Pegasus Thor and NASA Meateor

I've come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to technologies:
1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.
2. Anything that's invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.
3. Anything invented after you're thirty-five is against the natural order of things.”--Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

Maybe Pegasus sent an air burst to earth
a fireball to shock and strike fear into humanity
and distract them from their food?

Maybe Darpa and co. were testing a new weapon
that fizzled out, and/or was shot out the sky
by Russian MIG’s or Thor's bolt?

NASA sound out of their whig
it seems like puritanical
nonsense from the Dark Ages to me.
How can a spokesperson get away with such

conjecture works best
when based upon statistical

NASA should know better
and speak eloquently to the world, not just like
carbon copies of Enron’s spokespeople
or a Tesco supervisor.

Footnote 1. The Russian Air Burst.
Footnote 2. Pure Coincidence, not related in any way.
Footnote 3. The Pope and Putin toast to the meteorite.
Footnote 4. Meteoric coincidence and back to the question of meaning

The Russian Air Burst event.

“coincidence may be more earthshaking than telekinesis. There have been coincidenses so dramatic, so symbolic or so wildy improbably that they have aroused feelings of the uncanny in scientists and laymen alike for generations.”--Robert Anton Wilson. The Physics of Synchronicity, Coincidance p.g 148.

It’s like a huge camera flash in the sky, like an atomic blast or the explosion of tons of TNT. It’s like a rocket, like a ball of fire. But what WAS it that streaked through the sky? A meteorite! I hear you thinking. Well yes, most probably a meteorite, but the other possibilities should not be ruled some concerning the global military industrial complex and the development of space weapons and earth based super-guns? Other reasons for considering the smaller probabilities about WHAT and WHY, and HOW include creative thinking and deductive reasoning. Like the controversial Russian M.P who implied that is was not a meteorite but in fact a new American super-weapon test that resulted in something flying across the sky and exploding. Wow, maybe some Hollywood lawyers will be knocking at his front door tonight? great for the news vultures.

The on-going hunt for the fragments and pieces of the meteorite, and/or super weapon are also interesting stories in their own right. Each one, as I am writing this, have the very small possibility of turning into a classic H.P lovecraft tale or science fiction fantasy horror story. Who knows what lurks beneath the lake of CHEBARKUL where a fragment is believed to have smashed through the ice there, close to CHELYABINSK where the temperature is -15. What of extra-terrestrial matter exploding in the atmosphere, drifting over the planet, getting into the earths weather cycles and eco-system. All these ideas have been well explored by modern writers, but only a few have begun proper investigation into the Chelyabinsk explosions with an open and playful mind.

I am pulled into commenting on the barrage of signals put out by space agencies, media outlets and space spokespeople about the events that took place on Friday February 15th, 2013, in the skies over Russia. NASA for example, are connected with the rather idiotic and ‘gift to any conspiracy nut’ when Paul Chodas said ““These are rare events, and it was an incredible coincidence that it happened on the same day as the close flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14, the two are not related in any way.” And “It seems like we’re in a cosmic shooting gallery here. There were two very rare events happening on the same day. Pure coincidence.”

Pure Coincidence! Not related in any way!

(a rant on non simultaneous apprehended events)

Well, they are both space based objects that came very close to earth, one actually hit the earth. From different trajectories, yes. But they came from outer space. They are related in that sense. The term ‘Pure Coincidence’ seems like an insult to any thinking individual. Like ‘sheer coincidence’ or ‘absolute simultaneity’, a ‘pure coincidence cannot be found anywhere, at all, at all’ it is a pretty meaningless statement, and for this to come from a NASA spokesperson concerning such an edgy subject, open to hundreds of tons of wild speculation, signals to me how closed minded their operations must work.

And so, imagine the G20 in Moscow! And the Pope’s resignation, the lightning strike at the Basilica, and the resignation of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and lets not forget the global war on terror, banking malarchy and police state, surveilence state on the rise! but, what nut would presume to know what the hell is going on? Are these separate events swarming in disinformation by default or are they connected in a more intricate way? Well both of course, but let’s play a game anyway and find out through pretending we are seeing these events through different eyes, in another part of the world where you have never been to. Maybe ask yourself how you would feel witnessing such a strange event in the sky, and if you had no internet or reference library to answer your questions. Here's a chronological outline of some events over the last 6 days that might make the start of a good story?

