"As you decide on the hue of the tone, visual elements melt and evolve before your eyes; you are traveling through the song you are weaving, or you are painting a picture using complex and beautiful noises. The visuals offer just enough familiar hooks that you always feel essentially like you are looking at a world, a place. There is the suggestion of a storm over the ocean, clouds trumpeting and congesting together. Colored streamers in a garden, or perhaps they are little red fish playing over a pond. It is more than "making music" or "creating your own song", as you experiment with the intensity of different sonic elements. At times it defies description—I reach for words to try to describe the Panoramical "levels" I played, and there are none. Is "played" the right word, or did I "make" or "find" instead?--

I reach for words to try to describe the Panoramical "levels" I played, and there are none. 

Dr Marshmallow Cubicle - The Bogius Sessions 2015 (Youtube Playlist 20 vids)

Cor Bin Yow (For Jeremy Corbyn)

Cor Bin Yow

oi you
its you
cor bin yow
could it

to have bin yow
or not bin yow
to have run a mile
in another mons shoe

another you 
seems possible to 
me and a new you
too for true

cor bin yow
was it
core of bin yow
could it 

you there looking
at these letters
the core
the bin
the apple and the

the core the apple
the bearded voice of
the people
not angry

the core of the apple
the pip and the
thrown by the 
into the trash

core to bin
the apple of
discord hurled 
into the rubbish
rubbished by

with the black
and bloody news
the fast food 
and coke cans
the core sits

who can lift the
great ball of light
a real man
a man of letters
books and poetry
in the heart
and marrow of the
matter mutter

the core
the bin
news media 

politics and poetry
laughing buddha 
phallus with purple
octopus glyphs
pulse and speech

like a sun to a beach
all dune
and dusted
trashed against the
the wave tongue

the waves are 
part of the process
the weaves a strand
of unity engineering
language to bind

bind the time and
space with the word
core of bin yow 
could it
just then
right there on the

clawing out from
the trash
the trash of you
in the letter bin
defined in 26 litter
puzzle code 

on the air and eye dust
the feint
dew drops on the grass
tips and in that drop
a mini earth reflection
in there beyond the
word chains
pulled by giant man eating
the newspuss
pressing delete on

the core bin
stands in the park
rusty and covered in

the glyphs depict
a new story 
a tale of the sun and
venus and the spaces
between us

and with a name
to come
the has bin
the is being
and the will bee
sting in the head

the subject
of these verses 
orbits and convoluted
feedback loops
in english
are driven by 

tears of oi
smiles of wake up
grab that pen and
enter an avant garden
of deletes

to unveil oneself
the yowness of being
the U in yuw
and the how in yow
the howness of being

of all beings
perhaps straight down
the line
a straight talking

only taking the chicane
when doing verse
or when verse 
is doing him
what the flock
of hummingbirds
is going on

turn on and drop
out into verse
and stand up and talk
straight when at the gate
of poly tricks

multiple tricks of the 
tongue and head
bypassing the heart
the raw business model
of political influence
conceited nations
conceited scholars
but the poets 
push out into the

that rusty bin stood
in the park next to the bench
where workers can rest
or anybody who would 
like to sit
a seat for all souls
the bardic park of 
lips and quiet 

where to gather thoughts
about what to say
next and how
in what context and
monster raving 
sanity speech

the headonistic 
imperative and the
sailing in opposite
meeting soon enough

a full rotation
after which both circum
navigate together
in sync
the journeyman
maverick explorer

seeking new
synthesis in the gutter
of an old street
walked by liars
cheats bullies
and spies for the

a new core 
after the meal
inside of which are the
codes and instructions
to grow another
pretty much identicle

bee yowself
beehive yourself
work together
make honey
cor bin yow

--Steve Fly Agaric 23. Bristol. Uk. 

'The Eternal Festival Of Memory' for Mick Wood and Cookie

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'Muster Up Some' and 'New Pictures Of Plutocracy'

Muster Up Some...

...can you muster up
some good faith today
can you give the 
benefit of doubt

medicine for the hypersensitive
everybody on the edge-cusp
stress of language used badly
pushing on reality
how can i be the same person

exorcising the right
to be unpredictable yet
friendly sympathetic and
willing to listen

are you willing to listen?
willing to give up your time
to understand and
re-register sameness 
equal to difference

to blame yourself and
others equally but not
to dwell on what might 
have been so it clouds 
the here and now

fill in the missing parts
of every message with a 
balanced openness to 
alternative meanings

love all the people
shine bright and let the
warmth of well wishes
charge the hearts of
all humanity

love thy enemy
with a furious blessing
a bolt from the blue
a stern good luck charm
a simple nice word or two

everybody has a complex 
story hidden away
can you listen to the tale
can you overlook the 
distortions and conceits

will you share some
good faith today
and hold back the
prejudice snapping at 
the front of your head

quick to judge blame 
and smudge based on
subjective sensations
unaware of the hoodwink
acting like the center of
including the center of
other people
like a omnipotent God
of righteousness

find some good faith today
consider that you might be wrong
and they might be right 
or that a universe may exist
where both opinions hold
truth and falsehood 
and where probability informs
the discussion

bad faith and empiricism
the illusion of the totality
of meaning and worse yet
the imposition of such bad faith
in deed and action
a literal call to arms

muster up some good faith
today and launch your 
lucky charms 
help keep yourself out
from harms way
muster some
instant karma 

