A is for AILM

The following writing is a rough start to a complex project. Please beware of mistakes and blunders. James Joyce's (Alma Livia Plurabella), and her multi-incarnations within Finnegans Wake - have become guide dogs to the old local mystery of who put bella in the witch-elm. -- steve fly

"The interdependence of vine and elm was sanctified by a reference in the early Christian book of revelation, The shepherd of Hermes. – Robert Graves.


The unsolved mystery (05/2009) of why, and who put BELLA (the name given to the mystery women) in a wych-elm trunk, has provoked the stourbridge swimmer into writing a long and sprawling thingymagig' due to the synchronistic geographical location where the swimmer picks liberty cap mushrooms, a place called Wychbury Hill - where i spent my youth exploring.

Please say me how sing you
them. Seekhem seckhem! They arise from a clear springwell in
the near of our park which makes the daft to hear all blend. This
place of endearment! How it is clear! And how they cast their
spells upon, the fronds that thereup float, the bookstaff
branchings! The druggeted stems, the leaves incut on trees! Do you
can their tantrist spellings? I can lese, skillmistress aiding. Elm,
bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, tawny runes ilex sallow,
meet me at the pine. – J.J, F.W. Pg. 571.

The swimmer visited the scene of the unsolved crime numerous times in various - states of mind - but in my youth the childish kid didn't take the murder mystery seriously, and found no interest and so no mystery; up until now, since recently discovering that Margaret Murray was assigned to the case and that Aleister Crowley is rumoured, by some, to have links with the murder, and with everything else spooky in the 20th century, it sometimes seems to the paranoid - perpetuated in Robert B. Spence's new book.

According to Murray the murder had the signs and symbols of "black Magic" "Witchcraft" and "ritual murder" (Since the right hand of the body was found 20 ft. from the corpse of a roughly 30 year old women, whose body was also stuffed into an Elm tree, and whose mouth was stuffed with taffeta) The more the drummer looked into this mess the more I sensed the shadow of Hannibal Lector behind my shoulder. This unsolved murder seemed to have the hallmarks of a deranged psychopath, or even a group of psychopathic people, or people who want you to think they are psychopathic killers - that were trying to send out a Magickal message for some as yet unknown reason? Occult spies and disinformation loops abound. SOE were blazing up Europe.

"It was reported that agents that were supposed to return from the Netherlands met with various calameties and so could not return. Further, in 1943, two Dutch agents did manage to escape from captivity, but their claims on returning to Britain were dismissed and they were arrested for suspected counter-espionage. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Englandspiel

Some sources hint that maybe Bella was simply a Dutch/German spy who parachuted into the area and was then caught and killed in a way that sent a message of terror to the enemy, via the public newspress? THIS LINK gives a brief overview, i will refrain from posting my full essay until i have checked through it a little more carefully. This local mystery and open unsolved case presents itself as a great challenge to me, anybody ever heard of this before? “Who put bella in the wych-elm?” Now my nightmare on Elm street, in some sense.

“After 60 years the question is still chalked on walls around the area. WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM? Other unsolved murders have not caused such a reaction. For several years I have been asked to give talks about the mystery and have bookings into 2008. Plays have been written and an Opera. Two television programmes have been made during the last twenty years. It is a fascinating and sad story with links to the war. The most intriguing aspect is that the evidence changed and a veil of secrecy was drawn so tightly around the event that those who were there became silent, and the police refused to open their files even for television reporters...60 years later. -- BELLA - Joyce M. Coley. History Into Print books. 2009.

The swimmer had been to Hagley Wood and around the wychbury Hill area dozens of times over the last 17 years, and find it one of the most beautiful and scenic of vistas, looking out over the blackcountry and the industrial skyline towards Birmingham.

The witch had his own private illegal coven atop wychbury hill and hosted an annual black mass that includes psilocybin, sex and Finnegans Wake, but the swimmer was doing these unthinkable acts long before my renewed interest in the unsolved – and still open – murder case, concerning the womens body that was mutilated and stuffed into a tree with taffeta stuffed into her mouth. A black magic ritual murder according to some royal inquisitors, and the rumours fly in all directions, but now the writer and researcher has settled into some literature on the subject – picked up in support of my local library; the book was on the recommended purchase display shelf - and it was this book that got my pulse racing and my mind spinning, how did the Bella mystery tie into my novel and some of my previous investigative research into the history of our local area and some of the more interesting characters that lived and died there.