11th Feb. Pope Ex-Benedict XVI steps down. Lightning strikes the Basilica in Rome as he resigns.
12th Feb. North Korea test a Nuke.
15th Feb. Russian air burst event.
15/16th G20 finance ministers meet in Moscow.
15/16th Claims of similar air-burst activity in Cuba and California

The Pope and Putin toast to the Meteorite

The Pope looks up from his Vodka and screams ‘Vlad, we’re fucked now’ turning to Mr Putin and waving is frail feminine hands in the sky at the trail of white smoke leading off from a bright object.  “Holy Fuck, Oh lord, Jesus Christ our saviour, what the fuck is going on?” the Pope said as the sound of the exploding object finally reached the twentieth story of the remote hotel situated in the boondocks of Russian. "Holy smoke!" vlad exclaimed.

(Journalist talking into a phone behind a truck in Moscow) “listen, it’s a double bind, those big dicks at the war office want more military expenditure either way, meteorite, wrong, or a motherfucking U.F.O”

“Yes, understood, but that’s not your business is it. Just take the pictures, see what you can dig up, and write us a full report in no less than 48 hours, the people are hungry for any updates on this thing, the churches and filling and so are the malls, this is great for FOX, Great for America, keep it up.” Said Jake, sitting in a silver rimmed oak lined chair, playing solitaire are watching the Jeremy Kyle show simultaneously.

(ching, glasses toast a new deal)

Meteoric coincidence and back to the question of meaning.

Only 16 hours before earth’s star gazers were poised for the close passing of asteroid 2012DA14, an unknown, alien meteorite broke through the earths atmosphere and streaked across the sky as a fireball, exploding over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The fact of having two special space-rock events, one of which involved the largest meteor strike since Tunguska in 1908, within 16 hours of one another  leads me to reconsider their connection, which is flatly denied by NASA and most official astrological spokes-entities.

Like something from a Harry Potter book, lightning was pictured striking the top of the Basilica in Rome on the occasion of the Pope’s abdication, 11th February 2013. What are the chances of this happening? and what are the symbolic references between lightning and religion, between the Pope stepping down and the lightning strike on the Basilica, other than a creepy feeling its produced by the writers of the Da Vinci Code. And at a stretch, we could include the meteorite explosion barely five days later and lean toward extra-terrestrial influences and god knows what.

Both of the above examples are widely recognized, at least, as weird coincidences, or funny things that seem to imply more than their parts, their meaning bonded together somehow bootstraps itself into an epiphany moment, a moment of interconnectivity and meaningful coincidence, or more rightly into a field of synchronicity (a term coined by Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli).

However, in the world of public relations and life after the original Snub, some choose to totally and utterly reject meaningful coincidence, such as NASA’s spokes-person Paul Chorod who recently stated: “These are rare events, and it was an incredible coincidence that it happened on the same day as the close flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14, the two are not related in any way.” And… “It seems like we’re in a cosmic shooting gallery here. There were two very rare events happening on the same day. Pure coincidence.”

To me this highlights the official nonsense and corrupt statements that lead to confusion and chaos in questions concerning science, scientists and what the hell is going on. Although the trajectories of the asteroid 2012 DA14 and the Russian event were different, suggesting they came from totally different places, does not rule out hundreds of possible scenarios we have NOT YET COME TO KNOW.

More generally the inability to treat life as an open question, and an open search for meaning, an on-going process  seems to prevent science from moving forward, both in its public relations and in its physical experiments and resulting technologies.

The Physics of Synchronicity, as defined by Robert Anton Wilson proposes superior language technology, where coincidence and synchronicity are the doorways to new understanding, connectivity, scepticism and ‘the universe next door’. i.e a parallel world of ‘science fiction’ language and story that explores the topsy turvy world of the dialectic or Tao of coincidence. Performance by example, See: ‘Schroedinger’s Cat Trilogy, Masks of the Illuminati, Illuminatus! Trilogy. And we find ourselves back to RAW.

“But the growing convergence of data from coincidence hunters and the latest theories in quantum physics suggest that the model that will tie this together will be much more than revolutionary proof of ghosts or of UFOs or even of thought transference would be. We seem to be dealing with a force that is, as Dr Paul Kammerer said, as universal as gravity and without limitations in either space or time.—RAW, The Physics of Synchronicity, 155.