2012 Singularity Feedback and Video's

HI everybody. I've been following the development of ‘the 2012 phenomena’ and also the more scientific concept of ‘The Singularity’ since I read ‘Cosmic Trigger’ by Robert Anton Wilson and then ‘The Invisible Landscape’ by Dennis and Terence Mckenna, sometime in the mid 1990's.

From these references you might deduct that I have a ‘psychedelic’ bias towards the kinds of maps and metaphors I communicate, this is true, in a nutshell I think that ‘psychedelic drugs’ used in the correct set and setting (see Leary and Wilson) IMPACT the individual in a way approximating the IMPACT that ‘The Singularity’ and the ‘2012 Phenomena’ resonate with, if you choose to TUNE IN. (which I hope to define, somewhat, by this multi-media presentation, relaying some fresh video’s and links which I think summarise our entry into 2012.)

Whatever 'media or drugs' you interact with, set and setting are important, those who have experimented with psychedelic drugs (at some period of their life) generally, seem to have a grasp on strange resonance with topics concerning 'The Singularity' and the '2012 Phenomena', somewhat familiar territoy to those who have expored inner space and outer, poetry and literature, psychology, engineering, mathematics, anthropology, futurism, ethnobotany, games, music, painting etc.

(Please do not ascribe my own 'Psychedelic bias' to the ideas and words from those in the following video's. Just have fun with your thoughts, I'll be back with more feedback after digesting them again). --Steve fly.

Computation and the future of Mankind by Stephen Wolfram
The Coming war on general computation by Cory Doctorow Mind Share by Mark Pesce Theory Of Everything by Athene. Drugs and Internet by Jason Silva Jumping Jesus by RAW Singularity by Terence Mckenna. Singularity by Jason Silva The Future of Life (Summit 2011) Max Tegmark The Acceleration of Knowledge by Robert Anton Wilson pt. 1. WATSON A.I Perceptions (Summit 2011) by David Ferrucci. http://28c3.chaoscdn.de/mp4-h264-HQ/

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia
The John Sinclair Foundation Presents

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia
Fly Agaric Studio, Amsterdam, December 23, 2009 [VV-0061]
The last few weeks I’ve witnessed John Sinclair programming spontaneous radio shows across the table from me. John made a number of shows that knocked me off my stool so I figured it was my duty as DJ Fly Agaric to respond with a festive selection of tunes. The tracks were selected from my LP collection, recorded Wednesday 22nd December 2009 on a H4 Zoom Recorder.

[00] Baba Israel > Detroit Life Radio ID
[01] Darlene Love: Marshmallow World
[02] Channel One Studio: Ballistic Affair version
[03] Miles Davis: Round About Midnight
[04] Bobby Lester & the Moonglows: Hey Santa Claus
[05] Clark-Boland Big Band: Sakara
[06] Fel Kuti: Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am
[07] The Larks: I Ain’t Fattening No Frogs For Snakes
[08] The Ronettes: Sleigh Ride
[09] Jimmy Reed: Rockin’ with Reed
[10] Marcus Belgrave: Glue Finger (Part 2)
[11] James Brown: Don’t Tell a Lie about Me
[12] Bob Marley: No Water
[13] Rage Against the Machine: Killing In The Name
[14] Baba Israel > Detroit Life Radio ID

Produced, edited & assembled by DJ Fly Agaric 23
Vinyl spun on two Vestax turntables & recorded on Zoom H4 recorder
Post-production, editing & annotation by John Sinclair
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden
Special thanks to Steve “Fly” Agaric & a Merry Xmas to all.
© 2009, 2011 The John Sinclair Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Untitled 1.0 and Fly Agaric at WIKIPEDIA.

 "Wasson and his school have demonstrated how mushroom language tends to be euphemized, masked, coded, buried in etymologies and even "false" etymologies.--Peter Lamborn Wilson, Irish soma.

AMANITA MUSCARIA AND THE THUNDERBOLT LEGEND IN GUATAMALA AND MEXICO. BY L.LOWRY. 1973.--http://www.samorini.it/doc1/alt_aut/lr/lowy4.pdf


"Lo saturnalia,
Drink new flesh back with kwantum mechanix
Fliegenschwamm gerr,
Mukhomor flowing moments drunken bards piss somert,
Tue-mouche Amanite,
Born from nothing into La picene.

Dark mother Earth: early autumn,
Nourishing dark belly of night
Receptive southwestern mother,
Weak yielding
It is difficult to get the news from poems.

