CS is for Cyber-$wine Flu


DELL and the Police are going into business. Lord Carter, CAW CAW CAW Digital Government Business! As Ezra Pound wrote “Who distributes it, how” Information! D.I.G.I.T.A.L - ambiguous like Claude Shannon and NTL.

Digital ways to extend the reach and accuracy of killingry, weaponry, and disinformation Warfare. Digital Warfare. Urban. All pervasive information warfare. Digital Analogue. Pirates fight like Samauri or Ronin – lone rangers, discordian immortals, drunken, always On. NO more cyberlaws and restrictions and government interference.

How can we trust The Government men and women, who have hindered, blocked, slowed down and trickled down Information. Lying, stealing and cheating their way into positions of government, Using and abusing Government status to further private interests, telecommunications Banking, Arms and pharma – all wrapped up in a giant syringe, the ultra junky.gov Power, control and distribution mixed in a toxic cocktail, a red hot Heroin hit in the eyeball.

Fuckin' DELL! Lord! and the Forensic Police and curse you and your total information awareness program. Lordy, Lordy Lordy, would you look at that! What of Lord Carter and the Brunswick Group – EMI, B.P, British Airways and B.T Group? No Shit, he worked for NTL on broadband police work, and even went to Harvard And what of OFCOM and what of NTL?

Why would the people of Great Britain, Or anywhere take any of the Digital Britain report seriously, just glancing at Lord Carter’s file? Have we just witnessed an attempted U.S style telecommunications coo by the info-Tzar?

The RIAA, the British Government and DELL are all making threats to the consumer. And the sick sound of suited monkeys talking about Digital Knowledge and Culture. The Tzarist Occupation government is passing judgement on video games and Cannabis.

The Government that sent the entire British culture and economy into illegal war Bowing to the commands from Washington, and wasting Trillions of public Pounds wants Us to take them seriously when proposing we trust them to distribute our digital information What Government Tzar?

Of what secret order, what rank, can ordain the mighty information? EVERYTHING can be thought of as information, and information permeates everything everyware. All this talk of pirates and nobody mentions the great Pirates, as Buckminster Fuller calls them, The sea-faring, robber-barrons of industry and technology who stole our collective cultural Inheritance and sold it to the highest bidder – Sony, General Motors, Universal-Vivendi, Monsanto, J.P Morgan, NTL, and on and on, just read the paper, see the stocks and bonds – the great LOOT!
Ministry of Information.

As Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting in the U.K Government Lord Carter Might have read Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, easily the greatest broadband network poem. Or maybe not, maybe he reads white papers on current DARPA research, police forensics etc. I speculate that he does, and this worries me, as a consumer and artists and as a poet i must sing.

“Mr Brown had high hopes for Lord Carter, formerly the chief executive of the City PR firm Brunswick, where he earned a reported £500,000 salary. The Prime Minister was delighted when he agreed to serve as his chief of strategy and principal adviser for just £140,000 a year. -- http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6481851.ece

On BLOOMSDAY 2009: the UK Gov. Lead by Carter, produced a report called Digital Britain. James Joyce wrote:... "He held the bowl aloft and intoned:"

Pirate Utopia?

I love Great Britain, my family and friends and everyone over there, and i want the best information Rich environment and culture for them, where open source democracy and co-operative collabs. Replacing a single Tzarist tyranny dictated by a business lawyer media savvy gangster and his P.C! The consumer dictates the future now, and the consumer landscape is eating you, oh Lord, Lord.

But, not just for Britain but for Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe, America, India, Africa, The Middle EastChina, South America, Australia, Indonesia, Siberia, Russia, Antartica, The Moon, Mars, Saturn and beyond.Information shall travel everywhere in all directions in ever increasing increments. Just try and stop it.

Oh Lord, Try to control the digital disinformation campaign, make it just for you and your lords, M.P's and Forensic detectives. Spare the community spaces and places that wish to use the network for art, poetry.Surprise. And please, Lord, understand that the Pirate is growing a long beard, waiting to strike, as pirates.Aha, aha, ahaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

--steve fly.