Acrillic/Agaric/DJ Fly? Who's the mother-blogger here?

What is Acrillic all about? What is this mother-blogger oll about?

Acrillic is a contraction of Acrillic Figa which is almost an anagram of Fly Agaric (adding an extra letter "I" and a letter "C"). Fly Agaric is one of the names given to the world famous red and white spotted mushroom (Amanita Muscaria) and roughly translates as Fly Killer. I "fly acrillic" hijacked the name "Fly Agaric" to be my DJ avatar around 1995 E.V and i invented the name acrillic around 2001 E.V to be my pen-hand avatar. But i often publish written material as Fly Agaric (usually when accompanied with music) and have used corruption's of both these names upon many internet message boards.

The exact date when "The Number 23" joined forces with Fly Agaric to make "Fly Agaric 23" remains a mystery to me, but im guessing somewhere around 1995-6. I decided to use this number too since my birthday digits: 15/04/76, and my full year of birth digits: 1976, both equal 23; using my simple additional math logic. You can add each individual number together and see for yourselfif you like. In 2006 E.V i became aware of other individuals and groups of people who had also "Hijacked" Fly Agaric' the word-label of (The organic Toadstool itself) to be their production brand name or band name, whatever...and both the noun and adjective "FLY" is a very popular word-meme virus used in marketing these days.

By creating the avatar identities Fly Agaric 23 and Acrillic i have found help distinguishing myself, Steven Pratt, from the other people and electronic identities who also happen to use a certain species of mushroom for their avatar name. A myspace search will turn up many fly agaric cabals and so the 23 suffix' has helped identify myself, i suffice to say, synergetically in this big brand name WEBNET soup. On with the games.

DJ fly agaric 23.

Garaj Mahal
The Maybes'