Dead souls and living memory

Dead souls and living memory

The child of refugees
fleeing from Libya
and the chaos of Col.
Gaddafi's insanity.

Missed-educated and lost to
some strong social psychological
forces, a dying mind and dead soul
consumed by who knows what
sordid influences,
ideological dogmatic selfish

known to some authorities but
forgotten, lost, escaped into
the void of violence to make
a final statement on the death
of the soul

Reason, humanity, love,
forgiveness, strength did not reach
him in time
this young boy turned himself
into an ancient nightmare
a dead soul screaming death
a coward’s way out
the way of the unfeeling
unthinking idiot

to strike the innocent and
the young, and the vulnerable
in such a cowardly way
does not incite me to violence
i pity the death of a soul
and meditate on the victims
who's healthy souls were
snatched away from the body

sorrow, sadness and heartache
are a part of the process
let peace rain down and
may we educate and nurture
all the children, all the mothers
fathers, sons, daughters,

hatred is good for nothing

all i see are bombs
everywhere going off
shells and mortar
nails and bolts and hatred
packed inside ready to
explode all over some poor

you might think bombs would
be outlawed by now
but no, business is booming
in 2017
both foreign and domestically
bombs are big business

and the fear they bring is
music to the ears of the click
bait corporations,
also without soul,
without empathy and the ability
to think from another
point of view POV

and so multiple points of view
becomes a weapon in the fight
if you want to really fight,
write true

MPOV panorama flash
bang in the middle of the drama
full HD terror relentless
half truth, broken up by adverts
for soap, insurance, watches and
the latest Hollywood terror flick

change the channel,
no turn it off, get with yourself
your family and friends,
or gather your multiple thoughts.

turn it back on
don't let me or anybody else
tell you what to do
think for yourself
check the mail, the sun, the
ugly disinformation, terrible
mistakes, and weird
dull conspiracy, nothing new
everything old, recycled
same old age old war
over the ineffable

some might say
intelligence failure
this is always true

known to intelligence
are you
will you be
did you used to be
blown from coincidence
known to intelligence

what is
what will be
what isn't what should be
really, again, but surely
known to intelligence

but wait what of
the company the bureau
the agency who claim
such high general knowledge
are they too
known to intelligence?

are there too many suspects
too much noise
too many corporate profinterest
too many old boys?
known to intelligence

or willfully ignored
no trace just bodies
terror and little information
to keep the enemy unintelligent
a tactic
known to intelligence

little did he know
less did he show
nothing ditto

all election campaigning off
but we know who shouts
loudest and who the media like to
amplify and increase the range to
terrify, sly dogs of war
narcissism and eternal lyric
of 'it is'

the isness' of idiots
unable to consider more
than a second
without a third or fourth way
blind to the others
drowning in certainty
no air to breathe
cause and effect
punish and reward
so fucking predictable,

what to blame outside
turn it off again,
and now back on
show me the terror
i need to see it,
now off, it's bedtime

the nightmares better
than the waking forces of
political media overkill
on repeat on repeat
death dying destruction
low information,
obscured, lies.

terror now a currency
a valuable force to get more
re-tweets and likes,
more views and more followers
the architect of misery, revenge
the reactionary uncontrolled
violent idiot
full of hatred and madness,
full of sadness

heal time heel

--steve fly, 23/05/17.