C is for Cannabis: Dutch English American comparisons

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Amsterdam. Netherlands.

It takes a great deal of faith, blind faith in the government to believe that by taking medicine away from sick people they're doing something to protect us from terrorism which is their official line, and I have the feeling this is gonna - clearly I'm overly optimistic, I often am - but, I think this is gonna bounce back in their faces. They raided the Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana which distributes marijuana to about 300 cancer and AIDS patient's, and a few with muscular dystrophy and post polio syndrome and other problems which are clearly helped by Marijuana very clearly and obviously, and they - the D.E.A - swooped down and arrested the two people who own the farm where most of it is grown and chopped down all the plants and carted them away to destroy them presumably, many believe they sell them on the black market, that's the most popular belief in the counterculture; they only seize them to resell on the black market at higher prices. --Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, 10th September 2002.

The Big Question: Is it time the world forgot about cannabis in its war against drugs? By Michael McCarthy Friday, 3 October 2008.Why are we asking this now? Because yesterday a British think-tank published a report for next year's United Nations Strategic Drug Policy Review, suggesting that a decriminalized, regulated market in cannabis would cause less harm than the prohibition of the drug currently in force across most of the world. --http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-big-question-is-it-time-the-world-forgot-about-cannabis-in-its-war-against-drugs-949662.html


The Cannabis Commission Report has been authored by a group of the world's leading drug policy analysts. The seminar's first day will see these authors present their findings to the public, followed by further presentations on, and a wider discussion of the cannabis issue. The second day involves presentations on some of the high-level policy reports that will help inform policymakers in the build up to and during the UNGASS review. This will be followed by a debate on the position Europe should be taking in this UNGASS review.

Hi level policy indeed! In 32 years here, i have lived for a considerable time in the three Nations that are most active in the war on some people who use some drugs. Britain, U.S.A and the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands takes a different practical approach to the so called soft drugs problem with their tolerant policy and progressive experiments with the Cannabis coffee shop for example, they too are still very actively involved in the Global War on drugs and have been since the beginning of official international trade and spice-drug wars and business enterprises, such as the Dutch East Indian Tea Company.

But leaving aside the more Global scope of the wild wars on some people who use some drugs, and the wars to secure the land on which some drugs are cropped, i want to take a look into the methods of Government research and Government handling of some drugs, how policy is made and how the questions and problems are COMMUNICATED to the public and the rest of the world. And how they might be re-selling confiscated drugs on the so called black market. Why not?

Although Britain is a part of Europe along with the Dutch just a few miles across the English Channel; their approach and resonably sane kind of logic regarding prohibition and the war on some people who use some soft drugs seems vastly different, as if Britain were still under the hammer of a medieval mad King or maybe looking at it the other way around that the Dutch civilization came here from another planet in a distant galaxy where tolerance and civility are practised in somehwat harmony, compared with the rest of planet prohibition.

One way to begin this kind of study into psychosis might be to compare the related figures and statistics associated with some drugs in the Dutch English American territories. but you would surely need a few ounces of skunk to get through such a long winded and boring endevour. So, to help refine my study, i am going to direct my focus upon Cannabis here for a little clarity, but, i feel strongly now that its critical to reason and sense to remember that a comparative study with Alcohol, LSD, Sugar, Cocaine, Coffee, Heroin and Tea would provide an array of differential information, more data helping to define the drugambiguation of drugs problum. A fair comparative research based study. Here’s a recent example taken from the British Daily Mail newsrag highlighting how some bad statistics and bad figures and terrible conclusions regarding the war on some people who use some drugs, helps to sustain a dreary confused fog of drug madness in the British Mindset, and by default the worlds news media, trumped only by the American hyper mystical tsarist madness.

“Very few people of all ages entering treatment programmes in England left them entirely drug-free. The figures showed that 7,324 (11%) of the 69,612 people discharged from treatment during the year left because they were drug-free. This meant they had overcome their dependency on the drug they were treated for, were not using any other illegal drugs, and some were also meeting demands imposed on them not to use alcohol. Overall, 19,591 people dropped out or left treatment in 2007/08. A total of 35,441 completed their treatment successfully. --http://ukpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5jgFAgknLNHmyWBc0Kxj7XgLjapgQ

No human being can really be drug-free, thats a myth, not even an olympic champion. I bet you. Human beings are full of drugs of many different kinds, so bite me, by design and evolutionary genius we all contain lots drugs. Many make us feel high too! yey, Some of them are classed as Illegal by the mystical tsars and their faith based research, BOOOO' The word drug' has become a popular multi-ordinally minced term used as a powerful weapon of disinformation deployed on the public by crooked tsars and their greedy army of corporate media minced disciples. Marching to a religious fundamental madness that they still collectively call ‘The war on drugs”.

