joyce often creates a sort of palindrome effect by manifesting a cloud of idioms, a bunch of folks who could be managing the narrative, slightly.

 "It is difficult to reason in terms of animals' states of consciousness. Anthropocentric as we are, we are used to negating any form of consciousness at all in other species, especially in the lower orders of animals. Orthodox scientific thought is permeated by the philosophical dogma known as behaviorism, which excludes the possibility of thought of any kind in the animal kingdom. - Giorgio Samorini, Animals and Psychedelics.

     So when I'm looking for a chemical biological metaphor that might add to communicating something resembling the "Uncle Charles Principle" now remixed to become the "Uncle BOB principle", insects and their chemical communication networks, for the most part invisible to our human senses, but yet perceptible to other "insect" consciousness? The narrator as a "fly" on the wall. And so Illuminatus like Finnegans Wake in some respects, is like an alphabetical symbolic Zoo, a roving state circus of perceptive consciousness, everyman, without becoming bound by seeing from the point of view of just one species all the time.

Eulaesa, Euplusia, and Euglossa bees carve scratches into the flowers of these orchids, through which the liquid perfume seeps out. The bees then absorb it through their hind feet. These insects return time and time again to the scratches they have cutinto the flowers and are consequently clumsy in their movements, which has been interpreted to be the result of narcosis (Dodson 1962) - Animals And Psychedelics,  page 6.     

    I propose that the mysterious phenomena of animals drugging themselves will raise similar questions as we would ask about the "Uncle Charles" type phenomena, the invisible all-connecting theory or GUCT as i am calling IT, but here, applied to literature, texts, and so maybe the scientific categorical identity of a specific chemical compound, its GCAT poem. Plus the pheremonal relationships and biological information transformations between species and then, to further complex the complex, their interrelated networking between themselves as a community and then also their networking with other species too. Interspecies communications.The blueprints of a not too distant more "Greening", more telepathic type of global internet. No wires, no conventional hardware, no conventional power supply required. Just some special plants and elixirs. We technopagans are fully equipped with fine-tuned sensory apparatus, and experience with these Ultra-Highways and prepared to interact with the required mediums of communication. What we require are translators. GUCT is such a device. An approach towards better solutions and/or framework s from which to hang my questions about the nature of reality, consciousness, and language. Here for example are some collected constants produced by all sorts of hallucinogens.

     1) Bright pulsating light

     2) Images of tunnels and/or tubes

     3) Varied but intense colors

     4) Rotating or spiraling images

     5) Geometric patterns

     6) Erratic moment of imagery

     7) Subject becoming part of imagery or participating in the experience

     8) Multiple "TV screens" often displaying autobiographical data

     9) Integration of memories into the experience

     10) Various "complex imagery" (i.e., recognizable (often cartoon-like) human, animal and other forms) --Categorized by Ronald K. Siegal


    These constants strike me as sounding a bit like primitive descriptions of Telepathic Internet but biased to the human sensory apparatus, and feature classic "Alien" experiences. Maybe to a fish or a toad these experiences are part of their waking reality, who knows the contents of the mind of nature from the perspective of a toad? consider this question in the context of pharmacology, a toad may have all sorts of useful applications with his or her built inn, chemical factory and their fascinating genetic information.

          But to access this hidden archive of conscious experience you must enter the kind of thing that i mean by Toad consciousness, or the realms of animal cognition and plant cognition. To humble yourself, first, to nature and the animal and plant kingdoms. Watch Planet earth and Smoke a joint.  Its helpful i think to remind the reader of the distinctions associated with some ideas of Alfred Korzybski. Plants are energy-binding systems and generally ignore each other, animals are Space + energy-binding systems and generally utilize movement with 3 dimensional cognitive functions, and then humans are Time + space + energy-binding systems, and so our general purpose is to synergize. GUCT aims to sinnerjizz.

           Is there an absence of Time paradox? In a similar way to how semiotics demands an entirely new way of reading and a whole new reality, as does mimetics? Finnegans Wake and the Cantos and Illuminatus? GUCT requires something exemplified, here, now, in the literal, textual time-travel of  "future perfect passive tense" delightfully described by Eric Wagner in his wonderful teaching, Hokium Pokium:

You put the verb stem in

you take the ending out

you put the future tense of sum in & you shake it all about

you add the adjective ending

in concord with number & person

That's the future perfect passive tense. - Eric Wagner, Maybelogic Quarterly Issue one.