"Luccombe oaks,
Turkish hazels, Greek firs, incense palm edcedras. The
hypsometers of Mount Anville is held to be dying out of arthataxis but,
praise send Larix U' Thule, the wych elm of Manelagh is still
flourishing in the open, because its native of our nature and the
seeds was sent by Fortune. – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 235.
The yogi feels that its important here to take things steady, not go jumping to any conclusions, at fatal mistake in any area of research, and hopefully the language can pay tribute to continued thinking, revised ideas and intelligent processing of any new data. James Joyce is once quoted roughly as implying that if Dublin were to be destroyed somehow, then in that case his book – Ulysses – maybe used to reconstruct the entire city down to the finest detail, making Dublin the center of the Universe, as Alan Moore is doing to Northhampton with his experimental magickal novel called Jerusalem. I aspire to draw at-tension with my research based around Stourbridge, the black country and the local DUDLEY area.

At the ford
of Slivenamond. Oakley Ashe's elm. With a snoodrift from one
beerchen bough. And the grawndest crowndest consecrated
maypole in all the reignladen history of Wilds. Browne's Thesaurus
Plantarum from Nolan's, The Prittlewell Press, has nothing alike
it. For we are fed of its forest, clad in its wood – 503
The river Stour has been a feature within some of my early experimental poems, as has Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Foley and other legendary local historical forces, as a foundation upon which to layer my current experiences and to gauge the changes around me. Finding Stourbridge referenced in the two great masterpieces of 20th century literature – The Cantos of Ezra Pound and Finnegans Wake by James Joyce is just one treasure dug up from trawling back through time and using the new research tools available to revise and update history a little, by adding some links, footnotes and alternative models. And so the mystery of Who put Bella in the Mych-Elm and why remains an open case, and presents itself to me as a grand opportunity to share some of the strange and weird pathways my research has lead me over the years, by presenting different models and maybe even going so far as to synthesize some of them – so as to show how deep the wych-elm trunk goes...

The swimmer is an independent researcher and poet - swimmer - looking to make some fun, sense and reason from the dark, secretive and spooky mystery that may unlock the keys to horror stories - X'rated tales and goulish facts – that would turn a Tory green, then black, then grey. For instance, if you are to talk of paranormal, you are led to define – normal – and spooks, spirits, ghosts, witches, states of mind, states of being etc, all follow suit, and any half awake researcher in the field will have come across Aleister Crowley, of course, and so here is your Hannibal Lector ladies and gentleman, here is a character whom at the least spices up any good ghost story due to his extensive systems of practical techniques and devices for navigating states and altered states of consciousness, and his exotic precise and defined magick language of Magick.

"So Aleister Crowley and the wych-elm murder, how do they connect, and what kind of daemonic forces would conspire to stuff a women into a tree trunk and sever off her right hand? Richard Spense hints that Crowley’s Cornwall coven connections maybe the link, regurgitating Donald McCormick in his book – Murder by witchcraft 1968.

Although Spense provides a fantastic array of speculative journalism and jigsaw juggling in secret agent 666, and has opened up a fascinating area of study, and that he dedicates over a page of his 2008 published book shows how the question of Bella and the Wych-Elm features in modern publishing and historical studies, and also how bad the authorities are at giving a straight answer, let alone a document, files or piece of useful information, casting a suspecting eye upon those in power at the scene of the crime, and bringing back the old Trust No One motto, but we live in the open source information age now where a stranger is your best friend, really, where – maybe trust everyone - seems a wiser and more cheerful choice, think for yourself, and question everything, especially authority too.