Harry J. Anslinger was Americas first drug Czar and makes up the generalized fascist blueprint for every prohibitionist up until the present day, in the U.S, UK, Europe, China, South America, Russia and everywhere else on planet earth. A “Law And Order” evangelist Anslingers policy of prohibition and deceitful warfare was a thin pretext for a racial and economic fascism that continues to this day, particularly in America highlighted by the murderous and criminal Tsarist Bush mob. You can detect the psychological madness and hatred for humans who use some drugs in the empty words of Europeans too, such as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jacqui Smith, Antonio Maria Costa, and most other prime ministers, presidents, Kings and religious leaders; all the sick heirs to Anslingers Zero tolerance policy of prohibition and war. A mindless trillion truffleskin war on some people who use some drugs, and the funding for the madness never seems to stop.

"If you start feeling euphoric there must be something wrong with you, what the hell! I think euphoria is part of the treatment! There's a hell of a lot of evidence and a hell of a lot of books starting with Wilhelm Reich on, Prescott, DeMeo, oh there's ton's of evidence that feeling good is good for your health. So their attempt to take the joy out of marijuana just means they want you to take longer to heal whatever you use it for if your using it for medical purposes. --Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, September 10th 2002.

Hijacked America under the faith based terror regime of George Bush Jr., handed on from his father and his grandfathers, the Bush crime family has helped influence and support a crooked global network of terror spook-korporations that influence many foreign governments, much foreign policy and lots of foreign business and banking. Just take a random stab at most big American pharmaceutical, telecommunication and/or oil companies and you'll find a terror spook somehwere in the slime trail. Just take a peek at the ripples sent throughout the world financial labyrinths by American financial confidence trickery sold to the rest of the world as real value; in September 2008.

The history of the Dutch English American drug trade and business parallels the general trend of imperialist greed and institutionalized slavery in their pirating practices throughout history. Some drugs such as Opium, Cocaine, Sugar, Hash, Coffee and tea were pirated from other environments (territories) on planet earth, different and foreign land from that which the traders lived upon, far away from home. The next step involves using drugs as psychological weapons and secret chemical agents, deployed to baffle, bewilder and control various sectors of the parish population. Some drugs used as black trade currency between contemporary pirates throughout history. The latest worldwide war on some people who use some drugs operates upon similar principles and faith as it did 400 years ago. Firstly secure the areas where the treasure lies with as much military force you have, second you control all the trade routes and means to distribution with more violent military enforced fear and then thirdly you enact hundreds of complicated laws and friends as judges to protect and ensure total monopoly over any given treasure (Opium, Cocaine, Cannabis, MDMA, Gold, Oil, Cash Money too?).

I might add that usually at this point a silly see-saw game begins between the bi-polar lawyers and their crazy guilds and their mad-god given sovereign rights to total truth and total justice, in which small steps are made for-and-against an issue, therefore making the forbidden treasure (drugs that actually work) not available to the public at all. With each alternating up and down movement of the sickening see-saw the penalty and the inhuman punishment for those already suffering under brutal drug-police and party pooper troopers, increases. And furthermore it seems to me that this alternating flux - although an interesting phenomena when studied methodically through Taoism - creates something 50 times more dangerous (my figures) than any chemical based drug found in an illegal grow room. The political militaristic industrial media of 2008 creates disinformation and lies, its their job. Partly due to its greedy sovereign interests in controlling the information sphere of some drugs, partly due to the nature of mainstream communications and corporate business in 2008. “Keep your mouth shut, and just do what your told because we pay your wages”. etc. And as every expert and mouth piece seems to avoid this dogmatic elephant in the clinic when talking of psychosis and cannabis induced illness, i feel i must shout it loud. Look at your sane world of guns and germs and death and war. And all we wish for is to commune with a few harmless plants for crying out loud, again.

I think the scientific evidence from the early 60's - before the government banned all scientific research and revived the inquisition - there were quite a lot of scientific studies published and I think it clearly indicates that psychedelics are good for almost everything they were used for - almost every disease - with some kind of positive result in one study or another and certainly produces religious experiences with only minimum suggestion to get them moving in that direction. --Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, Sep. 10th 2002.

Yes, cannabis seems to induce an alternating force you could say which mimics a disassociation of ideas process, and various modes of Zen meditation process, producing a de-patterning of sensory sensual and neurological systems. But this of course is modified by mind set and environment setting, best described by Dr. Timothy Leary. You will get very different results and indications from a pot smoking soldier fighting a cold blooded war in Afghanistan than from a 60 year old pot smoking Yoga-Tai Chi instructor from Marin county. This set and setting principle highlights the current UK US police-state type of prohibition policy and violent action against some sacred plants and medicinal herbs and they’re users as being inhumane and paranoid, and so this may partly be a causal factor amongst cases of schizoid breaks and the feeling that your head is caving in. As Brendan Hogan puts it:

“Leading the anti cannabis charge, the Daily Mail has been extraordinarily successful in herding the rest of the media flock into its corner. The success of the new Reefer Madness is such that even the most liberal sections of the media give credence to the false notion that cannabis causes mental illness. In the name of balance, many previously credible news sources have turned into gibbering wrecks of anti cannabis hysteria. --More Cannabis Madness In The UK, Soft Secret 2008 #4.

