4 days until December 21st 2012 by Steven Pratt

 “Conspiracy theory, in my humble opinion, is a kind of epistemological cartoon about reality.—Terence Mckenna, Dreaming Awake at the End of Time.

I must remember to remember the 21st of December. Who else will remind me? I must have my room in order and my personal space hoovered and clean, ready for any visitors who might stop by. (little did he know that fly would be playing drums at Chitchen Itza and the birthplace of the Mayan Long Count calendar)

Everything that could happen, will happen. Well, most probably. Well...i mean to say....in some sense, in some universe next door or other, the probabilities are endless. In the universe upstairs everything is different from down here. We inhabit a multitude of universes, each and every one of us uses mind to travel between worlds, inner and outer. We just don't get told this so often, or directed to the mapping room, or to pick up out 'multiverse navigation toolkit'.

But, what of the end of the Mayan calendar cycle? (in just 4 days!) and what of timewave 2012 and Terence Mckenna? and what of a global apocalypse of some kind, take your pick? I have been saying simply, "we are already into the apocalypse, i think, it just depends where you are on earth as to how apocalyptic it seems to you". But that's not really a good enough response is it.?

Well what's with all the big ideas? these great GRAND pronouncements about what may or may not happen? who are we to presume we can know anything about the future. Oh, you have statistics and trajectories, algorithms and data sets, probabilites and possible scenarios. Oh, so those with access to all that data know, or are closer to knowing what (IS) going to happen, better than any Tom, Dick or Harry would know, just surfing around the internet and reading a few books and research papers?

I agree with Terence strongly on his point about story, and the way in which a good story is told, and how the story-telling (tale of the tribe) can convey an equal amount of information content, through cadence, timing and SURPRISE. The contents of the story itself are closer to the form of music than of human speech.

To take a stab a describing what will happen, i predict that imaginations and creative explorations will surge among humans around this time, SURGE! and a small but influencial band of people will birth a new alternative culture by harnessing the outburst of arts, and recording the process for the enjoyment of others. (I must sound like i am talking about myself, and i am, but YOU TO, COME ON)

So much has already been said and published about 21st December i hope not to just be repeating popular cliches. Instead i will switch to describing some work i am involved with and that i feel encompasses some of the wonderous innovations we can expect around about that date: a new way of seeing and interacting with multimedia. (See: www.raw360.net)

John Major Jenkins: Maya Transformation 2012 (2008):

In 2012, if the McKenna scenario is right, comes Omega point.--Cosmic Trigger, pg. 223.

It seems hard to avoid hyperbole when contemplating what this means, depending on your age, sex, location, what you may have read, your outlook on science and mysticism, the drugs you choose to ingest, your optimism versus pessimism ratio, and which side of the bed you got out of this morning.

Depending on the collection of experiences and memories you have, or think you've had, and your techniques and methods of recalling them, you will keep on representing them in a cyclical self-fulfillment prophecy. In short your mode of communication can say as much, if not more, than the contents. "The medium is the message," as Mcluhan put it so well it feels like a joke in 2012. Alan Watts said 'the menu is not the meal'. Korzybski implied that 'isness is an illness', and Robert Anton Wilson developed the field of maybe logic.

So, lets start by agreeing to be careful what you write, and how you say things, or lets be cautious with our language, both writing and reading and speaking to others.

I love art and music and laughter, good food, blue skies, animals, plants, and most of all people. I really do, and, i wish them all well, and, i wish all of us could just get along better, you know? No more wars, no fighting and violence. (like a world full of Bob Marley lyrics in action) A world in harmony with itself, a world of difference and self owning beings discovering the interactions and relationships of life, love and wholeness together, forever. Ahhh.

I have wished hard for the best utopian dreams and fantasies to come down from my dream utopia into our waking life world, the world of work, rent and fear, the world we collectively often refer to as 'the real world' in and around the Black Country (West Midlands, England) and the challenges of earning your living among the working masses of people in the hive minded 'work-consume' dichotomy. A weird dull trip defined by newspaper headlines, popular fizzy drinks and terror-television, the so called 'real world' that does not often question itself, let alone encourage others to begin to formulate good questions. In my experiences living in that world.

However, somewhere along the line of my life experiences up unto this day, October 7th 2012 e.v., i have been blessed/cursed by alternative ways of thinking, and communicating. OH, god, the beauty and gentle comfort of art and philosophy, of music. Music, that soothing vibration, oh i wish i were wrapped up in it all day like silk cushions, and that i wish, i wish, i wish, everyone could have access to as much music, to as much varied music, and arguably, the best music, or the most innovative progressions in music...that they could DREAM of.

I wish that all the musical dreams of those organisms with ears, come true for them and their world of sound. I hope glory and togetherness can be felt by everybody in their own way, to the music of their choice, and i hope it plays on forever for them. Yes, i do. And if you look around about internet these days, its kind of true. Almost everything but live music is in there, just awaiting your ears and your mind and the cultural crossword puzzling can begin. Wow, what a crazy zoo of acts and sounds we have before us today, some of which are religiously popular, especially, i have found, with the young and the infirm.

So, i do wish the best for all people, and i am blowing my trumpet a little bit when it comes to my recurring criticisms, my pessimistic train of thought. A critic aimed at the holes of ignorance i perceive in the enemy. or, those who seem to be poised in positions of power and agency for change on the global scale, yet, refuse to acknowledge what others have figured out to be the most beneficial TO ALL people, thats to mean, all around the world humanity.

If only, IFIF: if only people knew that these problems have already been solved by superior intelligence and basically bigger hearts, the PROBLEMS we encounter today around the world are stemming from ignorance, and controlled hoodwinking of our ability to think for ourselves. Yes, i think there are many conspiracies interfering in the progress of 'around the world humanity', starting with unrestricted finance capitalism, followed by the international war on some drugs, for example. But if the music is real good then you might not even begin to think about these PROBLEMS, oh, the pleasures of white middle class Europe and North America.

But you see now i am already swaying from my positive form, from providing solutions and forgetting about the problems, for a moment, forgetting the government of corporations and church state grid lock, the arms race, the arts heist, the economic brutality and pharmaceutical monopoly on health. Forget that for a bit and relax yourself, maybe turn on some music, relax, find yourself, your place in the universe or spiritual place.

I sometimes hear a voice saying, "For gods sake sit up straight lad, and drink only water in the mornings. Worship the sun, say your prayers, be nice to others, do not kick up a fuss, do not challenge authority or question, your job and social status may depend upon it. I can understand that place too. As Fleetwood Mac say: you can go your own way. Walk on. However, do not take others or yourself too seriously. And be willing to say NO. And BULLSHIT.

--Steven 'Fly Agaric 23' Pratt.

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