Jesusland economy seems symbiotic with the dollars role as reserve Currency
Monstrous and oily-veined bloodhungry pricks feastupon
Dharmadollar ghosts
The great Eastern sun saves and radiates.
All perception as gambowl

And under the almond-trees, gods,
lo! lands of Cyberia, Siberia and Peteurasia
Persian Haoma + 5 indole Eztheotextz +
Chinese + pranayama, may = "stoned" perception.



Cultural depictions

Children play on Jose de Creeft's sculpture Alice in Wonderland in Central Park, New York. Alice sits atop a mushroom, inviting children to climb up and join her. Whilst the mushroom in the sculpture is not a faithfully reproduced Amanita muscaria, the reference within Lewis Carroll's original literary work upon which the sculpture is based is often discussed.[112][113]

Moritz von Schwind's 1851 painting Ruebezahl features fly agarics.[114]
The red-and-white spotted toadstool is a common image in many aspects of popular culture, especially in children's books, film, garden ornaments, greeting cards, and more recently computer games.[32] Garden ornaments, and children's picture books depicting gnomes and fairies, such as the Smurfs, very often show fly agarics used as seats, or homes.[32][115] Fly agarics have been featured in paintings since the Renaissance,[116] albeit in a subtle manner. In the Victorian era they became more visible, even becoming the main topic of some fairy paintings.[117] Two of the most famous uses of the mushroom are in the video game series Super Mario Bros.,[118] and the dancing mushroom sequence in the 1940 Disney film Fantasia.[119]

[edit] Literature

The journeys of Philip von Strahlenberg to Siberia and his descriptions of the use of the mukhomor there was published in English in 1736. The drinking of urine of those who had imbibed the mushroom was commented on by Anglo-Irish writer Oliver Goldsmith in his widely read 1762 novel Citizen of the World.[120] The mushroom had been identified as the fly agaric by this time.[121] Other authors recorded the distortions of the size of perceived objects while intoxicated by the fungus, including naturalist Mordecai Cubitt Cooke in his books The Seven Sisters of Sleep and A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi.[122] This observation is thought to have formed the basis of the effects of eating the mushroom in the 1865 popular story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.[112] A hallucinogenic "scarlet toadstool" from Lappland is also featured as a plot element in Charles Kingsley's 1866 novel Hereward the Wake based on the medieval figure of the same name;[123] fly agaric shamanism is explored more recently in the 2003 novel Thursbitch by Alan Garner.[124]

[edit] Christmas decorations and Santa Claus

Fly agarics appear on Christmas cards and New Year cards from around the world as a symbol of good luck.[125] The ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott has suggested that the idea of Santa Claus and tradition of hanging stockings over the fireplace is based centrally upon the fly agaric mushroom itself.[75] With its generally red and white color scheme, he argues that Santa Claus's suit is related to the mushroom. He also draws parallels with flying reindeer: reindeer had been reported to consume the mushroom and prance around in an intoxicated manner afterwards.[126] American ethnopharmacologist Scott Hajicek-Dobberstein, researching possible links between religious myths and the red mushroom, notes, "If Santa Claus had but one eye [like Odin], or if magic urine had been a part of his legend, his connection to the Amanita muscaria would be much easier to believe.".[127]

The connection was reported to a much wider audience with an article in the magazine of The Sunday Times in 1980,[128] and New Scientist in 1986.[129] Historian Ronald Hutton has since disputed the connection;[130] he noted reindeer spirits did not appear in Siberian mythology, shamans did not travel by sleigh, nor did they wear red and white, or climb out of smoke holes in yurt roofs. Finally, American awareness of Siberian shamanism postdated the appearance of much of the folklore around Santa.[131]



