...on music and poetry and poetry and music on...

...on music and poetry and poetry and music on...

by Steve Fly

Sounds Fly: Music Writing by Steven James Pratt et al.
Sounds Fly: Music Writing 

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"Omniverse / Is / The totality / Of / All the universes / And you / Are welcome / To / Be citizens / Of / The Omniverse--Sun Ra, Omniverse.
"Rhythm...is the first formal esthetic relation of any part to part in any esthetic whole or of an esthetic whole to its part or parts or of any part to the esthetic whole of which it is a part.--James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)
"It is time we picked the fruits of the experiments of Cummings, Pound, Williams, each of whom has, after his way, already used the machine as a scoring to his composing, as a script to its vocalization. It is now only a matter of the recognition of the conventions of composition by field for us to bring into being an open verse as formal as the closed, with all its traditional advantages.--Charles Olson, Projective Verse. .

"Both poems offer instruction on humankind's place in the non-human world, availing themselves of pedagogical methods that best suit their theories. For Fuller, this is the didactic and linear narrative keyed to the tenets of progress and development. For Olson, it is non-linear ideogram that best replicates his understanding of post-humanist immanence--Mark Byers, Environmental Pedagogues. Charles Olson and R. Buckminster Fuller.

"The poetry I wasn’t to write is oral by tradition, mass aimed as its fundamental function motive. Black poetry, in its mainstream is oracular, sermonic, it incorporates the screams and shouts and moans and wails of the people inside and outside of the churches. The whispers and thunder vibrato and staccato of the inside and outside of the people themselves and it wants to be as real as anything else and as accessible as a song – a song about a real world, full of good and evil.--Amiri Baraka, New Music New Poetry, 1982,
"I think of the chords at times, i think of meditations at times, and rhythms at times, and--i don't know what else--John Coltrane, Tokyo, July 9, 1966.
Amiri Baraka, "Charles Olson and Sun Ra." Fourth Annual Charles Olson Memorial Lecture. Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA. 19 October 2013.

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"Poetry lies not only in the spoken or written word. The poetry of facts is stronger still. Objects which signify something and which are arranged with talent and with tact create a poetic fact.--Corbusier, 1923.