Questions to avoid catastrophe (in the UK)

Questions teased from the latest interview with Slavoj Zizek (The man of the moment)

we must talk in a rational and organized way
if not we head for catastrophe

what happens the morning after the revolution?
how will the ordinary people change
we need to imagine and build
the reorganization of everyday life
for all the people

food, clothing, shelter, wifi, power, water,
european accomplishments of
enlightenment and human rights

require a minarchist enforcement of human rights
to talk openly,
or the result is Le Pen and UKIP

we must recognize there is a problem
and perhaps then, respectively, ignore
each other
learn a toleration of distance,
not so far away neighbors
don't have to like them
but acknowledged as human
and different

true respect,
is respect from someone you don't like,
and don't understand

Zionist Anti-Semitism
war on some Jews, Trump administration
the era of paradox

the regression in public speech
we need to be dogmatic about certain things
(e.g "rape is okay because...torture is okay because... etc.)
"i don't have to debate this guy"
he/she's an idiot

tragedy of public decency
The vulgarity of public politics
the point is keep it private
out of decency

private conspiracy theories
now out in public debate,
living in an era of regression,
hollywood dystopias reflect this

to exercise the cliche'
making fun between friends
poking fun at nationalism
builds commeradary

rare, rare but magic moment
of the miracle of communication

must explore the other....
see as the neighbor
remain a neighbor, not you

this line 'we are all the same'
no, we are not the same,
this can cover up racism

thats why need political
solidarity, humanism often
misidentified solely with empathy
we strive for human universality

human rights vs. citizens rights
(a certain community, customs, political code)
but universal human rights
above being citizens bound by
customs, community, politics
with certain (post-citizen) human rights
speech, freedom, so on.

who sets the argument standard?
immobility - mobility
what happens when 3 million
want to move to

into OUR society, (Vico's conceit of nations)
do they want this? no,
they want their way of life
would you? how to integrate?

we must talk openly about these problems
to avoid and anti immigrant explosion

to what extent does freedom of movement
cover freedom of settlement?
employment? so on?

