All thinking people oppose terrorism

one year after Brussels was bombed
London was struck by a thoughtless coward
one man with a knife
and a car and a familiar agenda
to cause a spree of terror in the minds of the people
across the mediasphere through
targeting random people
in whatever fundamentalist reality tunnel
this fucker inhabited

all thinking people oppose terrorism
the chaos of the indiscriminate
attacks so devilish in simplicity
a desperate act from a lonely suicidal
maniac driven by who knows what
kind of a broken mind?

all thinking people oppose terrorism
that species of violence and will
to kill based on inflicting a lasting fear
here, in the simplicity, lies the terror
any car and any knife could
take any human life!
both the terrorists and the state are
clear in agreement about that

all thinking people oppose terrorism
but differ on their way to stop it
and on why it started, and, what
else and who else are to blame,
violence united in violence
violence and terrorism know no
nation or religion or race or sex
be indiscriminate in equal condemnation
of terrorism and violence, and war
think different.

all thinking people oppose terrorism
stop the war stop the killing stop
the robbery stop the lies,
oppose the causes of hatred and
the demonization of entire cultures
oppose the use of theistic
terminology such as 'evil'
which plays into the hands of the devil
that master of distraction, obfuscation
and fear mongering

all thinking people oppose terrorism
some people finacially support it
keeping hands clean
selling arms to unstable lunatics to
inflict terror in another land
terror by another brand
the terrorismometer is broken

all thinking people oppose terrorism
some say that false flags are waving
terror as a set-up and a pretext for
cultural division, increase in
state powers and surveillance and
racial profiling and security investment
sheep dipped dupes and manchurian
candidates and strange coincidences
intelligence operations and....and....but

all thinking people oppose terrorism
and so explode with the opposite
everyday love bombing and attacking hate
with thermonuclear peace weapons
killing softly with his song
an unquestionable force for good
with the power of forgiveness blazing

all thinking people oppose terrorism
and should resist the rush to revenge
resist the urge to hate
let the violence become the exclusive
signiture of terrorism
all violence is degrading to the human
stop the wheels stop the killing and the
mockery and the fighting talk
and spare a thought for the victims
and their friends and families and join them
with opposing terrorism
everywhere everywhen.

"All thinking people oppose terrorism both domestic & international but one should not be used to cover the other.--Amiri Baraka

These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power.”--Ed Snowdon.