natural abundance of flowers

...we are all shotdown by the
painstream media
dammed by knee jerk reactions
to the stench of truth

what effect do you wish
to have surpriseshock
and horror awe wonder
mystery suspense
does it entertain lull
at what and at who's expense

to use the word as a massage
and all its meanings and shades
as exotic oils feathers and music
new uses to uncork the soul
and spring the genius out from
within each and every heart
so mote it be

so build playful bridges of
paperclips daisies and spaghetti
yet not past a point
beyond where the ravioli orbits
shoot down hate with
love bazookers

tune into others and
walk a mile
gain insight of foreign
alien knowledge in new directions
from maps and mold
memorable metaphors from
the natural abundance of

purple flowers on bodies
disaster strikes and all thinking people
sigh another dumb ass destroys
life direct hit to every humanitarian
circumstance differs
death horror destruction are hard
to make rational sense of today

varying emotions arise
and fall around the planet
in step with graphic images and
graphic details bouncing into the
eyeballs of billions

chatter in the streets
web searches later before
tweets what is the question again
who how why for what
what can the news reports
tell us

what of the lead up
what next mind the present
the ever present grief and sadness
of violence greed corruption
and abuse at all levels
going on right now

what about the lead up this
event specifically who benefits
who profits who looses and
who gains what

and on and on spinning and
twisting through gazillions of
neural networks data crunching
networks analysis and probably
probabalistic feedback on pretty
possible outcomes
leading to a headline
[insert bogeyman here]
did it

the wreakage and horror
of crash sites illustrate the
destructive force of weapons
no matter which primate fired
we feel the result of military
weaponry manufactured
marketed and sold 

and for the victims families
and loved ones and friends
i point to the description
of delicate purple flowers
and lush grasses surrounding

the grave and to the soil and
the surrounding flora
motionless silent and simply
soaked in the traces of  
sentience dispersing out
into infinite space
into the hearts and heads
of billions of people
around the globe

may the sympathy overpower
the rage for revenge
may you have strength to
tune out from the painstream
media and into

the tangible
flowers and grasses
stars and clouds and the
natural world where the
souls of their loved ones
and all of us may go

a little word to recycle
snatched souls into
worlds of natural abundance
and the eternal memory
with budding language

let the future bloom
and forgiveness blossom

--Steve Fly 22/07/14