We will not let the dull sense-sucking newsplebs and TVangelist media empires and their intelligence whips dictate what medicinal compounds we can and cannot use. We must somehow bypass the front line of sensational journalism entirely. Why invest your time in a writer/editior who’s on a pretty cushy pay roll and has a limited interest and limited freedom to communicate to you my dear and beloved reader, what’s going on in and around the world. In 2008 through internet and other public resources good researchers can find many source materials published by the government; transcripts from parliamentary sessions, PDF documents of various speeches and presentations from those who actually did some proper research and present it to the politicians. You’ll notice that good researchers and scientists generally seem interested in balanced and objective modes of writing, or the closest approximation of such a goal. Operationalist language and mathematically precise terms are massacred by the dribbling corpsemanure that pours from 95 % of the worlds popular media sewage outlets. Take your pick, there are thousands to choose from. And the politicians seems happy with this terrible compulsion for miss translation, especially when it comes to anything about drugs, drug laws and drug science. Just turn on and tune into any major media apocalypse channel. The madness and deception so rampant in the area of drugs is now unveiling to the public another area of government disinformation and wrong doings, mass waste of useful funds to enforce a never ending war dictated by the spook Korporations and their double crossing servants of confusion and chaos.

“If the immigrants don’t steal your job and leave you penniless in the gutter, your led to believe you’ll probably die in the squalor of a dirty hospital, having been run down by joy riding anti social teenagers whose recklessness was fueled by cannabis induced psychosis. Naturally, your life threatening happy car-slapping can be seen on youtube.--Brenden Hogan”

Umm, i would like to try and distinguish the difference between the very bad social chaos and confusion perpetuated around the world by the tsarist war on some people who use some drugs, and other cruel means to divide and conquer the people; from the good chaos and confusion perpetuated around the world by anarchist poets, guerrilla ontologists and Zen teachers. Maybe compassion and a sensitive tenderness are what’s missing from the proponents of social chaos and war, chaos and confusion used by a skilled writer who has compassion can do a lot of good to the human nervous system and so as a result the social environment as a whole. There seems to be a culture war going on between compassionate poets, and ignorant journalists. And although ignorance and corporate bias has held back the poetic renaissance over the last 50 years, the new means to communication and to knowledge will bring about the dawning of a poetic revolution. A Breakdown of alphabetical communications into insanity and ambiguation may force humanity to perceive the infinite flux of being more like the way an ancient Taoist poet might perceive the Universe; questioning everything, especially authority, fundamentalism, dogma and greed. To accept the current status quo from any government authority might leave you in mental and physical danger. Especially their corporate sponsored line of total unwavering prohibition of some drugs. A disastrous policy that cause Billions of people suffering worldwide. Economically and psychologically the war on drugs has become a meaningless failure and cancer on the growth of humanity. One example is made clear by Robert Anton Wilson, who was a regular Cannabis user and foundation stone of the semantic reform of the term “war on drugs” to the more sensible and meaningful “war on some people who use some drugs.

Steven Pratt: In 1972 the drug war budget was 100 million dollars, by the beginning of 2000 the figure was 20 billion dollars, yet there seem to be more drugs available?]

RAW: There's more of everything, the more they fight it the more drugs appear, it's like Lao Tzu said "The more laws they pass the more criminals they create and the more weapons they create the more terror stalks the land" - the more clearer the explanations the more frogs fall out of the sky. Yeah, when they made marijuana illegal in 1937 according to sociologists who have studied the growth of the thing, there were around 100,000 - 500,000 pot smokers in the United States, most of them in Texas and New Orleans, now the estimates run between 20 million and 70 million after all this money that's been spent, and it's the same with heroin - there are more heroin users in the country now than there were when that was illegalized, it doesn't matter whether it's a good drug or a bad drug, make it illegal and people get attracted to it, and of course the damage increases. I forget who said that "no drug is known to science that becomes purer and cleaner, safer or easier or better to use when turned over to the criminal classes" - The United States has taken a whole variety of drugs and turned them over to the criminal classes and of course they have bad results, you don't expect criminals to be as careful as doctors do you? And doctors don't have all that good a reputation, somebody on e-mail a month or so ago sent an article claiming that more people die in hospitals from wrong prescriptions than die of all the illegal drugs combined, so even doctors aren't infallible and were gonna trust criminals! We're not supposed to trust them but - leaving aside the medical marijuana - the people who just want pot to get stoned and get high and relax, they've got to go to the criminal classes. Why? Well, actually when it comes down to it I trust the Mafia a little bit more than I trust the United States Government. [fly laughs]” --Robert Anton Wilson, sept 10th 2002.

The Big Question: Is it time the world forgot about cannabis in its war against drugs?

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