The Amanita muscaria from Siberian populations

amanita koriako
Koriako Shaman who plays the drum inside a yurt (tent). From Jochelson, 1905
The fly-agaric Among the Siberian Populations
The use of the hallucinogenic mushroom Amanita muscaria (Fly agaric mushroom) is attested in Siberian regions in the images of prehistoric rock carvings of various archaeological sites in the rivers Yenisei and Pegtymel . The ethnographic reports of the last century documented use as intoxicating in different populations.
Its use is attested in two vast regions of Siberia. The first concerns the territory of Siberia to the north-west including the rivers Dvina and Kotuj, including the peninsula of Tayma. In this region the people involved in the use of the fungus belongs to the Ural language family, and they are: Khanty (Ostiaki), Mansi (Vogul), Forest Nenets, Selkup (Samoidei group), Nganasan, Ket (Yenisei Ostiaki of) . According to recent observations of Saar (1991), with these people today use the fungus became extinct.
The second region covers the eastern part of Siberia from the Kolyma River, including the peninsula of Kamchatka and the people involved are: Chukchi, Koriaki, Itelmen, Eskimos, Chuvanian (one of the tribes Yukagir), Yukagir, Even Russians who settled for centuries and along the Kolyma River.
The use of the fungus has been reported by ethnographers of the nineteenth century, even among the Lapps of Inari in northern Scandinavia (Wasson, 1968) and at the northern Komi living in the Urals (Dunn, 1973).
Anthropologists of the Russian post-revolutionary period reported that, with the advent of Soviet power, the Siberian populations stopped their old practice of fly-agaric ingestion dell'agarico, "Socialist soon reaching the stage of social development" (in rip. Wasson, 1968: 151). Following the political change in post-Soviet 1990s, anthropologists, more free from censorship, they returned to report the use of the fungus in these populations, showing that this use was in fact never been stopped (see Saar, 1991) .
Depending on the populations of Fly agaric mushroom was and is used collectively for ceremonies and parties, or used by shamans to promote healing trance during practices or to contact the spirits of the dead, in divination and the interpretation of dreams. And 'as fortifying used during long journeys and hunting. And 'highly probable that originally was exclusively use shamanic and subsequently weakening the institution of shamanic power and the use of the fungus has spread to other members of the tribal society.
During the fly-agaric dall'agarico induced visions they occur in siberian investigator of anthropomorphic figures without arms and legs, and regarded the spirits of the fungus called "man-love" or "dummies", which communicate with the investigator and the lead for hand in the afterlife journey. These "men-like" to play an important role in the interpretation of the experience with the fungus, are depicted in prehistoric petroglyphs of the ancient Siberian peoples and are a recurring theme in mythology and stories of Yakuti, Chukchee and other tribes present.
See: The Amanita muscaria among the Chukchi (V. Bogoraz)
The Siberian populations have found that the urine of those who have eaten the Fly agaric mushroom is also equipped with psychoactive properties and are known for the bizarre habit of drinking his own urine or that of other individuals to prolong the effects of the fungus.
It is very likely that these people have discovered the psychoactive properties of the urine of those who have eaten the same mushroom fungus and observing the behavior of the reindeer, which are both tasty and intentionally become drunk with the Fly agaric mushroom, which the urine of other reindeer that have eaten.
The Amanita muscaria among Koriaki (W. Jochelson)
The use of Amanita muscaria among Siberian Koriaki (J. Enderli)
The Amanita muscaria among Ugri (Ostiaki and Vogul) (KF Karjalainen)
The Amanita muscaria among Kamchadal (Erman)
ETHEL DUNN, 1973, Russian Use of Amanita muscaria: A Footnote to Wasson's Soma, Current Anthropology, vol. 14, pp.. 488-492.
GEERKEN HARTMUT, 1992, Fliegen Pilze? Merkungen Anmerkungen und und zum Schamanismus Sibirien in Andechs, Integration, vol. 2 / 3, pp. 109-114.
WALDEMAR Jochelson, 1905-1908, The Koryak, Memoir of the American Museum of Natural History, New York.
Langsdorf GH, 1809, Einig Bemerkungen day Eigenschaften des Kamtschadalischen Fliegenschwammes betreffend, Annalen für die Wetterauischen Gesellschraft gesammte Naturkunde, vol. 1 (2), pp. 249-256.
ROSENBHOM ALEXANDRA, 1991, in Der Fliegenpilz Nordasien, in: W. Bauer, E. A. Klapp & Rosenbhom (Ergs.), Der Fliegenpilz, Wienand Verlag, Cologne, pp.. 121-164.
SAAR MARET, 1991, date from Siberia and North Ethnomycological-East Asia on the effect of Amanita muscaria, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol. 31, pp.. 157-173.
R. Wasson GORDON, 1967, Fly Agaric and Man, in: Daniel H. Efron, Bo Holmstedt & Nathan S. Kline (Eds.), Psychoactive Drugs Search for Ethnopharmacologic, U.S. Department of Health, Education and welfare state, Washington, pp. 405-414.
Father Wasson VALENTINA & R. Gordon Wasson, 1957, Mushrooms, Russia and History, Pantheon Books, New York, 2 vol.
R. Wasson GORDON, 1968, Soma. Divine Mushroom of Immortality, HBJ, New York.

Illuminatus Trilogy! and Annonymous hacking culture

This article from Wired has produced a more condensed article (that follows)including a fantastic quote about Illuminatus Trilogy! by Shea and Wilson, linking the History of hacker culture directly to the novels, and so further back, deeper into the sub-history of dada, surrealism, satire. I would argue this reaches right back to the 1580's and Giordano Bruno's 'pantheism', and can be tracked by simply following the route Robert Anton Wilson defined for us: Bruno, Giambattista Vico, Friederich Nietzsche, Ernest Fenollosa, William Butler Yeates, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Alfred Korzybski, Buckminster Fuller, Claude Shannon, Norbert Weiner, Marshal McLuhan, and Orson Welles.