         The Grand UNKLE Principle seems to be a hallmark of both the fictional writings and the absent "term" peripharalized by "a walking one-man syllabus of Western civilization." as Dr. John Lilly once called Dr. Wilson and so IT shall be called the Uncle "Bob" principle. Bob was often kindly referred to by friends and associates as uncle Bob and Ezra Pound was often called Uncle Ez by uncle RAW during the Maybelogic Academy classes, this makes for a nice triple "Uncle" compound for Joyce/Pound/Wilson. U.N.K.L.E? "

          It seems that James Joyce, Hugh Kenner, Robert Anton Wilson, and the other proponents of the "Uncle Charles Principle", Infinite Jesters, and Zen Bastards, tricksters etc.; that the invisible phantoms and the sort of romantic 'feeling' that something is looking over your shoulder, watching, narrating, writing you. well It maybe present everywhere, narrating like the mystics have said of it. But the word for "IT" circumnavigates itself creating a field.

GUCT: A field of observers, a circle of onlookers, all dressed in different costume, with different accents and mannerisms, from different continents and cultures. A kind of historical haunting, an electromagnetic haunting entity, spooky in its invisible beauty, a whispering ghost, a congealed conspiracy cloud. Contact and connection with disembodied intelligence, extraterrestrial contact, the narrator behind each synchronicity that you experience. A bit like what Philip K. Dick describes as VALIS. The doubling of experience. Remembering ring. A repeating perception of a repeating event. again.

GUCT: Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory.
The Tale of the Tribe. According to fly agaric 23.

          The whole gang of physicists, mystics, poets, comedians, spies, revolutionaries, and cops mentioned throughout RAW's books are detectable with a subtle and thirsty ear and a hungry intuitive nose. Two master authors (Wilson and Shea) writing 'IT", further splits and complicates the question of authorship and identity in the "Illuminatus! Trilogy", not to mean doubting of the literal authenticity of the books themselves or suggest that somebody else helped write the books in the vein of the boring Oxbridgefnordians. No, by questions of authorship and identity i mean a more philosophical group of metaphysical type questions regarding authorship and identity in literature, how do you narrate a character without an "IS" of identity for example? E-Prime Crime Fiction? and how does the "Uncle Charles Principle" function in Illuminatus? how does Finnegans Wake, Ulysses, The Cantos of Ezra Pound, VALIS and the others function by using multiple points of view, and UNKLE principles? and how are they woven into Illuminatus. When and where, how and why? Who's "Hidden variables" lurking under the stairs? The mystery of correlation without connection, synchronicity that brings us back to Coincidance and GUCT. And hopefully some concrete scholarly historical details to chew on.

        It might be helpful here to invoke the PKD Book turned movie; A Scanner Darkly as skilled deployment of the "Uncle Charles Principle".  The Ideogramic method and Epiphany are all at play this movie. Holographic, quantum jumping strategies are used for telling the tale of the tribe. But a tale that like Finnegans Wake and The Cantos avoids such terms as Time-travel, and so the recognition of it, but peripheralized the experience of space-time-travel by employing similar kinds of forward/backward up/down inner/outer, multidimensional word/symbol/image devices.

          Some might choose to use yet another term for this magical effect, recorsi or the constant circulation of energy back into itself, self perpetuating, cyclical, spiraling in and out simultaneously. An historical vortex. Invoking Pound's Vorticism, Vico and Bruno, Joyce and others, all characters from RAW's TOTT, and so within Illuminatus! Trilogy too? Like the Tao.

          Joyce seems to echo what RAW teaches us throughout much of his writing "YOU are the master who makes the grass green", the 23 Enigma and all the other related spooky paraphenomena in Wilson's works seem to intone Joyce and Pound's voices. I'll leave Crowley for others to chew on. RAW has actually applied two further terms to the most potent "magical" devices employed by Pound and Joyce: Idiogramic Method and Epiphany. These terms as described by RAW give us an insight into the mechanisms, and the methods crafted by these superstars of Reality engineering. Looking from Pound's Ideogramic point of view for amoment we can see the influence of Oriental models of reality, and how they create multiple points of view that can move both backwards and forwards, that can be read backwards and forwards, up/down, inside and out, as Pound was greatly influenced by pictographs (ideograms), and was forced to revolutionize the word so as to translate what it was like to read/process Oriental poetry/painting.

          Simply writing a paragraph that can be read forwards and backwards gives the communication a pictographic effect. And this is something that we find in both Finnegans Wake and The Cantos, clusters of narrators including nature's voices, moo's and chirps etc. allsteeped in histories dull tea-pot, a flurry of images and pulsating verbs all moving like the wind in all directions, across the sky page. And from this flurry of word/sound/power comes a sense of order and meaning much greater than that of most other books i have read. Because of the encyclopedic nature of these vast works, these languaging machines, It becomes, after further research, personal. The books branch out into your own back yard, or into your own kettle. Into your brew. They conspire to reach you in everyday experience with their multi-cultural linguistic harpooning and its a magical feeling when they reach you.

          Although this fun alternative to left-right linear reading of the English tradition can seem like a special and sacred Key to finding a hidden code of some sort or other has been less popularized within studies of Pound's Cantos than in Joyce's Wake. Reading these two books together combined with many essays and up-to-date feedback in 2005 from Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, i started to experience the omnidirectional patterns emerging from Pound's Cantos too, more explicitly in the pictorial Ideograms themselves, levitating on the page.