Spense features a short passage in his book that had also crossed my mind before, and in fact was a large challenge for my novel in which i had agent Frank Foley and Aleister Crowley together as Fo Li in Berlin, August 1st 1936. A novel i started in august 2008 partly inspired by the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony and Jamie Hewlett's interpretation of the Chinese classic: MONKEY, journey to the East. So the small paragraph that mentions Frank Foley, who lived and died in Stourbridge after his spy career goes like this:

Not surprisingly, greta sequeirra’s activities hint at intelligence work. During the late 1930’s she made trips into the third reich and helped facilitate the escapes of “a number of jewish doctors.” As mentioned, another benefactor of jews fleeing Germany was Crowley’s attorney; Isidore Kerman. Gretas risk was all the greater
because she herself was of Sephardic Jewish ancestry. As it happened, the SIS station chief in Berlin, Frank Foley, was engaged in similar secret rescue efforts. Foley had been stationed in Berlin since the early 20’s, which means that Crowley’s name must have come across his desk a few times, each an opportunity for a deeper acquaintance. Foley recruited and ran an intelligence network of Jewish businessmen (like Weinberg).”Richard Spense. Agent 666. Pg. 233
Spence leaves out the fact that it was, in fact – Frank Foley - who interviewed Rudolph Hesse and was possibly involved with altering Hess’s consciousness against his will with swiss drugs. Whether or not Crowley was also brought into these interrorgation by Ian Flemming remains vague, but you can be sure they were digging deep in the trick bag they had stolen from the likes of Crowley, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky and other occult practitioners who seem to me to have been trying to advance individuals and society by way of non-violent means and as an alternative to the big three brain wash cults of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Disinfostrology, and disinfopsychology were deployed by intelligence agencies, but to what extent we can never really know, all we can do in some sense i guess, is study the hoaxers and tricksters in hope of recognizing an original. And although the dark and terrible torture methods used by military intelligence (so called) against humanity may have been hacked together from previous research in various occult areas, they by no means reflect the character i have come to know as Aleister Crowley. To compare Frank Foley and Alesiter Crowley, for example, makes a good exercise in historical investigation, compare the wiritngs by them and about them, how have they influenced the 21st century, and how are they celebrated in modern culture. Remember what Dr. Wilson say’s about Crowley biographers – no two seem to be able to agree about anything. Crowley, Rudolph Steiner and Frank Foley have some criss-crossings.

How to define the difference between the characteristics of James Bond and Guy Fawks? Ian Flemming and Aleister Crowley? The “V” meme has been successfully pirated by Alan Moore once more and drives home the strong case that Crowley encouraged Winston “smith” Churchill to adopt the “V” for victory hand signal, plus the thumbs up hand signal as moral boosting gestures for Britain and allied forces. Churchill was both a freemason and member of the ancient order of druids, and a great wartime leader.

“Very wrathful was the vine? Whose henchmen are the elms; i exalt him mightily To rulers of the realms.—THE BATTLE OF THE TREES.

The league of extraordinary gentleman, as conceived by Alan Moore, and the X-Men as conceived by Grant Morrison are two prime examples of the kind of magickal historicism and creative research into any “Occult Bureau” that may have been founded that i like, and think is shaping the future og historical research, practical magick and language charged with meaning to the highest possible degree. My writing is trying to more or less, look at the BELLA mystery, the closest mystery to my birthplace, through the eyes of an X-man, or a member of the league, an Illuminatus! and a rambling poet.

Alan Moores “Murray Group” for example - roughly organized at the turn of the 20th century and described in his excellent Black Dossier – seems to me to be intersecting with the occult intelligence warfare and disinformation projects developed by some secret intelligence agencies over the last 100 years – and all certainly influenced by the big three of western occultism - G.I Gurdjieff, Madame Blavatsky and Alesiter Crowley. Trying to avoid these figures and their work when intelligently discussing occultism, astrology, metapsychology and the thousands of fields of study developed under the umbrella of the new age of practical magickal awakening and union with nature, very generally speaking - will invariably lead to the common waffle of sensational journalism and communication’s of low information content, verging on disinformation when put into the context of this writing about BELLA.