Understanding Anonymous: The Culture Of Lulz

from the it's-not-an-organization dept

We've written a number of times about the not-really-a-group Anonymous, and just how little those who position themselves "against" Anonyomous understand what it is they're fighting against. But even for those who are "of internet culture," explaining just what Anonymous really is certainly can be difficult. Either you live it and you get it, or you don't. That doesn't mean that everyone who "gets" Anonymous agrees with Anonymous. Hell, even Anonymous doesn't agree with Anonymous much of the time -- which is part of the point. But for those who are used to arguing against a group or those with an established position, the entire concept of Anonymous is completely alien.

Quinn Norton is putting together what looks to be a brilliant exploration of Anonymous and related efforts. The initial piece is the best I've seen to date in encapsulating what Anonymous is. The key point? It’s a culture. And, it's a culture with a long heritage of similar efforts that many people didn't get at the time, but there's definitely a (rather non-linear, of course) relationship:
The birthplace of Anonymous is a website called 4chan founded in 2003, that developed an “anything goes” random section known as the /b/ board. 4chan itself comes from a Japanese-language predecessor called 2chan, founded in 2001. Before that, the lulz and hacker pranking was alive and well in old-school IRC chat rooms, EFnet, and the 1990s hacker scene.

But if you’re going back that far, add as influences Mondo 2000, and publications like RE/Search, and a billion shitty zines that were dead by 1996. But those all came from something, too.

Hacker culture, and almost all of computer culture back in the day is shot through with the Discordian edge of 1960/1970s counter-culture and Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s Illuminatus. So from there it’s the yippies, Andy Kaufmann, and the Situationists we need to first comprehend. Or do we head back to early 20th century absurdists of Dada? Or maybe we venture all the way to that olde booke of epic trolling lulze, Tristram Shandy?

We’re all the way to 1759 now.

Perhaps this means the 1960s Discordians are right, and there’s a Ha Ha Only Serious giggle that is cosmic in nature. That there is a part of reality, a force of physics, that is actually a Fundamental Sense of Humor. But the gravity we deal with can only be explained to an even larger amount of Dark Humor, woven into the fabric of the universe.
Of course, those who don't get Anonymous still won't get Anonymous after this article. In fact, they're likely to be more confused, or more sure than ever that it's "just a bunch of bratty kids" or something along those lines. And thinking that works exactly to Anonymous' favor, which is part of the joke, in which everyone is the punchline.



For the OCCUPY movement, the people and the spirits.--Steven James Pratt (Fly Acrillic 23)

Occupy Your Mind
The skies
The stars
Occupy hearts parks forests and stores
Occupy The Streets
And Occupied Toilets
Occupy Beats and sing to highlight deceit to foil it

Occupy War Street
Your Walk
Occupy the Vatican of worms if you can

Occupy Loan Don
Occupy Organize Codify Ampliflies

Occupy Pounds
Occupy Cents
Occupy Bill’s
Occupy Beverly Hills

Occupy Pence
Occupy jails
Occupy rents
Girls penned in by pigs behind a fence,
Poisoned like snails

Occupy Bonds
The Euro,
Occupy The Bureau with Neuro Scholar Judo
Occupy the Spyguys
Occupy in face
Occupy to Shock the eye
The Ochre clings to the pepper spray
Red Octopi tents tackle dragons and lions   

Occupy Occidental
Sock your thigh your legs
Occupy your pants my dear
Occupy a wig
All through October we’ll
Occupy a jig

Let’s Occupy November
December through March
Arab Spring and all,
Then we’ll Occuply […….]
And the Seasons revolve,
Occupy the planet earth
Coagulate, Solve.  

Mark Pesce and the 'Nextbillionseconds'

I view Mark's latest explorations and insight as possibly the greatest collection of information for the tribe. The full Global Village.

Please take a look and read for yourself. Mark has a kind of futurism that is firmly rooted in scientific and mathematical data, yet has the excitment and imagination you might expect from a science fistion writer. Mark seems to have mapped a number of alternative paths that I see as illuminating the kind of questions we may need to meditate upon and ACT? as we move into 2012.

--Steve Fly Agaric 'James' Pratt 23



DECADE 2001-2011


Hi I finally got around to posting this, it's been hanging around for a while. I hope you'll forgive my errors, any feedback will be well received.