          Joyce's amazing Doodle family of hyper-textual languaging symbols explained by RAW in Coincidance with his own ingenious system functions and teaching tables of correspondences introduced a new symbolic language, a new model. Like Joyce's "Nat language" , my GUCT and proposed Telepathic internet are also Nat Language.Totally Alien, Totally viral.

Fly Agaric 23


R is for RAWrientalism


RAW: Robert Anton Wilson
rientalism: Orientalism.

 "The two philosophers most frequently mentioned in Finnegans Wake, Nicholas of Cusa and Bruno of Nola, taught a dialectic of resolution of opposites. Joseph Needham in his monumental Science and Civilization in China, repeatedly mentions both Bruno and Nicholas as the only two Occidental philosophers before Liebnitz to have a basically Taoist outlook" --RAW

  I've been reading and studying many texts and ideas put together by RAW over the last 10 years with a more intense and deep tissue study over approx. the last 6 years that have included remarkable meetings with RAW and some equally remarkable internet classes with him and other bright and RAWfull minds at the Maybelogic Academy from 2004-2007. Around the period that RAW went passing through the Lower lights and bardo states into that great Gig in the numberless skies i was rather frantically writing notes, going back and forth through my notes of other notes to try to represent RAW, to pay tribute to him his many lives and ideas. One year later, after many inspiring and ground breaking multimedia tributes around the world to RAW, and a re-reading of some of his texts, i feel like i have my title and my contribution, or a part of it: RAWrientalism.

"This book intends to change your way of percieving/conceiving the world, without drugs or drums or voodoo, simply by using words in certain special ways." --RAW, E-mail to the Universe.

RAW's condensed experience montage or "coex system" of communication, those certain special and cheeky ways of using words and language to the delight of his readers seem to have a distinctive "Oriental" flavor to them, if you open your taste buds up. Rawrietalism is related to the spatialized conceptions of time in themes of Chinese poetry. Ezra Pound and James Joyce are two  giants of western culture, and used effectively as investigative glosses and filters and encyclopedias to help finnish off' a Rawriental Canvas at the exhibit of Oriental Coex Systems: Taoism and Quantum Mechanics. RAW's first published article called "The Tao of Joyce. (Realist 1959)" makes clear that RAW was passionately involved with Orientalist poetic studies for over fifty years.

"Taoists were familiar with these relativistic considerations long before Einstein." he writes. 

"The Tao is in the dung," said Chuang Chou.

 IMHO RAW's prose and mixture of iconographic images from the rag bag History of the world, equal and surpass some goals and conditions set out by the likes of Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Marshall McLuhan, Timothy Leary. By just using special words in a special order. Just words, and more than words. A limitless imagination and optimism and compassion to share these experiences. To help calibrate and sensitize the neural mechanisms of perception, to help us "see" better. See more clearly, with more good data.To attain Relaxation, insights and an increased sense of the contents of one's memories.

"Peace comes of Communication" --Ezra Pound

          Maybe RAW's technical and practical skills as a satirist and writer are equalled elsewhere in the dungeons of the literary world but it was the content, both the quality of the subjective content and the "time-space-binded"  multi-cultural content of RAW's writing that set him apart from everybody else. The despicable terrors, the Taboo secrets, the stuff that nobody else dare write about, the ......... hidden things RAW applied his Genius and methodological "process" too, highlighting them and so freeing the reader in some way of the fear and Terror that hold so many of us down as secrets and taboos. All writers and artists do this to some degree, excorcising demons. A rare American, an Irishman unafraid to follow his own way to resolving the most difficult andcomplex equations. Always questioning everything wherever it takes the mind, but holding onto structures and mathematically precise models at the same time. A balanced "center" or balanced "Stereo" mixture of perception, mixing between left and right brain characteristics.
 Lightbrain Rawriental Daoism.

Ideogramic Method.

          RAW distilled
"ideogramic Method" through the lens of Ezra Pound as a kind of RAWriental perceptional device, an operating window of visual manipulation and extended meaning with an equal and opposite persuasive power as a linguistic sequence. "ideogramic Method" makes sense to me now as a typical Rawriental journey beyond language, beyond beyond where alphabet, predicate and subject vanish, crumble and turn to gas. Synthesis and resurrection take place giving birth to a knu picture-word. A Magik sigil, with the dormant charge of "epiphany"  coiled in  the minds vine. A constant questioning and fresh establishment of free-space for free "mind" to add its own subjective meaning and playful free commentary. Like the "space" a legendary Jazz master might create seemingly out of nothing, invisible. Space. Woid. Once again the fullness of emptiness; expansion and contraction, appearance and disappearance, the  non-location of the Tao in Raw's writs. And the UNKLE Bob' principle.  