I have at least tried practical magick, within the tradition of the Golden Dawn to express that i think that it works. You do certain things, move, speak and think in some way or other and certain things follow, in some way or other. Much depends upon the language used to communicate the results of practising Magick, i struggle on with my own tradition and this article a proof that i know what i am doing.

of stone, belgroved of mulbrey, the still that
was mill and Kloster that was Yeomansland,
the ghastcold tombshape of the quick
foregone on, the loftleaved elm Lefanunian
abovemansioned, each, every, all is for the
retrospectioner. Skole! Agus skole igen! 1
Sweetsome auburn, cometh up as a selfreizing flower,
that fragolance of the fraisey beds: the phoenix,
his pyre, is still flaming away with
trueprattight spirit: the wren his nest is niedelig as the
turrises of the sabines are televisible. – J.J, F.W. Pg.


Upon reading the book i picked up from Stourbridge library “BELLA: AN UNSOLVED MURDER by Joyce M. Coley” roughly one month ago (April 24th 2009) i was reminded that the famous fraudulent Egyptologist, and Occult POP criminologist - Dr. Margret Murray - swooped in to investigate the Bella mystery. But then, jumping to conclusions and after some web research i discovered that Alan Moore was probably more directly referencing Mina Murray from Bram Stokers Dracula, so Margret Murray seemed less likely as the origin of “The Murray Group” but, Alan sure as hell would have done his homework on Dr. Margaret Murray i rekon, as she more or less was a part of the public face of the witch cult hypothesis and maybe the kind of group that would manipulate Occultism into an intelligence asset to fight dirty secret wars – a paranormal espionage program, you might say.

Precisely the area of study that the BELLA mystery falls into, due to the strange media manipulations surrounding the open, unsolved muder case, disinformation, secrecy and dogma prevail. I make no mighty claim to knowing any concrete facts about this case, and even less about the characters and greater geo-political events underway at the time-space crossroads of Wychbury Hill 1941.

And they crowned her their chariton queen, all the
maids. Of the may? You don't say! Well for her she couldn't
see herself. I recknitz wharfore the darling murrayed her mirror.
She did? Mersey me! – J.J, FW Pg. 208

In my humble opinion Margret Murray was a poor researcher and precursor to the pop science phenomena we spread all over the mediasphere today, maybe Margret Murray was the tip of an Iceburg floating beneath British intelligence and black propaganda campaigns to influence the Occult obsessed Nazi’s, Tsars and spook community. I should add here that the other criminal psy-cop brought into to investigate the BELLA murder was Professor James Webster, another POP cop of the day, who brought widespread media attention to the murder.

And this is just the surface to the mystery, the public figures that made statements and public comments about the Bella Murder that were replicated and distributed widely, and without much counter argument. And the newer publications about the BELLA murder continue this tradition of disinformation and shoddy journalistic research, writing and small mindedness. Everyone of them missing some of the major components to the case that relate to the geographical location and slowly emerging information about Britain’s role in black occult propaganda – and misinformation operations during the timeframe.

And there were
left now an only elmtree and but a stone. Polled with pietrous,
Sierre but saule. O! Yes! And Nuvoletta, a lass.
Then Nuvoletta reflected for the last time in her little long life
and she made up all her myriads of drifting minds in one. She
cancelled all her engauzements. She climbed over the bannistars;
she gave a childy cloudy cry: -- J.J, F.W. Pg. 159

The two characters the researcher would like to propose as holding keys to this case not only have surnames that rhyme! but also they both attended the same boys school that is visible with the naked eye from atop Wychbury Hill, about roughly 23 miles away in Malvern. Some may find it interesting that the dirty rotten spymaster recently portrayed in Robert De Niro’s brave new movie “The Good Shepherd” - James Jesus Angleton also attended this school, as did J.F.C Fuller, another Occultist with some Nazi sympathies and the recently deceased Oliver Selfridge, who among other things introduced the notion of “daemons” to computer programming and A.I studies.

