Just one shoulder

...to be still
silent and ready
to bless with fury

what you thought
what you know
what’s new?

horror and terror 
error and mirror
smoke everywhere 

identity dented day
after day by searching for
the elusive other

the you in them
the us in we
the feeling of solidarity

littered lives
splintered sentences
the struggle to make
it whole and new

even the philosopher
of science and magic
can feel cold chill of doom de doom

and yet the mad moon
the number 1 sun and all stars
and earth remain spun

life coming and going 
tragic and comic waltz
orbit of causes pauses to

the work you were doing
what you worked on
before the job sucked time off

swim through the hate and
hollywood revenge flu
into creative love lake mate  

dig deep and spark one
bark if you have to

how to make it all cohere? 

push through
stay high and keep smiling
the world is too big
for just one shoulder

--Steve Fly Acrillic
(First thought best thought technique)