          My tribute to RAW, his lives and ideas for the most part relates to the peace that comes from balanced communication, his Taoist, Zen Buddhist qualities as a wise man of the West and his continued influence on cultural relations. Spreading Oriental intelligence of a beneficial nature to all-sentient beings.

"As is well known, the events of the Wake occur "at no spatial time" and cannot be sharply defined because "every parson, place and thing in the chaosmos anywhere at all connected with it was moving and changing all the time" (page 118). In short, we are within the Einsteinian universe; and Joyce realizes, as did Alfred Korzybski, that the aristotelian "laws of thought" cannot hold in such a universe: "The sword of certainty which would identified the body never falls" Robert Anton Wilson, (page 51). Coincidance
Fly Agaric 23

R is for Resurrection:

"Helmingham Erechenwyne Rutter Egbert Crumwall Odin Maximus Esme Saxon Esa Vercingetorix Ethelwulf Rupprecht Ydwalla Bently Osmund Dysart Yggdrasselmann? - James Joyce, Finnegans Wake P. 78

I have been channeling the inner sap of the fly agaric mushroom for over ten years now, taking her everywhere with me, perched on my shoulder like a parrot she has become an integral part of my thinking writing and general creativity. A Destroying Guardian Angel, shamanic ally, or just a sham? fly agaric has influenced many parts of my life, e-mail addresses, pen names, DJ avatar's and on. The deeper i look into fly agaric the more she throws up interesting information at me. Everytime i try to walk away she just pulls me back in again.

"Announced by the hundred-lettered word,(3) the story of the fall begins with Tim Finnegan (H.C.E), the "bygermaster" or Ibsen master building. Building a tower he falls from his ladder. His wake, attended by friends and relatives, and his revival proceed according to the ballad. Builder dead becomes a sleeping giant, extending from Howth to the magazine. A Salmon, he is sacramentally devoured by his survivors; for this "brontoichthyan form" is a thunderfish or Jesus-God. Adam, jesus, faller and creator, Finnegan will be Finnagain. (4-7) - William York Tindall, A readers guide to James Joyce.

So, a few years back i finally flew, i flew all the way from my home and visited the New Age worlds of America in beautiful California and found myself wrapped up in Finnegans Wake and Illuminatus! Trilogy and other wild and fantastical Psychedelic counter-cultural activities. Bands, Movies, War protests and lots of love and great weed. Living in a book is probably the best metaphor for it but without full control of the narrative. But thats a bedraggled idea in 2007, living in a book, especially after that movie "The Number 23".®

"When we confuse the orders of abstractions and ascribe objective reality to terms and symbols, or confuse conclusions and inferences with descriptions., a great deal of semantic suffering is produced. - Alfred Korzybski, Un-sanity versus sanity, VII. The Mechanism of Time Binding, P. 499, Science and Sanity

I originally figured back in the mid 1990's that by creating an avatar (fly agaric 23) and alternative (acrillic) devices for changing perception, i was developing a method by which to experience things simultaneously, together as more than one "I" labelled Steven. Readings of "In search of the Miraculous" by P.D Ouspensky combined with "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson and "Design for Dying" byDr. Timothy Leary gave me the confidence to experiment comfortably with changing the parameters of my consciousness and also having the will to write it down and translate it for recording purposes. To play. Which led to me slowly taking it more seriously, the jokes i mean...

"Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the - James Joyce, Finnegans Wake P.540

The fabled mushroom Amanita Muscaria or the fly agaric has been widely considered as a resurrective elixir in many cultures across the globe from China to Ireland and in ancient times, 30'000 years ago and up into so called modern times. Even Post-Modem times. Today with the abundance of telecommunications and the new language tools with which to conduct independent research into such matters, like Marijuana and also global internet (Google, Wikipedia, Amazon) with which we can now provide a more encyclopedic representation of ourselves based on faster broader feedback mechanisms. Previously occulted papyrus such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Finnegans Wake, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Illuminatus, The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Cantos of Ezra Pound can be processed in a completely new way now. The ability to conduct research quickly and without having to be geographically localized to the original texts, among other advances has moved humanity and culture closer together i think, psychologically and spiritually. Only the scaffolding of the words remain around us today, the language dependent media viruses that propogate and project reality are broken down. We have a new model for free, playful individuals to get connected together in a global community - a stateless socialism, a new world based on peaceful communication. Read on.

"Not only were Marsh's theories now beyond all scientific credibility, but his methods— such as quoting Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross or Graves' The White Goddess as if they were as reputable as Boas, Mead, or Frazer— seemed to indicate senility. This impression was increased by the eccentric dedication "To Ezra Pound, Jacques De Molay and Emperor Norton I." The real scientific scandal was not the theory of Atlantis (that was a bee that had haunted many a scholarly bonnet) but Marsh's claim that the gods of Atlantis actually existed; not as supernatural beings, of course, but as a superior class of life, now extinct, which had preexisted mankind and duped the earliest civilization into worshiping them as divine and offering terrible sacrifices at their altars. - Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, Illuminatus, Page 181.