--steve fly
Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam. Friday 18th July, 2015. 11:54 A.M

just a few things that wus' running through my heeed

Preservation of the self
to jump ship
and join the self
preservation society

resist creeping humility
the others
the 7 billion or so
others here on planet earth

kill or be killed
no its program or be
programmed and so 
both and more 

all for your genes the pool
they happen to come from
did you ask to be born
to the genetic and class
you ended up in?

the elite and the high brow
looking down from top dog spot
moral superiority to go with
privilage and invisible righteousness

those who are stupid 
and damn sure
stupid and certain
those know-it-all

do not forget that each and
every human being thinks and
feels and desires and loves
not just your family and friends

and here comes everybody
the hyperdiversity and
multiplatform entities
take your fucking racist elite
and rot on your island

selfish and centralized
authoritarian and 
ruthless and gangster
yes we need a serial killer in

no room for suspended judgement
or philosophy
no time for humanitas and
for the long poem 
give me tweets and slogans
vote forget trust confuse

and those with wish to keep it
all to themselves by hook and
by crook and by fucking the
working class in the ass
over and over again 

sometimes i wonder about 
when the revolution comes
if i will be there in the thick of it
or watching from a safe distance?
when the other 7 billion wake up
and take agency of their collective

and i hear you thinking
who am i to say? 
good point and first thought
i am fly agaric 23
ready and willing 
finger on the trigger 
Im gonna' pull it

What TORY poet?

Well what political poet
where who step up friend
where you at?
any political Pratt
show yourself to me
come now step fourth
times up

calling all Tory poets
calling all high brow bards 
where are you at
where is your army and ammunition?

200'000 working class poets
got my back writing write now
with deeper feelings than you have
more truth and beauty in one breath
than three decades of your filthy lies
against humanity against god

you have no pantheon of gods
nor bards
your literary lineage reads like
a similar stunted list as your royal

hey Tory boy and Tory girl too
you have no poets and no men
at your side just an army of
spin doctors who
spin and doctor
and money men
and spies that are world beaters
at lies

and the hard bards cry
and wail at the fire storm
the waste lands and fracking plans
offshore banking tax haven scandel
ideological austerity and a war
on the poor and vulnerable
like Goebbles and Himmler
got back in the driving seat

only a superficial Tory beauty
like plastic flowers and fake trees
chemicals steel and plastic all
mushed together with human flesh
the Tory ball of shit
rolling down every street in Britain
industry and capital all stolen
or borrowed with previously stolen
or borrowed credit

what fucking TORY arts?
what music and painting from the upper class
twats? who WHO WHOOOOO?
drunk on the Hollywood goop
the vacuous and empty pop culture
spawned by the likes of Simon Cowell
this reflect proper TORY talent
and a culture of conceit

'we are the self preservation
we are the self preservation
we are the.....

no matter your own opinion
or side of the argument
try oh please do
try again to retain a critical

criticise your darlings
pull your own playhouse down
stay relative
and keep it real

have a sense of duty 
patriotism if you like
in constructive criticism
and critical thinking
upon ALL matters 

critical thinking and regular
what if? sessions
deconstruct synthesize and
reconstruct catepillar
butterfly style

You are wrong
I am wrong and they are 
all of these wrongs do not make
a right
embrace the ambiguity of things
the immeasurable nature of

strive for pluralistic and open
open mind open data sets open
access to information
law based
medical based and 
corporate tax avoidence based

dig deep for humility folks
yes you few reading this
those who already have a feel for it
a sense of the others and perhaps even
the ancestors

the bigger picture 
the magical view if ypu will
the human universe and the shared
experience of the other
playful and sympathetic
listening and understanding

just say no to political 
representative democracy
and failed bloody corpse
wringling on the battle field
all limbs removed together with
the vital organs

the collective will of the people
around planet earth 
remains strong and steady
on the trajectory toward equality 
and better distribution of the wealth
the resources and the infinite 
benefits shared freely by this
beautiful planets natural 

a giving planet
a naturally healing planet and
naturall healing nervous 
body brain system
self regenerative
in body and in earth
the magic of the recycling process
before time
and bangs
the return and condensation
the poem and the life

Oh England
please find your way now
out from the insular close minded route
marked out by the leaders leading
followers to a life of mental torture
how...HOW could i ever have voted for them?

like in Nazi Germany 1939
an entire nation hoodwinked by a strong
leader and a militant insular plot to
take over the world by brute force
just like the British empire
and the Hang dynasty
and Geroge H. W Bush
and Tony Blair
unfair tactics
below the belt blows