Two new rants: Where's Frank and Who Killed Kelly?


"The existence of the secret mind control programme of the CIA and the Army only came to light after Nixon’s resignation in 1974, when a fresh wind of “openness” seemed to flow through the opened windows of the Washington governmental offices. American journalist John Marks requested, using the Freedom of Information Act, several documents on the subject, which would result in Senate Hearings that occurred in 1977. A can of worms had been opened. Were there any references to Puharich in these documents? One of the projects that was part of this programme, BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE, ran from 1952 till 1956, roughly coinciding with the period when Puharich was assigned to Edgewood.--Philip Coppens, Beyond the stargate.

'Where's Frank?"

A Can of worms or
A barrel of Cobras or 
An Oil tanker, full of Killer halibut?

1953-56, while be-bop blazed
Inside the heads of a whole new language
A Bluebird ate an Artichoke in Maryland.

What devilry possessed the authorities
To break the first rule of psychic engagement?
They altered the mind-scape of psychiatric patients
At Powick 1953-56.
Sheer coincidence?

Puharich's book 'The Sacred Mushroom'
Can be found
In a library quite near to that famous Hospital
Called Powick, where Elgar found inspiration.
And where John Rowland Reece, and
Doctor Ronald Sandison gave LSD,
And WHO KNOWS? whatever else,
To inmates, patients, subjects, whatever you like
To call those people without medical training
At Tavistock, Harvard, Camp-X? etc.

Yes, you guessed it,
You have arrived in my conspiracy
A number of dots, nodes, junctions in history
That tie together a bunch of loose laces,
And not just any old boot,
These are in fact Wellington Boots,
With deep Amazon jungle vine, latticed
Across and around them.
Here we simply show how similar ideas and practices
Of a particularly secret and sordid species,
Were taking place AT THE SAME TIME.

Yet, in modern historical studies,
Political, psychiatric, cultural and lingual we find no
Official record of these things ever taking place
As a part of a bigger, more Unified, cross-Atlantic
You dig?
Here, once more, fly agaric 23 presents:
Beyond 2012 and the Storgate Conspiracy.
Where's Frank?

I'll get back to my tiresome intellectual pursuits
That center around uncovering beauty and symmetry
In language and culture, and sharing.
Making music, poetry, and fun, for the most part.

Helping other artists and individuals discover
Poetry, music and 'new questions',
I'll get back to 'art for social change' after
I write my piece leading directly into
'The social',
Yet operates
To nullify and 'void' the sad atrocities we have seen
perpetuated by Military Industrial pharmacological

Church and State departments seem to me
To have sat around
Thinking of new ways to trick, torture and steal from
The serfs, the rest of US, not serving
Them directly or on the pay roll?
Imprisoning us in State Department Stores
And Church led psychiatric shops.

Drug stores and more stores than anyone
Even Orwell or BILL HICKS could have imagined.
ALL THIS mockery of the great human potential
Co-operative collaborative systems!

Inter-accomadative systems
Like those defined by the great
Buckminster Fuller, who, between the years
1953-56 seemed to be perpetuating LIVINGRY
And with POETRY.

And with attention to LANGUAGE. And to STRUCTURE
Clear and well defined.
Technical, mathematical, and simplified
Bucky mixed all styles of textual communication,
Combined with his vast Omniverse of

And Bucky was mostly ignored, for the most part
By the special PSYCHIC-DRUG lords,
Busy tampering with mind-altering drugs
In the name of National Security, and the usual
Illuminati agenda of control, manipulation and

1953-1956, where's Frank now?
What were they up?
Them same old company tricks?
We can only guess that the smoke thickens
Light disappears and Oxygen leaves the room
"Breath once more, son, and your history"
The spook said in my ear.

Don't ask, don't mention it,
"An Iraqi super gun full of sea-monkeys?"
The round table conferences
The Wasson trips and Life magazine,
What year, what year was it now? huh?

Wiki the decade 1950-1960.
See what's up?
Wiki Powick, wiki Mk-Ultra
Wiki John Rowland Reece
And James Jesus Angleton
Wiki 'Dr. Timothy Leary'
And compare your Government employed
Agents, and those self-employed.

Would they, could they
Did they, dey they?
What else did they do to us, drugs and experiments
Do you feel it yet? the pressure
Of having something terrible to describe
Like torture and scenes of abuse, the worst kinds
Of atrocities that 'take away' what defines humans,
In my view: the ability to say NO and mean it.