So friends...which events seem important to you? Which would you choose to define any given period of time? How do you make sense of them, what conditions nurtured them, which human interventions and which natural disasters led to the events you pick?

If we are to make sense and meaning of history, and sanity--a risky endeavour in these times of global Internet but one which any poet worth the name might pursue--then a 'poem including history' of the last decade seems a good place to start to me. (after writing this introduction I learned that Mark Zukenburg and facebook plan to release a ‘timeline' application that allows for a similar chronological study of events. However History also moves in cycles, and non-chronological spirals, it is of my opinion.

The launch of Wikipedia in February of 2001 has impacted this writing a great deal due to the simple list of some events deemed worthy of inclusion by the Wikipedia commons group, that are made available for all to see and make sense of at your own risk. The risk seems to me to be somewhat reduced when attention is paid to the subjective nature of perception, and to methods such as ‘operational language used by some-but-not-all scientists and ‘E-prime’ and its variants, used by some-but-not-all linguists.

When put Into chronological order it becomes increasingly difficult for me to avoid drawing conclusions based on the ordering, one thing leads to another, or so it seems to a linear oriented mind set. The question remains: which ‘events’ should become pivotal ones and which shall be relegated to the footnotes or relegated all together? How did the author or protagonist come to choose such events based on which values and principle, what ordering system, what right knowledge? How many are justified by later events and how many need revision, considering, let’s say; the Wikileaks exposures of the period 2007-2010, or the News Corp. phone hacking racket?

Maybe you'll have a crack at this process, outside of facebook, of putting the last ten years (or any period of time) into textual form. Music, painting, dance, sculpture, textiles and other art based activities also help communicate this information.

In mixing private events with those events deemed as Historical in the broader sense, I hope to take the edge off of history a little bit, I mean to say balance what we perceive as ‘historical’ with our personal infinite flux of perception—at the moment these events are perceived to be taking place. Unless you happen to be fortunate and in the physical location of such an ‘historical event’ then rather you may not view it as ‘historical’ at all, by your own standards, yet another fleeting moment on planet earth.

The questions: where were you, what were you doing and why were you doing it?, introduces ‘subjective context’ into the thinking process encircling the question of History. I repeat, I have taken great liberty through a poetic licence to inject my own value system upon the last ten years. Forgive my ego-centric perception and decadence, I will be editing and updating this work towards 2012, keep in touch friends, love--steve.



Jan. 1st:
fly over Golden
Gate bridge to S. F. early
new yrs. Day in love.

Jan 20th:
Dumb G. W Bush succeeds
Wild Bill Clinton after
Flor. Re-count.

Feb. 24th:
Claude Shannon dies:
Information theory creeps
Doctor Wilson shares TSOG.

DJ with Garaj Mahal
at the last day saloon
San Francisco

July 23rd:
G8 Protest Italy
Carlo Giuliani shot
dead: police.

Sept. 11th:
Surprise Attack in U.S
Sep. 12th:
Israel op’ in Jericho.
Oct. 7th:
Afghan war game

Oct. 26th:
U.S Patriot Act
passed by Bush.
I Fly to S.F to DJ.


Jan. 29th:
Antarctic Larson ice
shelf crumbles, my
RAW Entview

March 1st.
Invasion of Afghanistan
begins with Op’
Anaconda: a large snake

High Sierra Music Fest.
w/ Garaj and
7/7 No Parking

Burningman Fest
DJ, fresh fruit piss clear
leave no trace
gifting culture.

Sep. 10th:
RAW intview S. Cruz
muffin coffee M. Logic
kind wise teacher Bob

July 21st:
Worldcom file for
Chap. 11

Oct. 25th:
Paul Wellstone his
family and most of his staff
killed in plane crash.

Nov. 18th:
Hans Blix arrives
in Iraq looking
for weapons of
mass distraction

Nov. 25th:
GWB passes The
United states Homeland
Security Act.

at DNA lounge
with Mahavishnu's
Jerry Goodman


Feb 15th.
Mass worldwide protests
against war in Iraq.
shouting ‘what WMD’s?

Release of ‘As if true’
in a collection of
shroom’ tales by Paul

April 14th:
Human Genome Project
complete, over
99% sequenced.

May 1st: GWB sez...
‘mission accomplished’
from Aircraft carrier

May 1st:
New Orleans Jazz Fest'
Mama’s Blues DJ
Crescent city life

Pharmageddon Arkestra
formed in New Orleans
Chris, Quinn, fly and friends

July 23rd:
Maybe Logic Movie premiere
S. Cruz, the last time
I saw Bob.

Sep 4th:
Bullring shopping
centre open’s in
Birmingham UK.

