free speech. work in progress

free speech speech about white wash bleach and a poetry peach wishing on sunsbeach political son of a bitch makes my nerves twitch turns the black pitch sketch my thoughts which scratch the laws itch
defined by the resilience of the people against slavery freedom sits bound and gagged ground and slagged off abused and bruised by news crews on a snooze cruise to your oceanbrain drain what about MLK and JFK Ezra Pound and Assange James Joyce and Bruno Socrates and Snowdon what about Glenn Greenwald Binney and Hastings Swartz & RAW 111 and Chelsea Manning what about Turing what about Wil Reich Tim Leary and David Icke Chris Morris and Amiri Baraka what about John Lennon Freedom of speech but with the consequence of death threats or worse the curse of authority on a non believer pun be weaver fakebeliver patsy cake speech free