Imagining A. Crowley and J.J Angleton at the same school, possibly able to view whychbury hill with their naked eye’s seems worth a mention here, as does the famous mental health institute that experimented with LSD in conjunction with MI6 in the early to mid 1950’s called POWICK, a seemingly sinister sister operation to the Canadian LSD experiments conducted by the evil Dr. Cameron, (no relation to TORY leader David Cameron, according to current data,) and possibly the round table meetings involving Andrija Puharich during the 1950’s in the U.S. that still attract similar controversy and information gaps due to the burning and destruction of documents, files and data.

Coincidently - Frank Foley - whom interviewed Rudolph Hess resided in nearby Stourbridge during these illegal LSD experiments, Crowley was dead and Angleton was founding the CIA - passing on everything he had learned from spies and espiocrats, Jesuits, skull and bonesmen and alchemical tricksters. Three very different pursuits. Please google TSOG: THE THING THAT ATE THE CONSTITUTION. by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson to follow the story up to the present day, and if your lucky get a lesson in neuro-semantics, relativity theory and 21st century independent investigative journalism at its finest.

It was the kind Dr. Wilson, who in answering a question about Crowley and Ian Flemming that i put to him at his home in Santa Cruz, who sums up the kind of cloak and dagger misinformation campaigns running riot through the mediasphere during the second world war, and afterwards:

“Dennis Rawlins - who wrote Occult thrillers and really believed in them, he seemed convinced that every conspiracy that he could think up himself for British intelligence was not only the work of enemy intelligence but of Satanic intelligence! – Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, interview with fly, Capitola 10th September 2002.

Satanic intelligence sounds just about right for our BELLA mystery murder, although i am not going into the semantics of Satan here, the two words seem to ring true for Crowley, Angleton and Foley – with their respective differences of meaning, but still Satanic Intelligence and its semantical distortion seems to be a force at play around the BELLA wych-elm operation/murder. At this point i would like to pay some tribute to the infinite amount of other possible reasons for BELLA’s murder and strange symbolic necrophilic abuse such as: an angry husband’s revenge over infidelity, a crazy serial killer and prototype of Hannibal Lector, a giant HOAX perpetrated by a disinformation ring involving planted evidence, deliberate deception and fakery, possibly orchestrated by MI6, and/or a giant HOAX perpetrated by German spies using the same deliberate deception, making the murder only appear to be ritualistic for example, as a counter-espionage trick to distract the enemy and the public.

A few small minded sap heads have suggested that Gypsies committed the murder from camps around the area at the time - not only the deranged idea of Gypsies being involved in the BELLA murder unsettle me, but the way this minority opinion, and others are perpetuated in modern British culture today by some newspuss critters who resemble the model of Joseph Goebbles media attacks upon "groups" of huma beings, and similar massive Big Brother psychology, a psychology of fascism and a multi-media network using language as a deadley weapon to enslave the people it claims to inform, trapping them inside nouns, hooked by categories, nulled by names.

Try typing in "Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm" – into your search engine, or read a book on the matter and you’ll probably be ready to quit the mystery then and there. But please continue, do a little of your own research and see what picture emerges for you, and beware of cheap imitations, in the world of counter-espionage even Wikipedia may not be friendly.

“Will art have the right to a second, interminable existence, like the secret services that, as we know, haven’t had any secrets to steal or exchange for some time but who still continue to flourish in utter superstition of their usefulness, perpetuating their own myth. -- Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art. 1996.

Another area of interesting study for the purpose of understanding some of the characters i feel may shed light on the BELLA mystery is Anthroposophy, and Rudolph Steiner’s Occultism. Like Witchcraft, Steinerism has many branches and interpretations, often quoted and used in conflicting contexts depending upon the devilish practical usage. I know very little of Rudolph Steiner and his teachings and what i do know i picked up from Stourbridge library – his book on colour theory and one called Life after Death.

A strong Steiner community and a large Steiner school in Stourbridge may seem suggestive to some conspiranoid young minds here - in the context of the BELLA mystery - as both Crowley and Foley studied Steiner in various degrees and forms, and because - Madame Blavatsky the great Occultist - was instrumental in the foundation and development of Anthroposophy and Steinerism.