we must talk in a rational organized way
if not we head for catastophe

Ninja Jamm - System 7 - Fly Agaric 23 remix

Cosmic Trigger audio book

The story behind RAW’s Cosmic Trigger Audio Book

posted by Rasa
Ever since I heard Ken Campbell reading Part One of Illuminatus! in the 2007 Deepleaf Audio production, I had the idea in my head that I’d love to hear an audio book of Cosmic Trigger, and Prometheus Rising, and, well, most of Bob’s books. It took some years for Christina to sort out her dad’s legal affairs enough that we could create Hilaritas Press, start republishing mosbunall of Bob’s books, and then begin thinking of creative ways to further Bob’s works and ideas. In early 2014, Daisy Campbell began to pull together the resources and diverse energies needed to pull the Cosmic Trigger and create her stage adaptation. The RAW Trust was in full support, and already thinking of how the production could one day be staged in Santa Cruz. While Daisy realized her inspired interpretation of Cosmic Trigger, we were creating HIlaritas Press and publishing Cosmic Trigger as our first RAW title.
Oliver Senton, narrator for the audio book, played Robert Anton Wilson in Daisy Campbell’s “Cosmic Trigger – The Play”
Watching video clips of the production led me to write an email to Daisy in March of 2016, asking her thoughts on making Cosmic Trigger into an audio book. Her response was enthusiastic, and she immediately said, “The best possible man for the audio job would be Oliver Senton who played Bob in the play.”
Oliver was equally enthusiastic. Before he went into the recording studio to begin the project, he wrote to Christina,
“I have a strong faith that your father’s works are going to grow and grow in popularity and appreciation in the coming years, and that this re-framing of them you’re currently undertaking can only accentuate that. Rereading Cosmic Trigger Part I recently has only reminded me of how much brilliant thought and “feeling good” there is there. Truly, his was a mighty heart.”
Christina and I were ecstatic – we had an amazing book and a great actor to narrate – now we only had to make the thing. Easier imagined than done, but the RAW community has a lot of talent. I asked Steve “fly agaric 23” Pratt if he might be able to lend a hand. Oliver knew Steve as the drummer in Daisy’s stage production of Cosmic Trigger. I knew Steve, from back in early 2012 when he approached the Trust about his RAW360 virtual reality project. Steve lives in Amsterdam, doing a wide array of creative projects, and working a lot in the last years with poet/activist John Sinclair. I put Steve in touch with Oliver, and since I was more than 5000 miles away, and Oliver and Steve only had the English Channel to deal with, I took a back seat. That was a great decision. I’m taking the same tack in writing this blog post and letting Steve and Oliver take over . . .
Steve writes . . .
“Pull It!”
Finally the final secret of the Illuminati is out in the air, the Cosmic Trigger audio book project comes 40 years after the book was penned by RAW, and with luck will inspire new generations to come.
The project reflects a labour-of-love on behalf of all involved, from the studio recording itself, through the fine tooth-comb editing, and preparations for the audio book launch. To repeat a popular phrase in Cosmic Trigger circles, ‘heroic’ – defines the project perfectly.
RAW often suggested (in his Finnegans Wake writings) that reading a text aloud can unlock what were once dormant meanings in the text. Along lines sketched out by Marshall McLuhan, RAW also propagated signals inferring that the medium defines the message, and listening to speech impacts differently on the brain-body system than reading text silently in your head. The ear world and the eye world and the interacting processes of all the senses together, produce a holistic experience in time. This audio book can literally open up new dimensions, inner and outer.
Oliver Sentons’ reading stamina and continued ability to keep the listener engrossed in the comprehensive text is a delight to behold. Rasa and Christina have given hundreds of hours and incurred considerable expenses in producing this audio book. I dearly hope you help share and spread the word far and wide, and consider buying this one of a kind, 8 hour Robert Anton Wilson audio trip. With your help and support we can start work on the audio book for Cosmic Trigger Volume II: Down to Earth.
Special thanks to Mark Sampson, Simon Reeves, Oliver Senton, Tom and Della Pratt, Scott Groves and to Hagbard Celine for the ill artwork, all RAW heads worldwide, and those who are about to hear the book. Hoo fasa.
“Pull it!”
– Steve “fly agaric 23” Pratt, April 23, 2017
And from Oliver . . .
Birmingham, the city in England, has always held a half-formed shape in my memory: my sister went to university there thirty years ago, and since then I’ve only passed through briefly, just changing trains or spending a night or two in standardised hotels. Where better to dive deep into the stream of R.A.Wilson’s thoughts and words; to attempt to capture his elusive, charming, ever-morphing wit.
Steve Fly and Mark Sampson installed me safely inside the rock bunker which is Framework Studios, with fruit and water, and shortly we were off, engineer Simon and me, with just a mike and constellations of ideas. I’ve been carrying some of those words in my head for a while (I play RAW in Daisy Campbell’s theatre adaptation of the books), but tackling the whole thing was a whole new challenge.
How do you recite a graph? How do you describe an illustration? Above all, how do you capture for so many paragraphs that deep, rolling, barely modulating tone that Wilson had, which carried his bright intelligence so clearly to so many?
After a while, a long while, talking as somebody else for so long, it’s impossible to tell how ‘accurate’ you are (whatever that may mean); it becomes more like a meditation than a performance – you disappear down the channel between your brain and the studio’s digital memory and hope for the best when you see the light at the other end.
My thanks to the gentlemen for looking after me (and to Steve’s mum and dad for giving me a bed); my respect and gratitude to the man who provided the RAW material. Whatever you think as you listen: believe nothing.
– Oliver Senton, April 23, 2017

Listen to an excerpt . . .

excerpt: Multiple Realities chapter

Written by Robert Anton Wilson
Narrated by Oliver Senton
Recorded and mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Studios (September, 2016)
Edited by Simon Reeves and Steve “fly agaric 23” Pratt
Cover art by amoeba
Co-producers: Mark Sampson (Iron Man Records) & Steve “fly agaric 23” Pratt
Executive Producers: Richard Rasa & Christina Pearson
Special thanks to Mark Sampson for transport and logistics, and to Tom and Della at Broadmeadow for help with lodgings.

Unjust My Opinion

Unjust My Opinion (UMO)
(a freestyle driven by rhyme pressure)

...unjust my opinion, makes me cry like a onion
i feel my opinion, hurts my foot like a bunion
opinion, i got a million, billion
a trillion zillion 23 piece pinion

I just can't stand any more your opinions
unless they be new ones, or clever funny uns'
shoulda' coulda' woulda' brudda' what you sayin?
why put me in a straight jacket of your wordplayin' 
pain, who's paying

you need an op to remove it
that opinion, you can't prove it
logic in the way, just move it
add to hard facts to soothe it
like a bed of nails, you can't smooth it
like a sun in a ditch light groove it

have you got more opinions than Trump
cuz we got the funk to shake yo' rump
lance that opinion, remove the lump
tomorrow your opinion lies dead in the trunk
i think your opinion is your opinion
so keep your eye on the group and beware the minion

unjust my opinion falling on deaf ears
day to day in a way what i'm sayin' since years
unjust an opinion built on selfish fears
unjust opinion to launch political careers
off the track onto wax for my opinion attacks
opinions on opinions

unjust my opinion, many layers like an onion
goes well with a salad and a self centered ballad
just hit a J.G Ballard, it hurt, fuckin' well hard
shards of meaning taking root in your back yard

