RAWAGI: Robert Anton Wilson Artificial General Intelligence.

Since the development of raw360 in the summer of 2010, i have mused on and on about a RAW A.I. Or... i used the idea of such a thing to augment my research into the tale of the tribe, and tease out parts of RAW through his encyclopedic works that resonate, with some current theories in Artificial Intelligence, e.g, AGI: Artificial General Intelligence.

The recent news from IBM concerning the release of the WATSON A.I API for developers, brings much of my speculation much closer to the drawing board, and presents the possibility of 'testing my hypothesis' at some time in the future, if...i were to embark on this gigantic head exercise. For the time being i'll link you to an article about the new API, and a link to a post i made, roughly describing my approach to a RAW A.I or better yet, a RAWAGI: Robert Anton Wilson Artificial General Intelligence. 

More to come on this matter...

Love, steve fly.

I want to push the concept of the new raw360 environment forward a few imaginary steps, and predict new ways in which the user experience can be maximized to include real time activity (feedback) in various areas of RAW related studies.--fly, RAW A.I

"IBM announced today that it has opened up Watson to developers, including access to an API (or application programming interface) and tools for incorporating its cognitive computing into existing software. What Watson did on TV in 2011, crushing two quiz show champions with its encyclopedic knowledge and rapid response time, and what it’s doing for cancer researchers, scanning through whole archives of medical records and journaled papers, actually reading and understanding the text, as opposed to simply collecting excerpts based on keywords, it can now do for whoever’s willing to buy access."