On a personal note i find the Steiner methods, writings and systems good, generally for society and culture - for the most part - and they seem to exhibit fabulous teaching practices, but, the philosopher may disagree with much of Steinerism too, a healthy skepticism when compared with the 8 circuit model of consciousness as described by Leary and Wilson for example, and some works by Aleister Crowley - such as "Magick in Theory and Practice" and "777" and "The book of lies".

If you can detach the research methodology and creative art work from the personae/myth, and strive to peer through the magical veils, maybe detaching yourself and taking upon yourself multiple points of view, and multi-ordinal terms and word-image phrases, so as to communicate your change in perception and update your operating system into the 21st century. Let computers come to conclusions and human beings tell tales tall. But lets not allow our computers to tell us conclusive history, only alternative histories, wherever possible, a hollywood singularity seems a model of perpetual hell to the DJ.

all rubbeling gnomes
I pushed, gowgow: Cassels, Redmond, Gandon, Deane,
Shepperd, Smyth, Neville, Heaton, Stoney, Foley, Farrell, Vnost with
Thorneycroft and Hogan too: sprids serve me! -- J.J, FW Pg 552

From Crowley the swimmer gets a sense of a free gift to humanity in the methodology and practice for finding oneself, and others if you wish - a methodology for personal advancement, self-programing and re-programming, this single factor makes Aleister Crowley a teacher and hero, when compared with the other characters surrounding the BELLA mystery and also as a place to begin a criticism of anthroposophy and Steinerism, in the information age.

Crowley and Steiner had much common ground due to esoteric interests and the German Rudolph Steiner and the English Aleister Crowley found themselves pulled into the vortex of the first world war and away from the research they were passionate about pursuing. Some of Steiner ideas were carried through to the 30’s and were bastardized and beaten up to become one contributing model for German Occult supremecy, which when developed by the third Reich outlawed and attacked other Occult foundations, and any competition, any schools and any Occult institutions such as the Golden Dawn, O.T.O, freemasonry, Steiner groups, Fourth way schools, shamans, mystical gypsies etc, were banished, only the white supremacy of the arayan Nazi super race and their occultism was tolerated. The yogi would like to mention here again his detachment from these ideas, and remind the reader of his role as a reporter, trying to present new and orderly information.

The elm that whimpers
at the top told the stone that moans when stricken. Wind broke
it. Wave bore it. Reed wrote of it. Syce ran with it. Hand tore
it and wild went war. Hen trieved it and plight pledged peace.
It was folded with cunning, sealed with crime, uptied by a harlot,
undone by a child. It was life but was it fair? It was free but was
it art? The old hunks on the hill read it to perlection. It made
ma make merry and sissy so shy and rubbed some shine off Shem
and put some shame into Shaun. – J.J, F.W. Pg. 94.

Steiner, for example forwarded bio-dynamic farming which is a precursor or the popularized bio-organic farming all the rage these days, but with the added holistic principles of a kind of bio-dynamic language, dynamic psychology and then a kind of spiritualism, all wrapped up together. A rather beautiful and utopian socio-cultural system that attempts to marry science and religion into a unified system with differing results.

But a “school of spiritual science” which Steiner called his new group at the Christmas gathering of the Anthroposophical society in 1923 sounds to my heed like a less interesting “League of extraordinary Gentleman” - the league being best model i can think of for looking at these events - through the lens of graphic novels and film sequences and in movie spaces, here we can build ideas for historical research, to model the disinformation operations in multiple layers - are the Steiner school's teaching film? keeping true with the double cross system? to smear the new research and historical scholarship oozing out of this revolutionary format and communication vessel we call interactive global internet.

Like the popular X-Files franchise and fad in the late 1990’s, people are interested in how the government handle paranormal and spooky phenomena, and pretty much view intelligence agencies and black operatives as forces largely responsible for cover ups, secrecy and unsolved mysteries, when not blaming hostile extraterrestrials or some other gene pool than their own. Steiner set up an early spook school, like Crowley, but like the difference between scientology and the Branch Davidian’s Steiner’s school became recognized and institutionalized more rapidly than Crowley’s school, which was under constant scrutiny and attack form all sides and even the Gurdjieff schools, that offer another medium between Steiner and Crowley’s seperate systems of western enlightenment and awakening.