Fly Agaric 23



the wife of Honophrius, has been told by her tirewoman,
Fortissa, that Honuphrius has blasphemously confessed under
voluntary chastisement that he has instructed his slave, Mauritius, to
ur;,e Magravius, a commercial, emulous of Honuphrius, to solicit
the chastity of Anita. Anita is informed by some illegitimate
children of Fortissa with Mauritius (the supposition is Ware's)
that Gillia, the schismatical wife of Magravius, is visited
clandestinely by Barnabas, the advocate of Honuphrius, an immoral
person who has been corrupted by Jeremias. James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, page 572

Robert Anton Wilson, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer R.I.P

 Food Fight.

          The elliptical Ravioli hit Bob's Funny Bone with a phlump. Bob' was already laughing like a blunted Buddha, while blinded by the blue cheese, mushrooms, pumpkin, artichoke and Tomato sauce glossing his facial features and beard like chunks of JFK's noggin' when Hugh Montague probably gave the go ahead  to the Dealy  Lama.

          Bob's Hand pushed down on snake shaped latch firing the Lasagna cannon.  Droplets of the rusty red tomato sauce spraying Bob's beard again, as the lasagna levitated skyward. Kurt is at the other end of the kitchen peeping through his extraordinarily decorated periscope next to the cooker.

"Lasagna" cheers  Bob, rejoycing.

 "Ravioli" Kurt replies with a roar, firing his ravioli catapult while thinking how Bob's face looked like some kind of wombat  that had been feeding on red fruit, covered in all that Ravioli and sauce.


 "Keep the Lasagna levitating." sings Bob to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and licking his red lips with glee like a cat licking cream off his long whiskers.

 "Keep the Ravioli in Orbit. So it goes and goes." Kurt echoed with a passionate and equal sincerity.


          Leaning in through the Kitchen window, looking over Bob's shoulder, Norman hands Bob a Mouth Organ with a note attached that reads:

'Lasagna' derived from the Greek.

  'Lasanon' meaning 'chamber pot'

'Ravioli' from Italian verb 'Ravvolgere' meaning 'to wrap'

    'Lasagne al forno' - oven-cooked Lasagne. --Norman

          Kurt notices Norman's multi colored T-shirt that reads: "Auld Lasagna!...established by Francisco di Marco of Prato: 1408 e.v.

"Oh, to be outside this kitchen with Norman! Spinach and minced meat in myface and these Lasagna projectiles are hot as hell." Kurt bawled, wiping Bob's sauce from his lovley big droopy eyes.

 "Loseyns' Trajectories Modified, Commence launch. RAW Lasagna!" Bob said, with a nasal accent satirizing some strange mission control centre.

        Kurt watches Bob entertaining himself, covered in cheese n' spinach, Tomato and pasta flakes, laughing in the slime, playful like a free infant.

 "Chinese ravioli and tortellini collectively, are often referred to as Italian jiaozi, according to uncle EZ."  Bob said, with bad Santa's smile.


"A Sufi that i once met called ravioli manti, Chogyam Trungpa refers to them as Momo, Ginsberg told me about the Jewish Kreplach, and Schroedinger called em Maultaschen." Bob added. Kurt and Norman both watching the Ravioli sauce dripping off his chin like luminescent volcanic lavafalls.

          Bob moves his fingers from the catapult latch and quickly wipes the cosmic ragu debris from his chin and beard again as if psychically responding to Kurt's observation. Kurt looked like he'd seen ghost and Bob looked like a cross between a Chinese Mystic and an auld Irish Bard from Siriusauce.

Fly Agaric 23.

edited: 22/12/2007.





JJ is for James Joyce. EP is for Ezra Pound: transformations.

Joyce and Pound Transformations.

Don't be a, I'm not going to! Sh! nothing! A cricri somewhere! Buybuy! I'm fly! Hear, pippy, under the limes. You know bigtree are all against gravstone. They hisshistenency. Garnd ond mand ! So chip chirp chirrup, cigolo - Finnegans Wake, Page 146.

Each pioneered a new method with which to present to the rest of the world what they had learnt - "Epiphany" and "Ideogramic method" respectively. Often, and more especially with Ezra Pound they presented encyclopedic information without personal commentary, quoting and using an impersonal sampledelia of worldwoid historical artifacts. Or records. They were both denounced at various times in their lives as Mcloonatics for their genius and gift. Charles Dodgson once accused Joyce of turning his back on the common man after he read Finnegans Wake; i think mebbe this was a kind of sick joke. But in 1939 when the book came out, maybe Joyce wanted to communicate some kind of turning, revolution without killingry.