Alan Hertz and Friends
tour West coast

Oct 31st:
Halloween launch
Mondo Garaj album
Avalon Ballroom fly


Feb 4:
Facebook founded
Feb 12th:
Mardi Gras New Orleans.
March 25th:
T. Blair meets Col. Gaddafi

Ideogrammic Method and
Illuminatus classes
with RAW

June 16th:
911 commission report
release on

July 1st:
Cassini-huygens craft
meets Saturn
Vatican joins the
U.N. ship.

July 28th:
Rocks off Cruise
NYC, my poem skirts Hudson
from pier 23

Aug 29th:
RNC, GWB and Dick

I carry a coffin up sixth
av', Illuminatus!
in hand.

Dec 21st:
Maybelogic Quarterly
Issue 1 Winter Solstice

Dec 25th:
Record ‘Bicycling in Bombay
for Garaj Mahal's
Blueberry Cave

Dec 26th:
The Indonesian earthquake
2004 claims
230’000 victims.


Jan 14th:
Huygens robot
lands on Titan one of
Saturn's moon,
near Xanadu

Jan 20th:
GWB inaugarated
for second term.
Garaj Mahal tour.

July 2nd:
High Sierra Music Festival
ft. Garaj
& No-Parking

July 6th:
Olympic Games Handed
to London in IOC.

July 7th:
London attacks
and security analysis

Aug 29th:
1900 killed
Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans flood

Oct 8th:
Kashmir earthquake
kills over 80’000

Oct 30th:
Chet Helms tribute
concert Golden Gate

Dec. 23rd:
MaybeLogic UK Premier
at Birch Tree Pub

Dec 31st:
Brierley Hill Baths
protest, steel fence, police
pulled the plug, no news story


Week trip to Amsterdam
start collected writings
World Piss.

Audio Remixing: RAW
meets Garaj Mahal
Bar work at Windmill Pub
in lye town.

MLA meet in Milton
Keynes, Mushrooms
Temples, swimming and
good friends

Howordz Way
poem for MQ

I discovered
‘Stourbridge’ in Cantos
LXVI by Ezra Pound

Sep 11th:
Stourbridge busking
to raise money for Pope
Bob and his medical

Pulled Shop' trolley
from River Stour
Captured by S’bridge news

Refused entry to USA
at Atlanta airport

Dec 24th:
Dressed as Santa
‘Shroom ‘Claus
I roamed the streets of Stourbridge


Robert Anton Wilson
passes on.

12th, Alice Coltrane.
joins him.

February 17th:
RAW tribute
Stourbridge Skate Park
shut down

March 18th:
Coldcut RAW tribute
Alan Moore, Ken Campbell
VJ DJ dream wake

21st: March.
‘Jam in The Dam’ festival.
I arrive and setlle
in Amsterdam
Dish washing

MLA in Belgium and Ams’
Lasagna catapult in
Dutch Lake

Life in Amsterdam
audio remixing
and writing:

Meet John Sinclair,
Be-bop Jazz, blues and
New Orleans
tales shared


Western Esoterica
vinyl sigil, step-sign
word turntable

July 23rd:
MLA in Paris:
The great Gherkin
experiment special

Oct 3rd:
Global Market crash crisis
of imagination strikes

Nov. 1st:
I start my ‘first Novel:
Open Source History:
a tale of the tribe

Dec 24th:
arrested for Graffiti
on bank “in banks we trust”
DNA cells


Jan. 4th:
John Sinclair, Vicente Pino
Fly record: Amsterdam
blues scholars

Crazy Wisdom of PKD
with Erik Davis

after a strange dream I met
Dutch Royal Family outside
the Trope Museum.

July 26th:
Longest solar eclipse
of 21c: 6 min 38 sec.
MLA in Berlin

The Birth of Doctor
Marshmallow Cubicle
siblings: Pino and Pratt

Treaty of Lisbon
becomes law
I Visit Norway, shrooms, trees
and teas

14th Aug:
John Sinclair performs
poetry at Bonded Warehouse
Stourbridge UK

High life in Amsterdam Oost
with sweet Janne
John Sinclair and
John Coltrane

Evolver Dream Spore
Save Coseley Baths

Nov. 20th:
LHC restarted at CERN.


Wikileaks release
Collateral Murder.

April 20th:
fly at Café Belgique
420 Deepwater
Horizon Oil Spill

July 25th:
Wikileaks release
Afghan war diaries

Sun Ra: Essays and
Interviews released.
Started new novel: ‘Sixty’

MLA go to Oxford
James Brown on Organ
ghost tour, inception.
Stour clean up

Album: Let’s Go
Get Em’ Sinclair’s
blues scholars
Art by Frenchy n; Chu

Sep 23rd:
Out of East
Hangai in Park,
Dogon and
Francis Huxley in my book.