Any hostile forces against these new religious science systems may have wanted to paint Occult practice and esoteric knowledge with a black stick by setting up a ritual “black propaganda magic” mystery. Which may or may not have also served as a coded message, spread worldwide through the telegrah to further the complex misinformation campaigns being fought by the allied intelligence spooks to influence mystical Nazi’s and Tsar’s such as Rudolph Hess.

Esch so eschess, douls a doulse! Since Allan Rogue
loved Arrah Pogue it's all Killdoughall fair. Triss! Only trees
such as these such were those, waving there, the barketree, the
o'briertree, the rowantree, the o'corneltree, the behanshrub near
windy arbour, the magill o'dendron more. Trem! All the trees
in the wood they trembold, humbild, when they heard the
stoppress from domday's erewold.
Tiss! Two pretty mistletots ribboned to a tree, up rose
liberator and, fancy, they were free! – J.J, FW, Pg. 588.

The Hess connection to the BELLA mystery has already been explored a little by others, but none have mentioned the rather telling fact that Frank Foley moved back to Stourbridge after his service, that included interviewing Hess for MI6, easily his most famous assignment, that may or may not have included characters such as Aleister Crowley and G.I Gurdjieff, but certainly included Ian Flemming, John Masterman, Wild Bill Donovan and James Jesus Angleton.

What's good for the gorse is a goad for the garden. Lethals lurk
heimlocked in logans. Loathe laburnums. Dash the gaudy
deathcup! Bryony O'Bryony, thy name is Belladama! But enough of
greenwood's gossip. Birdsnests is birdsnests. -- J.J, F.W. Pg. 450.

So coming back to why and who put BELLA in the wych-elm and why i can now outline the following scenario’s, and add that the question why has taken up the majority of this article, the question of who requires a much more focused and difficult time consuming study which i will leave to the forensic departments, private detectives and/or any independent researchers who would like to get their feet wet.

Do your own research into the mystery and the new leads i am providing, please think for yourself, and continue by providing at least five alternatives and possible suspects based upon your intuition that i have not disscussed, this exercise is a great tool sometimes when writing and thinking about history, especially when dealing with the double-cross bureau and ambiguity, the dambiguation as Ezra Pound might say.

1. Richard B. Spence, in his new book “Secret Agent 666” claims that Crowley’s name must have gone across Agent Frank Foley’s desk in Berlin a few times during his 20 year period there, adding that Crowley’s attourney would have been included in those Jewish Business people, among others that Agent Foley helped escape and relocate in other areas of Europe to both relative freedom and often clandestine spy work, in return for that freedom.

Remember here also that Foley was so well trained in trickery and deception that he was running his own Gestapo units in and around Germany, right under their noses. Maybe BELLA was a bad choice for relocation and was discovered and falsely identified as a spy, when really she was a refugee fleeing a war torn village, and was ritualistically murdered and used to send a message to other spies who might try and infiltrate an enemy. I do not intend to mean that Foley put Bella in the wych-Elm, but maybe Frank Foley knew BELLA, maybe she was on his books, or her real name had gone across his desk?

2. The sensationalist and dogmatic coverage of the murder mystery in the news press, and the fact that one of the most controversial and dogmatic popular figures surrounding Occultism Margret Murray was assigned to the case raises serious concerns for me and combined with the lack of compliance of the authorities, police, intelligence, historical archives, corporate manipulated media etc. Over 60 years, i must confess that the cover up’ or the false trail theory takes on more weight, as if the bastards are perpetuating their own myth.

3. In the conspiracy of ART by the great philosopher Jean Baudrilard he writes about intelligence agencies perpetuating their own myth-secrets when they run out of real secrets worth playing for, but this is also the essence of counter-intelligence, and great poetry; perpetuating your own myth-secret current, but the one aims to deceive and the other to inform.

I believe that we are all often caught up in this shadowy world of symbol manipulation and spook activity, most often by way of alphabetic deceptions and semantical shackles and chains put on us by the surrounding mediasphere, where often thinking outside of the box results in accusations and attacks from fanatical fundamentalists who feel that they know the real real truth about god, history and even mystery! Look again, re-check your facts, are they tied up with a spooky publishing house?

