THE PIG MAY HAVE THE LAST GRUNT. By ACRILLIC FIGA (steve 'fly agaric 23' Pratt) 2007.

Pigasus for Prez’ of Swineland 68-69 & 2012
pigs in space, pigs in time;
in the Chinese year of the pig: 2007
i put my pen to the Tusk

In soilydarity with lush Miss Piggy,
Hogzilla, Napoleon, old Major and Pigsey,
Wilbur, Professor Strangepork, Picasso, Pigasus
and Porky pig

The four legged hog that the label
refers to is innocent of man’s crime.
treated as Swine, in many lands pig denotes
bad Authority, uncleanliness,
consumerism, greed,
and a BLT

What intricate conspiracy afoot
set against the animal kingdom
against the plant kingdom
the human barn-yard mind,
orchestrated by Farmageddon
what vgetable vendetta?

Rolling in mud, eating shit
and their own litter, once in a while,
parallels modern arms factory
economic practice.

If you can stomach a capitalist pig
don’t snap your wig over cannibalism
pigs act pretty peaceful
they don't make Nukes, deploy troops
most roll with styl, most roast.

Pig as profanity! pig police authority,
pig brother, animal in salts.
The pigs may have the last grunt
as the year of the pig makes its course.

--Steve fly agaric. 2007. Edited January 29th, 2012.

I Talk to the dead pig in the sandwhich: Pigasus for Prez of Swineland 68-69 & 08-09? Pigs in Space, pigs in time; in the Chinese year of the pig in 2007' i'll put my pen to the Tusk of taking all pigs to heaven. Napoleon & Old major pigs, Ministry of Pig: 1984! Porky Pigs limbs litter the swine factory floor, Pig as profanity! Pigs as the Police authority, Pig Brother. Animals used as insulting metaphors for humans but Machines, Poisons and sleeping robots rule us? Ass drunk and/or stubborn as a mule like Pigasus parroting the whole dirty Bay of Swine thing, War pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins - sang Sabbath, But the four legged HOG that the word PIG refers to is INNOCENT of all crimes leagilly piggily crimes! Just a bristly pink critter! There seems an intricate Telepathic Conspiracy afoot against the animal kingdom. And against the Plant Kingdom and supernature, from a human-plants point of view. Orchestrated by humans or machine/Robot/poisoned humans. V' for Vegetable Vendetta. Other than rolling in mud, eating shit and sometimes their own litter (Which makes an illuminating metaphor for modern Arms factory economic practice, invented by Humans), Pigs seem peaceful and intelligent to me, they don't make Nukes, deploy troops or go to Church. The Hippopota-muses lament for their HOG kind Treated like Swine, the pig has become the Animal word used in Western Civilization that reflects the characteristics Of Authority, Uncleanliness, consumerism and greed. Greedy PIG! A poet in solidarity with the lush Miss Piggy, Hogzilla Napoleon, Old Major and pigsy, Wilbur, Professor Strangepork, Picasso, Pigasus and Porky - i hereby swear to clear these Swine of their stereotypical image quickly and their Stereotypical place in human history and knotted Language as Stupid dumb and dirty cheap fodder; useful at Christmas time with a little gravy tea to dip my TOE into. Dirty grunting Ugly pigs until Served up With a little Sauce. The pigs will have the last grunt as the year of the pig makes its course. --fly acrillic/fly agaric 23. 2007. taken from world piss: the spore of the words.

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