Sep 28th:
Email to The Tribe:
six wk/ web class
Bruno, Vico, Joyce, Pound

Nov. 26th:
John Sinclair and
Amsterdam blues scholars
at the 420 cafe

Nov. 28th:
More Wikileaks
cables push for
no more secrets

John Sinclair and the
Beatnik Youth ensemble
& i record in big smoke

Start my Novel SIXTY
First full lunar eclipse
on Winter Solstice


Global Media Village
MLA class
with Bobby Campbell

Arab spring couch
Surfing, blog fatter
Marshy Chu Queegsday

Mirror in the Buurvrouw
wall painting delight
aerosol by CHU

July 23rd:
Barcelantis underwater
test video in BCN

Aug 8th:
London Riots
Sod the rich,
phone hack scandel
Marshy album











--Steven James Pratt (fly agaric 23-Acrillic) September-October 2011.

Race Riots and Revolution in the UK


The riots in the UK earlier this month (aug. 6-10, 2011) have provoked a number of textual reactions and experiments from me that I present here in a mish-mash-up style. Typically I have the beginnings of lots of different ideas, poems, screenplays, on-going research and rants. I might need some help editing some of this stuff.

I decided that Race Riots and Revolution in the UK could be a title theme that runs through these writings. Please enjoy, share and feedback. And remember to try and think happy thoughts as ften as possible. Please, thankyou.



Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Bombs, Massacres, riots, revolutions, eclipses, sun flares.

New friends, free storage space, wikipedia, social network, medicinal Marijuana.

Banking fraud, spying, physical abuse, murder, robbery, torture, gang violence.

Flash mobs, geodesics, massage, wireless power, permaculture, genomics, crowd funding.

Phone hacking, arms dealing, oil spillage, shooting, rape, volcanic eruptions, bee death.

Space flight, organic farming, e-bay, yoga, twitter, multi player gaming, aural sex.

Coercion, sea pirates, con-men, lawyer run capitalism, road side bombs, liars, cheats.

Tablet computing, prosthetics, hormone therapy, MP3's, hugs, open source democracy?

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23


Bits and thoughts like branches and leaves budding
earth seasons seem to bring politcal and ecological changes,
the city map of life inside a city map world ripped by a rat.

Talkers gasping for fresh air, to make sense of the senses
to pit poverty of imagination against scandalous expenses
to lay seeds, to plough the fields and jump fences

I am sucked into the babble slang and the prattle
what's in a name, what's in a battle
who traded pigs for whiggs, and precious coin for cattle?

The scrupulus meanness of money magic
the comedy in a staged collapse, tree's felled: tragic
politicians need MDMA for empathy and to help fight
capitalist cancer outbrake.

To gamble our land's life support on the mad-Bull market
gives off a reckless and putrid stench of rotting corpses
cannibals of europe are eating their children,
Each human mind encompasses the whole universe
the whole multiverse contained inside a criminal thug?
please, we are all interacting nervous systems beyond classification.

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23.



What does it take to love a hoody?
never mind hug a hoody love a hoody,
tuff love buddy,
a flood of reasons to show empathy
as some wise man once said 'love thy enemy'
so... how might we love a hoody

What's inside that hood
Who's under the street monkhood
What creature lurks beneath the Addidas and the Nike garnments
What feet creep across broken glass in Fila boots
what's inside the head wrapped in Burberry
all day crime think? think again, 

These are human beings just like you,
criminality seems a pretty flimsy stick these days
as one man goes down for knickin' a shirt
another walks, like Tony Blair, what is fair?
To me Tony is no better than a hoody,
Gangster activity, lack of insight and foresight,
disrespect, bad judgement, personal benefit
at the scandalous expense of others.
Criminal intelligence is intelligence

a gang is a group or slang for a coup
on the sinister crime-minister's 'gang-think'
David Starkey scans the culture darkly, 

dimly, shortsightedly.

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23.


1. The Police officer who fired the shot that Killed Mark Duggan, his profile? 

2. Who was in Charge at Tottenham Police station Aug. 6th, who he, or she?

3. Why were the family members and relatives not satisfied with police feedback?

4. Who started the rumor that a 16 year old girl had been attacked by Police?

5. What double standards do you see in the Police threatening to pursue those who twitted and messaged 'inaccurate and inflammatory' regarding the riots? (please read Dailymail articles)

6. How can be trust our communications partners not to give over our information services to the Police? (see blackberry and RIM: research in motion)

7. Why did the Police stay away from the Tottenham Hale retail park that was open to petty looters until dawn?  and what of other reports of no police responses? were they caught off-guard by a superior hive intelligence, told to step down, simply too busy?