4. The time frame of the estimated murder of BELLA – who mouth was stuffed with taffeta which is used for parachutes - and the flight of Rudolph Hess to Britain circa may 1941. Maybe BELLA knew about the HESS flight or the plan to meet with Lord Hamilton, or was just used as a dupe, somehow signalling that HESS should take flight to the UK? Or maybe the discovery of the body and the subsequent newscasts about the Murder mystery sent a related message to the enemy? After all there is an old tale about containing a witches power within an elm tree.

5. “In about 1967, a new, far more virulent strain arrived in Britain on a shipment of Rock Elm logs from North America, and this strain proved both highly contagious and lethal to all of the European native elms; more than 25 million trees died in the UK alone. By 1990-2000, very few mature elms were left in Britain or much of northern Europe. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_elm_disease

6. “each type of elm has its own specific folklore and customs attached to it. This is seen with the Tenor, Bass and Alto elms in Humberside or so the so called 'dancing elms' in Devon which feature heavily in May Day dances. Unfortunately, these trees have now succumbed to Dutch elm disease. -- Long ago, medieval welsh archers used to make their bows out of the elm tree (English archers preferred Yew). -- http://www.jatet.co.uk/elm.html

Alma Luvia, Pollabella.
P.S. Soldier Rollo's sweetheart. And she's about fetted up now
with nonsery reams. And rigs out in regal rooms with the ritzies.
Rags! Worns out. But she's still her deckhuman amber too.
Soft morning, city! Lsp! I am leafy speafing. Lpf! Folty and
folty all the nights have falled on to long my hair. Not a sound,
falling. Lispn! No wind no word. Only a leaf, just a leaf and
then leaves. The woods are fond always. As were we their babes
in. And robins in crews so. It is for me goolden wending.
Unless? Away! Rise up, man of the hooths, you have slept so
long! Or is it only so mesleems? On your pondered palm.
Reclined from cape to pede. With pipe on bowl. Terce for a
fiddler, sixt for makmerriers, none for a Cole. Rise up now and
aruse! Norvena's over. I am leafy, your goolden, so you called
me, may me life, yea your goolden, silve me solve, exsogerraider! -- J.J, F.W Pg. 619

And so here the swimmer hopes to stop the wheels of rumour that perpetuate the myth-history of Intelligence spooks spreading confusion, fear, superstition and misinformation in their own interests, to sell some papers, a book or two, or to boost up the viewer ratings of Big Brother, or maybe - cover up - the facts with more soil, burying good reason, open inquiry and the impulse to share information in the hollow earth, down underground with the dirty truth.

The skeptical swimmer has looked into the Bella mystery, and the Frank Foley story because they are local phenomena to his home and birthplace, that both of these are related to disinformation programmes unnerves the paranoid a little, especially when so many other people fail to notice this link.

For example i have not heard or seen anyone mention the name Frank Foley in conjunction with the BELLA mystery murder, at all at all, yet for me that seems one of the most obvious places to start looking into the local wartime spy killing phenomena, why not, the historian asks why is this so and extends the question about why the movie about the life of Frank Foley is forbidden to get a public release based on censors - reported to be concerning a national security threat! something 60 years old and still alive today? anti-gravity devices? LSD? Rudolph Hess?

These questions may not be concerned with WHO put BELLA in the wych-elm, but i feel that they certainly raise a similar question regarding WHY? The WHY would somebody cut off a womens hand and stuff her in a tree turnck and the WHY and HOW secrets relating to 60 years ago could still be deemed important enough to pose a security threat 60 years later? I repeat that i have no doubt that this is an intelligence game, and so from here i would recommend either douglas Hofstadter or Aleister Crowley himself, for further guidance in how to process language and operate your nervous system. Also see Dr. Wilson.

Ascend out of
your bed, cavern of a trunk, and shrine! – J.J, F.W, Pg. 601
Adam “Whyshampoo” Pollybella. A.A, SECTION “Y”.


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