--Steve Fly

Wrap and Roll

Wrap and roll
(a loose, free-flow of consciousness on a rhyme schemed up on the fly)

well you start with the seeds, and water when she needs
to break out the shell, and grow out the smell
treat the girl nice, and keep out the lice
feed her with the light and she'll end up nice
don't think twice, break the ice, see you later
weed is me only vice and you my old inhaler

now put it in a blunt and light at the front
roll it up, reel it out, pull off the stunt
smoke that weed till your neurons bleed
plant it don't smoke it if you come cross d' seed

i once smoked hash and ran a hundred yard dash
i fell into the bushes and the bishes they was kushes
some say that the urb can turn your head into the mushes
but for me it brings rushes, and helps up the pushes
colour lushus, food delicious,
no paranoia even Bond ain't suspicious

Smoking that Ganja while playin' the banja'
step up to the stage and this reefer i'll hand ya'
swim in the green see, if you see what i mean seen!
hip to the lean, infinite flux of being
these songs about bongs are for lungs and im' peein'

Some folk like to diss those who use cannabis
and for all of dem suckers i'd like to say this
give us a kiss, listen to this hiss (inhale)
you must be taking the piss, puttin' it on my pot
cheap shot, flop jock, can't critic my crop
smoking fresh trees with the buds to my knees
with more THCs that Eddie Edwards got skiis

--Steve Fly

Hi Kev

Hi Kev,

i thought you might enjoy an update as your all discombobulated and stuff, no longer here with us in this mortal rugby-scrum-of-a-form. I usually fucking hate these kind of notes to the deceased, you know the kind of thing: 'hey, hey, hey bro...' as if you can hear me, or as if you can read these lame words, however, with you mate, i thought it might make your spirit fizz, froth, and chuckle a little. And, it makes me feel less like i'm going so stour-crazy in your absence, and a bit more like your on a very very long holiday in some shit hole of a resort, with no wifi.

Gordon Bennet, you really shuffled off the stage at a strategic point eh? sneaky bastid! and you set the 2016 death pool in motion that savaged many of your favourite artists like Prince, George Michael, Bowie, and Leonard Cohen. You woulda' bin well gutted mate. Even Carrie Fisher died, maybe she's already on the eternal dancefloor spinning on that galactic pole!

Well, i suppose you'd want the low down on what's going in town, and with your mates. A who's who of who, and who's doing who. Sorry, not tellin''s just all as well as can be expected bro', it's not like anybody went and died or nothing like that, but indeed, some might be seen as the living dead on the dancefloor compared to yowa' kevbot (had to drop the bot in here) Did i mention what a great time i had at your wake? man, after a few drinks i half expected you to walk in the door, pulling a Jesus move on us, but no. Seems you're really dead, whatever that means.

Sleaford have a new album called 'English Tapas' and will open for the fucking Stone Roses at Wembley. Jason spoke at you fucking wake, i mean, how sick is that? I'll be seeing him tonight at the melkweg, and thinking of ya' pal.

I nearly forgot, there was another party for you at the fitness factory, and you never turned up, again! everybody was royally fucked up, and there were mossive' blown up photos of you, all up and over the walls, surreal. are loved!

The yanks have gone mad (well some of them) you'd never believe it, even 'Black Mirror' has gone all 'crack mirror' and your wish for the ginger race to take over planet world is coming to pass, just like you said dread.

I know it sounds tatty but you are missed on facebook (the worlds largest spying machine) by hundreds of your friends. Man, (i keep saying man for emphasis) nobody has stepped up to the plate since you went missin', motherfuckers are getting away with all sorts of wrong-headed ideological shyte with nobody to pull em' up. It just ain't fucking funny to me. I wish we could have argued about Brexit a bit more, together with the new President Trump in Amerikkka, these two topics would have been ripe for some Kev Lane assaults insults and strange truths.

What else, erm, a few more global conflicts have kicked off, and the migrant / immigrant crisis has escalated as you would have suspected. A lot of angry dull opinionated twerps have robbed the mic' We have yet to see the uprising, the backlash, the social activist blowback effect, but i'll keep you posted, soon come.

I wish i had more jokes and swearing, but your fucking dead, whatever that means...i'll keep you posted, sleep well.

(edited May 4th, 2017)

10 years on facebook

10 years on facebook.

you can see it in my face
i got a message from god
it said thankyou for letting
us have you for 10 years

I feel had
I feel bad for the sad
emoticons ;-(

out of context
the ads and the analytics
the sale and resale of
digital habits
to vultures

the devices and divisive
slices of non-choices between
brexit or remain
trump and Clinton
numb to the pain
swipe on

and all the goodness too
the laughs and funnies
the latest news and gossip
pictures and video
going live
going live

and hot tips on flame wars
griefers and alt righters
girls boys cats dogs
and all those birthday wishes
and virtual hugs

not to moan or rant about facebook
like ranting at the
state that feeds you
or fighting a ghost
up in the clouds
deal with it

face up to the horrible
fact that facebook is a
king mob

the largest mass spying machine
ever made
and what a laugh,
i mean, look and all the funnies
and those quotes
read them
get hip to some clicktavism

and don't complain on it
just shut up and get off
your face

Steve Fly