Questions to avoid catastrophe (in the UK)

Questions teased from the latest interview with Slavoj Zizek (The man of the moment)

we must talk in a rational and organized way
if not we head for catastrophe

what happens the morning after the revolution?
how will the ordinary people change
we need to imagine and build
the reorganization of everyday life
for all the people

food, clothing, shelter, wifi, power, water,
european accomplishments of
enlightenment and human rights

require a minarchist enforcement of human rights
to talk openly,
or the result is Le Pen and UKIP

we must recognize there is a problem
and perhaps then, respectively, ignore
each other
learn a toleration of distance,
not so far away neighbors
don't have to like them
but acknowledged as human
and different

true respect,
is respect from someone you don't like,
and don't understand

Zionist Anti-Semitism
war on some Jews, Trump administration
the era of paradox

the regression in public speech
we need to be dogmatic about certain things
(e.g "rape is okay because...torture is okay because... etc.)
"i don't have to debate this guy"
he/she's an idiot

tragedy of public decency
The vulgarity of public politics
the point is keep it private
out of decency

private conspiracy theories
now out in public debate,
living in an era of regression,
hollywood dystopias reflect this

to exercise the cliche'
making fun between friends
poking fun at nationalism
builds commeradary

rare, rare but magic moment
of the miracle of communication

must explore the other....
see as the neighbor
remain a neighbor, not you

this line 'we are all the same'
no, we are not the same,
this can cover up racism

thats why need political
solidarity, humanism often
misidentified solely with empathy
we strive for human universality

human rights vs. citizens rights
(a certain community, customs, political code)
but universal human rights
above being citizens bound by
customs, community, politics
with certain (post-citizen) human rights
speech, freedom, so on.

who sets the argument standard?
immobility - mobility
what happens when 3 million
want to move to

into OUR society, (Vico's conceit of nations)
do they want this? no,
they want their way of life
would you? how to integrate?

we must talk openly about these problems
to avoid and anti immigrant explosion

to what extent does freedom of movement
cover freedom of settlement?
employment? so on?

we must talk in a rational organized way
if not we head for catastophe

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