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Hi folks, I’m currently collaborating with a small but growing group of web critters led by Mark Pesce, but he's not the leader really, we are a unique decentralized community, which will lead, good willing to the manifestation of a book! scheduled for completion in 2010 and loosly based around the emerging hyperintelligence and 'hyperpeople' as defined by Mark Pesce and approximated as sharing.

As sharing is the core of – share this course & share this book – the group have recently alerted me by example to a slight change in direction to just posting at the blog, that has encouraged me here to start sharing some of our work so far, and spreading the new sharing meme, now, in early December 2009.

My position so far, inspired by the cooking and ingredients analogy with the group-course blog space, is like that of a particular individual ingredient scattered around the kitchen area, or up on a shelf somewhere waiting to be combined, or grated a little, boiled, skinned, fried, charbroiled, roasted, toasted and finally with a bit of luck, served-up with a huge healthy spread of exotic delicacies and shared wisdom, enough to feed all humanity.

I’ve been sharing my vision of a new investigation into the historical figures that I think have influenced sharing and the technology of sharing that produced great contributions to all-around-the-world-Humanity, and as a nod to the MLA and the smart tribe of critters that createdits own collective hyper-intelligence, if you like. I choose to focus on the twelve individuals introduced to us by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, as the characters who helped shape the - decentralized sharing age -, or simply the 21st century. We can learn from the past efforts to share, and from them create a new historical framework of sharing, one reaching 420 years back to Giordano Bruno and pulling us right up to Marshall McLuhan.

These characters present a great challenge to anybody who has read one or two books or articles by them, no doubt, BOB aspired to keep us busy for the next 50 years with the fields of research and study he wet our mind-lips with. These ideas are pretty complex ideas and come from complex individuals of explicit genius, difficult to approach and shrouded in mystery, this maybe especially true to somebody who has relatively little experience in academic circles, like myself, where much of the solid foundations of this new historical - hyperintelligent tribe – lie, please don't mistake my intellectual pursuits of 'The Tale of the Tribe' as representative of what I think - Share this book - should be about. Not at all. I view this angle of approach as more concerned with - share this course - or the creation of a hyperintelligence, unbounded and access-able and - sharable - by anyone who can access the WWW.

With the power of Internet and the rise of hypersharing culture (hyperdistribution, hyperconnectivity, hyperbolic Geometry) and with the aid of new tools, many minds can congregate together and work quickly, efficiently and humanely, and my ego-drive hope is that others may soon join us in this collective adventure of sharing - sharing - and maybe a few critters will find enough time to follow my historical investigation into the people and ideas that helped to shape intelligent internet and create another alternative guide to sharing - free as the air you breath, and for all-around-the-world-humanity, or as close to the model correlated by Dr. Wilson, a life-long intellectual pursuit but one which I hope will add some spice and sugar to some of the more practical data due to be shared on the course and eventually in the book.

At the blog you'll discover different sharing activity and feedback defining sharing, and you’ll probably find items more to your own fancy, whoever you are. And, if you don’t find anything interesting at the blog then maybe search youtube for Mark Pesce and listen to his hyperflow motion languaging.

The following text was prepared by an intelligence calling itself gregorym(tm), over at the blog, I think it helps define the course and a little about what's happening over there, and - how to get involved. Thanks Greg, and Mark, and all the other posters who are providing the high quality content over at the blog.

As a group, we believe that sharing is going to dominate our future as content creators (and as users of the Internet, we are ALL content creators) and that recent innovations like Google Wave and co-presence are going to create an unprecedented era of sharing. What does all this sharing mean for us, right now, individually and collectively?

...The way this works is this – go to the URL. There’s a number of blo posts (maybe thirty) dating back to the start of the project on November the 18th. Click around. Read a little. Post a bit. Share. And when you’re done sharing, click the box that says you want to be informed by email of new comments to what you’ve posted and let’s begin a dialogue about all this stuff.

If you like what you’re seeing – Share This Invite. Just pass it right along, or write your own invite about what Sharing means to you. Here are just a few of the articles that have posted so far:

What is a Book? by Mark Pesce.
Mark Pesce on SHARING in 2009

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