Maybe I am wrong on all accounts
a. There were no LSD experiments at either Powick or in Maryland during the period 1953-56.
b. There were experiments but with the intention of purely medical and research based experiments, to improve our collective understanding of the unconscious and help humanity and the individual better their communication, or some such 'positive' goal.
c.  The experiments were only conducted using Mescaline and/or other psychoactive drugs, and/or methods such as Electro-shock so no LSD was used.
d. The secret services were not involved with the naive search for a 'Truth serum' and have had no interest in drugging people without their knowledge and observing them for the purposes of 'intelligence gathering' in the tradition of the more well known 'Nazi Doctors' and their in-human experiments.
e. I am an LSD casualty myself, and due to encounters with this marvelous medicine have developed an entire historical hallucination based upon a fictional Universe where nobody, not a soul, other than 'I' inhabit? None of these 'things' I write of are real. I invented them in a drug induced 'psychic' break with reality, in the singular.

And to Camp X-factor we run
Motor-way's and 'fish n' chip shops' flash by.
Alone, a thinker on the street, a self-employed
Agent dedicated to evolving all-around-the-world
And not just one company coffer.

I want the truth,
You can keep the serum,
Where's Frank?
I'll walk the plank scale for this my lovelies
James Bond dealt the acid, but never ate himself,
You dig.

Like Batman' s psychological warfare belt
Of drugs and potions,
1953-1956, come now, tell us, tell us all
I want to know your tricks and I want
To learn your trade, mate.
Is Frank here yet?
Where's Frank


Who didn't murder David Kelly?

Who who who?
Somebody tried not to kill David Kelly, who?
David Kelly killed David Kelly?
Who didn't want him dead?
Who wanted David Kelly ALIVE, and why?
Who got blood on their hands, and who put
Blood on the Tele'?

Who who who?
An Iraqi weapons trade group?
Who want's him dead, who wants him alive?
Dead or alive, the question remains...
Why did the UK Government send hundreds of soldiers
To their deaths, based upon 'sexed up intelligence?"
Who who who benefits?
What wouldn't YOU have put past BUSH and BLAIR?

If D.K killed himself due to an honor principle
I would be honored if the other lying bastards behind the
Intelligence 'lies' concerning weapons of mass destruction'
Did the same thing, like how Bill Hicks might say it
"Kill Yourself, really" one less moron.
One less spook motherfucker!

So far, only David Kelly has done the honorable thing
Killed himself for what he had been a part of:
The manufacture of consent, the 'hoodwinking'
Of an entire nation, for the purposes of a continued
TRADE in weapons, poison, germs, guns and steel.

Tony Blair and his FAITH
In Lord Hutton, and Lord Hutton's faith that
70 years should do it, 70 years should be enough time
For humanity to forget, WHY, David Kelly killed himself
or Murdered himself? Murdered himself, huh?

So, it follows, if Kelly killed himself
We may look into the complex of factors that
Pushed him into the act, may we not?
Journalistic harassment, work pressure,
An unhealthy diet, psychiatric imbalance?
Lets not rule out any of these contributing factors
To his death, based on the 'suicide' model.

Maybe David didn't eat enough Artichokes?
What inquiry would find the media corporations
And Military itself 'guilty' of murder?
Like the JKF inquiry, you don't think these
Intelligencers are foolish enough to not have
THEIR MAN heading the so called inquiry?

Go back and look at the 911 commission
The 7/7 inquiry, the IRAQ WAR TRIALS,
The expenses scandal and, in fact, most Government
Investigations and inquiry's, even at the local level,
The courts have been 'packed'
The council 'stacked' with
THEIR men and their women,
Pretending to 'represent' us as some kind of
Autonomous 'free agent' whereas, in fact
They remain chiefly whipped into order by
Executive powers, spooks, investors,
Religious scripture.  

Who who who?
Who can break this spell,
Who can show us the relative truth,
In such a way that we'll never forget again,
The power of motivated individuals to transform
Humanity through peaceful, non-violent means.
Who who who?

Ray Kurzweil, the Dali Lama?
Madonna, Oprah, Robby Williams
Who who who?
Mick Jagger and Paul Mcartney?
Ken Wilber, Alex Jones?
Arianna Huffington, Stephen Hawking?
Who who who, who can lift the great ball of crystal
Julian Assange?

Suicide or Murder?
What's the difference?
The question is WHO helped deceive the British people
Into buying a WAR and supporting a group of serial killers
In their on-going international 'shopalypse' campaign?

Who killed him, who killed Diana?
Who poisoned the Russian agent,
Who set the underground bombs,
Who befriended Hitler's buddy
Who invented the 'spy' game?
What's their name, rank, and file?

Who befriended the American spooks?
And invited them into town, Vatican contacts and all?
Who who who?

Who killed senator Wellstone,
Who set the building seven 'bomb'
Who hired Diabold
Who wanted John Lennon shot?
Who paid Trent Lott
Who hired terrorists?
Who runs a flight school
Who dealt the 'promis' software
Who flew those planes
Who builds the weapons, the guns, the poison?
Who tops the pop charts,
Who hosts the XX factor.

Who killed David Kelly, and who forces us to
Stop thinking about it by releasing 'papers' that say
Keep calm and carry on?
Ignore the Kellenedy assassination.
Your missing valuable drinking time.