Genepool Lifeguard Journal 1

'How can anyone describe the whole until he has learned the total of the parts.'--Sufi teaching.

...went swimming in
deep emotional bias for my gene-pool
mygene-pool-space country
stung by the rising 'fuck the others crews'
and the 'i ain't got time to entertain
animals and plants you mad' lot, and thought
DNA first!

A chalked cue to beat
your gene-pool players
neuro-relativity rules
AGCT bigger than that, them and IS
DNA first!

Twistin' NRA into RNA with
ribonucleic bazookas
blowing identity windways
to the facebrook flooded seas
of gene-pool chauvinism disease
DNA first!

Many drown in gene-pool
conceits and strong
chlorinated conservative dislike
or borderline hatred of anybody
not of their own gene-tribe
DNA first!

Blinkered by national shampoozy
paralysed by stinging patriotism
drowned of all-life by hatred
revenge prejudice and ignorance
DNA first!

Swirling bio-alfuqbets
mass of uncertainty and chaos
spitting out programs to build
our physical body and meatspace
Jeez, have some self-replicating respect
DNA first!

humanity second buy seconds
no reverse that--just a sec
thirdly--put an end to
groupthink on all levels
religio politico thug-dialect
end it and sever the head
DNA first!

consider your DNA
first ask what would your DNA say
perhaps on behalf of your own
gene-pool? what IS your
gene-pool filled with?
not your name silly, your code mate
DNA first!

AGCT party politics
DNA first! my me we and ALL
my people my family my
land my army my money my
friends my my my wake up to
the tale of the tribe and what is
mine is yours too
i am you and you are me right? we are one
DNA first!

Amino acid party get together come
the corkwynding fist of
twinned strands second
triple helix no problem
whos your daddy?
DNA first!

Nice n' wickid ancient
self-replicating biotech
heart soulseat brain lungs
and all living things
ALL to mean all biological
organisms on earth
ALL people too. A real majority win.

Oh, and Non-Servium
DNA first!

no theists no state-ists
you them and us all related
by an awesome acid factory pool
of micro-biological wet-ware
embroidery inresonance
DNA first!

Pretty sick futurefuture
hobbyhorse shiz' i mean
the dynamic process of
RNA DNA transcription makes
a scmockery of science
4 letter words spring boarding into
cellular life to fuckplicate again wow
DNA first!

No party political platform for DNA?
i mean really...what is life?
by definition humanity
the rooting of compassion
to come with and into the deep end
DNA first!

Jump into the gene-pool of life
wider than any silly political
party narrowmind n' naff' splashywashy
a real manifestation of things
things like you and waltzing
in helictical jacuzzi jizz
DNA first!

belief illness
patriotism and nationalism
illness in need of a foot bath
illness illness illness
isness isness isness
identification WHA'?
DNA first!

By us i refer to humans
so how many of us boss?
how many of us have you met?
ever suspect the others might be
different to your suspicions EH?
Jesuspect Christereotype
ever meet your ancestors?
DNA first!

Study isillness get yr' goggles on
Islam 'ism' and isn't 'ism
identification in racist ideology
purity lunacy certainty gene-pool
chauvinism and the curse of the 'ish' suffix
the 'ism' suffix the crucifix on which

poetic justic hangs roughly from the top board
DNA first!

'we live as one family'--Rough Justice

--Steve Fly 12/02/2015,