Uncle Ez experienced twoeeks in the human-bird cage while under U.S custody charged with high Treason for his famous, radical M.C'ing and Disc Calendar jockeying, while in Pisa, Italy during WWII. When he finally returned to America the scholar poet spent thirteen years in St. Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally unfit; ironically situated in Washington D.C, today a global hotspot for the mentally ill and wholly dogmatic nut job cranky leaders of the know "free" world.

Pound called many of his villains "usurers" to denote their tendency to take a particular form of natural abundance, naturally naturally abundant in nature, and then slowly trickle this natural abundance through a corporate capitalist controlled channel the size of an average ass hole, to the rest of humanity. (99.8%) with extra added taxes, tariffs and further unholy blockages of a naturally regenerative system, ironically in the name of profit, business and "fair"trade.

Joyce has a powerpun't stereo effect that spins like a spiders web and knots like a vine certain propositional functions into a breathing constellation of seemingly contradicting processes, a perpetual "paradox"; throughout Finnegans Wake. A semantic vortex full of semtex. Like a poetic transcript of Joyce flicking TV channels or surfing old 30's internet TV-web sites, seemingly on a whim with a dance and a cheer. When combined with the intelligent interactive processing of a reader, these revolting identities begin to awaken and piece themselves together seemingly miraculously to any observer; weaving a tapestry of mental imagist scenes surprisingly different from the usual subject-predicate formal logic executed in literature and modern new-speak to such devastating effect. These hierarchical and multi-valued teachings are a part of what we call maybelogic. Propositions like: "Enel-Rah" is the "Nine gods of egypt", or "Kong Gander O'Toole" is "Kung Fu Hsei" seem to become more surreal and illogical than the use of the culpa (is), in simple everyday speech.

This kind of is'ing thinking categorically thrusts the reader/thinker into a character identity crisis; inevitably forcing us into more flexible, non-aristotelian perceptions upon which we can crystalize relative constellations of multiple attributes, resonances and characteristics. Plurabelle. With aristotelian bricks in your breeches you may take a heavy fall. With relative maybelogic models and metaphors the bricks will transform into smaller atoms and then flowers or maybe bright mushrooms, and you will find yourself swimming back into the authors videotext; grasping at new semanticklish maps and punny gridlooks and various keys. Very Helpful items when out on the ocean surfing Finnegans Wake among the hungry great white Fnords.

Pound developed an equally perplexing and strange new bird (new Eagle) called 'ideogramic method' - influenced by the chinese written character and the Oriental ideographic Zen/Buddhist/Taosit/Confucian lineage of poetry-painting. What became "ideogramic method" seems perplexing and strange to the western alphabetic culture critics who were receiving these strange new picture-poems or, axis pivots, without adequate tools for 21st Century thinking. Condensed mini dynastic dramas and fountains of seasoned prose, picking up signals from the emerging global village; our present. Alphabetical symbol systems, pictographic symbol systems, heraldic symbol systems, musical symbol systems; mixed together with meter into an epic poem, a long epic poem for a new era, a new phase, a new calendar P.s.U and a new seal for humanity. "Revolution... in the minds of the people".

Finnegans Wake and The Cantos together seem a kind of literal apocalypse, the end of the word as we know it. The end of the woid as we don't know it, and the buginning of the eternity of plurality, the "Now" it, the interacting process world of the future. We seem to be entering a knu era where the kind of quantum jumping in literature synonymous with James Joyce, Ezra Pound, William S. Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson is emerging in more wide spread cultural and social-linguistic phenomena, propelled by internet and social knittworking. This quantum jumping phenomena appears as indistinguishable from magic, prophesy and time-space travel to me. Its just a matter of the terminology used to describe the coex experience.

Fortunately for the Maybelogic Academy and its members we had a master scholar in the works of James Joyce and Ezra Pound to help guide us through the challenging artists individual reality labyrinths, their most complex works and ideas, models, grids. Their con.texts for describing "what the hell is going on?". Robert Anton Wilson provided the vital bridge between Finnegans Wake and The Cantos by assigning specific chapters from his 1991 book - Coincidance; providing us with multiple Skeleton Key's, keys, corpses and texts to hang our own personal and individual world views upon, and watch grow. I highly recommend all three of these texts for every 21st century citizen as a global travel guide and introduction to the New Word order. Dr. Wilson's 1959 Essay Joyce and Tao, seems an excellent resource for students more interested in his own fascinating relationship, stemming more than half a century with arguably the entire 20th century's greatest writer: James Joyce.

My own personal experience with Finnegans Wake and maybelogic has led me to construct my own personal grid, or method, for representing what i have learnt from my teachers, in hope of contributing to a wider awareness of awareness: GUCT.