8. How many different reasons can you give for the disturbances, in approx. order of probability: e.g: 1. shooting of Mark Duggan. 2. lack of initial Police response. 3. General ignorance to the death of Smiley Culture in April 2011. 4. Government cuts to social services. 5.

9.What difference do you see between the terms 'rioter and looter': 'fighter and thief'

10. Super cop Willy Bratton is the chairman of Kroll! (Please research Kroll).

11. What differences do you perceive between vigilantism and the Police?

12. How many examples can you think of to deserve jail for political crime ministers?

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23.




"…broken glass everywhere, cardboard and paper fillings all over the shop and outside the shop, kids running with new shit, brand new off the shop front, god bless em', little devils, god dammed thieves and robbers, petty criminals, arsonists, smasher uppers, not nuclear technicians or strategic operations warfare officers, live thugs, unpredictable and ready to go off at any time, like a bomb, the sound of a detonator ticking in the background, oh the youth of today."

"The running riots on the stock market, the rampant flow of dribbling saber toother tigers, giant red lion's and grey wolves, pink Panda's and illuminated Eagle's, all picking and pecking at the remains of the global financial system, in tatters on the floor, shredded like confetti, based on 'zero', nothing more to give never had anything to save, money equals value equals probablistic fuctions beyond human interventions."


"Beyond any human interventions, I mean the machine intelligence has got us by the knackers man, its working us, pounding and pumping these challenges into our path, the motherfucking super gangster god shit is here right now, disturbing the peace, but there is some interference in the plan, the psychic cop's have hit a fire wall, something seems to scramble every message, something with insight and increased reverse foresight seems to me to have intervened."

"come on..."

"An intelligent futurist time traveller, in human form, myself. How about it, and why not, so prove me wrong, how am I not a time traveller? have you read the latest in the popular scientific journals, never mind the more occult publications. We are somewhat here, at the junction, at a junction, where who knows what will happen, who knows? but a mighty bunch of things have come together to shine through the dark shadows of the monster greed heads. Ignore them, move along now, upwards and onwards.

‘Oh yeah’

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23.



"Most journalists from the gov/corp. media show an equal contempt to people, property and civility than any shop-lifter, they only difference is they fan the flames using dogmatic language, rather than actions resulting from dogma.

"Responsibility, discipline, respect for authority. Please look to the double standards in 1. Illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. 2. M.P's expenses scandal. 3. The Police/Newscorp. Phone hacking scandal. 4. International arms dealing. 5. The war on some drugs. 6. The war on some terror. 

"I think that it's not by using 'tough love' or by introducing 'harsh punishments' or by name calling and cultural branding that British youth and 'youth worldwide' will wake up to their sense of self-awareness and of community. The medieval psychology behind capital punishment and incarceration, public humiliation and directed fear are only one old ragged way of 'turning people around' and teaching them the differences between wrong and right.

"There are other methods that do not simply use a mixture of treats and punishments depending on their right or wrong actions, usually deemed right or wrong by a government implemented value system, or a religiously implemented value system. See the history of worldwide Church and State rules on behavior, speech, buying and selling, spying, dying and warfare and how they upheld those rules using various forms of what might best be described as Black Magic and curses.

"What future?

"I'd say a Science Fiction future--depending on what kind of science fiction you interact with? i.e a pretty unimaginable future to all but a few Science Fiction writers. The Gov. and news will continue falling further and further behind the cutting chaotic edge of being awake.

"What can we do about it?

"Well, I would prescribe a mystical school where the art of meta-programing can be shown to allow for any and all individuals to be whatever they want to be this time around by tuning on the human nervous system. Practical self help techniques in a kind of new Hogwarts learning fashion...not punishment, humiliation and so called 'tough love'. That's my science fiction future.

--Steve 'fly' Pratt 23.

Some Quotes:

"Instead of analyzing societies solely in terms of classes, Bourdieu uses the concept of field: a structured social space with its own rules, schemes of domination, legitimate opinions and so on. Fields are relatively autonomous from the wider social structure (or space, in his terminology), in which people relate and struggle through a complex of connected social relations (both direct and indirect). Among the main fields in modern societies, Bourdieu cited the arts, education, politics, law and economy.--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Bourdieu
"They have no sense of responsibility for themselves, far less towards others, and look to no future beyond the next meal, sexual encounter or TV football game.--Max Hastings, Daily Mail.  (on looters and IMHO politicians)