Concrete facts demonstrable in nature propose a healthy fishing pond to begin fly-fishing for fat facts. I soon discovered that the after effects upon common house flies having acrilick'd the red-golden white-cream speckled toadstool species: Amanita Muscaria, in common forests provided a perfectly harmonious semantic "grid" for me to present my imaginative ripples and thought patterns. Zillions of critters get high, fall down, sleep and wake up into nature and this process of inebriation is scientifically demonstrable as a chemical processes in the nervous systems of most higher animals. Evolution through inebriation implies chemical compounds found naturally abundant in nature. And there are thousands of different ones.

Amanita Caps are found abundantly today in nature and have just the right chemical mixture to bring about such vivid weird highs, sleeps and wakes. Lewis Carroll incorporated these chemical reactions into "Alice through the looking glass", as a space-time morphing device, a literary effect, and included the actual toadstool too. In fact the awakening, uprising, resurrection, coming again, commodious vicus of recirculation, ascension and perpetual "birthing" of epiphanies... nicely represents the "spirit" of Finnegans Wake as i perceive it. I like to think that James Joyce knew of amrta very well, a guinness from nature. Magical resurrections are reflected in the process about which the Book lends its title: "Finnegans Wake" - an irish Ballad in which a fallen Irish-man Tim Finnegan is presumed dead but then miraculously springs back to life at his own wake, spirited up out of his coffin by some wayward spilt elixir from some feisty festive mourners.

Reading aloud in a group, in a field, in a cave or coffee shop will provide wonderful musical acoustic elements to these books and unlock tongues tied down since first birth. Reading aloud the Wake, especially the Wake can literally grab you, and sing to you, whisking you off to some other place.

Otherways wesways like that provost scoffing
bedoueen the jebel and the jpysian sea. Cropherb the crunchbracken shall decide. Then we'll know if the feast is a flyday. She has a gift of seek on site and she allcasually ansars helpers, the dreamydeary. Heed! Heed ! - Finnegans Wake, Page 5

Fly Agaric 23

©£®€ --


November Rain and the Vaypz

Has not stopped the thousands of people
Descending upon Amsterdam to take part
In the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2007.

I was at Cannibis College today studying
The Vaporizer.

You can learn a lot from these things if
You think about it enough.

Tincture's, infusion's, mixture's, elixir's,
Vapors. Vaypz.

Good times/

Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille @ Bimhuis

Halloween 2007.
Amsterdam. Bimhuis with Astro Tempunauts:
Oliver Lake (sx) Reggie Workman (bs) Andrew Cyrille (ds)
American Free-jazz in Europe.
Messages from other galaxies and starbursts.
Gravitationally bound systems of fate
Dragged me to the gig like bossy Angels.
I soon lost myself to the music though...

Steaming passions, omni-directional forces
Multi layered timbre, time, freedom freedom
Star clusters, and various interstellar clouds
How to bring it back? it back again?

Dark Strumming from Workman,
Blowing of shaman pipes, Tibetan sounding bells and
His bow, sawing at the wound strings of his Double Bass.
Searching, always looking,
The Trio Trio Trio questioning everything
Peculiar galaxies, unknown species,
Starbursts, dark matter matters.

The spirit of American music, peering into the void,
Pop was excommunicated this Halloween in Europe.
3 peacemakers of American Jazz, peacemakers for
American Freedom, democracy, information technology,
Philosophy, Science, more than mere music i say.
These are active galactic nuclei from distant galaxies.
Gathered on samhain between nothingness & eternity.
Transformed into 3 Wizards constructing
nNon-Euclidean Jazz Magic, Mystery, ambiguity,
An awakening, masterfully crafted.

Saxes are hurtling into way way deep into Milky space,
Oliver Lake, with the figure of a mighty Morpheus
He serves up Red Pill after Red Pill into strange nebulae
Journey after Journey, painting the Matrix Ultra violet
A precise hurricane, rapid fire scatting Knu new new
Anti-jazz language, as Dolphy, Trane, Ornette, Sonny, Pharoah.
Popping Valve sounds like Dolphin chatter, water tight.
Then a Jungle of tone erupts, hundreds of new tone-species
Chattering,. spirits on the side of samhain
All clambering to get in on this Jam.

Andy Cyrille drums form a sound/light-house
Past Alpha proxima, towards a ring galaxy,
Seemingly able to jump quarter/half/ and full bars
Ahead or behind the isolated pulse, in an instant.
Then as if the spirits had conversed long enough
Wrestled long enough and become restless and slipped
Into hypertravel.

On the side, an Anthem of Zigzag'd melody
Accompanied by a seductive Swing, juicy roasting
Roller coaster swing, syrup sprinkled with interstellar dust,
Snap! Purrrrl purrrrl Snapta ta tata purrrrl.
Snap! One massive cracking hit! Snap! once more.
One Louder than the millions of shuffling feet of the beats
Held with Andy's left hand wand alone, his right meanwhile
Poking spells and open clusters into the alloyed cymbal
With a big "K" on it. A significant Free-jazz Doppler shift swing.

I experienced many moments of Epiphany during the show
Shattered thoughts coming together personal stuff
Getting worked out by these Chirping shaman-doctors
With the sonic Andromedae ambrosia i love so much.
Seeing their most Humble and graceful postures,
Hearing very few WORDS, and those that came were almost
A whisper. Humble. Concise. Humble Informational.

I had much gratitude for the players,
American Peacemakers, real American peacemakers
Here in Europe and roaming the transtemporal Omniverse.
Here now to save the Universe again, and tonight
Here in Amsterdam on samhain, again and again.
They did more than that though,
The Trio transfigured time/space for all of us.
There was JuJu spirit in the air, impressions of cyclic minds
Workman's hands of plasma tonight, over the Big wooden
Clef leaving no note left behind like an Octopus.
Composure of an Aura murmur.

A Super Nova birth, slapping, thumping Post Drum 'N Bass
Post all and nothing, this Trio Trio Trio questioning every
Beat, Fast forwarding language computers,
Under masterful control controlling toms.
Everywitch way, every side, globular cluster jazz.
Free. Anti-Pop. Wordless. Epic. And all that.

Andy switches to brushes., suddenly everybody rushes
And rushes and keeps streaming for some future destination
Divisions and divisions, sub divisions, crushing music theory
Smashing every genre, busting walls of sound, and re-building
From a subterranean dreamscape somewhere in Asia Major,

Palaces of fuzzy delicate crystal sculptures,
Creatures chirp from inside them just hatching in proto-song.
Breathing pulses, spinning off like asteroids after a collision
Now a Zoo, different animals calling, insects, mammals,
Strange fish and of course, birds.

Talking, talking in varied angular velocities
Getting through, like a fax machine signal, or a kind of rolling codex, Sheets of sound, phase shifts, whispering ghosts
Building sonic keys signitures with Layers of rhythm,
Layers of timbre, propagation pattern. Pattern,
Turning transparent like giant molecular clouds of Tao.
You build the melody now.
You do it!

The Trio of spacemen, all artificer, mechanic, craftsman,
True American peacemakers , afro-black Futurist Tempunauts,
Carrying the Legacy of the mighty Atom Smasher himself
Workman alone played with Art Blakey, Kenny Burrel
Roy Ayers, Grant Green, Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy
Herbie Mann (R.I.P) Yusef Lateef, Alice and John
Coltrane. The Masters of the Masters of Jazz
Anywhere and Everywhere, and forever.

And so i sing lofty praise in eleven sharps
Love's still alive and with us, the music lives and loves.
And these cats play their music wherever it takes them
Still today, innovating, improvising, everywitch way,
This jazz moves to a place of chaos until the love
Deep Within the music, deep within outer space suddenly
Brings us back to the earth again, Big bang!
And some healing ritualistic
Post-Bop starts up. Hear! Calls! Everywhair!

Waltz on the surface, dark undercurrents, tension-filled
Cluster fucks of jamming snake rattle jazz,
Soaring high movements of proto-galactic sax compositions,
Entire tunes in several seconds, scales, keys,
Rhythms, poked and screwed and pampered and peppered
A Frenzy of light and dark forces battling
A supercluster scale death match march at mach 4.
Ping Ting of Alloy hats to deep Bass Bass Burrr.
Tap Dancing polyrhythms, self replicating phrases
With rapidly descending intervals between phrases
Phase shifts, sonic booms, scrapping phrases
Scratching, hooting,
Pitter patter, hair whisper, blow, pop.

Wood, steel, brass, reed, through air meeting
Bio-electric interacting humans conduits into space
Mmuscles, tendons, Lungs, lips, fingers, feet:
Code breaking reality, trcik after trick aftrer trick
After treat after treat after beat.
At least temporarily, off off into deep space/time,
And back.

Kai Eckhardt, John Mclaughlin, Trilok Gurtu


C is for Coldcut +Juice Aleem

Seems about this time!


Coldcut in 2006

In 2000, the Solid Steel show moved to BBC London. Collaborations continued including 2001's "Re:volution" with The Guilty Party in 2001. In 2003, Black worked with Penny Rimbaud (ex Crass) on Crass Agenda's Savage Utopia project.

Coldcut returned with the single "Everything Is Under Control" at the end of 2005, followed in 2006 by their fifth studio album Sound Mirrors. A small world tour commenced with U.K. rapper Juice Aleem hosting the events. Three further singles were released from the album including the Top 75 hit "True Skool" with Roots Manuva. The same track appeared in the soundtrack of the videogame FIFA Street 2. This track features an Indian sample from a cult Bollywood era making the track popular on the bhangra and desi scene and with much of British Asian urban culture.[citation needed] --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coldcut